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Next Gen Stats
The Steelers have three of the top five defenders by pressures this season, with the other two facing off tonight. Will Aaron Donald or Shaq Barrett make up ground on T.J. Watt's league-leading 57 pressures tonight? #LAvsTB | #HereWeGo @NextGenStats's photo on Aaron Donald
23 Nov, 07:15 PM UTC
Robert Mays
I would love to meet the GM who would take Aaron Donald over Patrick Mahomes. That's not even a joke. I'd really love to meet him. That's a fascinating person.
24 Nov, 03:52 AM UTC
Nick Underhill
That will do it. Aaron Donald did not record a sack tonight. Trey Hendrickson ends the week tied for the league lead in sacks. @nick_underhill's photo on Aaron Donald
24 Nov, 04:21 AM UTC
“We didn’t hear Aaron Donald’s name called” gee I wonder why https://t.co/ksMdypl7TW
24 Nov, 04:36 AM UTC
Aaron Donald has been triple teamed 19 times this season. He is the Stormy Daniels of the NFL
24 Nov, 02:09 AM UTC
Aaron Donald has to deal with this all night https://t.co/FQzz59hGkj
24 Nov, 03:41 AM UTC
Eddy Flame
"AaRoN dOnAlD dIsApPeArS fOr 6o MiNuTeS dUrInG a GaMe. He Is NoT tHe BeSt." Aaron Donald: https://t.co/XnZ0yTiWA5
24 Nov, 04:44 AM UTC
Jourdan Rodrigue
Sean McVay ends his presser by saying Matt Gay looks like he trains with Aaron Donald. “Kicker’s jacked, man.” Matt is slightly off-camera because he’s next on Zoom. On his way out, we hear McVay go, “F—-kin’ JACKED kicker, man!” 🤣
24 Nov, 04:47 AM UTC
Total pressures entering MNF: 🔹 Aaron Donald - 56 (1st) 🔹 Shaq Barrett - 50 (3rd) https://t.co/04x0vBIBa9
24 Nov, 12:01 AM UTC
Trevor Sikkema
The most oddly impressive thing about Aaron Donald is that the Rams have the best cornerback in football yet people talk about Ramsey like he's a footnote on LA's defense after Donald.
24 Nov, 01:07 AM UTC
Ted H Niners (4-6)
@JackHammer_NFL Shanny is 4-0 vs McVay He wasn’t gifted his Super Bowl appearance, by one of the worst DPI non calls ever Shanny didn’t only score 3 points & nearly get shutout Shanny didn’t inherit Aaron Donald, Gurley & Goff
24 Nov, 07:14 AM UTC
Jose Sanchez III
Every time the #49ers match up with the Rams, the same question always gets asked: how do you contain or slow down Aaron Donald? They succeeded in Week 6. Will it be similar in Week 12? https://t.co/JKcy81LWLV
24 Nov, 07:26 AM UTC
Fabian Sommer
Warum rennt man konstant auf 1st & 10 ohne seinen All-Pro LG inside in Aaron Donald rein? Ich möchte es nur verstehen können. https://t.co/vDjJ5iPtN9
24 Nov, 08:31 AM UTC
Ted H Niners (4-6)
@JackHammer_NFL Inherited Aaron Donald, Gurley & Goff
24 Nov, 07:49 AM UTC
brendan crowley
@bil_maqs522 They don’t give a shit abt exposing Brady lol. Brees vs Brady twice and Brady vs Aaron Donald&co is gonna draw huge numbers lol. And to be fair to him New England NEVER had the receivers to go deep except for randy moss and 23 TDs speaks for that
24 Nov, 08:14 AM UTC
Ted H Niners (4-6)
@Tech49er @JackHammer_NFL Yeah Shanny didn’t inherit a #1 overall QB, like McVay did Gurley & Aaron Donald too
24 Nov, 07:33 AM UTC
Aaron Donald gets tripled teamed more than Teanna Trump
24 Nov, 07:22 AM UTC
please dont
God sake. Who even supports Rams? Apart from Aaron Donald.
24 Nov, 08:53 AM UTC
Mark Selem
@AlexReimer1 RAMS have the best balance with the DPOY Aaron Donald and lockdown DB Ramsay as long as Goff doesn’t turn the ball over to come out of the NFC
24 Nov, 08:24 AM UTC
@RinoSciortino @minakimes @robertmays Aaron Donald isnt overrated thats a ridiculous statement
24 Nov, 08:20 AM UTC
@MikeDun75320669 @ZZBBruzos @robertmays More important? No. Aaron Donald isnt as important as his own QB. Aaron Donald is better at his job then ANYONE else in football though.
24 Nov, 08:18 AM UTC
@zee_eagle @MurtyNot You think Aaron Donald and the Rams are bums????
24 Nov, 08:07 AM UTC
Fantasy Sports
Aaron Donald / Rams | Aaron Donald goes without a tackle https://t.co/UZgnMrgJb6 #NFL #LAR
24 Nov, 07:45 AM UTC
Charley 🇹🇹
@iHitCurves Buddy, if Aaron Donald can jump on Alex’s back I think Dak gonna be good
24 Nov, 07:40 AM UTC
Attune To Peace. Eagles (2-4-1)
Aaron Donald looking at this prime time game like FOOD https://t.co/MtkWC5BMAQ
24 Nov, 07:29 AM UTC
Tim Banks (winter is here)
@MoEgger1530 So you can win games with Aaron Donald? Interesting.
24 Nov, 07:24 AM UTC
King Kahlil
@m3lostar @fresherthandoug @TraffiCoaN @kenPOPtweets @nick_underhill Do you realize defensive stats aren’t that reliable?? Because double teams and triple teams exist? TJ feasts on stars because he has a handful of other good linemen with him. Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack are much more talented, yet they get double teamed every play. Watch games
24 Nov, 07:21 AM UTC

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