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ryan craig
This #60Minutes story on homelessness in Seattle is absolutely devastating. Imagine having a good job that pays well and you still can't find a decent place to live.
02 Dec, 01:02 AM UTC
TripleR 🇵🇷🏳️‍🌈
This #60minutes piece on Seattle's homeless is a real indictment on how housing prices have made even some working people not able to afford rent.That man makes $19.50/hr and can't afford rent for his family. Tech has done the same to San Francisco. Gotta build affordable housing
02 Dec, 01:03 AM UTC
Ola Ojewumi
#60minutes is praising CEOs like Jeff Bezos for multimillion dollar contributions to end homelessness despite the fact that Silicon Valley companies largely created it. Report the facts! I heard nothing about the legislation they’ve backed to stop the construction of shelters.
02 Dec, 01:12 AM UTC
Imagine being the MSM and you are about to be exposed as project mockingbird assets, and covering for elite pedophiles. What would you do? Label Qanon as a conspiracy that needs wiped from YouTube? #QANON #60minutes #FAKENEWSMEDIA https://t.co/XxchIYEUFP
02 Dec, 01:44 AM UTC
Brian Smith
Man these people are so fucking heartless towards the homeless. There are some ignorant assholes in this country. How we treat the less fortunate is criminal. #60Minutes
02 Dec, 01:04 AM UTC
Kevin Lockett
Gentrification always affect minorities first, but eventually will affect the white working class as shown on @andersoncooper's @60Minutes piece on the Seattle homeless. #60minutes
02 Dec, 01:06 AM UTC
#1 Ranked Movie Expertise
Strange that #60minutes is trending on Twitter. When everyone knows that tonight's Popcorn Classic "Milk Money" is #110minutes!
02 Dec, 01:21 AM UTC
Susan Becraft
Leslie Stahl’s interview of YouTube’s CEO is outstanding. She asks pointed questions abt their policy on political ads and doesn’t like the answer. Same with hate speech. #60minutes
02 Dec, 12:50 AM UTC
Harrison Edgar
Maybe it’s time for the homeless to crowd and sleep on the sidewalks right in the front of the rich real estate investors and property owners of the rental properties they’ve been evicted from? 🤔#60Minutes
02 Dec, 01:10 AM UTC
Anne LaBarbera
This is why uneven distribution of wealth is so destructive. Rich people competing for posh apartment drive up prices leaving poorer people with nothing. #60Minutes
02 Dec, 01:06 AM UTC
Due to #NFL overrun #CBS Sunday programs slightly delayed ONLY in EAST/CENTRAL Time Zones. New start times: double run of #60Minutes 7:32ET/6:32CT and 8:32ET//7:32CT, special 250th episode of #NCISLA 9:32ET//8:32CT #MadamSecretary 10:32ET/9:32CT @CBS's photo on #60minutes
02 Dec, 12:45 AM UTC
Bill Madden
The problem w/ homelessness is affordable housing: The govmnt should offer a huge tax write-off for billionaires to purchase land to be used strictly for affordable housing. Once the land has bought, the govmnt needs to open up bidding to win the building contract. #60Minutes
02 Dec, 01:17 AM UTC
L. J. ☀
#60minutes @60Minutes - This one is mine, so here I go! • Not all #HOMELESS people are drug addicts, or have mental health issues I was ONE of them! I don’t smoke! I don’t drink and I don’t do drugs! One #PAYCHECK took me to the homeless shelter & same w/other families!
02 Dec, 01:30 AM UTC
[They] are in full force #QAnon! Welcome to United Police States of America😡 #SusanWojcicki #Panic #YouTube Never watch 💩 #60Minutes but DVD ended & BAM💥 there she was throwing up lies & #censorship 🤮 Outright says cut down amount of time..controversial content ... by 70%!” https://t.co/DhO6bfECLZ
02 Dec, 01:29 AM UTC
Aaron Deitchler
Anybody watching this 60 minutes on the homelessness issue in Seattle?? This is wild. Not just a problem in Seattle. What’s the cause for the rise in homelessness? #60Minutes
02 Dec, 01:05 AM UTC
Why is it happening? Because Seattle is a liberal cesspool. #60minutes
02 Dec, 01:05 AM UTC
Dave Reilly
Ha! This #60Minutes thing just keeps getting better! "The Secret Jewish History Of ‘60 Minutes’" When is the Forward going to fire their journalists for anti-semitism? https://t.co/9GpuuYWx1f
02 Dec, 02:54 AM UTC
Kevin Lockett
We always hear about the low unemployment, but how much are people really making to live a comfortable life. #60minutes @60Minutes
02 Dec, 01:08 AM UTC
Mike Fly
#60Minutes I guarantee you that half the people watching this story on homelessness in #Seattle and hating on them consider themselves Christians 🤦‍♂️
02 Dec, 01:18 AM UTC
Graham Ledger
This NEVER gets old ... #Biden #60minutes https://t.co/GfSb0jbQOB
02 Dec, 03:45 AM UTC
Ryan Felker
Miss my dude! @ChenelleJones Did so much with so little...So did the rest of the staffs in Maricopa. Still feels wrong. #BirdGang #60Minutes #FindAWay https://t.co/6VTjRtQv26
02 Dec, 02:38 AM UTC
#60minutes homelessness isn't too far away from too many in america. Truth. Big money moves out even full-time permanent employees. We can't afford health insurance. My pets get food before me.
02 Dec, 01:27 AM UTC
Invisible People
#60minutes Seattle Homeless Family Finds Support in Tent City 3 https://t.co/cG8EI6lK6T
02 Dec, 12:59 AM UTC
I'm voting for Bernie Sanders 🌹🕊️✡️♋🦄🇵🇷 🇺🇸
#60minutes https://t.co/I7ufL6n7WN this will fix the issue
02 Dec, 01:09 AM UTC
Constituent 🌺
Almost #60minutes with #TulsiGabbard Tulsi Gabbard: How To Be Fearless Under Pressure with Lewis Howes Break the #TulsiMediaBlackout https://t.co/C8LTCPP7Dr
02 Dec, 03:33 AM UTC
Hey Trump Supporters... While you're bowing before the king of con, he's quietly taking away your rights, raising your taxes, stealing your health care, medicare, and social security... While he's profiting personally by the millions, along with his Republican buds. #60minutes
02 Dec, 02:57 AM UTC
Unconfirmed reports pilot of Alaska medevac was Director of Ops at Security, Glen Morthrope, also former Medallion Foundation Employee • https://t.co/IWHX0QuRps • Crews recover Bodies • https://t.co/FF2Fyd5LW6 • #iFlyAlaska #Alaska #AlaskaHappyHour #60minutes #MUFC #Lakers https://t.co/dJUSqyws65
02 Dec, 03:38 AM UTC
DRx Saifullah
निम्न में से सबसे युवा लोकप्रिय नेता कौन है? #BrandRavish @BhimArmyChief @HardikPatel_ @ShayarImran @yadavtejashwi #vodafoneidea #RahulBajaj #HamaraBajaj #RahulBahaj #UnstoppableAsimRiaz #Airtel #60minutes #सुप्रभात #झारखंड #JharkhandAssemblyPolls #nationalpollutioncontrolday
02 Dec, 03:39 AM UTC
Got a poll? Come ➡️
Do you watch #60Minutes ? #poll #polls #survey #pickone
02 Dec, 02:27 AM UTC
Testimony of Truth
"If we were held liable for everything we recommended..." we would recommend less #60minutes #60Mins
02 Dec, 12:52 AM UTC

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