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Wow, Gladys Liu is still trending after 4 days. It's almost like despite the lack of #60Minutes specials and zero interest from the AFP, ASIO and the government, people still want to know why a likely asset to Chinese intelligence is still sitting in Parliament. #auspol @padubyatee's photo on #60minutes
28 Jun, 02:18 AM UTC
Hey Nick McKenzie @Ageinvestigates Can you please tell us WHO from ASIO or AFP tipped-off the press about the Moselmane Raid last Friday And WHEN were you tipped-off? 🐝 #60Minutes #60mins #auspol
28 Jun, 10:57 AM UTC
The Daily Edge
Dr. Birx doesn’t mention that Texas was one of the states that received flawed antibody tests. #60Minutes has done some excellent reporting and will have a new report tonight. https://t.co/UYIBfeThaB
28 Jun, 08:12 PM UTC
Rex the TV terrier
There are still a few thunder rumbles, but I came out for my ice cream and some TV. Tonight's picks #60Minutes #PennyDreadfulCityofAngels season finale https://t.co/vQTimNg6g5
28 Jun, 11:19 PM UTC
Bill Madden
In 20 yrs, over 250 million ballots have been cast by mail. During that time, there have been 143 instances of fraud. That averages out to about 1 case per state every 6 or 7 yrs, or a fraud rate of 0.00006%. The truth is, Trump is afraid he'll lose by a landslide. #60Minutes
28 Jun, 11:22 PM UTC
Richard Yabsley
So why was the pimply faced #60Minutes reporter present with a news crew at an ASIO raid?
28 Jun, 10:54 AM UTC
Donald J. Drumpf
28 Jun, 09:06 PM UTC
Richard Hine
“On March 16th.... the FDA... announced it would allow antibody tests into the US market without FDA review... Almost immediately more than 100 companies offering antibody tests flooded the market... from every corner of the world and none of them were FDA tested” #60Minutes https://t.co/gBJCVZlX5h
28 Jun, 11:32 PM UTC
Pat Fuller #StopKillingBlackPeople #JustWearAMask
#60Minutes I vote by mail in Illinois. Our @GovPritzker just signed a law requiring our county clerk’s to mail ballot applications to all who voted in 2018, 19, 20 primary. It is easy and convenient for me and my husband.
28 Jun, 11:17 PM UTC
💧Shaz H
@BelindaJones68 @Ageinvestigates And yet #60Minutes aren't the least bit interested in actual Chinese govt operative buying the seat of #chisholm from @LiberalAus Maybe @Ageinvestigates wants to check out the murder of Gladys Liu's predecessor for seat of Chisholm, who was murdered after he went to ASIO #auspol
28 Jun, 12:41 PM UTC
Pat Fuller #StopKillingBlackPeople #JustWearAMask
#60Minutes If we’d had adequate #COVID19 testing in March, there would be fewer deaths. https://t.co/TrBjf9OM0V
28 Jun, 11:30 PM UTC
Protester for Truth
"if probiotics don't work, why are they advertised on so many products?" "because they are not regulated" #60minutes
28 Jun, 11:51 PM UTC
"Probiotics dont work" #60Minutes
28 Jun, 11:59 PM UTC
Real question: at what point do Democrats just start pretending to hate the things we want to push forward? i.e. Absentee ballots-let’s just try to ban them and all conservatives will then lose their minds and INSIST on them. #60Minutes
28 Jun, 11:59 PM UTC
@60Minutes Justin Clark sounds like an idiot trying to distinguish between an "Absentee Ballot" & Voting By Mail. #60minutes https://t.co/bRzvUabhuf
28 Jun, 11:58 PM UTC
ATLScene ❄️
“/ There is no evidence probiotics work./“ - #60Minutes
28 Jun, 11:57 PM UTC
franklin Brown
This was interesting Do probiotics actually do anything? #60Minutes https://t.co/DAZGnuDi0c
28 Jun, 11:56 PM UTC
Marcia Laureano
#60Minutes Canceled probiotic supplements in one segment. All these years I was flushing money down the drain. 😑
28 Jun, 11:55 PM UTC
#60Minutes so probiotics are to medicine as Farrow & Ball is to colour? $$$$ https://t.co/Tcp8q9y6qV
28 Jun, 11:55 PM UTC
Protester for Truth
"if probiotics don't help, why aren't they regulated?" "because there's no evidence that they cause harm" "are there any studies either way?" "no" "so they could cause harm?" "yes" #60minutes
28 Jun, 11:54 PM UTC
Sunida E
#Parents of #babies should watch this segment of #60Minutes on #probiotics.
28 Jun, 11:54 PM UTC
Sunida E
#probiotics have been added to infant formulas even though doctors don't know how they affect babies. They only have to meet the lower standard of "generally recognized as safe." There are no long-term studies about their affects on babies. This is crazy. #60Minutes
28 Jun, 11:52 PM UTC
Smirk Twain
Here we go @60Minutes #60minutes, Gloria what's the matter with Johnny over there on the playground? "It must be the probiotics."
28 Jun, 11:52 PM UTC
Sunida E
"The volunteers underwent multiple endoscopies and colonoscopies." Bless them because the prep is horrible. #60Minutes
28 Jun, 11:49 PM UTC
Sunida E
Doctors should stop recommending #probiotics until more scientific evidence backs up the currently unproven claims. #60Minutes
28 Jun, 11:49 PM UTC
Protester for Truth
my gut reaction to this report... 😶 #60minutes
28 Jun, 11:48 PM UTC
Melissa Rooney
The #60Minutes episode tonight is SPOT ON- just like back in grad school 👍🏽.
28 Jun, 11:47 PM UTC

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