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Mark - 60 Days In Season 5
Great experience. Thank y’all for being fans and make sure to follow me. #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 01:26 AM UTC
A&E Network
It is the moment we have all been waiting for. The #60DaysIn reunion with @danabrams is on now! A&E Network's photo on #60daysin
15 Mar, 01:00 AM UTC
#60daysin Tonight TheRealAbner60DaysIn's photo on #60daysin
14 Mar, 10:28 PM UTC
A&E Network
.@sherifflamb1 and his team think Abner was an exceptional participant. Do you think he really helped the jail see the changes needed to be made? #60DaysIn A&E Network's photo on #60daysin
15 Mar, 01:23 AM UTC
Shaune Mienstra
Steve was on this reunion show , longer than he was in the pod ! #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 01:55 AM UTC
A&E Network
TONIGHT at 9PM is the reunion we have all been waiting for! @danabrams hosts the participants in an explosive #60DaysIn reunion. A&E Network's photo on #60daysin
14 Mar, 05:30 PM UTC
A&E Network
If you were a participant on #60DaysIn would you go to jail intoxicated like Steve? A&E Network's photo on #60daysin
15 Mar, 02:13 AM UTC
Sheriff: “2 Rules: Don’t blow your cover and don’t endanger others”. David: “Blow covers and endanger others...got it!!!” #60DaysIn Nicko's photo on #60daysin
15 Mar, 01:07 AM UTC
Davids a fucking liar. #60daysin
15 Mar, 02:49 AM UTC
Frank Figgeroa
@RealAbner60 was the best cast member of any season! I said it before and the sheriffs themselves confirmed it today.😁 It was jail, and he handled himself accordingly. #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 05:08 AM UTC
The girls basically been sitting like this during the whole reunion #60daysin STLBLUES/CARDS's photo on #60daysin
15 Mar, 03:01 AM UTC
samantha amith
David congrats you fucking suck #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 06:03 AM UTC
Every 60 Days In reunion should always be two hours! #60DaysIn But there needed to be more attention paid to why that woman in the pod got away with steeling everything and had no Repercussion
15 Mar, 07:41 AM UTC
Yah we all remember this bitch ugh 🙄 another snitch I wonder is she still alive 😡🙄😡🔫#60DaysIn just saying the snitch club👈👏👏✌️👊 krissykrissyk's photo on #60daysin
15 Mar, 07:19 AM UTC
David & Steve r bitch azz 😡👋🏻ugh people u know the drill if u c them on the streets 😡🔫👊#60DaysIn loserss✌️ https://t.co/sfBDyKa4RJ
15 Mar, 06:33 AM UTC
Ræ Tholomew Plague
Nate remains the king of #60daysin 😜
15 Mar, 05:52 AM UTC
Khi Latrine
I guess I’m the only one who feels that David did a great job. I mean he’s one of the first participants who basically took over the entire pod #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 05:40 AM UTC
I think it's funny that Steve left, haha. He couldn't even handle the rest of the reunion show? #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 05:41 AM UTC
Renee Biernbaum
I wish they showed/talked about more jail changes at the end. #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 03:12 AM UTC
Gawd another fking idiot oh lord someone should kick his azz 🙄😡🔫#60DaysIn yah he is fake 🙄✌️stoner face 👊let’s go yah kick his azzz🤪👏👏👈👊😡 krissykrissyk's photo on #60daysin
15 Mar, 06:20 AM UTC
Pamela Nielsen
GTFO Steve and your "apologies". I pegged you as a grandstander from the beginning and it didn't take long for you to prove me right. And you did NOTHING to change my mind tonight you fucking twatwaffle. #60DaysIn Pamela Nielsen's photo on #60daysin
15 Mar, 06:27 AM UTC
Everyone see this clown snitch iam gonna beat hit snitching azzz down 😡🔫#60DaysIn ruin for the whole show ahgain idiot 😡🤪👏👈👇 krissykrissyk's photo on #60daysin
15 Mar, 06:04 AM UTC
Ryan Ranger
I just caught the end. No real reform to the system. Just “we make them cough more than once” and “we have a room we make people poop in”. Addiction is a disease. The fact it’s still treated as a criminal issue is fucking insane #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 07:13 AM UTC
samantha amith
Steve should have done his undercover in the psych ward #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 07:48 AM UTC
A Ole Grandma
#60DaysIn Must say I think every1 did a good job. With the exception of STEVE. What a idiot lying big baby. An ole Grandma understands the rules but him threatening the entire investigation cause hes a big whining baby. #vomit Love love Abner & Mark. I was initially worried...
