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Detroit Free Press
Happy #313Day, Detroit! You look beautiful, as always. Detroit Free Press's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 11:20 AM UTC
Detroit Lions
It's all about Detroit! #313Day Detroit Lions's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 03:19 PM UTC
Detroit Tigers
Happy #313Day, Detroit! Detroit Tigers's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 04:45 PM UTC
Ford Field
Put your hands up for Detroit. 🙌 We 💙 this city! Happy #313Day! Ford Field's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 02:45 PM UTC
Alexandria Goolsby
Happy #313Day to my city! #DetroitVsEverybody #WhatUpDoe Alexandria Goolsby's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 11:55 AM UTC
Detroit is really greatest city in the world #313Day
13 Mar, 12:38 PM UTC
Detroit Red Wings
Happy #313Day, Hockeytown! #LGRW Detroit Red Wings's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 07:03 PM UTC
Philip Lewis
Happy #313Day! Philip Lewis's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 04:09 PM UTC
Happy #313Day! Here’s a 313-song playlist we created of Detroit artists: Motown, hip-hop, rock, gospel, classical, hustle/ballroom, techno, quiet storm and blues: https://t.co/c8UNbBQqAb https://t.co/9ROI4UWwzr
13 Mar, 01:39 PM UTC
WXYZ Detroit
Happy #313Day, Detroit! WXYZ Detroit's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 02:23 PM UTC
In honor of #313Day here are my favorite Detroit pics in my portfolio 🌃 https://t.co/JFaVAqA2Dn
13 Mar, 11:04 AM UTC
Detroit Pistons
#DetroitProud #313Day Detroit Pistons's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 07:16 PM UTC
Kenny Knox 🌍
Happy #313Day I love my city 🌃!!! Detroit vs Everybody
13 Mar, 03:43 PM UTC
Whitney Houston Son
Happy #313Day to my hometown Detroit! Whitney Houston Son's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 03:52 PM UTC
Mr. Nobody
Detroit vs everybody #313Day Mr. Nobody's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 02:50 PM UTC
Happy #313Day, Detroit. We’re all proud to wear your name on our jerseys and represent the best city we know! #OurCity #OurHome Hooper's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 07:27 PM UTC
Michigan Problems
Happy #313Day Detroit. Michigan Problems's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 09:10 PM UTC
janae madison💖
Happy #313Day! Detroit the greatest city in the world💕 janae madison💖's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 02:31 PM UTC
Freep Marathon
Happy 313 Day, Detroit! #313day #runDetroit #Detroit Freep Marathon's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 01:43 PM UTC
City of Detroit
Happy #313Day! Check out this artwork of the Spirit of Detroit by artist @matthewharubin. City of Detroit's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 04:01 PM UTC
Lions Cheerleaders
Happy #313Day! Lions Cheerleaders's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 05:03 PM UTC
WXYZ Detroit
Thanks @aaronkfoley for this ultimate Detroit-inspired #Spotify playlist for #313Day. https://t.co/1Plp1eb0Gu WXYZ Detroit's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 03:15 PM UTC
Detroit Symphony
Happy #313Day! We love our city and couldn't be prouder to represent it — whether that's playing with legendary Detroiters, inspiring Detroit schoolchildren, performing throughout the community, or carrying the message of a resurgent Detroit to the world via #DSOLive webcasts https://t.co/tzGSMHMIc1
13 Mar, 06:25 PM UTC
FOX 2 Detroit
Happy #313day! Old Tiger Stadium (1999), Joe Louis (1948), Detroit city hall (1935), and Ford Motor Company on Mack Avenue (1903). All photos: Getty https://t.co/KJsrAXIdJo
13 Mar, 09:02 PM UTC
Glenda Lewis
Nothing but LOVE for The D😊❤️ Happy #313day @tvnewzguy @rexroth7wxyz @wxyzdetroit @tv20detroit #5pm Glenda Lewis's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 09:07 PM UTC
WDET 101.9FM
"You know you're from #Detroit when...you believe drinking #Vernors can cure any illness." For #313Day, give us your best "You know you're from Detroit when ________." Credit to @4thshiftdetroit for today's #SceneFromDetroit WDET 101.9FM's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 07:05 PM UTC
Cobo Center
Like we really needed another reason to celebrate our great city. We’re here for it either way. We love ya, Detroit! Happy #313Day! 🖤 #centeredaroundyou Cobo Center's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 08:53 PM UTC
