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Kathleen Madigan
And 2 those who say "celebrities" should "shut the fuck up"...do u still agree or is Jon just an idiot in ur mind. Watch. Finally, someone actually doing something. #JonStewart #911FirstResponders https://t.co/MNpXip0EGb
12 Jun, 02:02 AM UTC
Valerie Bertinelli
It is unconscionable that Congress can find billions of dollars to to relieve the burden of the Trump tariff taxes to farmers and yet can't find the money to relieve the burden #911FirstResponders find themselves in. https://t.co/Sv1Q7TDkL5
11 Jun, 09:51 PM UTC
Marlee Matlin
9/11 first responders do NOT deserve to be forgotten, do not deserve this kind of indifference. They are our heroes. NO ONE should ever delay their health care. #jonstewart #911heroes #911firstresponders https://t.co/dU5iKhyyDw
11 Jun, 11:53 PM UTC
Katie Phang
Please take the time to watch Jon Stewart. “Your indifference cost these men and women their most valuable commodity: time." #NeverForget #911FirstResponders https://t.co/xKxKgK1zhZ
12 Jun, 12:00 AM UTC
Michael Embrich
I fought with sick 9/11 workers to get the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act passed. Thank you to #JonStewart for fighting for it now. No rest until all those who gave their lives for this country get covered #911FirstResponders #HealthCareNow
12 Jun, 12:57 AM UTC
Shelby Kent-Stewart ™
This is what integrity and truth look like. #911FirstResponders Now compare this with the feigned indignation of the #GOP yesterday and their pathetic attempts to defend a conman and traitor. Callous indifference and rank hypocrisy sum up the #GOP. Do your jobs! https://t.co/pdZAH1KxvJ
11 Jun, 10:57 PM UTC
Lindiwe Suttle
@TheLastWord @Lawrence I WAS LIVING IN BATTERY PARK, these brave men & women escorted us to safety.... a month later GOVT GAVE EVERYONE FREE AIR PURIFIERS... I thought wow how generous...they knew the truth. Donate ur voice & support to #911VictimCompensationFund #911firstresponders #JonStewartForPrez
12 Jun, 04:25 AM UTC
Chad Fussell
No matter what side of the aisle you are on, you can learn something from Jon Stewart’s moment today in Washington. Our first responders and military are what holds this country together. If we don’t take care of them they can’t take care of us.#911FirstResponders #Remember https://t.co/fXGVO5qRFN
11 Jun, 10:41 PM UTC
Sean Frame for Congress CA-04
Who does @RepMcClintock show up for? Not #911FirstResponders - no-show at hearing today Not @CAFirefighters @CAL_FIRE @CSFAFIRE - where are reimbursements for #wildfires? Not #CA04 constituents - 590 days since a #TownHall I will fight for these #Heroes & #CA04 b/c #ThisIsHome https://t.co/YVzBNrGADm
12 Jun, 01:08 AM UTC
May this corrupt government , Useless Congress , step up and do the right thing FOR GOD'S SAKE #911FirstResponders https://t.co/Pi5d3Zw0e7
12 Jun, 12:20 AM UTC
Wisdom Rocks
Jon Stewart Is STILL The Voice Screaming Into The Conscience Of America. Incredible That Senate Republicans Treat Heroes With Such Disregard. Corrupt Republicans Found Money To Give Themselves A Trillion Dollars In Tax Bonus Money. #911FirstResponders https://t.co/omlwko497l
12 Jun, 04:46 AM UTC
Jason Clay
Hey @NBCNews, @CBSNews, @FoxNews, why haven't you published the names of the absent legislators from Jon Stewart's testimony on #FirstResponders ? #911FirstResponders #judiciaryhearing
12 Jun, 12:40 AM UTC
Tall Traveler 🗺✈
Goddamnit... what the FUCK is wrong with this country. Get these folks the health care they deserve and EARNED. This is some disgraceful shit, and Congress should be completely embarrassed of themselves! #911FirstResponders #JonStewart #FDNY #NYPD https://t.co/B4UcDt7VZf
12 Jun, 04:09 AM UTC
AnnMarie Brown
PSA! I’m 😠! I don’t even like #Jon Stewart, but thank God he is fighting for the American heroes from #911FirstResponders #NeverForget 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸!!!!!! Do any of you remember the eerie feelings of Do any of you remember how we came together as one?
