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Boy With Liv 💗HAPPY SAN DAY💗
I don't understand how people continue to figure out this is me like how do you remember the @ of someone you saw in a 1 minute video nearly 2 months ago 🗿 https://t.co/gElaNytQ8L
09 Jul, 11:54 PM UTC
1 minute of jungwoo’s iconic top tier line in boss https://t.co/dFDAx1YQFm
09 Jul, 07:59 PM UTC
Patty 🇨🇦💜 Lights 🤝 Heartbeat
Not to be that person, but voting is open for another 22 days. At our current rate, 2 will surpass us by the end of the week - and that’s without mass voting Please take 1 minute out of your day to log on and vote for @BTS_twt https://t.co/yYl5Lubs69 https://t.co/Xz2Gc85jK0 https://t.co/vwtHG5bEaL
09 Jul, 06:34 PM UTC
Al Fred™🇬🇭
You cum under 1 minute and you feel okay about it, shame😝😝
09 Jul, 11:59 AM UTC
M.Ti. heißt Empty
11.04 Uhr "Ja" "Hallo, hier ist das Meinungsforschungsinstitut bla bla bla." "und?" "Wir würden Ihnen gerne ein paar Fragen stellen bla bla bla Rente und bla bla Politik." "Hab Urlaub." "Dauert 1 Minute." "58" "Wie bitte?" "59" [KLICK] *Richtig telefonieren kann ich.*
10 Jul, 09:22 AM UTC
Your mom and dad had just 1 minute sex and your mom got pregnant 2 weeks after so don't teach us that was 2 hour in the making about long ejaculation.
10 Jul, 07:36 AM UTC
kihyun’s doormat
1 minute and 22 seconds of wonho cutely singing while getting his drink. this is the content i came here for https://t.co/TveW0jRBkv
09 Jul, 11:21 PM UTC
Channel 4
How to nail a job interview in 1 minute #AckleyBridge @Channel4's photo on 1 MINUTE
09 Jul, 07:53 PM UTC
Automation Anywhere
RPA + AI help the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services process claims in about 1 minute. Human reviewers average about 65 min per record. The agency expects to get 50,000 records this year. h/t @KirkDBorne for sharing More from @GCNtech: https://t.co/2tgujzlXF5 https://t.co/ExUSpkMEn6
09 Jul, 09:18 PM UTC
1 minute back in Ateneo and the first thing I hear is “Dude I fucking left my airpods”
10 Jul, 12:44 AM UTC
Yadom 💍
BLACKPINK SOLO VLIVE DURATION Jisoo - 14 minutes Jennie - 22 minutes Rosé - 53 minutes Lisa - 1 minute and 3 secs #MGMAVOTE #BLACKPINK @ygofficialblink
10 Jul, 03:44 AM UTC
[#SécuritéRoutière] 🚗🏍 Vous prenez la route cet été ? Radar pédagogique, radar fixe de contrôle de la vitesse, #radar vitesse embarqué, voiture radar... Tout comprendre sur les #radars en vidéo et en moins d'1 minute ⬇⬇⬇ @servicepublicfr's photo on 1 MINUTE
10 Jul, 06:46 AM UTC
007’s Elsa ღ🐝
I tweeted I wanna s/uck baek then after 1 minute minseok made his presence be felt by going online. I guess I have to apologize to my main daddy....
