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Cory Booker
I’m sickened by the news coming out of New Zealand—the horrific terrorist attack targeting Muslims at prayer that killed at least 49 people. The rising tide of white supremacy and Islamophobia around the globe must be met with our determination to work against hate.
15 Mar, 12:11 PM UTC
Brian Krassenstein
A White nationalist Trump supporter goes into a Christchurch, New Zealand Mosque & slaughters 49 Muslims. Donald Trump: "horrible massacre" If a Muslim went into a Church and slaughtered 49 Christians, is there any doubt that Trump would call it "terrorism"? #NewZealandShooting
15 Mar, 01:01 PM UTC
Paul Joseph Watson
The terrorist gunman who killed 49 Muslims at a mosque in New Zealand said in his own manifesto that he wanted “no part of” conservatism, describing himself as an “eco-fascist” and expressing admiration for Communist China. https://t.co/vFzjt8pruZ
15 Mar, 03:13 PM UTC
Daniel Dale
During the South Carolina primary in 2016, Trump enthusiastically told a (fictional) story about the mass murder of 49 Muslims. https://t.co/9xssH0MZVI
15 Mar, 12:44 PM UTC
Ashok Swain
Even if a puppy dies abroad Modi immediately tweets a condolence message. 49 people have been butchered in New Zealand, but Modi's Twitter is still silent. Oh, they are Muslims.
15 Mar, 01:07 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump Say the words, goddammit: "I, Donald J trump, unequivocally and fully, denounce the Radical White Terrorist who murdered 49 Muslims in New Zealand. I vigorously denounce ALL Radical White Terror, especially when inspired by me." Go ahead. Copy and paste it.😤
15 Mar, 01:06 PM UTC
Sara A. Carter
When a murdering white supremacist psychopath takes the lives of 49 innocent Muslims in prayer we shouldn’t be scouring through his manifesto to find fault. He said he was sowing seeds of disruption — he put names in the manifesto to do just that...we need to stand together,
15 Mar, 05:36 PM UTC
شاہ زیب خان
Pic 1: A white supremacist who killed 49 Muslims, live streamed it on Facebook, still not recognized as a "terrorist". Pic 2: 14 year old Ahmed Mohammed, was called a terrorist and was arrested for making a clock. #christchurch https://t.co/w8eALUoSsA
15 Mar, 11:11 AM UTC
Malcolm Nance
Mass murder of 49 Muslims in #ChristChurch and the President tweets this below. https://t.co/b1CHXmTh3W
15 Mar, 12:32 PM UTC
Qasim Rashid, Esq.
Never fails. A white supremacist mass murders 49 Muslims, puts 48 more in the hospital, mentally devastates millions, & @DailyMailUK sympathizes the struggles of a “blond little boy whose father died of cancer.”😳 Anything to humanize a Nazi😑 #NewZealandMosqueAttack Qasim Rashid, Esq.'s photo on 49 Muslims
15 Mar, 05:00 PM UTC
This Terrorist Killed 49 Muslims for no reason...But World's Media is Calling him Shooter not Terrorist just Because He is not a Muslim!!! Muslims are the only ones to be blamed and called terrorists, but others are mentally ill !!!!!!! #NewZealand #حادث_نيوزيلندا_الإرهابي M.SALEH's photo on 49 Muslims
15 Mar, 08:43 AM UTC
Stacey Abrams
This morning, the world learned that 49 Muslims were slaughtered and dozens more injured in a terrorist attack during Jumu’ah prayer. My heart grieves for the Muslim community. All of us must stand together to be the shield that protects our Muslim friends and family. 1/3
15 Mar, 05:25 PM UTC
Salman Nizami
This man killed 49 Muslims in New Zealand; Media is calling him Shooter/Extremist but not TERRORIST. Why because he is NOT a MUSLIM! https://t.co/nQudEiywZG
15 Mar, 01:50 PM UTC
Khaled Beydoun
The Christchurch terrorist: - Was inspired by Donald Trump - Wrote an 87 page manifesto pushing a "Crusade" against Islam - Wanted to start a Civil War - Had bombs in his car - Killed 49 Muslims ***If this isn't terrorism, I don't know what is***
15 Mar, 03:41 PM UTC
49 people have been murdered because they are Muslim. Make no mistake, this is far right terrorism, enabled and emboldened by the spread of Islamophobia. Our thoughts and solidarity go out to the victims, their families and Muslims around the world. #Christchurch
15 Mar, 09:15 AM UTC
John Cardillo
The left: Muslim terrorists murder thousands yearly worldwide: “It’s not all Muslims!!” One lunatic kills 49 people and mentions Trump’s name in some rant - “Trump and all of his supporters are Nazis responsible for the Christchurch massacre!!”
