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what i really love about some korean names is that they have such beautiful meanings 'haneul' means sky, 'areum' means beauty and 'Park Chaeyoung' means the 1st global ambassador of YSL in 59 years and also 1st kpop idol to globally campaign RTW for a luxury brand #ROSÉ #로제
01 Aug, 08:14 PM UTC
The Tae Print
[NAVER] Taehyung purchasing Genesis GV80 has become a trending topic. His video released by Hyundai Motor earlier showcased his ability as an outstanding model and talent for illustrating impressive storytelling skills. “BTS V, you're a real ambassador.” https://t.co/X0BHC70qi0 https://t.co/JkXkWNAyi7
02 Aug, 03:56 AM UTC
เก็บภาพบรรยากาศเบื้องหลัง การถ่ายทำโฆษณาของ COLORSTAY MAKEUP ที่ได้ Global Ambassador อย่างเจสสก้า จอง หรือ คุณเจย์ ที่แฟนๆคุ้นกัน มาอวดผิวสวยใสในสไตล์ของ Revlon #RevlonThailand #ColorStay #motd #JessicaJung @RevlonThailand's photo on
02 Aug, 03:30 AM UTC
Vivian Krause
"Sophie Grégoire Trudeau is more than an ambassador of WE Well-being, she is its mentor, booster and champion. “Lead Influencer,” she says with a laugh ..." https://t.co/Q6kLhT7wwf https://t.co/3Dr0EU2zQH
01 Aug, 09:44 PM UTC
Monita ManoBananabels⁰³²⁷🐥🐰🥕🌌
These luxury brands that booked Lisa as their brand ambassador🤧💕 블랙핑크 리사 #리사  #LISA @BLACKPINK https://t.co/PPjElsocsX
01 Aug, 05:54 PM UTC
H&M Philippines
A collection and ambassador that you didn’t see coming... MAKE WAY FOR #HMGenStreet. SOON. @hmphilippines's photo on
02 Aug, 09:59 AM UTC
Emeka Gift
I told you here on air that there is no border post, anybody can walk into the ZOO and claim citizenship, is it not happening now, a person from Niger Republic is coming to be your ambassador--Mazi Nnamdi Kanu 29/7/2020 #EndNigeriaNow #BiafraExit #Code0530 https://t.co/ygFxS1hASG
02 Aug, 07:40 AM UTC
James Miller
The US ambassador to Brazil reportedly asked Brazilian officials to help Trump’s reelection https://t.co/Q3QkEGUW7e via @voxdotcom
02 Aug, 03:51 AM UTC
I hope @PlayEnergyDrink is ready for the spike in sales since @casspernyovest became an ambassador ❤️we as #TeamNyovest always #PlayHard #PowerPlayCassper https://t.co/pXSfc3zmyy
02 Aug, 09:26 AM UTC
National Memorial Arboretum
#OnThisDay in 1990, the first Gulf War began. Over 2000 people attended the Gulf War Memorial dedication in February 2016, including the Kuwaiti ambassador, to honour the 47 members of the British Armed Forces who gave their lives during the liberation of Kuwait. #GulfWar30 https://t.co/dRC8CQ8MHY
02 Aug, 08:01 AM UTC
🇺🇸L'ambassadeur des États-Unis a déclaré que le Brésil pourrait faire face à des "conséquences" s'il laisse #Huawei entrer dans son réseau #5G, en référence aux avertissements américains selon lesquels la Chine ne protège pas la propriété intellectuelle. https://t.co/MI6VhSMQ5p
02 Aug, 01:30 AM UTC
Satoshi Sean the Count of Monte Crypto
Weekly Update: More #Giveaways! Ledgers X2 #NIMIQ, #Divi, #Dragonchain, #Sinovate Infinity Nodes, #eXchangily Ambassador Program, @cryptocom #bitcon #crypto #cryptocurrency Link: https://t.co/YJWM1cIy6I https://t.co/DuLb7gvUWs
02 Aug, 06:31 AM UTC
Arsen Ostrovsky
Mazal tov to @TzipiHotovely, who has been approved by Cabinet as #Israel's next Ambassador to the UK. Hotovely is an excellent and eloquent spokesperson for Israel. B'hatzlacha and good luck Your Excellency! https://t.co/vD3fJvrCe1 @Ostrov_A's photo on
