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Janet Mbugua Ndichu
Hoping the court upholds the dignity and rights of Kenyans. As cliche as it sounds, I’m here to repeat and emphasize it; rights are not for some people, but ALL people. May that prevail. #Repeal162
24 May, 06:49 AM UTC


Sara A. Carter
.@POTUS on Thursday night issued a memo giving Attorney General William Barr the authority to #declassify any documents related to surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016. This is why i think this is important - | WATCH |
24 May, 09:54 AM UTC


Pinoy Big Brother
You are now part of the Teen Big Four, Ashley! 👏🏻🎊 Congratulations! #PBB8Batch3BigFour Pinoy Big Brother's photo on #PBB8Batch3BigFour
24 May, 02:58 PM UTC


Lambda Legal
🚨🚨 #BREAKING 🚨🚨 The Trump administration just unveiled a proposed regulation designed to roll back #ACA protections for #LGBTQ people. #PutPatientsFirst #ProtectTransHealth
24 May, 01:39 PM UTC


Live footage of @theferocity on his last day hosting @AM2DM at @BuzzFeedNews! Should be a good episode lol! #AM2DM 🍾 Sylvia's photo on #am2dm
24 May, 01:51 PM UTC


Jennifer Brett
Lots of people took photos with their pets. #MrFloyd is much loved among the canine set, too. He always kept Milk Bones in his mail truck! In this photo, Stella joined her people, the Courtoy family. Jennifer Brett's photo on #MrFloyd
24 May, 01:56 PM UTC


I’m beyond HONORED & SUPER THRILLED that my tune SIMAMA (with Bien-Aime Baraza & @thechangekato) from my record DEEPER is featured on Spike Lee’s Netflix Joint #ShesGottaHaveIt season 2. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾. Wooohooo!!!! Check it out on episode 209. AaronRimbui's photo on #ShesGottaHaveIt
24 May, 08:08 AM UTC


#BankHolidayFriday #FreebieFriday #Giveaway to #win a mixed case of Poppets 😋 #enter by just #FOLLOW, #RT & #LIKE 💗 #Competition ends 30/5/19 (Over 18’s & 🇬🇧 residents only please, full T&Cs on our website) #winner picked at random 😊 #Friyay #GiveawayAlert #FridayThoughts Poppets's photo on #Friyay
24 May, 07:29 AM UTC


Rep. Joe Kennedy III
This President continues to inject his own hatred and prejudice in our health care system. This time he is putting the lives of trans Americans at risk. This is hateful, small and dangerous. And we’ll fight it every step of the way. #ProtectTransHealth
24 May, 02:52 PM UTC


jai big chomp
~* S N I P E D *~ 🎥💚 @M2tM #FursuitFriday jai big chomp's photo on #FursuitFriday
24 May, 04:18 AM UTC


Happy Friday! #FridayReads #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation #FridayThoughts Cebu, Philippines🇵🇭 Emanuella's photo on #FridayReads
24 May, 01:48 AM UTC


Kevin Ryder
#PartyMachine!!!! #PartyMachine!!!! #PartyMachine!!!! #PartyMachine!!!! #PartyMachine!!!! #PartyMachine!!!! #PartyMachine!!!! @kevinandbean
24 May, 12:45 PM UTC


Classic Rock In Pics
Happy 78th Birthday to the legendary Bob Dylan. #BobDylan
24 May, 01:53 PM UTC


Natalie Weaver
Our #SweetSophia left this earth last night as she spent every day of her life, surrounded by love & adoration. In lieu of flowers, we ask that you donate to Once we pull ourselves from this shattering pain we will continue to help others in her memory Natalie Weaver's photo on #SweetSophia
24 May, 09:58 AM UTC


Someone put ⁦@KFANRosen⁩ in the corner....#Powertrip janashortal's photo on #powertrip
24 May, 01:23 PM UTC


Andretti Autosport
Headed out to #CarbDay at @IMS? How about the @Indy500SnakePit on race day? Fear not, @ConorDaly22 has you covered with some pro tips. #ThisIsMay #TakeItFromConor #Indy500 Andretti Autosport's photo on #CarbDay
23 May, 08:51 PM UTC


Scott Dworkin
Trump helped Saudi Arabia coverup the assassination of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. A real president would demand answers. But we don’t have a real president. Retweet if you agree. Weakest, least transparent and most illegitimate president ever. #TrumpDoesCoverups
24 May, 10:50 AM UTC