15 Mar, 03:38 PM UTC
Al Jazeera English
@elmasry_mohamad "I don't know if i'm going to be feeling safe walking by myself wearing my headscarf." - Christchurch resident Muslims in #Christchurch are in fear following deadly mass shootings that killed at least 49 people at two mosques. #NewZealandShooting Al Jazeera English's photo on 49 Muslims
15 Mar, 01:32 PM UTC
Talal Ansari
Last year @HannahAllam and I analyzed and found that Republican officials in 49 states have openly attacked Muslims with words and proposed legislation since 2015, and few have faced repercussions. https://t.co/BigRQE095x
15 Mar, 04:44 AM UTC
Abdulaziz Bin menawer"
This Terrorist Killed 49 Muslims for no reason...But World's Media is Calling him Shooter not Terrorist just Because He is not a Muslim!!! Muslims are the only ones to be blamed and called terrorists, but others are mentally ill !!!!!!! #NewZealand #حادث_نيوزيلندا_الإرهابي Abdulaziz Bin menawer
15 Mar, 08:55 AM UTC
Javad Zarif
Impunity in Western "democracies" to promote bigotry leads to this: -Israeli thugs enter mosque in Palestine to insult Muslims; -Terrorists in NZ livestream their murder of 49 Muslims. Western hypocrisy of defending demonization of Muslims as "freedom of expression" MUST end https://t.co/WcxvtxpDxH
15 Mar, 10:51 AM UTC
Armeena Khan
No guys, 49 people didn’t “die” they were slaughtered in cold blood by a terrorist. Terrorism isn’t just reserved for Muslims. You need to fix the wording and don’t downplay this pls. https://t.co/U80jUFG4PE
15 Mar, 08:48 AM UTC
Miqdaad Versi
Front page top story of the Mail Online after a massacre of 49 Muslims at two mosques. Miqdaad Versi's photo on 49 Muslims
15 Mar, 02:53 PM UTC
Judd Legum
The (fictional) pig's blood story was actually a story of the massacre of 49 Muslims https://t.co/jDdcDFoVpT
15 Mar, 01:39 PM UTC
Palmer Report
Donald Trump's day so far: - Embarrassing response to the murder of 49 Muslims in New Zealand - Tries to make it all about himself - This guy is such an asshole - Rick Gates and Robert Mueller have something big coming - Trump is going to prison - It's still only 2pm
15 Mar, 06:24 PM UTC
The Daily Mail literally leapt and twirled through hoops to humanise the terrorist who killed 49 Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand. Take note: this is a precise example of what normalisation of Islamophobic terrorism looks like Farhaan🌹's photo on 49 Muslims
15 Mar, 04:22 PM UTC
رضوان ادریس🇵🇰
1:A white supremacist who killed 49 muslims, international media called him shooter n mentally ill 14 year old Ahmed Mohammed,who was arrested last year for bringing a homemade alarm clock to school & was called a terrorist The double standards of our world #NewZealandShooting https://t.co/pF5UaM0vwV
15 Mar, 04:19 PM UTC
Michelle Guido
So the TERRORIST who murdered 49 innocent Muslims praying in New Zealand was a right Wing trump supporter. Are we going to label all trump supporters terrorists now? Or is that only something we do to Muslims, leading & causing hate crimes like this one!
