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PWR Lachlan ⚡️
Brisbane just won the bid to host the 2032 Olympics! 🎉🎉🎉 @LachlanYT's photo on 2032 Olympics
21 Jul, 08:34 AM UTC
Brisbane to host 2032 Olympics, cricket likely to be included as well in the mega event. (Source - Sports Today)
21 Jul, 09:12 AM UTC
Sky Sports News
Brisbane will host the 2032 Olympics after the International Olympic Committee approved the recommendation of its executive board.
21 Jul, 08:46 AM UTC
💉 Peter FitzSimons💉
And the winner is Bris-er-bane! They will host the 2032 Olympics! And the best thing? The PM is sure we will almost definitely be Covid-free by then! #Auspol #Olympics #Brisbane2032
21 Jul, 08:31 AM UTC
Mike Cannon-Brookes 👨🏼‍💻🧢🇦🇺
Congratulations Brisbane on winning the 2032 Olympics city! #Olympics2032 Now the really lobbying begins… what sport should we add? @AnnastaciaMP please, please think truly Australian. C’mon. There is only one choice… TWO UP! 🥇🥈🥉
21 Jul, 09:02 AM UTC
CONFIRMED: Brisbane will host the 2032 Olympics! 🙌🙌🙌 DETAILS: https://t.co/x4jYpfm3AC @FOXSportsAUS's photo on 2032 Olympics
21 Jul, 08:33 AM UTC
2032 Olympics is funny because 11yrs is impossible to comprehend. we'll be in Epsilon-Zeta Variant, net zero by 2030 will be by 2184, Kissinger will still be alive, Mars is a billionaires colony, and then Premier FriendlyJordies will be like [italian accent] itsa ze Oleempics!!
21 Jul, 09:09 AM UTC
Annastacia Palaszczuk
The eyes of the world are on us now Brisbane is the official host of the 2032 Olympics 🎉 I'm so proud of our state: Queensland is the place to be. If you were visiting here for the Games, where would you stay and which activities would be on the top of your list? @AnnastaciaMP's photo on 2032 Olympics
21 Jul, 10:58 AM UTC
"It's an outrage it's not already an Olympic sport, and with us hosting in 2032, why not bring it in? We'd be a good chance at gold" Brisbane has been announced as the host for the 2032 Olympics 🥇 And one AFL has great has 'urged' the IOC to include the AFL in it's plans 👀 https://t.co/Fku7gjnGRF
21 Jul, 09:37 AM UTC
DD News
JUST IN: Brisbane to host the 2032 Olympics @DDNewslive's photo on 2032 Olympics
21 Jul, 09:16 AM UTC
Annastacia Palaszczuk
Tokyo, Japan: The moment we officially signed off on the deal to host the 2032 @Olympics and @Paralympics. #Brisbane2032 https://t.co/RbzTQmFVYL
21 Jul, 11:06 AM UTC
Ketan Joshi
2032 Olympics to be hosted in the region with the highest number of planned coal mines in the world! Congratulations, Queensland! https://t.co/k1qVUtD2zt
21 Jul, 11:12 AM UTC
Rob Harris
Brisbane confirmed as hosts of the 2032 Olympics after winning an uncontested vote here in Tokyo
21 Jul, 08:33 AM UTC
AFP Photo
Australia : Fireworks fill the sky after Brisbane was named host of the 2032 Olympics 📸 Patrick Hamilton #AFP @AFPphoto's photo on 2032 Olympics
21 Jul, 10:09 AM UTC
AFP News Agency
#UPDATE Brisbane was awarded the 2032 Olympics on Wednesday, becoming the third Australian city to host the Summer Games after Melbourne and Sydney @AFP's photo on 2032 Olympics
21 Jul, 08:50 AM UTC
9News Queensland
Hundreds of people are gathering at #SouthBank and other live sites across South-East Queensland to hear the winning bid of the 2032 Olympics. @ShannonMM9 #9News @9NewsQueensland's photo on 2032 Olympics
21 Jul, 08:13 AM UTC
ABC News
Brisbane was picked Wednesday to host the 2032 Olympics, the inevitable winner of a one-city race steered by the IOC to avoid rival bids. https://t.co/dfU7ojdk7x
21 Jul, 10:09 AM UTC
Terry Hughes
The Queensland Premier invites visitors to the 2032 Olympics to enjoy the spectacular #GreatBarrierReef. Whatever is still left by then. https://t.co/YwiuXykhGD
21 Jul, 10:32 AM UTC
Congratulations to Brisbane, Australia on getting the 2032 Olympics!!! Surely Brisbane’s own @kmillerheidke and @damiandmusic to perform! #Brisbane2032 https://t.co/JkrNVCPL1d
21 Jul, 08:35 AM UTC
Sky News
The 2032 Olympics and Paralympics will be held in Brisbane after it was approved by the International Olympic Committee https://t.co/VrKzAKlChr
21 Jul, 12:56 PM UTC
Graham Kahabka
Scott Morrison now wants credit for Brisbane getting the 2032 Olympics.
21 Jul, 09:21 AM UTC
Manas Singh
2032 Olympics to be hosted in Brisbane, Australia. I'll be 42 years old if I manage to survive the next 11 years 😕
21 Jul, 12:22 PM UTC
Brisbane now has 11 years to prepare for the 2032 Olympics, "the longest preparation in history", says ABC sports reporter @TraceyLeeHolmes in Tokyo. #abc730 #Brisbane2032 #Tokyo2021 @abc730's photo on 2032 Olympics
21 Jul, 10:55 AM UTC
Sky News Australia
Queensland Premier @AnnastaciaMP has declared the Brisbane 2032 Olympics will usher in a “golden age” for the state. https://t.co/XNzFVQgH1p
21 Jul, 12:08 PM UTC
2032 Olympics to be hosted in Brisbane, 3rd Australian city to host Games after Melbourne and Sydney Read More: https://t.co/tYXVkMV121 #Olympics2032 #Brisbane #Australia #ITCard @IndiaToday's photo on 2032 Olympics
21 Jul, 09:14 AM UTC
Ian #FreePalestine 🇵🇸🇦🇺
As usual! #ScottyWhoDoesNothing will claim victory for the 2032 Olympics. No way mate. It was a Queensland win and you fella, did nothing! Thanks #AnastasiaPalaszczuk
21 Jul, 11:53 AM UTC
Salt Lake 2030
Congrats to @brisbanecityqld 🇦🇺 on being selected to host the 2032 Olympics! The last time Australia 🇦🇺 hosted the Olympics (2000), Salt Lake 🇺🇸 hosted the Olympics right after. Could history repeat itself ?!? 👀 #Olympics #Brisbane2032 #Olympics2032 https://t.co/NM4sabkIrw
21 Jul, 12:37 PM UTC
2032 olympics held in bne & y’all say we ain’t got happs 🤷🏾‍♀️
21 Jul, 08:36 AM UTC
George. B.
I know it's a worrying time my fellow Australians but I'm here risking my life in a covid riddled first class all expence paid motel in Tokyo to guarantee I beat no other nation for the 2032 Olympics for Queenslanders.. 👍 🍻
21 Jul, 08:37 AM UTC
Badminton Tour
BREAKINGG! Brisbane, Australia🇦🇺 officially selected to host the 2032 Olympics #OlympicGames https://t.co/RBy9B8OHdq
21 Jul, 11:13 AM UTC