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$AMC The purpose of $APE is to expose synthetics. Retweet this to end the fud.
05 Aug, 01:14 PM UTC
@CEOAdam @jimcramer Hard pass. That guy has been belittling your shareholders, who by your own admission “saved AMC” almost everyday since Jan 21. We have defended you and your company with our hard earned money. I respect you, but this really is a slap in the face to your shareholders. $AMC
05 Aug, 03:02 PM UTC
Charles V Payne
I mentioned a couple weeks ago its short squeeze season- its happening big time today: $CVNA $FUBO $BBBY discussing next possible winners and #APE shares at $AMC - can this flush out those synthetic shares? Making Money 2PM @FoxBusiness Please Tune In
05 Aug, 05:12 PM UTC
Userofintellect 🇺🇦
#AMC update: - 105,485 Calls ITM - Highest market volume at 125 m - $AMC Made a 38% move from the lows - 9.2 m borrowed and shorted - 60% short volume - shares on loan and SI gap are closing rapidly - 0 short availability #AMCSqueeze #AMCtothemoon
05 Aug, 08:10 PM UTC
Jesus Gonzalez 
$AMC Adam is a genius. He simultaneously figured out a way to keep his apes invested in the company post MOASS while creating a mechanism to count shares and reward his shareholders at the same time.
05 Aug, 02:41 AM UTC
AMC 2 Moon ❁
Mom, my internet friends and I are about to be rich af. $AMC $APE
05 Aug, 08:38 PM UTC
For the Record @CEOAdam just DRS'ED THE ENTIRE FLOAT OF $AMC with one swoop. https://t.co/5NePKxQmCm
05 Aug, 06:22 PM UTC
Hear me out, when @CEOAdam issues the dividend, and not everyone gets the dividend, The company will then be obligated to perform a share recall in the best interests of the company and the shareholders. It’s a genius move. Die now or die later shorts #AMC #APE $AMC $APE
05 Aug, 08:13 AM UTC
AMC 2 Moon ❁
… @CEOAdam DRS’d the entire $AMC float. APEISH. $APE https://t.co/yL4tsAMwtg
05 Aug, 07:22 PM UTC
AMC 2 Moon ❁
Rip Cliff Assness How’s shorting $AMC at $12 goin… lmaoo
05 Aug, 08:28 PM UTC
True Demon
I'm going to clear up something regarding $AMC's share dividend and the fears about a "dilution" through an equity merger. This will be a bit lengthy. While you might argue that it is "dilution", what you fail to realize is that @CEOAdam is giving you all a gift of free equity.
05 Aug, 05:53 PM UTC
Paul Allen
Where my OG $AMC apes at?
05 Aug, 06:51 PM UTC
AMC Tattooed MermAPE • GME 🦍💎🙌🏻🧜‍♀️
Today is #PounceDay, just the beginning do the end for #Citadel. #TodayWePounce #AMC $AMC #GME #GME 🍿 #APE $APE https://t.co/DT6WMWNMtP
05 Aug, 12:20 AM UTC
THE age of the Hedge fund has ended. The age of the #APE has begun! $AMC #AMC
05 Aug, 01:59 PM UTC
05 Aug, 05:38 PM UTC
Jesus Gonzalez 
$AMC Holy shit. Did Adam just admit there are 5 BILLION shares out there??? https://t.co/NFs4DQhw5S
05 Aug, 08:23 PM UTC
$AMC $APE is trending. 👀🚀✨❤️✨❤️🚀
05 Aug, 07:26 PM UTC
Salvatore - Memelord Extraordinaire 🍿🦍
How long until people start saying $AMC $APE dividend is a distraction from $GME Dividend? 😂
05 Aug, 08:14 PM UTC
Darren Lewis
Over 100k calls finished ITM this week on $AMC !!!
05 Aug, 08:06 PM UTC
This is going to fly. And there is absolutely nothing they can do about it. Remember these moments. Its been a pleasure riding & trading with all today. We run it back Monday. One luv. Yours Truly, roguetrader $AMC 🌒 ✌🏽
05 Aug, 09:34 PM UTC
Salvatore - Memelord Extraordinaire 🍿🦍
$AMC $GME https://t.co/3Ky8JZ8g3t
05 Aug, 08:39 PM UTC
$AMC LFG!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
05 Aug, 09:39 AM UTC
Roaring Rico
IMO Lou is a bit wrong in saying Monday, Tuesday are our up days. I believe $AMC will spike initially to $23 then drop 15% on Monday to re-accumulate. T+2 would hit EOD either Tuesday or Wednesday into entire EOW next week. I am leaning more on Wed. Small hugs mother fuckers.
05 Aug, 08:56 PM UTC
Just Nick 🏴‍☠️🥷🏻🇺🇸
$AMC lookin absolutely 🔥 Similarities are impossible to deny & mentioned this in the recent video. IF she can’t break $22 - $22.50 region today, we could see the same micro retrace (quickly) Monday followed by 🩳🏴‍☠️. Break of that region.. strap in. https://t.co/nzPJ4cDcvn
05 Aug, 05:56 PM UTC
SUPER SCUM POS (Kevin Chang)
I'll be suing brokers if I don't get all my shares of $APE from my #AMC $AMC
05 Aug, 09:05 PM UTC
🍿𝕄𝕖𝕝𝕒𝕦𝕟𝕚𝕖 POS🍿
„Anything that strengthens #AMC is good for our shareholders.“ #AMC $AMC #AMCSTRONG https://t.co/EdPq1IEkNY
05 Aug, 08:10 PM UTC
Kersey R
$AMC 5 billion??? This is bullish! 🚀 https://t.co/RL5q8VHHVj
05 Aug, 08:35 PM UTC
my name is 🤫
#AMC $AMC #GME $GME . Not selling till we #MOASS . I want life changing money . Not money to get me by for a few years!
05 Aug, 06:54 PM UTC
We have to get $AMC back over $60 just to pick up the rest of our ape family!
05 Aug, 06:43 PM UTC
Forget I held a ton of $AMC cuz I’m a motha fkn diamond handed pimp. I see you girl 👀🚀🌕
05 Aug, 08:25 PM UTC