10 Jul, 10:21 AM UTC
#INDvsNZ wickets after 1 minute https://t.co/BftnAgbUk9
10 Jul, 10:22 AM UTC
Amie 💕💕
Want Follow the Money campus tour to come to your institution? It's very simple! Just make a 1-minute video detailing what accountability and transparency in governance means to you. Other prizes also available too. Check flier for more details. #IFTMCampusTour19 https://t.co/xJsw7zekVv
10 Jul, 08:32 AM UTC
Im so happy yunseong appeared in the video for more than 1 minute and he's so playful and goofy in it IM LIVING MY BEST LIFE RN 😭😭💖💖 THANK U YUNSEONG ILY 😘😘 https://t.co/WmK2jKgzOm
10 Jul, 10:25 AM UTC
@GhettoRadio895 @MpendarM @Browngal895 #MamaNtilie Boil the water Cut the ugali to small pieces Put it in the water Give it 1 minute Then, songa ugali yako hadi ishikane Thank me later 😁😁 #NiajeNiaje
10 Jul, 10:22 AM UTC
Чонгук: спишь? Тэхён: пытаюсь Чонгук: ну ок спи *1 minute later* Чонгук: ты спишь? Тэхён: сплю Чонгук: ну спи, спи *1 minute later* Чонгук: так ты спишь? Тэхён: да сплю я, сплю! Чонгук: мм ну спи *1 minute later* Чонгук: спи- Тэхён: НЕ СПЛЮ Я ЧЕГО ТЕБЕ Чонгук: подкинь крыльев а
10 Jul, 10:54 AM UTC
Vanishing Pixels using panim: Here's the 1-minute video... https://t.co/Z2kMpBoTmJ #generative #python #programming
10 Jul, 10:59 AM UTC
andeng ✒
@IamEchute syempre, 1 minute lang ako sa letran kung umuwi agad ako kanina
10 Jul, 10:55 AM UTC
Weaverham Forest
Reception are completing their personal challenge by counting how many times they can throw and catch a ball in 1 minute. #chrisstorey https://t.co/dvn8JIb7nZ
10 Jul, 10:38 AM UTC
hannah ✄
1 minute nalang lez go @luigipacho
10 Jul, 10:59 AM UTC
@amkec40 😂😂😂😂😂 they’ll even sing for you. A whole 1 minute concert... just for you.
10 Jul, 10:49 AM UTC
Stream Startup Festival
Ahoy startups, 1 minute of your time! 👇🏼 https://t.co/Z7dJnZ2fxX
10 Jul, 10:43 AM UTC
On Bucsnem & Bagnem
I’ll be sleep in 1 minute 😂🤦🏾‍♂️ shit Brazy
10 Jul, 10:32 AM UTC
FSB West Midlands
One of our top tips for business #networking is to have a "pitch perfect" pitch. At our #FSBConnect event in #Dudley all attendees have 1 minute to introduce their business to the room. Register for 30 July now: https://t.co/3586ho9wNY #blkcountryhour https://t.co/QsJ9WkSbyH
10 Jul, 10:26 AM UTC
jub needs to see 5sos
10 Jul, 10:59 AM UTC
Karen ❤
What i believe to be the same red car, given shape, color, behaior, just pulled into the same spot, may have seen that i had gone, pulled out less than 1 minute later. Pic sent to LE. No clue why the uptick again.
10 Jul, 10:58 AM UTC
Jim Teske
Wednesday SYR Almanac Sunrise: 5:35 am Sunset: 8:45 pm -1 Minute Normal High: 82 Low: 61 Record High: 101 in 1936 Low: 46 in 1942
10 Jul, 10:58 AM UTC
Miss Fitzhenry
Wow! Nate wrote his name 10 times in 1 minute. https://t.co/s3mLZfXKGr
10 Jul, 10:57 AM UTC
огромный член
1 Minute c'est quand même 60 secondes
10 Jul, 10:57 AM UTC
laura 🦋
@alwaymendeswift I really hope I can get tickets, last time she came to Amsterdam it was sold out in 1 minute..... 😅 we dont have huge venues here unfortunately
10 Jul, 10:56 AM UTC
Miss Fitzhenry
How many times we can draw smiley faces in 1 minute https://t.co/SYvl334bLP
10 Jul, 10:56 AM UTC
Miss Fitzhenry
Finding out how many times we can stretch up and touch our toes and also how many times we can build a tower of 10 cubes in 1 minute. https://t.co/m0QZL4oWqn
10 Jul, 10:54 AM UTC
Mrs. Miller-Sivan Chalamet
@k_rvic @ryanuyart There is also a minimum of at least 30,000 1 minute view on videos that are at least 3 mins long
10 Jul, 10:54 AM UTC
Can you spend playing a 1-minute demo of @LonelyMnts for half an hour ? I guess so... https://t.co/vEGKH6Oa9Q
10 Jul, 10:52 AM UTC
Last Days Watch
1-MINUTE DEVOTIONAL with Carter Conlon - July 10 PRAY FOR THE POWER https://t.co/3K2wC0uGT5 #DailyInspiration, #1MinuteDevotional, https://t.co/DWJErwaJJj
10 Jul, 10:52 AM UTC
Miss Fitzhenry
Today we have been finding out how many times we can do activities in 1 minute! This is us finding out how many starjumps we can do! https://t.co/M2JOcK3iWo
10 Jul, 10:51 AM UTC
Build a positivity circuit: spend 1 minute looking for positives, 3 times a day for 45 days. https://t.co/CDeriJQnYh
10 Jul, 10:51 AM UTC
sayang 1 minute ng buhay ko para don HAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://t.co/mhGWN25PBn
10 Jul, 10:50 AM UTC
Wednesday July 10, 2019 at 06:50: CPU temperature of rason is 153.86F. (1 minute load=1.73, 5 minute load=1.55, 15 minute load=1.56).
