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Jill Wine-Banks
#SCOTUS does the right thing and angers the Right by finding LA restrictions on #abortionrights are an undue burden on women's right to choose. Roberts joins Ginsburg, Breyer, Kagan, Sotomayor. Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana Abortion Restrictions https://t.co/kVecDRr33Z
29 Jun, 04:37 PM UTC
🇺🇸 FLASH - La Cour suprême affirme que la loi très restrictive sur l'#avortement en #Louisiane viole la Constitution, une victoire surprenante pour les militants pro avortement aux #EtatsUnis. (médias américains) #abortionrights #Louisiana
29 Jun, 04:21 PM UTC
Ashley Sheffield
!!!! Louisiana still has Abortion on our ballot in November, which could deny “the right to abortion” in our state constitution. Talk to your friends and family about this, we cannot let it pass. #AbortionRights #VoteProChoice https://t.co/MjTuiwnWNG
29 Jun, 02:46 PM UTC
Johnathan S. Perkins, Esq. 😷
Surprise, surprise. The two Supreme Court justices who have harassed and assaulted women are opposed to women's right to control their own bodies. #SCOTUS #abortionrights
29 Jun, 05:42 PM UTC
Bill Komanetsky
@SpeakerPelosi You know, I’m not a woman so I refuse to take the rights of women away simply because I wouldn’t want to get an abortion if I was a woman. Then again, if I was a woman, I would probably look at this completely differently. That is why men should have NO SAY! #AbortionRights
29 Jun, 05:59 PM UTC
FACT: The conservative argument against a woman's tright to choose is based on religious views, not science. #RoevWade #AbortionRights
29 Jun, 06:24 PM UTC
Rosemari Ochoa
You know who should get an abortion? Anyone who wants one. #abortionrights #prochoice #SCOTUS
29 Jun, 04:37 PM UTC
Shirley Adams🌍
@Jim_Jordan Idiotic hyperbole! For decades Republicans have used 2A to spread fear to its base. "Libs are comin' to take yer guns away." Now they threaten SCOTUS Judges who uphold the Constitution in law Roe v. Wade supported by Majority of America. #abortionrights #WomenforBiden #Joe2020 https://t.co/KlVvjTJj8D
29 Jun, 04:40 PM UTC
#SCOTUS > #POTUS #abortionrights #abortionisessential #abortionishealthcare https://t.co/ucAYRnDxFu
29 Jun, 05:09 PM UTC
If you're thinking about protecting the right to choose today (and who isn't?!), help elect a champion for #reproductivejustice and #abortionrights to a critical seat in the Wisconsin State Senate. Small grassroots donations power our campaign! https://t.co/nuIzVSFhys
29 Jun, 05:51 PM UTC
All smiles from our Faith Organizer @kelleyapho as they prepare for a TV interview about today’s monumental #SCOTUS decision reaffirming #abortionrights. And yes, she’s wearing that shirt on camera, b/c the world still needs to know that “Your fear of Black men is racism.” ✊🏿 https://t.co/BSu4OMOdR3
29 Jun, 05:30 PM UTC
Sky Black
@JennaEllisEsq Oh, the MAGAs aren't happy. Can somebody let me know when they ARE happy? 😂😂 #Scotus #AbortionRights #JusticeRoberts
29 Jun, 06:18 PM UTC
probably: Joshua
Are ALL lawsuits against abortion brought to the courts by women? No. Got it. WHY DO THESE MEN (USUALLY OLD WHITE MEN) care about what women do with THEIR BODIES! No argument that could ever make me side with that. Why is this even a thing? #louisiana #AbortionRights https://t.co/CAEDXVKOyU
29 Jun, 06:05 PM UTC
James S. Henry
#AbortionRights SCOTUS just struck down Louisiana’s attempt to curb access. 5-4. Another great day for Justice Roberts. https://t.co/btvZlUtmJV
29 Jun, 05:47 PM UTC
Edward Goldstein
Do you know how Supreme Court justices are appointed? The Senate effectively elects them. Why is our press secretary such a Karen? #supremecourt #AbortionRights https://t.co/CDHf0JH5JG
29 Jun, 06:23 PM UTC
L'#Aborto e' un diritto... #AbortionRights #AbortionIsHealthcare
29 Jun, 06:19 PM UTC
#Abortion is a right! #AbortionRights #AbortionIsHealthcare
29 Jun, 06:19 PM UTC
@GovMLG I don’t comprehend men wanting to make decisions for Women, like if they couldn’t decide for themselves. Unless you have a Vagina, Shut Your Gash❗️ABORTION IS EXCLUSIVELY A WOMAN’S RIGHT‼️- says a Gay Man🏳️‍🌈#abortionrights #WomensRights #WomenScareTrump https://t.co/IHRuip4dED
29 Jun, 06:02 PM UTC
Doug Murano
#AbortionRights #SupremeCourt https://t.co/cSZuVggkkW
29 Jun, 02:28 PM UTC
PulpNinja || ✊🏿 BLACK LIVES MATTER. ✊🏿
Before I get too excited about #ChiefJusticeRoberts and today's #SCOTUS #abortionrights decision, I'm keeping in-mind three things: 1.) he's an OG #libertarian who was just as likely to come down *against* maintaining precedent as he was *for* maintaining precedent; 1/3
29 Jun, 05:51 PM UTC
News 93.1 KFBK
SCOTUS Abortion Decision Reax: CA Senate President pro temp @SenToniAtkins says, “The decision by #SCOTUS to strike down this latest attempt to erode #abortionrights in this country is encouraging and sends a much-needed message to those seeking to strip away women’s rights..." https://t.co/ilgRtgydIJ
29 Jun, 03:57 PM UTC
What About Now?🌈
The only precedent that Justice Kavanaugh upholds is for Republican untruthfulness. Luckily Chief Roberts cares about the reputation of the #SCOTUS. #AbortionRights https://t.co/NlpCsAl9Je
29 Jun, 06:43 PM UTC
I believe abortion should be illegal except for 3 instances. Rape, incest and life of the mother. Gorsuch #SupremeCourt Roe V. Wade Kavanaugh Alito Thomas #AbortionIsHealthcare #AbortionRights #AbortionIsMurder
29 Jun, 06:42 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump #AbortionRights Still losing Dementia Donnie!!!! https://t.co/v8FpeLLkX8
29 Jun, 06:41 PM UTC
Paladin 55
Please, @SenatorCollins, do comment about why you thought Kavanaugh would respect #AbortionRights...Isn't that the reason you let him pass? You can't say you support a woman's right to choose, you pearl clutching hand wringing #hypocrite. @SpeakerGideon/@SaraGideon for #Maine. https://t.co/HeZXFNIdPs
29 Jun, 06:40 PM UTC
susanne collins
I never thought I’d thank god for Justice Roberts... #AbortionRights
29 Jun, 06:40 PM UTC
Roe v. Wade being upheld in Louisiana... #MeToo #AbortionRights https://t.co/AzxOuLc6w2
29 Jun, 06:32 PM UTC
Got To Say It
Never thought I would say this but THANK YOU @GeorgeWBush__ for #JusticeRoberts. @scotus @PPFA #abortionRights #prochoice #ProLife ##LiveAndLetLive https://t.co/aJGNWGFqie via @politico @CNN
29 Jun, 06:20 PM UTC
Reverse Engineering ALL human's actions
@DE_DOJ #AbortionRights https://t.co/EqQDAv5Cqk
29 Jun, 06:19 PM UTC
Reverse Engineering ALL human's actions
@DE_DOJ #AbortionRights https://t.co/EqQDAv5Cqk
29 Jun, 06:19 PM UTC

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