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Rebecca Sky
I feel no more guilty for loving you, than the moon for stealing it's beauty from the sun. #1LineWed
28 Jun, 01:50 PM UTC
Miss Muse
If I am guilty of anything, it is allowing my heart to steer the course my mind was meant to navigate. #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:58 PM UTC
chris papps
#1lineWed The graves of the guilty , unmarked, lay forlornly in the shadow of the castle walls, no marker or recognition of a human life.
28 Jun, 02:58 AM UTC
Sheryl Fawcett
Floppy ears covered my pup's eyes as he drooped his guilty head when I stepped barefoot in his poop. #1linewed
28 Jun, 12:24 PM UTC
Kayla Krantz
She felt so drained, so tired…so guilty and had no desire to get out of bed ever again. #1linewed #SurviveatMidnight
28 Jun, 01:03 PM UTC
#1lineWed Why even a seventh grader could prove that the Patriots were not guilty of any intentional wrongdoing...
28 Jun, 02:49 PM UTC
Cayce Osborne
#1LineWed He sacrificed his whole life to find me. There would be guilt over that, later. And problems, surely. #wip #amrevising
28 Jun, 04:33 PM UTC
Louise Scoular
As if she wasn’t feeling bad enough already, the fresh wave of guilt hit Luci like a slap across the face. #1linewed
28 Jun, 02:12 PM UTC
Elle Marlow
#1linewed Guilt teased her over Crow's wrecked condition, but the heavy drinking kept him out of her bed. #BlackwaterBurning
28 Jun, 12:43 PM UTC
Jessica Peterson
I felt a pang of guilt. I understood why no one could know our relationship was fake. But lying to Kit's parents still felt weird. #1lineWed
28 Jun, 04:40 PM UTC
Jenelle Schmidt
"Guilt at leaving without telling Justan where she had gone ate away at her insides, churning within her stomach." #1LineWed #MinstrelsCall
28 Jun, 04:43 PM UTC
Nobody, who are you?
@fiyahlitmag They had talked much among themselves about the peel skin people but had decided that they had no right to interfere. #1lineWed
28 Jun, 05:08 PM UTC
S. H. Pratt
#1linewed “I feel so damn guilty,” she admitted. “Why?” “Because I want you and I shouldn’t. I’m supposed to die still loving Damon.”
28 Jun, 06:52 AM UTC
Megan Cutler
His daughter peered up at him with a puppy-dog face, the guilt in her large eyes undercut by her outrage at being discovered. #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:46 PM UTC
Jenelle Schmidt
#1linewed “I do feel guilty, though how you could sense that…” he left the sentence unfinished. #MinstrelsCall #CR4U
28 Jun, 04:37 PM UTC
Megan Cutler
It was too bright a day for saying goodbye, and he had nothing with which to hide his guilt and sorrow. #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:47 PM UTC
Raina Xin
#1lineWed So here I was, Saturday morning, about to determine whether Santa was guilty of foul play or I was imagining things.