UEFA Champions League
⚽️🔴 36' Diego Godín ⚽️⚪️ 90+3 Sergio Ramos ⚽️ ⚪️110' Gareth Bale ⚽️ ⚪️118' Marcelo ⚽️⚪️ 120' Cristiano Ronaldo 😱😱😱 #OTD in 2014! #UCLfinal | #FlashbackFriday | @realmadrid UEFA Champions League's photo on #FlashbackFriday
24 May, 01:29 PM UTC

House Republican

JUST IN: A $19.1 billion disaster aid package stalls in Congress after one House Republican, Rep. Chip Roy of Texas, objected. Democrats expect to have enough votes to pass the bill when Congress returns on June 3.
24 May, 03:22 PM UTC

Call of Duty 4

Jason Schreier
I can confirm this is true, and that it's hilarious. The first one was "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" so obviously the fourth one is "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare." Video games are absurd
24 May, 02:06 PM UTC

Mr. Floyd

Jennifer Brett
Once his very last shift was finally over, the neighborhood had another surprise for Mr. Floyd. 300+ people came to a covered dish block party in his honor. Jennifer Brett's photo on Mr. Floyd
24 May, 02:10 AM UTC

Prime Minister

Donald J. Trump
Congratulations to Prime Minister @NarendraModi and his BJP party on their BIG election victory! Great things are in store for the US-India partnership with the return of PM Modi at the helm. I look forward to continuing our important work together!
23 May, 05:13 PM UTC

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

dr. philz
happy memorial day weekend everyone. dr. philz's photo on Happy Memorial Day Weekend
23 May, 07:13 PM UTC


BREAKING: #PRISTIN Officially Disbands After 2 Years Soompi's photo on Pristin
24 May, 08:22 AM UTC


Esta es una foto del tráfico ayer en el Everest. Si tenían pensado escalarla “para encontrarse”, seguramente se encuentran con otros 200 pendejos haciendo lo mismo. Elán's photo on Everest
23 May, 08:07 PM UTC

Chip Roy

Holly Figueroa O'Reilly
Sorry, Puerto Rico, Oklahoma, and every other state hit by natural disasters. Texas Republican Representative Chip Roy decided that you can fuck all the way off. One Republican’s Objection Delays Disaster Relief Bill Once Again #fridaythoughts
24 May, 03:18 PM UTC

Naomi Wolf

Edmund Hochreiter
Everyone listen to Naomi Wolf realize on live radio that the historical thesis of the book she's there to promote is based on her misunderstanding a legal term Edmund Hochreiter's photo on Naomi Wolf
23 May, 11:24 PM UTC


Dov Kleiman
Donovan McNabb: "I'm absolutely a Hall of Fame player". "My numbers are better than Troy Aikman." McNabb had 37,276 yards, 234 passing TDs and 117 career interceptions. #Cowboys QB Troy Aikman had 32,942 yards, 165 passing TDs and 141 career interceptions. Do you agree?
24 May, 11:47 AM UTC

Adam Levine
BREAKING: Adam Levine Quits #TheVoice's photo on Adam Levine
24 May, 01:42 PM UTC


Montero ☘️☘️
#fryyyayyyy #MemorialDay2019 .. start your holiday off with a BANG! 💋💋💦 Montero ☘️☘️'s photo on #MemorialDay2019
24 May, 11:09 AM UTC


Manak Gupta
दोस्तों, चुनाव जीतने-हारने की ख़ुशी-ग़म में हमारे पोल को मत भूलिए. एक बार फिर सबसे सटीक निशाना लगाया है #News24TodaysChanakya ने 👍 मान गए आपको @TodaysChanakya 👏 #FridayMotivation
24 May, 07:03 AM UTC


Ted Lieu
Dear @realDonaldTrump: You never served in the military. We did. Pardoning convicted or accused war criminals weakens good order & discipline, puts troops at risk & stains the soul of our military. Have someone brief you about this OpEd by @RubenGallego & me. #FridayThoughts
24 May, 02:04 PM UTC


Jake Tapper
Killed during Operation Mountain Thrust in Afghanistan, 21 June 2006: SSG Patrick Lybert SFC Jared Monti SSG Heath Craig PFC Brian Bradbury #MemorialDayWeekend
24 May, 01:19 PM UTC


UEFA Champions League
🇧🇷 Ronaldinho: "When you have a football, you are free. You are happy." 😀 #FridayFeeling | #UCL UEFA Champions League's photo on #FridayFeeling
24 May, 09:18 AM UTC