11 Jun, 11:42 PM UTC
Geraldo J Uscategui
https://t.co/SYCgTRaytL Thank you Jon Stewart. SO. VERY. MUCH. #NeverForget #911FirstResponders
12 Jun, 04:18 AM UTC
Deep State Agent McDiddles
Anyone who didn't show up to listen to the 9/11 responders today should absolutely resign. If you don't understand why the 9/11 fund is critical, you don't belong in Congress. Only a deranged sociopath would need this explained to them. #911FirstResponders #911VictimFund
12 Jun, 02:08 AM UTC
J. Manuel Writes
For all the piece of shit politicians who have ever used 9/11 as a campaign slogan or worse yet a war rallying cry. Fund them now. #DoYourJobCongress #911firstresponders https://t.co/lvFkt71ijF
12 Jun, 06:07 AM UTC
Today #JohnStewart Is my hero. A hero alongside the many real heroic #911FirstResponders . #CongressDoYourJob Jon Stewart Rips Congress During House Hearing on 9/11 Victims Fund, Gets Standing Ovation https://t.co/Pr46pEB90i via @Yahoo
12 Jun, 01:02 AM UTC
@CNN Can we mention the names of the representatives that failed to show up? #JonStewart #911VictimCompensationFund #911FirstResponders
12 Jun, 05:31 AM UTC
Eileen Matias
NYPD veteran Luis Alvarez 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund testimony. If this does not break your heart you have none. #911FirstResponders #JonStewart #luisalvarez #housejudiciarycommittee #Politics #USpolitics #uspoli #GlobalNews https://t.co/zD1HVm3Htq
12 Jun, 06:36 AM UTC
So, Rep @reschenthaler just gave all the #911FirstResponders a 🖕 by not attending Congressional hearing today. On behalf of all of the #Pittsburgh area, Rep @reschenthaler go fuck yourself!! 🖕🖕🖕
12 Jun, 03:27 AM UTC
@AOC @senatemajldr #MitchMcConnell pass this bill. This should not be a negotiation. #NeverForget #911FirstResponders
12 Jun, 05:43 AM UTC
@Lawrence Bless u Lawrence tonight was as powerful as it gets #911FirstResponders 👏👏 Jon Stewart
12 Jun, 03:08 AM UTC
Lindiwe Suttle
@BetteMidler I WAS LIVING IN BATTERY PARK, these brave men & women escorted us to safety.... a month later GOVT GAVE EVERYONE FREE AIR PURIFIERS... I thought wow how generous...they knew the truth. Donate ur voice & support to #911VictimCompensationFund #911firstresponders #JonStewartForPrez
12 Jun, 04:26 AM UTC
Dr. James D. Boys
For years he entertained and informed a nation on @ComedyCentral Yesterday, however, was #JonStewart finest hour as an advocate for #911FirstResponders in front of a near empty September 11 Victim Compensation Fund. Thankfully the TV cameras were rolling. https://t.co/z40XdgNE93 https://t.co/itSLlCNFuW
12 Jun, 07:13 AM UTC
Connie Ha
One of the greatest speeches in defense of America against Congress ever. #JonStewart #911FirstResponders https://t.co/55q5EviEC8
12 Jun, 07:25 AM UTC
Adam G. Simon
Beautiful words. Powerful. Sadly this is standard operating American politician procedure. Those who are asked to sacrifice the most are consistently given the least in return. That goes for our veterans as well. #America #911FirstResponders #JohnStewart https://t.co/rY56gHkr8w
12 Jun, 07:00 AM UTC
Jon Stewart didn’t use a script. His thoughts and words are genuine, passionate and true. This is how an adult communicates. This is true leadership. This is real. #911FirstResponders @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP #GOPGreed #GOPCorruption #JonStewart https://t.co/MmDwuFlem2
12 Jun, 07:17 AM UTC
FeFe King
@AOC can we get a roll call of the member of Congress that weren’t present for #jonstewart speaking on behalf of #911FirstResponders today?
