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Michael Kaine
Chronically fatigued and untrained workers who are struggling to rub two pennies together is a recipe for disaster. https://t.co/URMzI4Qq2P #AusUnions #abc730 Michael Kaine's photo on #abc730
14 Aug, 09:32 AM UTC
Meet the aged care residents cooking for the #homeless. More tonight on #abc730. @tabowden #agedcare abc730's photo on #abc730
15 Aug, 06:19 AM UTC
Lord Bellend
The moment the coalition said NO to cheaper electricity prices #abc730 #auspol Lord Bellend's photo on #abc730
14 Aug, 09:51 AM UTC
Budget airline #Jetstar is paying its #Thai cabin crew a base salary of as little as $100 a week. #abc730 @ashmcghee abc730's photo on #abc730
14 Aug, 11:46 AM UTC
Leahy Cartoons
THE HALF A BILLION DOLLAR QUESTION #GBR #GBRfoundation #REEFGATE #GreatBarrierReef #GreatBarrierReefFoundation #ABCNews #qldpol @qldpol_updates @auspolwatch #abc730 @ABCPolitics #auspol @couriermail @BreakfastNews @SkyNewsAust @sunriseon7 Leahy Cartoons's photo on #abc730
14 Aug, 10:20 AM UTC
TWU Australia
Could you survive on $100 a week? #abc730 lifts the lid on exploitation of cabin crew working on our planes TWU Australia's photo on #abc730
14 Aug, 09:43 AM UTC
Allan Green
#qt #abc730 Everytime the Turnbull Govt pat themselves on the back for the wonderful job they are doing on the NDIS Remember not one of them turned up to see it pass under the Gillard Govt Allan Green's photo on #abc730
15 Aug, 05:24 AM UTC
Allan Green
#auspol #qt #thedrum #abc730 Bill Shorten "Malcolm Turnbull wants a medal because he got a majority of his own party to support him, you'd think he climbed Mount Everest"
14 Aug, 11:11 PM UTC
Jack Jones
Crazy Katter reckons Annings speech was ‘wonderful’. Katter and his party are horrible people. Obviously all you have to have to get into parliament is a big mouth. Takes absolutely no brains in Australia. #auspol #abc730 #qt
15 Aug, 03:04 AM UTC
Gary Smith
14 Aug, 10:56 PM UTC
I hv never been so embarrassed as I am today seeing and hearing our wanker MPs carry on like pansy little kids, god help us if we had to go to war, can u imagine “Oh sorry I hvta shoot u, forgive me” #speers #credlin #theboltreport #pmlive #abc730 #outsiders #indiders
15 Aug, 07:06 AM UTC
Prince Fed up
There you are guys in the senate and house. Does that feel good? It's called representing the will of the people through bipartisanship. Now for asylum seekers and a return to humanity. #abc730 #auspol
15 Aug, 08:35 AM UTC
Prince Fed up
Senator Anning has actually done muticulturalism a big favour in both Houses today. And hopefully silenced race baiting Liberals and Nationals, including Dutton and Turnbull. #auspol #abc730
15 Aug, 07:38 AM UTC
News Politics Nature
#auspol #thedrum #abc730 #abcnews We've heard @TurnbullMalcolm @billshortenmp @SenatorWong @JoshFrydenberg @HumanHeadline condemn Fraser Anning's racist antisemitic comments but not @RealBobKatter for his effusive endorsement of them. @leighsales @barriecassidy @vanOnselenP @smh
15 Aug, 08:50 AM UTC
So #qanda immediately responds by becoming the Pied Piper of Racists? Inflammatory panel after #Anning speech is unacceptable and you know it! @qanda #auspol #abc730 #MichelleGuthrie https://t.co/3jnnygx1KS
15 Aug, 08:49 AM UTC
Prince Fed up
Politicians can't stay neutral now after Anning. They cannot hide. They must stand up and defend Australians who are Muslim. They must reject and condemn islamophobia, not hope to ride it to victory. #abc730 @ABCthedrum
15 Aug, 07:58 AM UTC
Col. D
#auspol #abc730 #Speers #credlin Unemployment at 10% in July highest in nearly a year https://t.co/daml6BIYwT via @roymorganonline
15 Aug, 07:45 AM UTC
is it not amazing, Fraser Anning says something (I call Patriotism) and they then get on the TV and call Paulin Hanson a racist, as if Hanson was the one that said it, U PPL MAKE ME SICK, u dumb media naive turps #speers #credlin #theboltreport #pmlive #abc730 #outsiders #richo
15 Aug, 06:58 AM UTC
Dr. George Tsambourakis
#BankingRoyalCommision #bankingRC #BanksRC #channel7 #channel9 #ABC730 DEAD OR ALIVE WHO CARES. The never ending story. Secret dealings are kept in the family; Colonial First State trustee charged fees to dead people, royal commission hears https://t.co/6rqsjDHWPl
15 Aug, 06:00 AM UTC
Dr. George Tsambourakis
#BankingRoyalCommision #bankingRC #BanksRC #channel7 #channel9 #ABC730 DEAD OR ALIVE WHO CARES. Is there anyone going to be charged? I guess not. The New Moto is: FORGIVE AND FOORGET. CBA customer dead for a decade but still charged fees, commission hears https://t.co/KVcAbW5H01
15 Aug, 05:57 AM UTC
Kevin Perry
The husband of Cindy Low, who was killed on Dreamworld’s Thunder River Rapids ride, speaks publicly for the first time tomorrow night to @leighsales about the trauma of losing his wife in the catastrophic accident that claimed four lives. #abc730
15 Aug, 05:44 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from Australia.

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