Carb Day

Simon Pagenaud
It’s Carb Day at @IMS ... GET PUMPED! 💪🏼😎🏁// #thisismay #indycar #CARBDAY #loveindy Simon Pagenaud's photo on Carb Day
24 May, 01:35 PM UTC


Good Morning America
"I just want girls to believe that girls can believe in themselves..." SO great to be joined by @USWNT LIVE here in Central Park! #USWNT #HozierOnGMA Good Morning America's photo on #HozierOnGMA
24 May, 12:26 PM UTC


Elsa Panciroli
Totally blown away by this larval cryptobranchoid salamander fossil from #China. This little ghost has soft tissues such as feathery external gills preserved. It even has a belly full of #conchostracans. <3 #FossilFriday #salamanders Elsa Panciroli's photo on #FossilFriday
24 May, 07:30 AM UTC


Atlanta United FC
🚨5-STRIPE FRIDAY GIVEAWAY🚨 Tell us what #ATLUTD means to you using #5StripeFriday for a chance to win the stripes collection! Atlanta United FC's photo on #5StripeFriday
24 May, 01:16 PM UTC


Ebuyhouse is changing the way we all buy & sell homes. See what we mean at #FridayMorning #FridayThoughts #FridayMotivation #FridayWisdom Ebuyhouse's photo on #FridayMorning
24 May, 01:24 PM UTC

Happy Friyay

Happy Friyay 🤸🏽‍♂️💪🏽🖤 ReddPolo's photo on Happy Friyay
24 May, 10:28 AM UTC


a 🐣
naps at school are the best until you jump all of a sudden 😂
24 May, 12:49 AM UTC

Finally Friday

Ms. Controversy
I hope you're all as excited as this cat that it's finally Friday. Have a great weekend! 😹 Ms. Controversy's photo on Finally Friday
24 May, 12:37 PM UTC

Happy 78th

"Art is the perpetual motion of illusion. The highest purpose of art is to inspire. What else can you do? What else can you do for any one but inspire them?" Happy 78th birthday to one of music's boldest and and most brilliant visionaries, Bob Dylan!
24 May, 05:00 AM UTC

New Trump

Amber Athey
NEW: Trump is expected to sign a memorandum requiring enforcement of 1996 immigration legislation. One of the measures says that sponsors of immigrants to the U.S. have to repay the federal government if the immigrant takes welfare benefits.
23 May, 07:44 PM UTC

Mario Batali

WLS-AM 890
Celebrity chef Mario Batali is scheduled to face charges Boston this Friday for allegedly groping a forcibly kissing a woman in a restaurant in 2017. This is the first criminal charge in a lengthy list of allegations of assault and sexual harassment.
23 May, 04:10 PM UTC


Christina M. Roof
Sometimes you just need to lay on the floor with your dog...and other people's dogs. It's good for the soul. #FridayFeelings Christina M. Roof's photo on #FridayFeelings
24 May, 09:44 AM UTC

Don Lemon

Donald J. Trump
Wow! CNN Ratings are WAY DOWN, record lows. People are getting tired of so many Fake Stories and Anti-Trump lies. Chris Cuomo was rewarded for lowest morning ratings with a prime time spot - which is failing badly and not helping the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon!
24 May, 03:19 AM UTC


BTS Notice 🇧🇷
[🇧🇷📅] - Regrinhas para B-ARMY: • Não ir até o hotel deles • Se encontrarem eles na rua, por favor se comporta, São Paulo tem lugares ótimo para eles conhecerem • Não seguir eles • Se descobrir o local do hotel, não divulgue @BTS_twt #BomDiaBTS
24 May, 10:59 AM UTC


[#방탄밤] 정말 화끈했던 'IDOL' 굵동의 마지막 날! 💃🏻🕺🏻 #IDOL2ndWin (
24 May, 10:00 AM UTC

Steve Lacy

New music dropping at midnight: YG - 4Real 4Real (album) MoneyBagg Yo - 43va Heartless (album) Beast coast - Escape From New York (album) Flying Lotus - Flamagra (album) Steve Lacy - Apollo XXI (album) SwaVay - Pure Infinity (album) Flippa - Still Havin’ 2 (album)
23 May, 03:38 PM UTC


一度は行きたいギリシャヾ(@゜▽゜@)ノ 💕🏠💑💕新婚旅行かな✈️ #ギリシャ #地中海 #happyfridayeveryone み~み🚺👧's photo on #happyfridayeveryone
24 May, 10:03 AM UTC


