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Aaron Gordon in the Suns series: 9.0 PPG 3.8 RPG 41.0 FG% 0.0 3P% (0-8) @statmuse's photo on Aaron Gordon
14 Jun, 02:58 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
Aaron Gordon went showtime mode 🤩 @BleacherReport's photo on Aaron Gordon
14 Jun, 12:52 AM UTC
Ahmed🇸🇴/Mach Hommy's Pray For Haiti AOTY
Aaron Gordon was out here making a wish list of teams to be traded to just to contribute nothing but cardio in the playoffs.
14 Jun, 02:29 AM UTC
Aaron Gordon, filthy 🤧 (via @NBA) @SportsCenter's photo on Aaron Gordon
14 Jun, 12:56 AM UTC
NBA Memes
Aaron Gordon and Kyle Kuzma on the Shanghai Sharks next year @NBAMemes's photo on Aaron Gordon
14 Jun, 12:30 AM UTC
SB Nation
The Nuggets will bounce back from this next season • Jokic will defend his MVP title • Aaron Gordon will have his first full season in Denver • MPJ is only getting better • they have Bol Bol • and Jamal Murray will be healthy Can't wait @denverstiffs https://t.co/C6FCyHlGq1
14 Jun, 02:44 AM UTC
Ahmed🇸🇴/Mach Hommy's Pray For Haiti AOTY
Your team let Aaron Gordon look like prime Blake Griffin in the series plz run from the grind my brother @Dame_Lillard
14 Jun, 03:09 AM UTC
aaron gordon would be working at a raising caines if it wasn’t for the 2016 dunk contest
14 Jun, 02:14 AM UTC
Coast To Coast Brasil🏀🇧🇷
Aaron Gordon ainda não mostrou nada na NBA se não fosse os torneios de enterrada. Incapaz de ajudar o Nuggets...
14 Jun, 12:40 AM UTC
Tim Bontemps
Of all the injuries that happened this season, Jamal Murray’s was especially tough. This Denver team had a real shot to win it all with him after the Aaron Gordon trade. Here’s hoping we can see the Nuggets at full strength when the playoffs roll around next year.
14 Jun, 02:31 AM UTC
Threezus Ketchum ⭕️
🚨 GIVEAWAY “SWEEP”STAKES🚨 The Suns have a chance to punch a WCF ticket tonight! So if they clinch tonight, I’ll giveaway a Chris Paul Seeing Stars OR an Aaron Gordon mome if they don’t! 1. Like/Retweet/Follow 2. Tag 2 Topshotters! Enter before tip-off! Good luck TS fam! 🔥🔥 https://t.co/B3xhYfWGyK
13 Jun, 08:59 PM UTC
Cousin Steez
Aaron Gordon really not that guy, and y’all wanted to ship Smart out for him. I ain’t forget
14 Jun, 03:35 AM UTC
Threezus Ketchum ⭕️
🚨GIVEAWAY UPDATE🚨 The Suns have clinched their Western Conference Finals! So I’ll be giving away the Seeing Stars Chris Paul AND as a treat to the TopShot fam, I’ll be giving away the Aaron Gordon 40k as well! I’ll be posting winners soon! Much love TS fam! 🔥🔥 https://t.co/vNCxZHhzeo
14 Jun, 04:39 AM UTC
Anchorage Man
applies to a lot of players on DEN too. Aaron Gordon isn’t a secondary shot creator on a good team. And when Denver had their actual team, he didn’t have to be so he could do Aaron Gordon things. But he’s a better shot creator than say Campazzo so he’s the one who had to try. https://t.co/UlZTx7TdeT
14 Jun, 04:11 AM UTC
Aaron Gordon without a dunk contest https://t.co/taJwMsa2fY
14 Jun, 12:33 AM UTC
Evan Sidery
Jae Crowder’s primary defensive matchups in the Suns’ first two series: LeBron James = 35.7 FG% (10-of-28 FGA) Aaron Gordon = 25.0 FG% (4-of-16 FGA) Crowder has been an elite 3-and-D weapon for Phoenix over their playoff run. https://t.co/5IdaSa2pVj
14 Jun, 07:07 AM UTC
Anthony Slater
Denver’s wings were a problem in the Phoenix sweep. -Aaron Gordon: 6, 4, 8 points in final three losses on 8-of-25 shooting. Made zero 3s the whole series. -Michael Porter: 14.2 quiet ppg and only four total assists in four games. https://t.co/HyreQFtR0c
14 Jun, 05:15 AM UTC
Aaron Gordon called his teammates soft and proceed to only score a combined 18 points in the next three games
14 Jun, 02:38 AM UTC
Farai Joel
#PHXvsDEN Aaron Gordon right now https://t.co/kO2MVgwCez
14 Jun, 01:03 AM UTC
Aaron Gordon has been some absolute garbage this series
14 Jun, 12:24 AM UTC
S Sport
Aaron Gordon'ın harika smacı, Giannis Antetokounmpo - Jrue Holiday ortaklığındaki alley-oop ve daha fazlası! Suns - Nuggets ve Nets - Bucks maçlarından Top 5 listesi sizlerle! Favoriniz hangisi? #NBA #NBAPlayoffs https://t.co/YOf6zJI7W5
14 Jun, 08:00 AM UTC
The Spurs Nuff Said
@SPURS TWITTER really wanted to trade Demar for Aaron Gordon. Y'all have zero basketball acumen, smh #GoSpursGo
14 Jun, 12:38 AM UTC
Aaron Gordon is an actual empty calorie stat player
14 Jun, 08:09 AM UTC
@WorldWideWob how much will Aaron Gordon make per year in the Shangai Ducks?
14 Jun, 08:21 AM UTC
@SBNation @denverstiffs Yeah… still not seeing Aaron Gordon being a consistent high-level type player. But at least Jamal will be back to help.
14 Jun, 07:41 AM UTC
@BobbyMarks42 aaron gordon can go ..
14 Jun, 07:39 AM UTC
aun no me creo que los Nuggets dieran una primera ronda + gary harris + rj hampton por AARON GORDON😭
14 Jun, 07:35 AM UTC
NBA en español
[NBA Highlights] Aaron Gordon Showing Off the Handles on Devin Booker & Throws It Down 👀 https://t.co/njnyEERuRZ
14 Jun, 07:32 AM UTC
Aaron Gordon needs to rid himself of that stupid number and start over in Denver. Next season will be more of the same 🤷🏿‍♂️
14 Jun, 07:23 AM UTC