12 Jun, 06:57 AM UTC
Rebekah West
@SenSchumer @senatemajldr Actually, this is not the moment for politics, not even poking at the GOP. Just get the job done or tell us exactly why it isn’t. #cleanbill #forever #911FirstResponders
12 Jun, 06:58 AM UTC
[[notion builder]]
Dear #USCongress Pay the goddamn medical bills for #911FirstResponders These heroes didn’t ask if someone deserved saving. NOBODY WILL VOTE YOU OUT FOR PAYING THEIR BILLS https://t.co/HT0zzqKZhQ #JUSTDOIT
12 Jun, 07:50 AM UTC
Rocky Lion
@cher With over 300 sponsors, there’s no reason why @SpeakerPelosi should delay a vote on the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. #911FirstResponders were there for us. Now Congress must be there for them.- NY Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis Do your job Congress and Pelosi !!! Act now!
12 Jun, 01:39 AM UTC
GloriaSEA 🌎🌍🌏🌿
@kirksmirks @NBCNews @CBSNews @FoxNews All the Democrats were present. Four Republicans were not. Armstrong, Kelly (R-NDAL) Gohmert, Louie (R-TX01) Jordan, Jim (R-OH4) Reschenthaler, Guy (R-PA14) #911FirstResponders #ShameOnRepublicans #DoYourJobMitch #DontUseThemAsPawns
12 Jun, 07:01 AM UTC
Randy Philbrick
Thank you Jon Stewart for doing what was right. Those Firefighters deserve better and Congress needs to be held accountable. #unacceptable @FDNY #911FirstResponders https://t.co/bliSdz5VLz
12 Jun, 07:58 AM UTC
Meagan Winthrop
@rcale1776 If Americans watch this and don’t get emotional, there is something inherently wrong with our society. Fund their care. Fund their palliative care, for those dying due to diseases caused by their exposure at ground zero. Support their families. #911VictimFund #911FirstResponders
12 Jun, 07:53 AM UTC
kathryn f
@StephLauren @Lawrence @TheLastWord That has literally given me a cold chill 😑😢💔 that is a nightmare he will never forget #911FirstResponders they deserve actual gratitude, in action
12 Jun, 07:53 AM UTC
Lawrence shisler
We are a polarized nation but one thing is for sure. We must take care of each other. https://t.co/c0tGabcGdn #America #JohnStewart #911FirstResponders #Liberty
12 Jun, 07:50 AM UTC
𝙈𝙞𝙠𝙚 𝙎𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙣𝙚𝙧
Where the fuck are the rest of the committee members, @SpeakerPelosi? Despicable! #ImpeachTrump #ImpeachTheMF #911firstresponders https://t.co/eioN3Nyyjc
12 Jun, 07:49 AM UTC
/insertnewcatchytwittertweethere #newtwitter #add #policedispatch #911FirstResponders
12 Jun, 07:48 AM UTC
Teresa T
Scolds? He ripped them a new one and I hope it bleeds! #911FirstResponders https://t.co/yRpHsc5f28
12 Jun, 07:46 AM UTC
Bradley Gyhra 🇺🇸💎
@AOC How about we take the extra money and give it to #911FirstResponders since you guys don’t want to show up to help them
12 Jun, 07:44 AM UTC
Debbie Bennett
@realDonaldTrump @GOP If you cared about first responders you would make sure that they had health care. #911FirstResponders
12 Jun, 07:44 AM UTC
n 🤘🏻
@ABCPolitics @davidhogg111 Jon Stewart using his voice for something so significant is beyond amazing and more should be speaking out. #911FirstResponders
12 Jun, 07:37 AM UTC
Iain McLaughlin
Jon Stewart, passionate speech to Congress in support of #911FirstResponders Many, many issues wrapped up in this Stewart respectfully speaks for those who have died, suffer now & will suffer in the future simply for protecting their fellow citizens on that most terrible of days https://t.co/nHwjLv7bcS
12 Jun, 07:31 AM UTC
De Bemoeierd
#911FirstResponders #hearhear https://t.co/r0L554lsT4
12 Jun, 07:29 AM UTC
AnP AKA Metabolic
Piece of Shit Government Scumbags. #JonStewart #911FirstResponders #NeverForget https://t.co/RyIZRHQil1
12 Jun, 07:26 AM UTC
Pepe Koro
#911FirstResponders #USCongress https://t.co/0qYU3Tcbz2
12 Jun, 07:22 AM UTC
#JonStewart is my hero. Holy shit. Someone finally shitting hard right on their laps. #911FirstResponders... Jon Stewart for president. #2020Election
12 Jun, 07:22 AM UTC
Quand il faut faire de la récupération les politiques sont tous la pour poser aux côtés des secours et leur dire combien ils sont la fierté de la nation. Mais une fois qu'il faut indemniser, là il n y a plus personne. #Shame #911FirstResponders https://t.co/ZyWTY9HU7n
12 Jun, 07:21 AM UTC
Stephen Sipila
#911FirstResponders didn't let #BoneSpurs stop them from saving lives.
