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Paul Embery
That’s the first time I’ve ever heard Abide With Me booed at the FA Cup final. Traditionally a unifying hymn on these occasions. Makes no sense at all.
14 May, 06:28 PM UTC
Duncan Wright
For a fan base who claim to be more football than any other, Liverpool fans booing Abide With Me speaks volumes
14 May, 03:39 PM UTC
Ian Austin
Not impressed by the silly children at Wembley booing the black charity choir and men and women who serve in the armed forces and play in the military band during Abide With Me and the National Anthem. Grow up.
14 May, 04:18 PM UTC
Tess Summers 🇬🇧🇮🇪
'fans disrupted a rendition of Abide with Me, jeered Prince William's introduction and booed during the National Anthem' People who boo the National Anthem clearly despise Britain and should live elsewhere https://t.co/RVmcQ9PeaJ
14 May, 05:18 PM UTC
Robin Evans
They booed the national anthem, they booed Abide with Me, and they wonder why everyone despises them...
14 May, 03:42 PM UTC
Miguel Delaney
Not sure why some in the Liverpool end were loudly booing 'Abide with me' at the start. It isn't the national anthem, it isn't a state symbol, it's just a nice solemn hymn that is part of the tradition.
14 May, 03:38 PM UTC
Rob Harris
Liverpool fans disrupted Abide with Me, jeered Prince William's introduction and booed during the National Anthem at Wembley #facupfinal
14 May, 03:45 PM UTC
Stan Collymore ❤️🖤
What did Abide With Me do wrong? 🤷🏽‍♂️
14 May, 03:40 PM UTC
John Brewin
Whatever about booing the National Anthem, to which I have little objection, booing Abide With Me, sung at Hillsborough memorials, on a Hillsborough charity single released only last month, and a favourite of Bill Shankly, perhaps might be reconsidered next time around.
15 May, 07:34 AM UTC
Neil Moxley
Abide with me, booed by Liverpool fans. Duke of Cambridge booed by Liverpool fans. National anthem booed by Liverpool fans.
14 May, 03:43 PM UTC
cfcuk Fanzine
Was told @GaryLineker called the @LFC fans “magnificent” yesterday England fans castigated for booing other countries’ national anthems L’pool disgracefully booed ‘Abide With Me’ & their own country’s National Anthem What say you, Gary? (‘Borrowed from’) @GingerDarrenCFC
15 May, 08:43 AM UTC
CFC Cathy
Booing the National Anthem and Abide with me … sunk to new depths. Bet media didn’t report that …
15 May, 07:36 AM UTC
Tim Cairns
Why are Liverpool fans booing the national anthem and abide with me? What a weird bunch
14 May, 03:42 PM UTC
Please can someone explain to me why Abide with me was booed yesterday ? It's a hymn that's supposed to unite people and give people hope. Totally trashed yesterday - I just don't get why you'd boo something as beautiful and as traditional as that.
15 May, 08:16 AM UTC
Nowhere Man 🤔
@BeckettUnite And they booed Abide with Me and the choir that song it. Shameful
14 May, 07:15 PM UTC
Margaret Ambrose
I think it’s very sad that Liverpool football team receive rapturous eulogies from the BBC, barely mentioning that their yobbish fans 𝙗𝙤𝙤𝙚𝙙 the National Anthem,Abide with Me,the choir & Prince William. Celebrations should have been curtailed,imo. (Never are consequences 😖)
15 May, 07:46 AM UTC
Ian Baker
FA Cup Final. 4.45pm kick off. One side wearing change strip for no good reason. One set of fans inexplicably booing national anthem and Abide With Me. Game has gone and can both sides lose please?
14 May, 04:26 PM UTC
Daniel Austin
Have just seen all the kick off over Abide With Me and Prince William, and honest to God it's yet another great example of how people in this country would be far better off if they simply left the house more The things going on and LIVERPOOL BAD is front page news. Jesus Christ
15 May, 10:08 AM UTC
David Atherton
The Liverpool fans scored a hattrick at the Cup Final against Chelsea. Booed Abide with me Booed the National Anthem Booed Prince William https://t.co/W23WM6sTFJ
15 May, 11:05 AM UTC
Robin Redbreast
@SholaMos1 The Liverpool fans also booed the mainly black sickle cell choir who sang the hymn ‘Abide With Me’. I find it strange that you don’t mention this, or the military band who also got booed. It’s what the Liverpool fans do. It is shameful but not unusual.
15 May, 11:18 AM UTC
Why did the FA pay an All Black Choir to sing "Abide With Me" at Wembley FA Cup Final ? This is Racism in Action .. Against White British at our premier sporting event ! Get this trending. #WhiteBritish2ndClassCitizens https://t.co/OrvSNl1Acp
15 May, 10:26 AM UTC
⭐️ King of Northumbria ⭐️
The Liverpool fans who booed the hymn “Abide with me” yesterday at the FA Cup Final should hang their heads in shame. Then they should watch this video from the 1989 FA Cup Final and apologise for booing. They claim “You’ll never walk alone” but do they mean it?? #lfc https://t.co/JsbuRKPIza
15 May, 11:13 AM UTC
Simon ⭐️⭐️
And they all heard Liverpool fans boo Abide with me, the National Anthem and HRH Prince William but I bet you never mentioned that #agenda https://t.co/EFWzPGrL0i
15 May, 11:35 AM UTC
Caroline Keep 🌟😊
Wow anyone confused today why Liverpool fans singing abide with me instead. You really don't know? 🙄 This isn't new news ⬇ #Hillsborough https://t.co/w77pwDg0I6 https://t.co/L0L68Lmx3H
15 May, 11:34 AM UTC
Peter Mac EFC
@natalie_17 Abide With Me hearing the Liverpool fans booing yesterday https://t.co/W54HNNJHER
15 May, 11:04 AM UTC
chris gray
@adriandrake Booing Abide with me what’s that about
15 May, 11:09 AM UTC
Reasonable Voice
@tracytaylor66 @SholaMos1 No mention for the booing of the POC singing Abide With Me in the sickle cell charity choir.
15 May, 11:40 AM UTC
Ric Michael ⭐️⭐️🇺🇦
@seanjonesqc Liverpool thing going back to Thatcher (managing Liverpool decline) and links between Abide With Me and slavery. Not judging, just passing the info.
15 May, 11:34 AM UTC
TheRealConanTroutman Top 0.6% of All Creators
@FlyingKickToTh1 @PaulEmbery What’s working class about booing Abide With Me?
15 May, 11:16 AM UTC
Graham Roberts
@sandieshoes @lathamphil1 I have no idea why that booing happened - there is speculation that some are resentful of the establishment cover up of Hillsborough. There is no excuse for booing during Abide With Me. As a Liverpudlian, I wouldn’t have engaged in that behaviour, if I’d been lucky enough to go.
15 May, 11:13 AM UTC