15 Mar, 07:26 AM UTC
Chief Thomas needs to beat Steves ass! #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 05:26 AM UTC
Watching the #60DaysIn reunion and that Steve, “lone wolf” dude was talking like he had multiple personalities. Thinking he is on the wrong show. #frfr 🤔 Treece's photo on #60daysin
15 Mar, 05:27 AM UTC
Anahi Ramirez
“Let’s take a look at David’s journey” David: 😰 #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 05:34 AM UTC
After this #60DaysIn reunion, Mark has won me over. #fistbump 👊🏼
15 Mar, 05:41 AM UTC
Is it just me?
David did let things go to his head, but at least he admits he was wrong... Unlike the jackass right before him. #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 05:47 AM UTC
David really has a HUGE ego. He and Steve come off as little guys who get that position of power and become bullies. Like that makes them a big man. Seriously I'd be afraid of David as an out of control cop. #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 07:00 AM UTC
David lying like a mofo. He know damn well he told the DO that he was apart of #60DaysIn. How else would he have known.
15 Mar, 06:26 AM UTC
Sorry but David is not on point. He shut the program down. Loose lips sink ships #60daysin
15 Mar, 06:18 AM UTC
@AETV @danabrams This was my favorite season of #60DaysIn mostly because of @Vivaciousveter1 she's 🔥🔥🔥🔥 af foreal foreal
15 Mar, 06:10 AM UTC
“That joint traveled in someone’s ass crack to my cell” 😂😂😂😂 just watching #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 06:04 AM UTC
Brendan King
What an awesome and intense reunion episode I am going to miss these guys so much #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 06:03 AM UTC
Totally agree with this statement! RT @4x4only_10: The only thing worse about this season compared to others was the problem of race division. Too crazy. Something has to be done. #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 07:59 AM UTC
@therealmark60 Mark I am your super fan. Watching the reunion now. The woman look so beautiful tonight. #60DaysIn #MarkSuperfan
15 Mar, 07:51 AM UTC
The only thing worse about this season compared to others was the problem of race division. Too crazy. Something has to be done. #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 07:49 AM UTC
How did I know Angele would be #1 in the 10 ten count down? #60DaysIn Observer's photo on #60daysin
15 Mar, 07:44 AM UTC
Stacey Rhodes
@therealmark60 @sherifflamb1 Love this I’m just now watching ! I want to throat punch #steve #60DaysIn now we are moving on to David🤦🏼‍♀️
15 Mar, 07:41 AM UTC
Chelsea Martin
Steve found out ONE THING that was already known and thought he was hot shit. Bitch sit the fuck down. The mission was 60 days to find out as much intel as possible not find out one thing and quit. I’m actually heated he is the worst type of person #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 05:26 AM UTC
Is it just me?
Steve is making Robert look like a decent participant. #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 05:27 AM UTC
I like how animated David gets!! #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 05:33 AM UTC
Miss Hugo
So happy Abner is still with us! #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 05:45 AM UTC
@RealAbner60 Great job Abner! I hope that wasn't too hard on you emotionally, because wow that looks like a tough gig! #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 06:48 AM UTC
WTF? Angele messing with a crack head is the number one moment? #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 07:04 AM UTC
Wow #60DaysIn this MF Was high when he came into the prison I’m curious what was he high on I wanna know
15 Mar, 07:03 AM UTC
Damon Williams
#60daysin they did my boy dirty David ain’t no snitch he didn’t say nothing about the program
15 Mar, 06:54 AM UTC
Misty M #Traveler 6478
#60DaysIn Best season ever of this show in #PinalCounty except for that idiot shit David that put EVERYONE else's LIVES IN DANGER, somehow needs to be brought up on some REAL CHARGES AND REALLY GO TO F'N jail and see what happens then..DISGUSTING asshole!! #Abner GREAT JOB MAN!