15 Mar, 04:03 PM UTC

49 muslims were murdered today it’s fucking insane we live in this reality and people still won’t see it for what it is: terrorism. and guess what? muslims were the VICTIMS. not the fucking perpetrators. they were PRAYING. this is sickening
15 Mar, 05:18 PM UTC
He killed 49 Muslims but the media is calling him a “shooter” and not a terrorist,white people are praising him but if a black man or a Muslim kills one white man,a whole race and religion will take the blame ! #Christchurch
15 Mar, 01:39 PM UTC
This terrorist terrorist killed 49 Muslims, but the media world calls him "the shooter" not the terrorist, yes, because he is not "Muslim"! A Muslim is the only one who is punished and called "a terrorist" but others call them mentally unstable. Why?. #NewZealandTerroristAttack https://t.co/smY7f7qKxH
15 Mar, 06:25 PM UTC
🖕🏻Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit 🖕🏻
After 49 Muslims are Murdered, Trump Tweets Link to Anti-Muslim Website https://t.co/yzTAEGB54T via @politicususa
15 Mar, 01:27 PM UTC
Beginning in 2016, Trump has repeatedly told this Islamophobic and very fake story about 49 Muslims being killed NowThis's photo on 49 Muslims
15 Mar, 07:13 PM UTC
Nat-vers ⎊
i’m so fucking angry rn. humanising him. giving us unnecessary details about his life. he killed 49 people. MURDERED FORTY NINE MUSLIMS IN OUR HOUSE OF FUCKING WORSHIP. THEY WERE PRAYING. THEY HAD FAMILIES TOO. THEY HAD JOBS TOO. FUCK YOU AND FUCK HIM THAT MONSTER Nat-vers ⎊'s photo on 49 Muslims
15 Mar, 03:24 PM UTC
49 innocent Muslims. Acknowledge who was targeted. Respect the lives that were lost by stating the facts. This was a terrorist attack against Muslims by a White terrorist inspired by hate speech that you have contributed to. Enough. https://t.co/9tDHP3o2aO
15 Mar, 02:35 PM UTC
My Fellow Indians
49 Muslims killed in #Chirstchurch by a WHITE Terrorist in #NewZealandShooting Not 1 tweet from @narendramodi OR @PMOIndia handles till now. If a Muslim had killed 49 people, Modi would not have stopped CRYING on TV for votes RT if you are ASHAMED of @narendramodi as your PM My Fellow Indians's photo on 49 Muslims
15 Mar, 01:23 PM UTC
For 12 victims all Europe walked together. Let’s See who will walk for 49 Muslims... https://t.co/WC1GByoblX
15 Mar, 05:04 PM UTC
Kashif Khan
This terrorist terrorist killed 49 Muslims, but the media world calls him "the shooter" not the terrorist, yes, because he is not "Muslim"! A Muslim is the only one who is punished and called "a terrorist" but others call them mentally unstable. Why?. #NewZealandTerroristAttack https://t.co/gdGvTbM707
15 Mar, 07:10 PM UTC
🚄Chairman of the Universe Xi Jinping🚄
The virgin far-right killing 49 muslims vs the chad liberal establishment killing 600000 Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq
15 Mar, 03:55 PM UTC
Séamus Malekafzali
A mosque in Idlib performs funeral prayers for the slain 49 Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand. Séamus Malekafzali's photo on 49 Muslims
15 Mar, 01:00 PM UTC
⫷ † SavedGrace† ⫸
Dear #Muslims not all white men are Christian ... please know as Christians this is not what Jesus commanded, this man who murdered 49 people was not led by the spirit of God. He commanded us to love you, and we do. We are crying and praying with you. #ChristchurchMosqueShooting
15 Mar, 04:32 PM UTC
Mohammad Kamran
This white Australian terrorist killed 49 Muslims at a mosque today in #New_Zealand and the media is calling him a "shooter” not a terrorist because he is not a Muslim, sadly world calls us terrorist, terrorism has no religion, no color, and no country. #Christchurch Mohammad Kamran's photo on 49 Muslims
