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Three big things I dig about $APE 1. Opens up the opportunity to see if any shares are circulating that shouldn’t be 2. Opens up the opportunity for AMC to make $$ without needing to dilute stock 3. Gives back to retail for saving the company Interested to see how this goes
04 Aug, 10:56 PM UTC
$AMC said it will issue a dividend to all common shareholders in the form of preferred shares. It will be paying the dividend in forl of preferred equity units, which it has applied to list as symbol: $APE.
04 Aug, 08:16 PM UTC
$AMC The purpose of $APE is to expose synthetics. Retweet this to end the fud.
05 Aug, 01:14 PM UTC
Kat Stryker
AMC & GME Are Going To Expose The Crimes Against Retail That The DTCC Has Been Allowing Since Jan 28th!! #DTCCScandal $APE #AMCDividend https://t.co/tNzp8JzHmG
05 Aug, 03:21 AM UTC
Kat Stryker
💕LOVE This Explanation Of $APE💕 #DestroyTheFUD $APE #AMCDividend https://t.co/eKDggwav6V
05 Aug, 04:08 PM UTC
$AMC It doesn’t matter if there’s 5 trillion shares in circulation. If you own $AMC, you SHOULD receive an $APE dividend/share for every share owned. If you do not receive it, contact your broker! Brokers will need to find shares.. That likely do not exist. Price 📈 #AMCSTOCK
04 Aug, 10:51 PM UTC
Spence (Froggy Stonks)
04 Aug, 09:36 PM UTC
AMC 2 Moon ❁
$APE about to do a $HKD
04 Aug, 09:35 PM UTC
Uber Ape
04 Aug, 09:59 PM UTC
Antonio Martinez
Adam Aron has to be one of the best CEOs of all time. He listens to us. Dude has been playing 4D chess to protect the company’s shareholders. Giving us NFTs, free popcorn, and issuing $APE stock to expose any synthetic shares. This man cares. Thank you @CEOAdam
05 Aug, 03:27 AM UTC
I might not have monkey pox but I got monkey stocks! #AMC $APE #AMCSTRONG #AMCSqueeze
05 Aug, 01:34 AM UTC
Imagine if $APE does what $HKD did.
05 Aug, 01:43 AM UTC
What happens when the 516,820,595 APE shares aren’t enough? $AMC $APE @PeterRHann1 @AMCbiggums @BossBlunts1
04 Aug, 09:43 PM UTC
$AMC up over 20% on the day. Thank you @cvpayne for your $APE analysis.
05 Aug, 06:42 PM UTC
POS rat_toy
Hey shorts...selling my $APE shares for 20k a piece . Holding my #AMC shares till u shit blood
05 Aug, 10:57 AM UTC
FOCKERS $APE is brutal .. GENIUS , READ the first page of the filling 😳it’s says it ALL @CEOAdam LEGEND $AMC EPIC https://t.co/uzT6cHDTWg
05 Aug, 06:02 PM UTC
Isaias ❁
$AMC consider this as a stock split, however an investor will own 1 $APE and 1 $AMC without dilusion.
04 Aug, 09:35 PM UTC
San ⭕
RT if you think $QNT belongs above SHITCOINS💩like: $ADA $SOL $DOGE $SHIB $TRC $LEO $FLOW $APE $XCN $MANA $XTZ $AXS $THETA $FRAX
05 Aug, 02:10 PM UTC
AMC 2 Moon ❁
I’m gonna get so many girls when I show them my “I own $APE” NFT $AMC
04 Aug, 09:40 PM UTC
Ethereum Daily
🔥 Most-mentioned #ERC20 Projects on Twitter in The Last 7 Days $SHIB @shibtoken $BABYDOGE @BabyDogeCoin $KIBA @KibaInuWorld $FLOKI @RealFlokiInu $MARVIN @Marvin_Inu $APE @apecoin $RISE @EverRise $AXS @AxieInfinity $MANA @decentraland $SAND @TheSandboxGame https://t.co/0YaRy4GTWH
05 Aug, 02:10 PM UTC
GOLD APE ⚡️🔮💰💎🦍🚀🇺🇸🧠🧬
@CEOAdam literally emphasizing multiple times no dilution and even goes into depth with 12+ tweets explaining no dilution etc… shills immediately come out pushing “share dilution on steroids” 🤦‍♂️ and they call us dumb money 😂 $AMC $APE
05 Aug, 04:49 AM UTC
$AMC #AMC said it will issue dividends to all common shareholders in the form of preferred shares. It's paying the dividend in the form of preferred equity units, which it has applied to list as symbol $APE
04 Aug, 08:25 PM UTC
AMC 2 Moon ❁
@CEOAdam DRS’d the entire $AMC float. APEISH. $APE https://t.co/yL4tsAMwtg
05 Aug, 07:22 PM UTC
🍿𝕄𝕖𝕝𝕒𝕦𝕟𝕚𝕖 POS🍿
I just can't believe that I will soon own shares that trade under the ticker symbol $APE. This word represents so many good things that I have experienced in these last crazy soon-to-be years. #AMC $AMC #Apes 🫶
05 Aug, 02:13 PM UTC
$AMC $APE is trending. 👀🚀✨❤️✨❤️🚀
05 Aug, 07:26 PM UTC
Anonymous Ape 🍿🎬🎮
💥 A GENTLE REMINDER 💥 #AMC $AMC $APE https://t.co/siKIZx3k9P
05 Aug, 07:11 PM UTC
Texas Hodler 8.01 #AMCAddict
Hodl and DRS your $APE...it's a sign https://t.co/ab4wXvt8QR
05 Aug, 06:45 PM UTC
AMC Manager Extraordinairé 🔥 #RHT
I don’t know if y’all realize how significant this is. To everyone who has played a part in this movement & who has continued to buy, HODL & support AMC, I say thank you ❤️ We are writing history. YOU are writing history. I love you all $AMC $APE #AMCSTRONG #ApesTogetherStrong 🦍 https://t.co/YurBmBYluH
05 Aug, 07:43 PM UTC
Salvatore - Memelord Extraordinaire 🍿🦍
#SendAKindWordToJimCramerToday $AMC $APE https://t.co/r3XFPGxqHm
05 Aug, 06:30 PM UTC
APEmove | #MoveToEarn
Please check out the new Minting fee table: https://t.co/yAbvXM0wWJ. We will update the new version with new minting function soon. 🎉🎉 🔹The new minted shoeboxes will be Lv.5 immediately. 🔹Shoe-Minting has a 48-hour cool down #APEmove #MoveToEarn #MintCharts $APE $BAPE https://t.co/ZgweSI9ROT
05 Aug, 04:43 PM UTC