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Watch the Afghan Files story that sparked today's Federal Police raid on the ABC. #abc730 #AFPRaids https://t.co/3Ja3FReL8O
05 Jun, 04:33 AM UTC
Eddy Jokovich
One of the weakest interviews ever of a Treasurer on #ABC730. The economy is just about to go into freefall and recession but an easy interview, questions unanswered, swatted away. When will serious scrutiny commence on the LNP Government? #AUSPOL
04 Jun, 02:45 PM UTC
Last night on ABC 7.30 the Treasurer referred to ‘the debt we inherited’. Commentators never seem to ask the question about how much debt the government has added over the last 6 years 😡. @latingle #abc730 ABC photo below https://t.co/tuFGkkDEoN
05 Jun, 04:53 AM UTC
💧LubiePhil🌊 🇮🇪🇦🇺
#abc730 if $30 odd a week through interest rate cuts helps with your 2nd mortage, maybe you shouldn't have a 2nd mortage 🤔 #auspol
04 Jun, 11:22 AM UTC
Story on Adani's latest illegal works live now on #ABC730 https://t.co/eucbs2NWZP
05 Jun, 09:34 AM UTC
Drone footage shows #Adani doing illegal work at mine site, environmental group claims. Adani denies the allegation. #abc730 @michaelatkin @markwillacy https://t.co/HNagbv3pkD
05 Jun, 09:36 AM UTC
The largest & most significant remaining population of the black-throated finch is found on the Adani Carmichael coal mine site in the Galilee Basin. “I fear, like a lot of people, that this is nail in the coffin for this species,” says Professor @BrenWintle, @unimelb. #abc730
05 Jun, 09:33 AM UTC
Fred Sparrow : Liar From The Shire
Isn't this what they do in fascist countries that are run by dictators - arrest journalists? #auspol @abcnews #abc730 https://t.co/vmn320TJZE
05 Jun, 02:29 AM UTC
Stop Adani
The ABC finds Adani have conducted illegal work again! We must stop this climate wrecking, water-guzzling project before Adani damages precious Qld water resources. Prosecute Adani now @LeeanneEnochMP @AnnastaciaPalaszczukMP #StopAdani #abc730 https://t.co/1Hg084RVgX
05 Jun, 09:41 AM UTC
Freds Rotting Corpse
So that's it #abc730? Journalism under threat and you couldn't squeeze in mention in Leigh's teleprompter opening script? #ABCRaids
05 Jun, 09:34 AM UTC
Environmentalists claim: “Adani cleared roughly 27,000 sqm of vegetation. They've put in place water storage facilities … a series of tracks & roads. And all of this is done in potential black-throated finch habitat, all prior to their approval.” - Derec Davies. #abc730
05 Jun, 09:39 AM UTC
Nothing on the raids? #abc730
05 Jun, 09:45 AM UTC
.@JimmyBarnes and @DavidCampbell73 haven't had your typical father-son relationship. They talk about their strong bond in #ItTakesTwo. #abc730 @abc730's photo on #abc730
05 Jun, 10:20 AM UTC
Ready for the Job interviews at Adani. 💁🏽‍♀️ #auspol #abc730 https://t.co/W0eiySveGU
05 Jun, 09:26 AM UTC
💧Stavros™= Σταύρος©
Can't believe that #AFPraids are not headlining #abc730. Will it even be mentioned? #ABCraids
05 Jun, 09:41 AM UTC
Emily Tripkey
The Barnsy love fest is one thing #abc730 but to avoid the #AFPRaids elephant in the room by wasting time with this rugby rubbish is too much. Kerry O'Brien is so much missed.