15 Mar, 02:39 PM UTC
homam homs
This terrorist has killed 49 Muslims in cold blood, wounding more than 20 others. No one will describe him as a terrorist, and no one will speak about his religion, just because he is (non-Muslim) His action is the exact meaning of terrorism #NewZealandTerroristAttack homam homs's photo on 49 Muslims
15 Mar, 10:22 AM UTC
Islam And Life
May Allah grant the 49 killed in the tragic #NewZealandShooting Paradise & grant their family peace! This evil act of terrorism bears no relation to the beauty of #Islam. Violence towards Muslims is NOT the result of #Muslim immigration but hatred & ignorance! #ChristChurch Islam And Life's photo on 49 Muslims
15 Mar, 04:42 PM UTC
Dawn Foster
Horrific, incomprehensible racist attack on the day 49 Muslims are killed in NZ: three men yell abuse and call worshippers “terrorists” outside an East London mosque and attack worshipper with a hammer https://t.co/Tq09MeWzcR Dawn Foster's photo on 49 Muslims
15 Mar, 07:10 PM UTC
Reuf Bajrovic
Far-right Christian terrorist kills 49 Muslims in N.Zealand because he was inspired by anti-Muslim genocidal maniac, Radovan Karadžić. What does genocide-denier Malagurski do? He tries to ignore facts, attacks @JasminMuj & promotes violent extremism as "proud history". Sickening. https://t.co/yOpbhnfyGm
15 Mar, 05:26 PM UTC
Sally Deal
@realDonaldTrump Beginning in 2016, you have repeatedly told this Islamophobic and very fake story about 49 Muslims being killed. #HateSpeech Sally Deal's photo on 49 Muslims
15 Mar, 07:22 PM UTC
Kaz Weida
@RobBishopUT maybe today is not the best day to run your mouth off about genocide and ethnic cleansing. Might seem insensitive to the 49 Muslims who actually lost their lives in Christchurch.
15 Mar, 06:04 PM UTC
Middle East Eye
Australian Senator Fraser Anning caused outrage for his "disgusting" comments blaming 'Muslim immigration' for the New Zealand mosque massacre which killed at least 49 Muslims Middle East Eye's photo on 49 Muslims
15 Mar, 07:05 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump This attack left 49 MUSLIMS dead and scores of Muslims injured but Trump won't use the word Muslims or Islam. The only time he uses the word Muslim is when he is calling for a ban or demonizing us!
15 Mar, 07:43 PM UTC
Wasim Qureshi .. وسیم قریشی
This is how a real Terrorist Looks Like. Australian Psycho Killed 49 Muslims in Mosque on Friday prayers #NewZealandTerroristAttack #NewZealandMosqueAttack Wasim Qureshi .. وسیم قریشی's photo on 49 Muslims
15 Mar, 07:19 PM UTC
Augustine Varkey
Even when a Dog dies ( I mean DOG ) abroad our PM will be on twitter in 5 minutes with a Condolence message ! But for our #Phulwama Soldiers and those 49 Muslims who were shot dead , our PM is Silent ?? @sanjayuvacha
15 Mar, 04:27 PM UTC
49 Muslims were killed in a Mosque in New Zealand. STAY INFORMED. This hatred needs to end.
15 Mar, 06:31 PM UTC
Geraint Thatcher
@SandaBlue @realDonaldTrump Even Trumps fave arse kisser is saying Trumps rhetoric has consequences. https://t.co/M8zYUg9C27
15 Mar, 07:46 PM UTC
Bita Sohi
I’m too sad by this news to think about the media and their crap. But I will say this. Indeed this was a terrorist attack. And l TRULY hope, that 49 Muslims losing their lives because of a white man makes people realize, that ANYONE can be a terrorist! #NewZealandTerroristAttack
15 Mar, 07:46 PM UTC
Jeff Lewis
In New Zealand, white man goes on shooting spree killing 49 Muslims to save the white race from immigrant invaders. Trump now holding press conference to use emergency powers to stop brown people from invading America.
15 Mar, 07:45 PM UTC

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