28 Jun, 04:23 PM UTC
L.S. Young
"Incivility ain't the same as an admission of guilt. Now pipe down and listen." #1linewed
28 Jun, 05:01 PM UTC
Cindy R. Wilson
My anger fades, easing out of me like air from a balloon. His look is reprimand enough for me, and I feel guilty. #1linewed #yascifi
28 Jun, 04:42 PM UTC
Chris Klippenstein
"If you share in the profits, you share in the guilt," she said. I winced; this was why nobody invited her to parties. #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:40 PM UTC
Michelle O'Leary
“You feel guilty because you are a good man and killing should never be easy." #1linewed (guilty) @RWAKissofDeathhttps://t.co/ORPVCqbins
28 Jun, 10:18 AM UTC
Taylor Brooke🦁
His cheekbones are tall cliffs and his bottom lip is snug between his teeth. He doesn’t look broken – he looks guilty. #1linewed #amwriting
28 Jun, 04:59 PM UTC
Megan Cutler
"You think knowledge plays a role in damnation?""I don't think a soul can feel guilt or regret if it doesn't understand morality." #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:49 PM UTC
Greg Richards
It was not guilt that stained his soul or drove his blade to butchery, but the dead souls of his family. #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:47 PM UTC
Anna James Zeigler
Up today: GUILTY Have fun, #1linewed 🤓 https://t.co/Aat0VM0pOB
28 Jun, 04:43 PM UTC
Tonja Tomblin
I carry each death with me like a scar on my soul, but now I also carry a gun. #1linewed #EveryWitchWay #amwriting
28 Jun, 04:46 PM UTC
Chris Klippenstein
You've changed your hair. It looks good. I don't have to feel guilty about what happened, do I, as long as your hair looks good? #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:37 PM UTC
Van Allen
I have a feeling we'll find something. When we do, we’ll know who to watch, but they won’t know we are watching them. #1LineWed #AmWriting
28 Jun, 05:12 PM UTC
Stevie G
Like my father before me I found relief from the crushing inequities of life in the non judgemental company of my f… https://t.co/tnCQV4jdXF
28 Jun, 05:11 PM UTC
H.J. Reynolds author
Laurette was tired of running, tired of the guilt she felt about abandoning Robert and the others. She refused to do it again. #1linewed
28 Jun, 05:00 PM UTC
J. Russell
"The day time could be as scary as the night.” “Sorry,” I replied with a mild tone of guilt. “It must've been tough.” #1linewed #amwriting
28 Jun, 05:00 PM UTC
But then she remembered the darkness, the blood. The lifeless bodies & the curse Death followed her everywhere & it spared no one. #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:58 PM UTC
Cherilyn Tapper
"So, in summary, you feel badly about not feeling worse about feeling happy?" "Why, yes. That's it, exactly." "I need a drink." #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:56 PM UTC
🏝Wん🔅, ᄊ乇?👙
Daddy I brought you a cookie. Thanks sweetie. Umm, did you try it? No Then why does this bite match the chocolate on your mouth? #1lineWed
28 Jun, 04:54 PM UTC
#1linewed A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones!… https://t.co/vLATZhX7R0
28 Jun, 04:50 PM UTC
Barbara Best
Marching into Ft Pulaski was the dividing line that separated from peaceful antebellum days, the beginning of a new & unknown era. #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:37 PM UTC
Danielle E. Shipley
Movies featuring Robin Hood or King Arthur were a guilty pleasure in Avalon... #1linewed #MARRIAGEofAaD
28 Jun, 04:36 PM UTC
Loren Edwards
As she recollected the events that day, she remembered every word her father spoke at dinner. She hated him. #1linewed "Dark Past"
28 Jun, 04:36 PM UTC
#1LineWed is back! Give us your favorite/best line from a WIP you worked this week.
28 Jun, 04:35 PM UTC
Loren Edwards
“What happened?” Lizzie asked, her voice a notch above a whisper. “Am I dead?” #1linewed "Dark Past"
28 Jun, 04:33 PM UTC
Jacklyn Reynolds
The crowd watched in petrified stillness as the pair tried to literally rip each other to pieces. #1linewed #Timber4theWattys
28 Jun, 04:32 PM UTC
Mer Brebner
I knew exactly why I felt sick. I felt guilty. Guilty because I wasn’t supposed to be here alone. Nic was supposed to be here too. #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:30 PM UTC
Loren Edwards
The last thing she remembered was her beating heart echoing in her eardrum and the burning fire in her lungs. #1linewed "Dark Past"
28 Jun, 04:27 PM UTC
Brad Perry
"Don't worry about the guilt," she said, grinning a corpse's smile. "That's the easy part. Instead, be worried about the cops." #1linewed
28 Jun, 05:16 PM UTC
Shubham Malik
The way her eyes see the world is something special. #DelhiRains #1linewed
28 Jun, 05:10 PM UTC
Edwin Downward
The details she supplied in her confession make it clear that all charges laid against you were fabrications #1LineWed
28 Jun, 05:10 PM UTC
Hannah Saal
It was an accident, one with no one to blame except the circumstances of life itself. #1LineWed #amwriting
28 Jun, 05:09 PM UTC
Jeremy Pimples
A pool of moisture collected at their feet as the moisture ran down their bodies like a million tiny rivers of moisture. #1linewed #YA
28 Jun, 05:09 PM UTC
Van Allen
"You may not have a conviction on your record officially," McElroy said, "but in my mind, to me, you’re still guilty." #1LineWed #AmWriting
28 Jun, 05:08 PM UTC
Exiles of Ondd
"Even when they find my medicine was pure, the King may still have been poisoned, and we were alone in the room with him." #1linewed
28 Jun, 05:05 PM UTC
Pondering Mind
#1linewed Her paradise broken by a growing panic in motion.