10 Jul, 10:50 AM UTC
Richard Eaton
How do you answer "What do you do?". Here's this weeks 1 minute podcast about this question https://t.co/1BDOIZ59hH #marketing #podcast #business https://t.co/TUGSHsLIK3
10 Jul, 10:49 AM UTC
Wednesday July 10, 2019 at 06:49: CPU temperature of cam0 is 135.14F. (1 minute load=0.57, 5 minute load=0.52, 15 minute load=0.54).
10 Jul, 10:49 AM UTC
Wednesday July 10, 2019 at 06:49: CPU temperature of rpiups is 140.18F. (1 minute load=0.0, 5 minute load=0.0, 15 minute load=0.0).
10 Jul, 10:49 AM UTC
Wednesday July 10, 2019 at 06:48: CPU temperature of rpi8 is 148.1F. (1 minute load=2.9, 5 minute load=2.8, 15 minute load=2.82).
10 Jul, 10:48 AM UTC
T X Johnson-Roll
We finished building our dining table 1 minute before our Uber Eats arrived! 1st meal in our new abode in amongst the flat packed furniture still to be built 😂💛 https://t.co/CBbDdiYWtx
10 Jul, 10:44 AM UTC
Wednesday July 10, 2019 at 06:44: CPU temperature of rpi4 is 159.62F. (1 minute load=1.4, 5 minute load=1.65, 15 minute load=1.71).
10 Jul, 10:44 AM UTC
Wednesday July 10, 2019 at 06:43: CPU temperature of rpi3 is 111.2F. (1 minute load=0.08, 5 minute load=0.02, 15 minute load=0.01).
10 Jul, 10:43 AM UTC
Want to grow your business with just $1 a day? 3 steps x 1 minute each = a jackpot Facebook video funnel strategy #growth #digitalmarketing #personalbranding https://t.co/pnGh6bvruV
10 Jul, 10:41 AM UTC
jimmy Petruzzi
1 minute mini tutorial positive reappraisal https://t.co/CI5mVerS3r
10 Jul, 10:39 AM UTC
NLP Centre of Excell
1 minute mini tutorial positive reappraisal https://t.co/6c2kVPOppJ
10 Jul, 10:38 AM UTC
Mo Sena
1-minute English - language in context: a Mickey Mouse course #ESL #elt #tefl https://t.co/Eex7Ty5M5a
10 Jul, 10:38 AM UTC
Dan Foley
Build a positivity circuit: spend 1 minute looking for positives, 3 times a day for 45 days. https://t.co/1rfhzTx0fO
10 Jul, 10:37 AM UTC
Team members when the Batsmen return to pavillion under 1 minute #INDvsNZ https://t.co/W53VvaVwFl
10 Jul, 10:36 AM UTC
Reem ⍟⎊
I woke up to 18 fucking 1 minute voice notes. Like what the fuck?
10 Jul, 10:34 AM UTC
AMA-TENDER! Why Pay?! Get *Free #tender alerts via email! Register takes 1 minute click here: https://t.co/sHnXIeraUk #RIPNomhleNkonyeni https://t.co/DT5Y1dFRYI
10 Jul, 10:31 AM UTC
AMA-TENDER! Why Pay?! Get *Free #ten der alerts via email! Register takes 1 minute click here: https://t.co/dSfaj4YDI4 #RIPNomhleNkonyeni https://t.co/puDnyCkuTl
10 Jul, 10:30 AM UTC
Brandy J. Boloko
@fightlikedioni Wesh ton 1er tweet date d’il y a 1 minute calme toi
10 Jul, 10:29 AM UTC
Dropbox Support
@L8shift Thanks for talking to us on Twitter! Please take 1 minute to rate your experience with Dropbox support on Twitter by clicking the below link, and help us provide the best support experience possible. https://t.co/nUMn258cec
10 Jul, 10:28 AM UTC