02 Aug, 11:09 AM UTC
Comrade Nkomo
For immediate release Our Patron his excellency ambassador @osipuka is left with egg on his face after he publicly defended and pretended to be a self appointed Spokesperson of the embattled #RoyalBhaca enterprise last weekend. Ingathi lintshontsho elitshone kwi jagi yesidudu https://t.co/yBHJwhHxuw
02 Aug, 10:46 AM UTC
Creative portraits of our Brand Ambassador Mela featuring Pollyanna "OG" shirt 💜 400 php Available in Extra Small to Double Extra Large In frame: Carmela Franz #pllynnclo https://t.co/g8D0gSFY3r
02 Aug, 01:55 AM UTC
宇崎ちゃんや新月さんを批判するツイフェミ https://t.co/t5w7zV7vR2
02 Aug, 09:46 AM UTC
Yung ambassador po ba pwedeng freebie na po sakin? @hmphilippines bibilhin ko naman po lahat eh. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH #WeWantMiguelforHM
02 Aug, 11:32 AM UTC
akin nalang po yung new ambassador nuo @hmphilippines hahahaha #WeWantMiguelforHM
02 Aug, 11:37 AM UTC
ambassador ng NTF-ELCAC si ate gurl na nasa bottom center. di na ako magugulat kung propaganda lang din to ng militar laban sa mga aktibsitang lumad. anuna @natmuseumph??? https://t.co/uTYwHk4U7X
02 Aug, 11:47 AM UTC
Bill Midkiff
Ask the families of: Ambassador Chris Stevens Information Officer Sean Smith Navy SEAL Glen Doherty Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods It matters to them EVERY SINGLE DAY You’ll soul-less harpy. https://t.co/kXePBWIz0o
02 Aug, 11:30 AM UTC
#China’s ambassador to #Somalia arrives in #Somaliland for talks @HornDiplomat on "AMBASSADOR"">https://t.co/R61f5fLOW6 via @twitter.com/@Horndiplomat
02 Aug, 11:55 AM UTC
US ConsulateCapeTown
"The United States is the Eastern Cape and South Africa’s closest friend in the health realm. Our two governments have been working together for nearly two decades to save lives in the Eastern Cape," - US ambassador to SA Lana Marks. https://t.co/izaexxvfXD @USConsulateCT's photo on
02 Aug, 10:00 AM UTC
Brian Williams
Texas Tech's defense is one of the best in the country. You can learn more about their defense and offense with this Crash Course on Texas Tech https://t.co/Rpkk5NGjqf 72220 https://t.co/BBXa3ylHE8
02 Aug, 12:00 PM UTC
Skechersth released a photo of Brand Ambassador Mew on Ig. Mewlions plz like it and comment. https://t.co/4RN00LCzoo
02 Aug, 11:59 AM UTC
@HJ_ambassador 僕が出会った人の半分は明らかな冤罪でした。 それまで外の世界だと思っていたのが、一変しましたよ。
02 Aug, 12:00 PM UTC
@HJ_ambassador 自首凍結とはなかなか…
02 Aug, 12:00 PM UTC
AlterEgo Fitness Slovakia
@cyrilcibert Hi Cyril, send us a direct message quoting "ambassadorship" for more information on how to become an Ambassador in your town for AlterEgo a gym based clothing brand.
02 Aug, 12:02 PM UTC
Jeff Lewis
The US ambassador to Brazil reportedly asked Brazilian officials to help Trump’s reelection https://t.co/pbNs4QS6V6
02 Aug, 12:02 PM UTC
Jason Tully
Happy birthday @ThatKevinSmith! Thx for being an ambassador for all things geek and for chasing whimsy. And thanks for being the #2 most memorable thing of last year when you A'd my Q at the Prince Charles Theatre in London. Have the best day & thx for being 1 of the good ones!
02 Aug, 12:02 PM UTC
AlterEgo Fitness India
@Kate_Selner Hey kateKate_Selner, send us a DM quoting "Ambassador" for more info on how to become a rep in your town for AlterEgo Fitness a fitness based clothing brand.
02 Aug, 12:02 PM UTC

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