i woke up on that bullshit #313Day jay²'s photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 09:08 PM UTC
Macomb Ballet
Happy #313Day #Detroit! #detroitartists #detroitdancers #detroitart #artsandculture #ballet Photo: @BTWPhotographie Macomb Ballet's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 04:56 PM UTC
Earl Cureton
Happy #313Day to all my fellow Detroiters #DetroitProud #DetroitBorn #DetroitVsEverybody Earl Cureton's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 05:12 PM UTC
Friendly Black Hottie
Speaking of Vernors, shout goes out to James Vernor. The Detroit pharmacist who created the ginger ale that basically fixes everything 😂 #313day
13 Mar, 03:11 PM UTC
Celebrate with us! Follow us! 313❤️313❤️313❤️313 Detroit ❤️ Love #313Detroit #313Day 313DAY's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 09:00 PM UTC
Buddy's Pizza
There's a taste of the Motor City in every #DetroitStyle pizza we make. How are YOU celebrating #313Day today? The @metrotimes thinks you should come by and grab a slice: https://t.co/EfmrbWu5zN Buddy's Pizza's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 08:15 PM UTC
Dat Gemini 6/20
@BushmanOnAir and @DjDonQ killing it for 313 Day #313day
13 Mar, 09:14 PM UTC
My OG @DjDonQ going CRAZY on @FM98WJLB right now!! Chedda Boy Malik 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #313Day
13 Mar, 09:22 PM UTC
Derek Devine
This video is still the greatest. Happy #313Day, folks. #DetroitVsEverybody Derek Devine's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 09:13 PM UTC
#313Day there better be a #412Day #Pittsburgh #TheBurgh
13 Mar, 09:26 PM UTC
Black Skip Bayless
#313day Black Skip Bayless's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 09:21 PM UTC
Happy #313Day 😎 to my Detroit Family. Just heard big sis @KashDoll on the Radio 😏💽 #BratMail dropping tomorrow 3/14 KDay 🤩 I will be tweeting on this account flooding since I’m locked out of @KashBrvtz 😭
13 Mar, 09:24 PM UTC
Kyle The Kid
@xdannyxbrownx - Monopoly One of Detroit's best #313Day #rap Kyle The Kid's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 09:13 PM UTC
Zillow: $1600/month Condo in New Center Me and most Detroiters: $1600 TO LIVE IN THE NORTHEND?! #313Day
13 Mar, 09:23 PM UTC
Smashin' with Dale
I should play one by my lady's father as it is #313Day https://t.co/6dIJElJ5eh
13 Mar, 09:22 PM UTC
https://t.co/fHJD7eKe2v @T_Y_Official reppin #Detroit at #sxsw on #313Day DetroitSportsMafia's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 09:31 PM UTC
Celebrating #313Day #Detroit Day with all our Motor City favorites for our #MadeinDetroit Family Night @ShelbyCrossing tonight at 6pm. Detroit Made Basket to be raffled off at Happy Hour this Friday @ 3p. @wwhitehead60 @WardMmward2000 #TheTrilogyDifference #TrilogyLiving #10 Shelby-Culinary-Team's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 09:31 PM UTC
It’s #313Day @QueenNaijaaa let #Detroit know wassup
13 Mar, 09:31 PM UTC
Donna Sacs
Official #Detroit Tigers #Starter Jacket Spring 2018 Collection #MLB #Tigers #DetroitTigers #Look4TheStar In-stores and online @ https://t.co/KSewkAynXM Happy #313day serving metro Detroit Shopper Since 1976 https://t.co/1UVHpAQQ4K
13 Mar, 09:30 PM UTC
Kylier Love
#313Day I love my city!
13 Mar, 09:28 PM UTC
The Conglomerate Kidd
#313Day #Detroit 💪🏾🙌🏾
13 Mar, 09:28 PM UTC
Dr. Eddie Connor
Excited to celebrate my birthday and best selling book, in a BIG way! Join me on April 6th at PV...entry is free, but you must RSVP to: info@EddieConnor.com #313Day #Detroit Dr. Eddie Connor's photo on #313Day
13 Mar, 09:27 PM UTC
MI House Democrats
Happy #313Day! In addition to all our hardworking current House members representing Detroit, we have many excited candidates running to represent our great city next year. Sign up for our updates to learn more about them here: https://t.co/inqy226mDU
13 Mar, 09:27 PM UTC
Renegade Radio
#313Day 2018: The Ultimate Detroit Playlist, a playlist by cityofdetroit on Spotify https://t.co/OAJ9bpyJMJ
13 Mar, 09:27 PM UTC
Emily Ridener
For #313Day, one of the great ways to start an album. #detroit #detroitmusic #mc5 #ramblinrose #itstimetotestify #atestimonial #youmustchoosebrothers #detroitpride #tunestuesday https://t.co/V4WpXlQUHq
13 Mar, 09:26 PM UTC
baylee ella-rae/#teamtrixie
Happy #313Day
13 Mar, 09:24 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from United States.

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