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Akash Anavarathan
#49ers’ George Kittle last night: “Revenge tour, baby. I was just sitting with Kwon [Alexander] and we were saying: 'The Legendary Revenge Tour of 2020.' It's coming. And I can't f------ wait.” Think these guys won’t be motivated in 2020?
03 Feb, 07:46 PM UTC
Matt Barr
After having a night to sleep on it, I can’t in any way consider this season a failure for the #49ers. A Super Bowl appearance is way more than I expected from the start. They’ll be back. This is a solid squad.
03 Feb, 03:57 PM UTC
Rob Lowder
At the point of Mahomes' 4th quarter interception, the #49ers had ran the ball 15 times for 117 yards - 7.8 yards per carry. They only ran it four more times for the rest of the game, and even then, Raheem Mostert averaged 7.3 per rush. Shanahan abandoned the run up 20-10. Why?
03 Feb, 06:07 PM UTC
PFF SF 49ers
Joe Staley allowed zero pressures on 65 pass blocking snaps during the 2020 playoffs. #49ers @PFF_49ers's photo on #49ers
03 Feb, 05:42 PM UTC
How impressive were the rookies Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel last night. Tough loss but those two dudes were the best players on their respective sides of the ball for the #49ers
03 Feb, 10:32 PM UTC
Rob Lowder
Say a prayer for Jimmy Garoppolo as he endures what will be some absolutely brutal film sessions from the Super Bowl. #49ers https://t.co/iOQzkd9XQS
03 Feb, 08:26 PM UTC
My favorite part of the #NFL100 Super Bowl commercial. @JoeMontana @JimmyG_10 #49ers #SteveYoung #GoNiners https://t.co/JiywUZnWRe
03 Feb, 09:24 PM UTC
Tina ❤️Niners
Little man & I decided to go out for a lunch date to feel better! We proudly repped with big smiles because we have @gkittle46 & @mmcglinch68 on our squad!! #FaithfulThenFaithfulNow #49ers #ninersallday https://t.co/BMMzf5NIFq
03 Feb, 10:34 PM UTC
Diana Prexious
Yo aquí les dejo la foto de #KatieSowers. Los #49ers no habrán ganado el Superbowl, pero sí todo mi respeto por hacer historia con ella. https://t.co/Yx5zqyO2rR
03 Feb, 02:48 PM UTC
Javier Vega
Going forward Deebo WR1 Kittle TE1 Get a deep threat, the shot are there to be had. #49ers
03 Feb, 05:10 PM UTC
49ers Webzone
#49ers' @gkittle46, @DeForestBuckner eager to start 'Legendary Revenge Tour of 2020' (via @MikeSilver) https://t.co/lnX41x63uJ
03 Feb, 10:51 PM UTC
Niners Nation
Here are your #49ers related links for Tuesday https://t.co/0CWIzR6tzb
04 Feb, 10:00 AM UTC
49ers Webzone
ICYMI: .@MikeSilver believes the Kyle Shanahan redemption story will be written sooner rather than later #49ers https://t.co/CucCEzh89N
04 Feb, 10:30 AM UTC
Lenny Dykstra
Kind of random, but wondering: will #JimmyGaroppolo end his career with the #Chiefs? Didn’t #49ers QBs Montana, DeBerg, Bono, Grbac and Alex Smith ALL go that route? NOT that it looks like #KCChiefs are going to need a starting QB any time soon!!!
04 Feb, 11:18 AM UTC
Nate Tice
It's not *exactly* how you would coach it up, but check out Deebo Samuel going full And-1 mixtape here and winning on his Slant on this #49ers RPO. Definitely one way to win versus press. https://t.co/QYuOgaakow
04 Feb, 03:15 AM UTC
Al Sacco
I agree. I mentioned last night on the No Huddle podcast that Deebo Samuel is probably going to be the best #49ers WR draft pick since Terrell Owens. Only other real competition is Crabtree and Deebo’s off to a better start. https://t.co/cTjny3AhVI
04 Feb, 12:21 PM UTC
49ers Webzone
ICYMI: .@ColinCowherd of @TheHerd defends Kyle Shanahan after #49ers blow Super Bowl lead https://t.co/M6d8r2531w
04 Feb, 11:30 AM UTC
The Ken Carman Show w/ Anthony Lima
Would you rather your team go to the Super Bowl and lose like the #49ers did or not make it to the #SuperBowl at all?
