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Alex Cagan
What do you do when you’re awake at 3am with jetlag before the start of #AAASmtg and realise you’ve forgotten your business cards😬? You create a ‘limited edition run’ of somatic evolution cards using the hotel notepad of course! Improvise. Apadt. Overcome https://t.co/uf0cMCcUdA
13 Feb, 03:20 PM UTC
Stephanie Hamilton, Ph.D. 🌌☄️🔭 is at #AAASmtg
"Please refrain from asking a question that is actually a statement." This is how all conference question sessions should start. #AcademicChatter #AAASmtg https://t.co/ZvjVz6Afhg
13 Feb, 05:50 PM UTC
Alex Cagan
Opening session at #AAASmtg, a panel discussion on engaging with the media on science-society topics https://t.co/HGRunypcXH
13 Feb, 05:56 PM UTC
Amanda Stanley
Welcome to Seattle, #AAASmtg! If you would like to incorporate a land acknowledgement into your talks and panels, here's how the Duwamish Tribe would like to be recognized https://t.co/XnFlEP3N6M
13 Feb, 07:21 PM UTC
"Never stop holding the ladder up for others." — Dr. Chao Mbogo of @kemukenya, one of 5 winners of the 2020 OWSD-Elsevier Foundation Award for Women Scientists in the Developing World. Join us at #AAASmtg: https://t.co/CAcgnnWnlp w/@OwsdSecretariat @ElsFoundation #WomenInSTEM @ElsevierConnect's photo on #AAASmtg
13 Feb, 06:06 AM UTC
Alex Cagan
Session on building community for inclusive public engagement with science at #AAASmtg https://t.co/SlQVanAtuz
13 Feb, 07:52 PM UTC
Sanger Institute
This will change the way biology is done forever. Hear from our own Mark Blaxter, and other leaders in the mission to sequence the genomes of all 1.5m species on Earth at #AAASmtg 🌎 #SequencingLife #DarwinTreeOfLife 📆Sat 15 Feb 🕰️08:00 PST 📌608 https://t.co/s4KIDxhZZ3 https://t.co/aZM7Wwx8rh
13 Feb, 10:19 AM UTC
Kirsten Hechtbender #AAASMtg
Hey #AAASMtg folks! A few quick Twitter accessibility tips others have taught me along the way. #CapitalizeEachWordInHashtags and turn on your accessibility setting to add descriptions to photos. Write descriptions for links, photos, gifs.
13 Feb, 05:55 PM UTC
Pew Research Center
What boosts public trust in scientific research findings? Most Americans say it’s making data openly available. From a new @pewscience roundup of public opinion on science issues for this year's #AAASmtg https://t.co/2oCAq90efG @pewresearch's photo on #AAASmtg
13 Feb, 02:17 AM UTC
Double Whammy
Why do small findings get big attention? What's open science? Wait, is it causation or correlation? My @fredhutch colleagues & I dug into the way science & health news is communicated (or not). Check out our series on #spinningscience. #AAAS2020 #AAASmtg https://t.co/Im8nbIS8bf
13 Feb, 07:43 PM UTC
Energy Department
Will you be at the 2020 #AAASmtg in Seattle? Catch TWO live recordings of our podcast, Direct Current, at the Sci-Mic Studio in the Expo Hall! @aaas 📅 Friday 2/14: https://t.co/P3Pjf2tisj 📅 Sunday 2/16: https://t.co/8nA4cHDesZ @ENERGY's photo on #AAASmtg
13 Feb, 05:09 PM UTC
Mónica Feliú-Mójer
I am grateful someone called us out for not starting our meeting with this land acknowledgement and requested to do it themselves. This is how I know we are creating a safe and brave space and am reminded there is always room to improve and grow. #AAASmtg https://t.co/1Zcb9zrtCC
13 Feb, 08:11 PM UTC
Double Whammy
Do you know the difference between relative & absolute risk? Hint: it has nothing to do w/your family. Check out our new series of @fredhutch stories on how science & health news is communicated (or not) these days. #AAAS2020 #AAASmtg #spinningscience https://t.co/HdjKuPE4lf
13 Feb, 07:57 PM UTC
Research Executive Agency
"What is great in #Europe is the networking, but also the cultural experiences. Push yourself out your comfort zone, do science in Europe!" 👨‍🔬❤ 🇪🇺 says #MSCA fellow @StevenQuistad @UW #Seattle #EUatAAAS #AAASmtg https://t.co/YZMaWgSSlt
13 Feb, 06:50 PM UTC
#OIST が #シアトル で行われれている @AAAS の年次会合に出席しております! #AAASmtg #AAAS2020 展示会場の「ZENギャラリー」コーナーで未来の #サステナブル 発電として期待されるOIST波力発電をご紹介。ブース437に是非!新作ビデオもご注目: https://t.co/wEU2cFu2Jd https://t.co/FvFeybiBdO
13 Feb, 03:00 PM UTC
Fay Lin
Takeaway from this morning's #inclusivity session at #AAASmtg: People who have personally experienced struggle/oppression are often the ones fighting for change. Their advocacy is powerful, but can be emotionally draining for them. The role of ALLIES in the fight is crucial.
