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can y’all actually cancel him.. like for real #6ix9ineisoverparty @eilishxannyy's photo on #6ix9ineisoverparty
23 May, 12:10 AM UTC
𝖆 𝖈𝖗𝖞𝖇𝖆𝖇𝖞 ⧗
y’all were so quick to cancel melanie martinez after FALSE accusations and yet it took y’all so long to cancel 6ix9ine smh #6ix9ineisoverparty https://t.co/AenMqdHMvW
23 May, 02:28 AM UTC
the people canceling doja and lana but not mr. pedo skittles: #6ix9ineisoverparty @moonlightskies7's photo on #6ix9ineisoverparty
23 May, 05:51 AM UTC
sara NSFR !!
some of y’all defending a fucking PEDOPHILE. see what we not gonna do- #6ix9ineisoverparty @mxgnsx's photo on #6ix9ineisoverparty
23 May, 03:44 AM UTC
para que stanear machitos cuando existe little mix #6ix9ineisoverparty @wallsthirlwall's photo on #6ix9ineisoverparty
23 May, 01:24 AM UTC
alexa,, 🍉
stan taylor swift artista de la década para una mente más poderosa #6ix9ineisoverparty https://t.co/CckBNJSoO1
23 May, 02:30 AM UTC
anupam 🪐
doja cat is racist, 6ix9ine isn’t being called out for his actions (but he should be), lana del ray is a white feminist, hillary duff is apparently a child trafficker, we’ve seen ufo’s AND there’s another universe... 2020 i’m hanging up #dojacatisoverparty #6ix9ineisoverparty https://t.co/E58xsQVqlk
23 May, 01:02 PM UTC
Gente que sigue defendiendo ha estes machito violador ¿¿¿??? #6ix9ineisoverparty Mejor Stan Shawn Mendes https://t.co/rSGYU7DEXg
23 May, 12:01 AM UTC
lil froggy 𓆏 nsfr
how many times do we have to do this before this pedophile who says the n word every two seconds when he's not black has his platform taken away #6ix9ineisoverparty https://t.co/d7s55e4uJh
23 May, 12:41 AM UTC
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23 May, 09:33 AM UTC
#6ix9ineisoverparty fuck him idc hes been problematic im not surprised hes being cancelled again anywayssss stan hayden :) https://t.co/WytjVlF7nA
23 May, 12:44 AM UTC
These cuties are available BREED: Mastiff Sex: Both sex PRICE: 120k Age: 8weeks #dojacatisoverparty #6ix9ineisoverparty #EidUlFitr #EidAlFitr #bbnaija2020 #TREASURE https://t.co/gFFCtVauRg
23 May, 06:47 PM UTC
@viccetti #6ix9ineisoverparty #dojacatisoverparty TWITTER JUST CAN'T REST,😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/fPUuJahnBQ
23 May, 10:49 AM UTC
this is what all you people defending 6ix9ine look like #6ix9ineisoverparty https://t.co/wdNrqYIvuH
23 May, 01:39 PM UTC
People cancelling 6ix9ine vs people cancelling doja and Lana #6ix9ineisoverparty https://t.co/3Th7QaCKMB
23 May, 05:34 AM UTC
#6ix9ineisoverparty why stan a pedo snitch when you can stan a rich bitch ✨😌💅🏽 https://t.co/Tg5B8gdowg
23 May, 12:52 AM UTC
we should get rid of this rat and put his ass back in jail, but stan twitter honestly just doesn’t have the reach. it’s not like we’re gonna convince his dumbass fans to stop listening to him when they probably don’t care what he does in the first place. #6ix9ineisoverparty
23 May, 01:33 AM UTC
jao 🅴 rain on me
a militância foi tão rápida em cancelar melanie martinez após acusações FALSAS e ainda tá demorando tanto para cancelar o 6ix9ine até depois dele ter feito tanta merda e ter ido pra CADEIA #6ix9ineisoverparty https://t.co/2rKccDhawQ
23 May, 01:43 PM UTC
Black liquorice
Even if you don’t care that he snitched we can’t let him having sex with a 13 year old girl go 😐. #6ix9ineisoverparty https://t.co/DALaC7ZsLK
23 May, 08:27 PM UTC
John Evelyn Munachi
Male makeup? Oh yes, I do that too 😘😘 Makeup: @munachibeauty Shot by @TeewhyImages And the fine boy @odeniyiolumide1 #creativity #munachibeauty #SaturdayMorning #LateLateShow #6ix9ineisoverparty @munachibeauty's media on #6ix9ineisoverparty">@munachibeauty's media on #6ix9ineisoverparty">@munachibeauty's media on #6ix9ineisoverparty">https://t.co/Au1pbrIYng
23 May, 07:40 AM UTC
Marisol | ᴀᴅ2
LMAO we finally cancelling that pedo rapist, the 6ix9ine stans can stay mad 💅🏽 #6ix9ineisoverparty #6ix9inebacktojailparty https://t.co/TEnnecOuJH
23 May, 04:59 PM UTC
𝘴𝘦𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘯 🔗💙🕊️
thank you. #6ix9ineisoverparty https://t.co/hANMbHs9wF
23 May, 08:04 PM UTC
#6ix9ineisoverparty i found a costume for the people who still support 6ix9ine https://t.co/dAFafqyR1w
23 May, 03:53 PM UTC
𝒆𝒎𝒎𝒂 ✿ ceo of tHe CoNdEnSaTiOn
#6ix9ineisoverparty maybe don’t stan a rapist?? stan robert manion instead https://t.co/xSvTWxRCRJ
23 May, 09:01 PM UTC
#6ix9ineisoverparty This is soo overrated guys! 69 is not a sex offender and the girl lied about her age. She is no angel. Plus 69 is a puerto rican from the hood so I think he can say the N word. Yall getting desperate to take this guy down! Sad!
23 May, 01:06 AM UTC
Kennedi 🥵❤️
y’all been saying this since 2017... get over it he’s a troll and dgaf about what y’all say ? he finna make y’all look stupid 💀💀😂 #6ix9ineisoverparty https://t.co/6qcPh01cV9
23 May, 09:01 AM UTC
Sinceramente esto sí que es reírse de todas las personas que han fallecido y de sus familiares, así que patriotismo mis huevos en film #6ix9ineisoverparty
23 May, 12:18 PM UTC
Royal Kazz 👁
#6ix9ineisoverparty dammm there ain’t no comin back from this one chief... and I’m glad he’s gone! https://t.co/9GCrTl5QhO
23 May, 05:12 AM UTC
Brown Edu
My New Song #Africa is a review of the true state of the African Continent and the need to "Drop the guns and show love"... 👇 #Africa #YouAintBlack #Ramadan #EidAlFitr #EidUlFitr #Davido #wizkid #dumelobitsika #dojacatisoverparty #6ix9ineisoverparty #COVIDー19 #MuslimSaviours https://t.co/vblWGnVqDL
23 May, 08:07 AM UTC
@meikixyz #6ix9ineisoverparty
23 May, 09:18 PM UTC