15 Mar, 06:56 AM UTC
Preta Maynard
David is on ass he talk to much #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 06:53 AM UTC
why is David STILL lying? #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 06:52 AM UTC
Yeah David really messed up. I'm glad he kinda sorta apoligized to Abner. He made some pretty selfish decisions. #60DaysIn https://t.co/Arvgbzl1H7
15 Mar, 06:52 AM UTC
Samantha Jo
#chucklenuts. 😂 Probably the most profound thing Steve said the entire season. 🙈🙌🏼 #60DaysIn @sherifflamb1
15 Mar, 06:44 AM UTC
Aquarius Solrac
David reminds me of a funny voiced character Eddie Murphy would do in his stand up years ago. #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 06:33 AM UTC
Joe Nieves
Great comedic timing with the fist bump on the reunion 🤜 🤛 @therealmark60 #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 06:29 AM UTC
#knicks #mets #🇯🇲
I ain’t volunteering to go to for nothing! I love my freedom to much! 💁🏽‍♂️💁🏽‍♂️60 Days In airing on A&E #60DaysIn https://t.co/31b9HsciNU
15 Mar, 06:20 AM UTC
David has been my favorite, on the whole series. I can relate to him, on so many levels. His strength inspired me. And I'm so sad that it's done.😭😭 I watched that, FAITHFULLY since the very first episode of season 5. @IAmD_Dot #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 08:06 AM UTC
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15 Mar, 08:02 AM UTC
Show was a waste of time really there running a shady jail not kidding #60DaysIn @sherifflamb1 @AETV DO’s all loser snitches 😬never everrrrr going to fix nothing for the last 100 years sorry to old news ✌️ krissykrissyk's photo on #60daysin
15 Mar, 07:31 AM UTC
The cops in AZ seem real shady. It’s unfortunate that crime can be monetized.. #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 07:22 AM UTC
Kathryn Canney
How is David a freakin cop? Major ego trip from some loser who used to get picked on. Get out of here with your lame ass fedora #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 07:21 AM UTC
Pamela Nielsen
What's up with that attempted "redemption" edit for David? He basically just talked out of his ass & played the victim card. @sherifflamb1 nailed it when he said the more power he got, the less things mattered to him. Anybody know if he's still a cop? #60DaysIn Pamela Nielsen's photo on #60daysin
15 Mar, 07:04 AM UTC
Eddie 4 4 4
My cousin is locked up for life. I grew up knowing him as a great and funny big cousin. I don't talk to him anymore and have absolutely zero idea what he is going through but this show gives me a little bit of insight. Angry at him but hope he realizes his mistakes #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 06:55 AM UTC
Wendi Jo 🤓☕️🥄
Straight up, if the DOs suspect that someone is UC the LAST thing they should do is target them for harassment. They should be by the book and professional. The female DOs that targeted the female participants should be out. #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 06:55 AM UTC
Eddie 4 4 4
Was covering the Ducks game so I'm late but want to congratulate @therealmark60 for his accomplishment and being an ambassador for the fans. Vivian and Abner were my favs too. Congratulations to all the participants (except Steve) and thank you. #60DaysIn #ArmyStrong
15 Mar, 06:51 AM UTC
I think David slipped up....some out of not being real hip to prison code, most out of runaway ego...but if Abner is good with so am I... #60daysin
15 Mar, 06:51 AM UTC
America’s New Favorite Aunt
Wait what just happened? How was Abner’s cover blown twice? #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 06:50 AM UTC
America’s New Favorite Aunt
How long is this shit. #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 06:42 AM UTC
Collin getting down because he’s *not* racist and wants to hang out with people outside his race #sexy 😍🤤 #60daysin
15 Mar, 06:32 AM UTC
Lemme gon head and finish up this season! #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 06:26 AM UTC
Movie_Series 2019
#60DaysIn Season 5 Episode 12 "Season 5 Reunion part 2" #60daysInReunion - March 14, 2019 Watch Full Documentary : https://t.co/UnbEhWDRHt
15 Mar, 06:25 AM UTC
Crystall Mechelle Banks
#60daysin season 4.🤔. My dad was like, Try to get to know someone's pain, learn from it, move on from it, don't give them a pity party. Because u will then become who u pity. 🙄 Shi* Crystall Mechelle Banks's photo on #60daysin
15 Mar, 06:07 AM UTC
Anahi Ramirez
Season 6 WYA??? 😆 #60DaysIn
15 Mar, 06:06 AM UTC

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