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it has been 6 years since taeyong and jeno have been introduced to the world as the first sm rookies. 3 december 2013 🥺❤️ #6yearswithTAEYONG #6yearswithJENO https://t.co/YjjxcyaLlG
02 Dec, 03:42 PM UTC
taeyong pics
in these 6 years, we’re so happy to see you grow so much as an artist and as a person. hope you’ll get more opportunities to showcase your talent and capabilities in the future. let’s walk on this path together 💕we love you taeyong ❤️ #6YearsWithTaeyong #1203태용6주년 https://t.co/Iq5SerWsid
02 Dec, 03:10 PM UTC
안녕 태용아 #6YearsWithTaeyong #1203태용6주년 #태용 https://t.co/q8ehRGe1r4
02 Dec, 02:07 PM UTC
NCT 127 Fan Union
It’s been 6 years since TAEYONG was announced as a SMRookies member. You are a talented artist who has grown so much over the years and we are so proud of you. Thank you for being a wonderful leader to the group. We will always support you! 💚 #6YearsWithTaeyong #1203태용6주년 https://t.co/7uwC77F8jQ
02 Dec, 03:02 PM UTC
taeyong pics
list of taeyong’s solo achievements in 2019 — 1. solo station song written and co-composed by himself: long flight #1 in 40 countries on kpop itunes #5 on QQ music korean chart #6 on world digital song sales #9 in worldwide itunes song chart #6YearsWithTaeyong #1203태용6주년 @taeyongpictures's photo on #6YearsWithTaeyong
02 Dec, 03:54 PM UTC
nct pics
it’s been 6 years since Taeyong and Jeno were introduced as SM ROOKIES. Happy anniversary boys, you both grew up into such incredible and talented boys and we are SO PROUD of you! 💚💚 #6YearsWithTaeyong #6YearsWithJeno https://t.co/LwEXG1fBoc
02 Dec, 06:22 PM UTC
ro 🐳
“tyongf must really love taeyong a lot”, that’s because taeyong loves the fans much more than anyone could expect, i’m just glad to be a tyongf ♡ #6yearswithtaeyong #1203태용6주년 @ROROSIE71's photo on #6YearsWithTaeyong
02 Dec, 04:16 PM UTC
Together with you and me🤜🏻 #6YearsWithTaeyong #1203태용6주년 #태용 https://t.co/2KHzH3dBSI
02 Dec, 03:34 PM UTC
#6yearswithTAEYONG #1203태용6주년 from the begin you have stayed true to yourself and i really respect you. the shy boy who often was misunderstood, has become a inspirational man who motivates people all over the world to be themselves. you are a role model to many https://t.co/4zKHbFz66E
02 Dec, 03:59 PM UTC
NCT 태용
Celebrating 6 wonderful years with our dear Taeyong! #6YearsWithTaeyong #1203태용6주년 https://t.co/8n23YQtskT
02 Dec, 03:00 PM UTC
#6yearswithTAEYONG #1203태용6주년 dear taeyong, 6 years ago you were announced to be apart of smrookies. looking at how much you have achieved in these past 6 years, if i were to say i’m ‘proud’ that would be an understatement. i’m beyond happy to have met you in this life ❤️ https://t.co/0AfemFsOIE
02 Dec, 03:57 PM UTC
ไม่โตขึ้นเลย 🐶 #6YearsWithTaeyong https://t.co/4evvnYqsTZ
02 Dec, 03:21 PM UTC
it's december 3rd!!! always and forever thankful for you both 💚 #6YearsWithJENO #6YearsWithTAEYONG https://t.co/JgxAgObQct
02 Dec, 03:59 PM UTC
taeyong pics
you’ve come a long way in 6 years showing nothing but passion, growth, and dedication. you work so hard to show the world what amazing things you’re capable of and we will always be proud of you, grand artist taeyong ❤️ #6YearsWithTaeyong #1203태용6주년 https://t.co/2sn08bkEmh
02 Dec, 04:13 PM UTC
45m 1/2 🌹🐱툥냥이 툥뭉이🐶🌹
