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TONIGHT: A special birthday surprise awaits @KalistoWWE on @WWENetwork... #205Live
15 Nov, 03:22 AM UTC
WWE Network
YOU'RE INVITED! Don't miss @KalistoWWE's HUGE birthday celebration on #205Live, immediately after #SDLive on… https://t.co/YTQXJbXGFD
15 Nov, 02:39 AM UTC
WWE Universe
.@TozawaAkira is DEFINITELY ready for @KalistoWWE's birthday celebration! #205Live
15 Nov, 03:36 AM UTC
When you mess with a man and his birthday cake, THIS is what happens! #205Live @KalistoWWE @real1 @DrewGulak
15 Nov, 03:55 AM UTC
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @KalistoWWE! What a way to close out #205Live!
15 Nov, 03:54 AM UTC
Happy birthday, @KalistoWWE!!! The #KingOfFlight picks up the WIN on his birthday! #205Live @real1 @DrewGulak
15 Nov, 03:52 AM UTC
WWE Network
Welcome home, @CedricAlexander!!! Charlotte's own Superstar will team with @GottaGetSwann RIGHT NOW on #205Live on… https://t.co/93u71lCBMN
15 Nov, 03:09 AM UTC
Quite the homecoming for @CedricAlexander as he picks up the victory for his team in a #TornadoTagTeam Match!… https://t.co/SxQTjXjfdG
15 Nov, 03:21 AM UTC
You think the Bayley: This Is Your Life segment was bad? Tonight on #205Live. Kalisto is having a birthday party.
14 Nov, 11:13 PM UTC
That's one way to make some noise... #205Live @DrewGulak @KalistoWWE
15 Nov, 03:48 AM UTC
This match was absolutely tremendous. #205Live
15 Nov, 03:21 AM UTC
TDE Wrestling
Sure, #SDLive had another #UnderSiege, but #205Live had a teleporting birthday cake.
15 Nov, 03:55 AM UTC
WrestleMania #SDLive
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to KalistoWWE! What a way to close out #205Live!
15 Nov, 03:57 AM UTC
Ken Patter-a ☠️
Knew that cake was getting fucked up. Typical #WWE 😂 #205Live
15 Nov, 04:03 AM UTC
Old Kung-Fu Kenny
Cedric’s Carolina blue gear tonight on #205Live = 🔥🔥🔥🔥
15 Nov, 05:08 AM UTC
Hugh H
Could #205Live be any more predictable tonight? All 3 heels lost, I didn't even need to watch the matches to know the results
15 Nov, 04:28 AM UTC
WWE Network News
Full List Of WWE Network Additions (11/14/2017): Game Show Era NXT, 205 Live #WWE #WWENetwork #NXT #205Live https://t.co/u7U5SjQH7r
15 Nov, 05:16 AM UTC
Les résultats de WWE #205Live du 14 novembre 2017. C'est le moment de célébrer l'anniversaire de Kalisto ! https://t.co/hDYdPVP2av
15 Nov, 05:08 AM UTC
The Spirit of Panda-mas
That moment when @DrewGulak is the best part of #205Live ( it's not a bad thing, it's just fact )
15 Nov, 05:06 AM UTC
Mark Golden
@AriyaDaivariWWE vs. @MustafaAliWWE is a fine match to check out on @WWE205Live this week. These two are always a h… https://t.co/mca2HK0ezS
15 Nov, 05:03 AM UTC
*** What Happened After Tuesday Night's #WWE #SmackDown! Live TV Tapings? *** Following Tuesday night's WWE… https://t.co/YPHj2SLFQI
15 Nov, 04:57 AM UTC
Jess Marze (7-3)💙
The only thing missing from tonight was @MegaTJP #205Live #205LiveCharlotte
15 Nov, 04:55 AM UTC
Young Lion Wrestling
TBH I’ve had a couple beers, and have no idea what is happening here. #205Live #what
15 Nov, 04:54 AM UTC
King Show
مشاهدة وتحميل عرض #205Live بتاريخ 14 نوفمبر https://t.co/6KdqpA51C3 #WWE #RAW #RAW25 #SDLive #WWEUK… https://t.co/Y3WmBxYitl
15 Nov, 04:50 AM UTC
God damnit Cedric Alexander’s Spanish fly on #205Live was so sick. Tornado tag matches are so underused
15 Nov, 04:50 AM UTC
Fletcher Malone
@EandCPod thanks to the @WWEDanielBryan pod I can't help but picture @mrbriankendrick doing DEEEEEP lunges on the a… https://t.co/6FhbTaPBp2
15 Nov, 04:49 AM UTC
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