12 Jun, 07:20 AM UTC
#911FirstResponders The funding bill is in the pile of bills that #DitchMitch @senatemajldr McConnell has sitting on his desk. McConnell for reasons of self-interest refuses to put these bills b4 Congress for consideration. #DoYourJobMitch
12 Jun, 07:18 AM UTC
Joseph Lynch
@politvidchannel @UROCKlive1 Is Sam still alive? Brain - dead? If not, the @WhiteHouse is with him every step of the way, just please refrain from topically truth administration . #911FirstResponders
12 Jun, 07:17 AM UTC
Meg Knapp
9/11 responders are on the list of groups, communities, and peoples that we as the United States have used, and whose realities we deny and minimize. #911FirstResponders
12 Jun, 07:15 AM UTC
Chris Flynn
Jon Stewart chokes up, gives angry speech to Congress https://t.co/H8spMYfY1g @JimiChes This #video directly shows the ineptitude of our elected officials and their callous disregard (many absent) for the people who make up the electorate. #911FirstResponders
12 Jun, 07:13 AM UTC
Proper Tension = Intended Effect
Thru all Jon Stewart said Our #911FirstResponders & families suffer & die because? no funding but #wealthcare #TaxScam #Emoluments on & on How many ways is the gop harming folks? well if ya can't count it's cuz they all #Illegitimate #CONSENTWITHDRAWN til #TPOTUSPelosi https://t.co/VlB1UpCoH1
12 Jun, 07:13 AM UTC
Say Stark
@FP313 Amen! Also, why does he always seem to have the same 2 cronies standing behind him when he goes to the podium? Thats straight Regina George level #MeanGirls #911firstresponders deserve better
12 Jun, 07:12 AM UTC
Claudia Carrera
@sarahkliff @nytimes @exceedhergrasp1 @jenbrea @Rivkatweets @marydimmock @jspotila @davidtuller1 @JanetDafoe @julierehmeyer @rjoslyn @WildNycgirl @sonya_lala_ @MEActNet @PlzSolveCFS @OpenMedF From 80s-present, this gaslighting construct has been applied to ppl w/the debilitating neuroimmune disease #MEcfs, veterans of 1st Iraq war disabled by Gulf War Illness, sickened #911FirstResponders, ppl w/chronic #Lyme & more, & now US diplomats attacked in Cuba #pwME #MyalgicE
12 Jun, 07:09 AM UTC
Amy Roark
What a surprise to see lying @Jim_Jordan and extra-special douche-canoe @replouiegohmert on the #911FirstResponders #NoShow list. #DoYourJob https://t.co/DcE9KYtWHz
12 Jun, 07:08 AM UTC
Dr. James D. Boys
Apparently the only area where bi-partisanship exists in DC is in regard to the cross-party disdain and disrespect shown to #911FirstResponders at September 11 Victim Compensation Fund hearings. https://t.co/bwmOaGG2wE
12 Jun, 07:07 AM UTC
Amy Roark
@reschenthaler is an unpatriotic disrespectful coward. #911FirstResponders #NoShow
12 Jun, 07:04 AM UTC
Dr. Marc Bubbs
Watch this now... 👇🏼 #911FirstResponders https://t.co/g8a2MVlRId
12 Jun, 07:02 AM UTC
GloriaSEA 🌎🌍🌏🌿
@jorgejj @CNN All the Democrats were present. Four Republicans were not. Armstrong, Kelly (R-NDAL) Gohmert, Louie (R-TX01) Jordan, Jim (R-OH4) Reschenthaler, Guy (R-PA14) #911FirstResponders #ShameOnRepublicans #DoYourJobMitch #DontUseThemAsPawns
12 Jun, 07:01 AM UTC
Martin Cunningham
Impassioned address to Congress by #JonStewart. What a #hero for the #heroic #911FirstResponders This man campaigns so well for what he believes in. People like him delivering #change where #politicians fail. #Respect https://t.co/Hb7L8UPuIf
12 Jun, 06:57 AM UTC