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Jack Posobiec ✝️
Waukesha was not an accident Waukesha was an attack
24 Nov, 03:20 PM UTC
Jack Posobiec ✝️
The same people who told you Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist who massacred black protesters are now telling you Waukesha was just a traffic accident Are you paying attention yet?
24 Nov, 03:53 PM UTC
Tim Young
The Waukesha massacre was a domestic terror attack committed by a BLM supporter. It was not an accident.
24 Nov, 03:48 PM UTC
The Babylon Bee
Doctors Announce They Will No Longer Treat Car Accident Victims Who Didn't Wear Their Seat Belt
24 Nov, 12:34 AM UTC
Jack Posobiec ✝️
The media still talks about Kyle Rittenhouse making a hand gesture one time but they will blast you for mentioning years of posts on Darrell Brooks' social media accounts This isn't an accident This is a design
24 Nov, 04:04 PM UTC
The Babylon Bee
CNN Reports On 'Deadly Boat Accident' At Pearl Harbor
24 Nov, 06:12 PM UTC
It was not an “accident.” It was not a “parade crash.” The killer was not “fleeing a crime.” All these lies disproven by the evidence/charges. This was an intentional mass murder by a cop-hating black supremacist released by Democrats. Those are the facts Break the narrative
24 Nov, 05:13 PM UTC
*Run over 50 people while out on bail for running over people *Have entire MSM run defense for you and call it an accident *Have politicians demand lowering bail same day you did this *Have blue checkmarks attack anyone reporting on any of this They really want this to go away.
24 Nov, 04:18 PM UTC
Drew Hernandez
FAKE NEWS: MSNBC calling the Waukesha massacre an “accident”, media lies right before your very eyes @DrewHLive's photo on Accident
24 Nov, 03:28 PM UTC
Debra Messing✍🏻
Dear Mainstream Media—a man intentionally drove his car through a parade killing 6 and injuring 50+. It was not an ACCIDENT. 🔥Call it by its name🔥#WaukeshaMassacre And it was a domestic terror attack. Don't minimize. Please.
24 Nov, 04:24 PM UTC
Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈
NBC’s MSNBC featured a paid analyst (@selectedwisdom) who referred to the #Waukesha car-ramming incident as an “accident.” The criminal complaint details how multiple witnesses said driver stopped & then sped up in zigzag to mow through people. @MrAndyNgo's photo on Accident
24 Nov, 03:08 PM UTC
The Post Millennial
MSNBC calls the Waukesha massacre an “accident” @TPostMillennial's photo on Accident
24 Nov, 03:36 PM UTC
It was not an accident. It was not a car crash. It was an act of domestic terrorism. #Waukesha
24 Nov, 04:42 PM UTC
Election Wizard
It doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes to see that #WaukeshaWasNoAccident. Continued uses of the word "accident" by the press to refer to what happened in Waukesha is nothing more than deliberate and sinister gaslighting.
24 Nov, 04:13 PM UTC
Tom Fitton
Waukesha wasn't an "accident" or a "crash"!
24 Nov, 04:13 PM UTC
The Corporate Media is trying to frame the attack on the Waukesha Christmas a parade as an “accident”. This is a lie and they will not win.
24 Nov, 05:33 PM UTC
Oliver Willis
"conservative policies like being soft on domestic violence, led to the waukesha accident. they won't even pass the violence against women act. women were killed in the accident - including grannies - why won't the right defend grandmas and other women?"
24 Nov, 03:14 PM UTC
The USA Singers
I saw “accident” was trending, and I just assumed Trump shit his pants on the golf course again.
24 Nov, 04:47 PM UTC
Carmine Sabia
Waukesha was not an accident. It was a black nationalist terrorist attack. There are white nationalists and black nationalists and neither are the good guys.
24 Nov, 04:38 PM UTC
Matt Kennard
Revealed: UK's largest intelligence agency, GCHQ, leaked 10,000 litres of water laced with carcinogenic chemicals into a public stream next to its Cornwall site. The accident has remained secret for nine years. My latest for @declassifiedUK
24 Nov, 01:24 PM UTC
Kyle Becker
Remember: These same "journalists" that spew easily provable lies about Rittenhouse case, #Waukesha parade "accident" & Russia hoax are the same ones who assure us 2020 was legit, Covid-19 means universal vax mandates & forced masking of children. Everything they say is a *LIE.*
24 Nov, 06:33 PM UTC
Author Lord Matt Ridley joins Julia to talk about his new book Viral: The Search for the Origin of Covid-19. He says, after 2 years we still do not know for certain if it was a "laboratory accident", or how a "bat virus" created a pandemic in Wuhan. @JuliaHB1 | @mattwridley @talkRADIO's photo on Accident
24 Nov, 10:43 AM UTC
Marius Hurton 🇺🇸
Hey @selectedwisdom, shame on you for calling the #WaukeshaMassacre an 'accident'. Pathetic moron.
24 Nov, 03:55 PM UTC
🚨🚨ALL IN ONE collection of the clips Sunday's car attack in Waukesha that now leaves six people dead. 🚨🚨 There is NO WAY to call what Darrell Brooks did an ACCIDENT as the videos together show him speeding throughout the ENTIRE parade route. All of it. Without stopping.
24 Nov, 06:19 PM UTC
Save American Small Business
This was not a fucking “accident.”#DarrellBrooks deliberately ran down 54 people with his car. Brooks MURDERED 6 people and injured 48. @SRuhle is scum and she lied.
24 Nov, 05:02 PM UTC
@JackPosobiec The media might be. But we sure aren't calling it an accident. Just like drunk driving isn't an accident. Just like KR wasn't acting in self defense. Are you listening?
24 Nov, 04:42 PM UTC
Proud Army Veteran
@SusanStJames3_ It was no damn accident! They knew, we know it, and the animal that did this knows it. MSNBC is a damn joke! They all are!
24 Nov, 05:49 PM UTC
J. Skyler
$100 collected! (Thank you 😇) $400 still needed to replace my tires and not have a terrible accident on the road since I have to commute part time again. If 16 ppl have $25 that will make goal.
24 Nov, 06:19 PM UTC
First Class Fatherhood 🎙
Welcome to 2021 where parents speaking up is called a #DomesticTerrorist incident and the Mass Murder in #Waukesha is being called an accident
24 Nov, 06:32 PM UTC