Taeyong, let’s be together forever. I will always be by your side & support you. Thank you for being exist. Thank you for being talented. Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for always giving your best and giving us lots love. I love you. ❤️ #6YearsWithTaeyong #1203태용6주년 https://t.co/0gVYZjBHwt
02 Dec, 03:16 PM UTC
#6yearswithtaeyong Taeyong you have given us so much and are still giving us your best each and everyday! Thank you for sharing your passions with us; we will be with you always💚 https://t.co/daR8RqQPVQ
02 Dec, 04:09 PM UTC
#6yearswithTAEYONG #1203태용6주년 thank you for always working so hard. no matter what you do, you always give your everything. i hope you know you deserve all of your achievements and opportunities. 6 years may have passed but we’ll be here for another 6 years... and more 🥰 https://t.co/JrtmJIsijw
02 Dec, 04:10 PM UTC
#6yearswithTAEYONG #6yearswithJENO https://t.co/Hcld80qoej
02 Dec, 04:57 PM UTC
ro 🐳
taeyong is such an inspiration, he taught us that nothing comes in a silver platte, he never gave up on dancing even when others almost gave up on him and now he can even choreograph the dance himself ♡ #6YearsWithTaeyong #1203태용6주년 video cr: eblouissement ty https://t.co/uM6BZrbMs3
02 Dec, 04:38 PM UTC
taeyong smiling
thank you for all the hard work you've done all these years! you're so bright and we're so lucky to see you grow into the person you are today 🥺 we'll always be by your side tyongie! #6YearsWithTaeyong #1203태용6주년 https://t.co/KrT6yfbCGv
02 Dec, 03:28 PM UTC
margot 🌻 태용
You're doing well today & I know you'll grow more in the future as a person, an artist, a leader & member and as an inspiration to every Tyongfs. You're loved and will always give love. I'm sure you know that. Thank you for everything Taeyong 💕 #6yearswithtaeyong #1203태용6주년 https://t.co/WtbzinewJu
02 Dec, 03:01 PM UTC
1秒前の未来を 今僕らは歩んでる 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️ #6YearsWithTaeyong #1203태용6주년 https://t.co/iY8XhWbhbT
02 Dec, 05:35 PM UTC
#태용 #TAEYONG #6YearsWithTaeyong #1203태용6주년 https://t.co/iA1mtAKJUQ
02 Dec, 05:06 PM UTC
tiwaipink🦋 aka 용
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02 Dec, 04:22 PM UTC
yen 🐺
6 years of nothing but pure greatness, came from knowing nothing about what an idol is to becoming one of the greatest! youve come a long way king! #6YearsWithTaeyong #1203태용6주년 https://t.co/uwC3oLZY0v
02 Dec, 03:08 PM UTC
taeyong pics
7. co-written and co-composed one of the songs in an album that chatted at #1 on billboard 200: no manners *it also trended worldwide when it was released 🥰 #6YearsWithTaeyong #1203태용6주년 https://t.co/kaaYJMpbZK
02 Dec, 04:36 PM UTC
ɴᴄᴛ¹²⁷ ᴛᴇᴀ 🍵
Happy 6th Anniversary, #TAEYONG! We love you! 💚 #6YearsWithTaeyong #1203태용6주년 #NCT127 @NCTsmtown_127 https://t.co/feYQ0wpNFx
02 Dec, 03:10 PM UTC
LTYGlobal 🌹
Copy & Reply 6 Times! 💚 #6YearsWithTaeyong #1203태용6주년 https://t.co/13YVq1rQEG
02 Dec, 04:26 PM UTC
taeyong pics
8. another co-written and co-composed song by taeyong: all day not released yet but pls support when it does! in the meantime, stream the teaser 🥰 #6YearsWithTaeyong #1203태용6주년 https://t.co/5wEpE5HCGB
02 Dec, 04:39 PM UTC
LTYGlobal 🌹
#6YearsWithTaeyong is trending #29 Worldwide! https://t.co/FxYKUKyCl4
02 Dec, 04:55 PM UTC

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