Sean Cody Official
Ain't it time to get this weekend started? 😏☀️💦 #TGIF #FeelGoodFriday Sean Cody Official's photo on #FeelGoodFriday
24 May, 11:01 AM UTC


Linda Steele
Well Friday couldn’t get here fast enough for me! Here’s your Fun Shoe 👠! Let’s get this weekend started! 😁🏌🏼‍♂️🎉💃🏻🙋🏻‍♀️❤️ #teamsteele #highheels #funshoefriday #fridaymood #fit #fitness #fitnessmodel #bikinimodel #shesquats #staypositive #chicagomodel Linda Steele's photo on #fridaymood
24 May, 09:13 AM UTC

Conservative Party

Boris Johnson
A very dignified statement from @theresa_may. Thank you for your stoical service to our country and the Conservative Party. It is now time to follow her urgings: to come together and deliver Brexit.
24 May, 09:40 AM UTC

British PM

Seth Masket
Seven Democratic US senators just announced they’re running for British PM.
24 May, 11:45 AM UTC


Happy #MemorialDayWeekend! #FridayFeeling #FridayThoughts #FreebieFriday #FreeCodeFriday #freecodefridaycontest #WIN 1 of 4 copies of #RAGE2 on Xbox One and PS4! To Enter 1.Follow us @DavesSweeps 2.RT this tweet 3.Reply XB1 or PS4 I want to win #DavesSweeps Winners drawn on 5/31 #DavesSweeps's photo on #DavesSweeps
24 May, 10:23 AM UTC


Jeremy's Ghost
#WeirdQuestionsForGoogle How do I use Bing?
24 May, 04:00 AM UTC


Collingwood FC
Let’s go boys! #AFLSwansPies #GoPies Collingwood FC's photo on #AFLSwansPies
24 May, 09:41 AM UTC


Big Boy
.@YG is giving @NipseyHussle’s kids a percentage off #4REAL4REAL Full interview: Big Boy's photo on #4REAL4REAL
23 May, 04:21 PM UTC


To those feeling sorry for Theresa May: 4m+ kids in poverty 1m+ Foodbank users 1.9m OAPs in poverty 8.4m struggling to eat NHS being systemically privatised The disabled having their benefits cut The worst homelessness I have ever seen Sorry but I've no sympathy for her #Trexit
24 May, 09:16 AM UTC

Money Man

Money Man underrated like a mf
24 May, 04:31 AM UTC


Tom Nichols
The President of the United States just sent out a doctored video of the Speaker of the House. With the exception of a lone congressman, not one Republican has, or is going to, lift a finger to stop this madness. There are no patriots left in the leadership of the GOP.
24 May, 01:53 AM UTC

Brian and Ed Krassenstein

Yashar Ali 🐘
NEW: Twitter has permanently banned prominent anti-Trump brothers Brian and Ed Krassenstein, alleging that two of the biggest stars of Resistance Twitter had broken the site’s rules about operating fake accounts and purchasing fake interactions
23 May, 11:50 PM UTC


firdaus parvez
From behind the web outpoured such lovely prose. Thank you for making my day beautiful. I’m thinking of watering down the prompt words because I want everyone to be inspired. 🌷 Here’s a V word as promised. May 24, 2019 #prompt word is #Vile A tiny word with such venom #vss365
24 May, 04:57 AM UTC


Taylor Swift
I made a #PlaylistbyME! of songs I’m loving right now- check it out and make your own on @applemusic Taylor Swift's photo on #PlaylistByME
24 May, 05:58 AM UTC


Lenin Danieri D
APAGÓN GENERAL De nuevo hasta donde alcanzo a ver, Maracaibo y parte de San Francisco, lucen apagadas. #Venezuela #Zulia #24May
24 May, 09:39 AM UTC


Edwin Honoret 💫 ASTROKID
PHASES EP!!!! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for just giving us a chance. We really want to make music for the world. We just wanna prove that we belong at the top with all of you guys! We love you ❤️ #PHASESEP LETS GET IT TRENDING! Edwin Honoret 💫 ASTROKID's photo on #PhasesEP
24 May, 04:30 AM UTC

Good Friday Morning

Good Friday Morning Friends💜🌸💗🌱💚🌸💜🍃💗🌺💚🌱💜🌸💗🍃💚🌺💜🌱💗🌸💚🍃💜🌺💗🌺 Jess🐻💙⚾️❤'s photo on Good Friday Morning
24 May, 10:18 AM UTC