13 Feb, 09:23 PM UTC
Kristin Lewis
Love seeing so many @aaas #IfThenSheCan Ambassadors at the #aaasmtg! https://t.co/CeQLsuehZb
13 Feb, 09:00 PM UTC
Judit Ungvári, PhD 🦉
The panel is calling out the #fact that #SciComm and #PublicEngagement are gender biased and traditionally female dominated. “Having women do that” is the norm for all things that involve emotional labor. #AAASmtg
13 Feb, 08:06 PM UTC
UW Medicine Newsroom
Trevor Bedford #AAASmtg said much scientific collaboration on coronavirus took place on Twitter which encouraged him to explain in lay terms how the outbreak was being tracked for those following situation from outside of scientific communities @nextstrain @uwgenome @fredhutch https://t.co/8QSapvV7zd
13 Feb, 09:19 PM UTC
We just heard @trvrb of @fredhutch talk about tracking the novel #coronavirus in real time with genomic data. Check out @nextstrain for more. #AAASmtg #COVID19 https://t.co/9hekxs1aPb
13 Feb, 09:05 PM UTC
Kristin Lewis
One technique journalists can use to avoid false balance is to define the debate. Say what is and is not an area of dispute in the science. Lead with what you know. - @lisasj at the #scicomm seminar at #AAASmtg https://t.co/9LASAz5Q2r
13 Feb, 05:34 PM UTC
Nick Lilly
Sad to miss the snow, but thrilled to be in #Seattle @AAASmeetings #AAASmtg for @UChicagoPress #ChicagoSciences! If you read/write/like to talk books & #scicomm (or just like to talk) visit us in booth 421 @WAConvention. Editor @josephcalamia & I want to hear what you're up to! https://t.co/yLzSnTX0s2
13 Feb, 10:14 PM UTC
WSU News
Headed to #AAASmtg in #Seattle? Talk science with @allison_coffin! The @WSUVancouver neuroscientist will be leading a discussion about creating science communication communities & networks. 2/16 3:30-5 ➡️ https://t.co/ZvwXHSshzU #SciComm #GoCougs https://t.co/KZYWecpj7H
13 Feb, 09:14 PM UTC
Double Whammy
When it comes to science, size matters. Sample size, that is. Check out our new series of @fredhutch stories on how science & health news is communicated (or not) these days. #AAAS2020 #AAASmtg #spinningscience https://t.co/DBs1JGDaZ9
13 Feb, 07:59 PM UTC
S3 Platform
Local solutions to #global challenges: a #community-based approach to #innovation. Join the conversation about #smartspecialisation #SDGs and #STIroadmaps with K. Haegeman. Can't wait! 👉 https://t.co/5GURTTeh5H 📅 14 Feb ⏰ 10:00 am 🇺🇸 Seattle @EU_ScienceHub #AAASmtg https://t.co/TFnANqZyIt
13 Feb, 08:59 AM UTC
Liz Crocker, Ph.D.
.@RabiahMayas discussing training to do science engagement w/ the community. Often "the community" is discussed in a way that automatically distances those people as something you as a scientist aren't part of. Instead, focus on scientist as part of the community #AAASmtg
13 Feb, 07:47 PM UTC
AAAS Annual Meeting
#AAASmtg is committed to being a safe and inclusive environment. If something happens to you or someone you know, we'll have a Safe Space w/ trained advocates who will talk w/ you confidentially. More info on the mobile app and our website: https://t.co/vO3oSSERzv https://t.co/8a5NXMQrSW
13 Feb, 06:46 PM UTC
NASA Harvest
@CLNakalembe @SERVIRGlobal @NASAEarth @G20_GEOGLAM @GEOSEC2025 @GEOCropMonitor @aaas @_SciComm @AAASmeetings @umdgeography @LuthWorldRelief @gatesfoundation @ntvuganda @opmdpm Catherine of @NASAHarvest will brief the press @ the #AAASmtg on her work integrating Earth observations in National Agriculture Monitoring for Food Security WHEN: 1pm PT tomorrow (Friday, February 14) WHERE: AAAS Newsroom Headquarters, 2nd floor of the convention center @NASAHarvest's media on #AAASmtg">@NASAHarvest's media on #AAASmtg">@NASAHarvest's media on #AAASmtg">https://t.co/xuYkuhENvn
13 Feb, 09:51 PM UTC
Across three reports published in tomorrow's issue of @sciencemagazine, the @NASANewHorizons team describes Arrokoth, the farthest and most primitive object in the Solar System ever to be visited by a spacecraft, in unprecedented detail. #AAASmtg https://t.co/nyuuyHgNcF
13 Feb, 10:15 PM UTC
Dr. Lauren Gillespie 🏳️‍🌈
Please come stop by and see my talk during the E-Poster session tomorrow!! 😃 #TheBluebirdGirl #AAAS2020 #AAASmtg #AAAS https://t.co/8M8UFDcFeP
13 Feb, 09:11 PM UTC