05 Jun, 09:58 AM UTC
After years of delays the controversial Carmichael coal mine proposed by Indian mining giant #Adani could just be weeks away from starting construction. #abc730 @michaelatkin
05 Jun, 09:31 AM UTC
Dave Pitman
Oh look. Empty shops in Townsville. Do North Queenslanders think they are unique? There's dozens of empty shops around the corner, metro Melbourne. #abc730 #auspol
05 Jun, 09:36 AM UTC
#TheDrum The #AFP is clearly NOT an independent body. #auspol #abcnews #abc730 #withMEAA
05 Jun, 08:51 AM UTC
30 seconds on the raids. Pathetic. #abc730
05 Jun, 09:58 AM UTC
Richard Bot Tuffin 💧🌈
So all reporting from #abc730 is included in the scope of the warrant? Are you effing kidding me? #afpraids https://t.co/jNKzzFBxqK
05 Jun, 05:20 AM UTC
@pocockdavid lova ya, but had to switch channels to make sure I caught the fellas taking a stand over the national anthem. #abc730 #StateOfOrigin
05 Jun, 09:56 AM UTC
Prince Fed up
I made the sacrifice and watched the whole of #abc730. Not a word about the AFP raids. Not a word. Just like the suicide attempts on Manus Is after the election. What rubbish it has become. Pointless magazine tripe.
05 Jun, 10:23 AM UTC
Unbelievable that #abc730 barely mentioned #AFPRaids tonight. Spent more time talking about Jimmy Barnes. Thought the whole show would be dedicated to it. Pathetic. #auspol
05 Jun, 10:30 AM UTC
💦💧Sally Edsall
Ok I’m out. #abc730 gone full tabloid and can’t spare a moment for #ABCraids . What editorial bs is this?
05 Jun, 09:41 AM UTC
just Phil
Is today National Barnsey Day or something? Even #ABC730 getting in on the lightweight fluff. All part of the path to privatisation do doubt!
05 Jun, 09:48 AM UTC
Stephan Carson
The #DeceiverOfDixon & #LiarFromTheShire have their grubby little mitts all over these #AFPRaids. Without a doubt. So #MSM that's how a #lnp government reward your loyalty. Whoahahaha! #auspol #thedrum #abc730 #Insiders https://t.co/8YIDUfkK9F
05 Jun, 07:33 AM UTC
💧StopAdani Bayside
Adani breaks Queensland laws & can’t be trusted to protect Queensland water & environment. And they won’t answer questions raised in @abc730 report tonight. #ABC730 #Adani100Jobs #BlackThroatedFinch #StopAdani
05 Jun, 09:44 AM UTC
Stephan Carson
So what do the #AFPRaids want to hide? #auspol #abc730 @SkyNewsAust @abcnews #thedrum #insiders @PeterDutton_MP #TheDeceiverOfDixon https://t.co/CtqffF08MW
05 Jun, 10:22 AM UTC
Prince Fed up
So Ita. What are your thoughts on the AFP raid then? Haven't heard a peep yet. Or did I miss it? #abc730
05 Jun, 10:02 AM UTC
💧Political Tragic
#ABC730 did not report on the raids. Something very sinister is occurring and it’s got Dutton and Morrison’s fingerprints all over it. https://t.co/9ukdQuyfi7
05 Jun, 10:14 AM UTC
Righto, better in the last 20 seconds of the program than never! Link to the story that has resulted in the ABC being raided by the AFP. #FreePress #ABC730 #AusPol https://t.co/vO3hdh5BMd
05 Jun, 10:25 AM UTC
Jill ❌
I knew I had heard her name before. It was when Lorna had EDITED the donation thing during the campaign. #ABC730 Notice she left off what the LABOR party got from the gun lobby. #THEIRABC @abcsydney were caught again. #AUSPOL https://t.co/LB47cp4Lmb
05 Jun, 10:17 AM UTC
These are the questions I posed to #adani and the full response from the company #abc730 https://t.co/Lh7iAv5yIJ
05 Jun, 10:51 AM UTC
Emily Tripkey
Has @JimmyBarnes been employed by LNP to provide distraction from #AFPraids? #QandA, #abc730 and now #theweekly????
05 Jun, 10:35 AM UTC
💦💧Sally Edsall
There’s more political analysis on my at the moment fave show @thegoodfight. At least it’s on tonight. #abc730 #auspol
05 Jun, 10:20 AM UTC
#sunriseon7 #9Today #auspol #tennews #7NEWS #9News #pmlive #TheProjectTV #abc730 #Skynews #ABCNews #heraldsun #Telegraph https://t.co/TsJOHUU4KQ
05 Jun, 10:19 AM UTC
David Pocock is a superstar both on and off the field. More like him in our sport please! @pocockdavid #abc730 https://t.co/UD7W0HrapU
05 Jun, 10:13 AM UTC