04 Feb, 12:05 PM UTC
Bob Cooke
When your team is about to blow a 10-point lead, you celebrate! #49ers #Cavs #BeTheFight @Reflog_18 https://t.co/GIdqSandeB
04 Feb, 05:14 AM UTC
Rick J
@MSNBC #49ers just announced they won the Superbowl! 🤪🤪
04 Feb, 11:35 AM UTC
Now, that's a real art. #pepsihalftime #pepsihalftimeshow #pepsi #49ers #chiefs #NFL #superbowlliv #chiefvs49ers #superbowl #vouch4ouch #Shakira #superbowl #jlo #memes #funny #dankmemes #memesdaily #memestagram #cartoonmemes #artvsartist #superbowl2020 #spongebobmemes https://t.co/cRMtqJ602B
04 Feb, 10:29 AM UTC
Matt Barr
The first mock draft I’ve seen where the mocker had the #49ers actually trade out which I believe is the move. Hold onto your butts, y’all. It’s #DraftSZN https://t.co/h11OhLUPEh
04 Feb, 12:35 PM UTC
While celebrating #SuperBowlLIV pls all #KansasCityChiefs #49ers fans & @AsstSecStateAF @SpeakerPelosi @JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump kindly tell #UN to #StopGenocideInSouthernCameroons by sending in #UN peacekeepers. For more visit 👇🏽 https://t.co/agqE3Jq1jF https://t.co/LfjbM7Yf5B
04 Feb, 12:23 PM UTC
Carolina Villarreal
@Zigzaging2 Hahaha 🔥🔥🔥 ... 😭😭 #49ers .. 😁
04 Feb, 12:25 PM UTC
49ers Webzone
Super Bowl LIV was most-watched Super Bowl ever in Canada #49ers [@ProFootballTalk] https://t.co/H0QLrKp0NJ
04 Feb, 11:40 AM UTC
Bob Plaschke
#5G kept both the #49ers and #Chiefs fans safe at the #SuperBowl. It allows a dramatic expansion of capabilities in terms of coordination among #lawenforcement along with significant enhancement of #technology around #facialrecognition: https://t.co/qbZjO9FNYN. #SuperBowl2020 https://t.co/Ve9FoBt2Cd
04 Feb, 12:44 PM UTC
Carl Jones II
The 100th season of the NFL and I’ve had the opportunity to work the NFL Draft and #SBLIV! Two badass opportunities! 🏈 #NFLDraft #SuperBowl #49ers https://t.co/pS7Fbo1aOA
04 Feb, 12:43 PM UTC
Matt Barr
Did you miss me on @957thegame last night? You can listen to me try to be positive about the #49ers here! https://t.co/ncyqSaPHI8
04 Feb, 12:38 PM UTC
.@Ticketmaster has reported that #SuperBowlLIV has broken the record for the highest price for any single live event in the history of the company, with tickets costing $8,507 on average: https://t.co/7PwKGp77iy #ticketing #NFL #ChiefsKingdom #49ers
04 Feb, 12:34 PM UTC
Lars Riedenklau
@delie97 @NFLdeutsch @SirSaGGi Die Auswirkungen waren andere - aber auch da hatten die #49ers zum größten Teil selber Schuld. Trifft Garoppolo Sanders mit dem langen Ball, haben wir ein anderes Spiel. Wird Fishers offensichtliches Holding gegen Bosa gegeben, ebenfalls. Einzelne Plays sind kein Indikator.
04 Feb, 12:12 PM UTC