28 Jun, 05:04 PM UTC
Van Allen
Kaaldan harbored some lingering confusion and a small degree of guilt and unease about the mission. He asked God for confidence. #1LineWed
28 Jun, 05:03 PM UTC
Jonathan D. Stone
This peaceful calm—trees sway silently in the distance; wind is felt, not heard... I admit, I am guilty: I should be hard at work. #1linewed
28 Jun, 05:03 PM UTC
Danielle E. Shipley
Sneaking Out, sharing secrets, deceiving Robin Hood… and that last was the only item he could work up any guilt about. #1linewed
28 Jun, 05:02 PM UTC
Todd Nichols
Yup. She was guilty. You could tell by the "Oops. Was I not supposed to eat from the tree of knowledge?" look on her face. #1linewed
28 Jun, 05:00 PM UTC
Karen Azinger
#1linewed great epic #fantasy starts with a sword and a girl, Silk&Steel start the #adventure!
28 Jun, 04:59 PM UTC
Sydney Blackburn
Sugar LaCrue had been hanging about the docks of Venus since ze was fourteen. #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:55 PM UTC
Anna James Zeigler
"I'm competing with a dead woman! You're so eaten up with guilt. I understand, I do, but I'm bowing out of the competition." #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:54 PM UTC
S.A.M King
I didn't feel guilty or remorseful because while I didn't do the right thing, I did do the necessary thing. #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:53 PM UTC
Stephanie A. Allen
Guilt burns...at what I’ve subjected her to; this is a fate I should wish on no one, yet it was my words that landed her here. #1lineWed
28 Jun, 04:52 PM UTC
Dylan Madeley
Alathea put her chin up in an arrogant expression and said: “I don’t need magic to defeat a low creature such as you.” #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:49 PM UTC
Rachel Lenzi
I didn’t think I’d be able to look Corey in the eye when I got back but the house was empty. For me, there was still no guilt. #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:47 PM UTC
K S Dearsley
"Does your wife know you haunt the servants' rooms?" she asked. They both knew he couldn't give her away. He shouldn't be there. #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:42 PM UTC
Chris Klippenstein
Your face as you turned toward me -- that expression of sly guilt -- has become the way I remember you. #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:38 PM UTC
Nalta L. Matri
#1linewed "I feel guilty that we aren't paying Fehr more for his services." "I think he's not concerned with getting more than he needs."
28 Jun, 04:37 PM UTC
Kelley Kay(e) Bowles
#1linewed It started on the whodunit rollercoaster she’d found herself embroiled in, then went to the guilt-o-whirl #PoisonbyPunctuation
28 Jun, 04:33 PM UTC
Book Besties
She finally met Marcus’s eyes and let him see the storm of emotions raging within her - hurt and anger, shame, guilt and gratitude #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:31 PM UTC
michelle umland
Olivia's undressing glare touched every curve as Sam walked away.Sage twitched with jealousy. #amwriting #indieauthor #willowlake #1linewed
28 Jun, 04:31 PM UTC
Loren Edwards
She shifted her eyes to her left to see into the eyes of a stranger. #1linewed "Dark Past"
28 Jun, 04:30 PM UTC
Debi V. Smith
He glances behind me and gives a thumbs up to his mom. “Is this why she wouldn’t let me help her?” “Guilty." #1linewed #amediting
28 Jun, 04:29 PM UTC
D. G. Driver
"Nothing," I snapped at her. "Leave me alone." "But…" She looked so wounded that I felt instantly guilty. #1linewed Whisper of the Woods
28 Jun, 04:28 PM UTC
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