Official PDP Nigeria
Breaking News! The Supreme Court of Nigeria has declared the @OfficialPDPNig as the rightful winner of the Zamfara State Governorship Election, upheld the decision of the lower court on @OfficialAPCNg primaries. Big win for Democracy! Official PDP Nigeria's photo on Zamfara
24 May, 09:26 AM UTC

Happy Friday Everyone

Angel Locsin
Happy Friday, everyone!🥰 Angel Locsin's photo on Happy Friday Everyone
24 May, 09:42 AM UTC

British Prime Minister

Theresa May will resign as British Prime Minister after failing to deliver Brexit TIME's photo on British Prime Minister
24 May, 10:23 AM UTC

UK Prime Minister

BBC Breaking News
Theresa May to quit as Conservative leader on 7 June, paving way for contest to decide new UK prime minister
24 May, 09:08 AM UTC


Mass Ka Baap NTR 🐯
Happy Brothers Day Anna @tarak9999 @NANDAMURIKALYAN #BrothersDay Mass Ka Baap NTR 🐯's photo on #BrothersDay
24 May, 07:48 AM UTC

UK Conservative

The Associated Press
BREAKING: Theresa May says she'll quit as UK Conservative leader on June 7, sparking contest for Britain's next prime minister. Follow all @AP coverage here:
24 May, 09:08 AM UTC

David Cameron

Michael Heaver
Theresa May repeated same EU mistake as David Cameron. Turned over by Brussels who knew she wouldn't walk away. Then broke her word Clegg-style on 29th March. Not a Leader. Gigantic waste of time.
24 May, 08:58 AM UTC


Brie Strawberry Fire
My smile is bigger #WhenIAmOutWithFriends Brie Strawberry Fire's photo on #WhenIAmOutWithFriends
24 May, 05:02 AM UTC


NCT Charts
Bugs – 7PM KST #3 Superhuman (NEW) #10 Fool (NEW) #12 Jet Lag (NEW) #14 Paper Plane (NEW) #22 OUTRO: WE ARE 127 #35 Highway to Heaven (NEW) #WE_ARE_SUPERHUMAN
24 May, 10:33 AM UTC


Shane Swerve Strickland
#BEASTCOAST album drops midnight!!! #ThrowbackThursday To my music video with @FlatbushZombies! Idols in my eyes! @MeechIsDEAD @ZOMBIEJuicee @erickarcelliott @QueenzFlip Shane Swerve Strickland's photo on #BEASTCOAST
23 May, 06:12 PM UTC

PM May

NBC News
BREAKING: British PM May announces she will step down after failing to win support for her plan to withdraw from the European Union.
24 May, 09:06 AM UTC

Jet Lag

previews of ‘fool’, ‘jet lag’ and ‘paper plane’ from the album 😭 shbup's photo on Jet Lag
24 May, 06:30 AM UTC


Arizona House Democrats
Rep. @RaquelTeran breaking down exactly how shady fake “crisis pregnancy” clinics operate. State funds should not be wasted on misleading women. #azleg #AZbudget #HB2579 Arizona House Democrats's photo on #AZBudget
23 May, 11:50 PM UTC


24 May, 04:11 AM UTC


#43VAHEARTLESS available on @applemusic now! Go Eat! #HeartlessSummer💔🖤 #LinkNbio BreadGangBagg's photo on #43vaHeartless
24 May, 04:05 AM UTC

10 Downing Street

TicToc by Bloomberg
While a political storm brews inside 10 Downing Street, Chief Mouser Larry is soaking up the sun and enjoying all the attention TicToc by Bloomberg's photo on 10 Downing Street
24 May, 08:50 AM UTC


Y para chatear con alguien coordinabas a qué hora ibas a estar en el MSN porque no teníamos banda ancha, y si estaba el que te gustaba te conectabas y desconectabas para que viera que estabas online. Rocío💚's photo on Viera
23 May, 01:22 PM UTC


Cassandra Lee Morris
I have #DubLove for all the kickass females that voice Madoka Magica with me! Here’s me, @CristinaVee and @ChristineMCVA before the movie premiere a few years ago 💕 Cassandra Lee Morris's photo on #dublove
24 May, 05:16 AM UTC


laura Mia
Aneka started this rumor of Cola speaking about Ana, Thandi evoked the nonsense an Ana somehow got offended with the truth. I’m pissed Cola didn’t deserve that at all. #hustleandsoul
24 May, 03:01 AM UTC


What Would Pike Trickfoot Do?
Poor @WillingBlam #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleSpoilers
24 May, 04:28 AM UTC

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