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Acer America
.@LPGA’s @linneaasstrom aced it! Enter for a chance to win a #Swift3 laptop. Follow us, reply #AcedIt to this post, and tell us the impact a Swift 3 would have on your life. Reply by 9/14 @ 11:30am PT for your chance to win. See T&C: https://t.co/1GfkJeygma @AcerAmerica's photo on #AcedIt
12 Sep, 06:29 PM UTC
🚨 ACE ALERT! 🚨 @linneaasstrom #AcedIt on the 8th hole at the @ANAinspiration 🔥 #SCTop10 @LPGA's photo on #AcedIt
12 Sep, 06:26 PM UTC
Who remembers @hyang2golf's amazing ace on 17 at the 2019 @ANAinspiration? 🤩 Watch as she walks us through her hole-in-one and explains why @McDonalds made her love the game! 😂⛳️ @AcerAmerica | #AcedIt @LPGA's photo on #AcedIt
12 Sep, 01:43 PM UTC
.@linneaasstrom #AcedIt with her ace at the 8th hole with her 8-iron from 161 yards! Enter for a chance to win an Acer Swift 3 laptop by following @AcerAmerica and replying to their post before 11:30 am PST on Monday 9/14. No purchase necessary. See T&C: https://t.co/m5BiBQSik9 @LPGA's photo on #AcedIt
12 Sep, 06:35 PM UTC
Emily Phillips
Just once... #dreaming #acedit https://t.co/j4V1DTtCuN
12 Sep, 10:33 PM UTC
Dave Gula
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom School and work would both be easier! #AcedIt
12 Sep, 11:29 PM UTC
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom This would be a blessing if I won so my kids could continue their school work. Thank you for the chance to enter #Swift3 #AcedIt
12 Sep, 11:26 PM UTC
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom #AcedIt , the #Swift3 would allow me to be mobile due to its light weight and to multitask using its fast microprocessor.
12 Sep, 11:22 PM UTC
Tanya Taylor
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom The #Swift3 would help me be more productive with a long battery life #Acedit
12 Sep, 11:18 PM UTC
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom #AcedIt this would make learning at home so much easier!
12 Sep, 11:18 PM UTC
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom #AcedIt oh need this bad. Trying to start a small business with my sister @debbiew89848853
12 Sep, 11:17 PM UTC
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom Congrats! The #Swift3 laptop would replace my 9 year old laptop! #AcedIt
12 Sep, 11:13 PM UTC
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom I could plan events on site #AcedIt
12 Sep, 11:11 PM UTC
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom #AcedIt would be awesome as my current laptop is barely breathing
12 Sep, 11:11 PM UTC
rock hound
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom #acedit I could work so much faster
12 Sep, 11:10 PM UTC
Amanda Roure
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom #AcedIt A #Swift3 laptop would be a tremendous help with homeschooling. This is our 2nd year homeschooling and our laptop needs a total upgrade! Thank you for this opportunity! https://t.co/bypwbZLbqw
12 Sep, 11:10 PM UTC
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom #AcedIt I work on the road, and while my current Acer still has some life left in it, it is 7 years old, and an upgrade to the new #Swift3 would make me more efficient.
12 Sep, 11:07 PM UTC
Sandy Fine
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom Congratulations!! This Swift 3 would help me get my work done very quickly. Thanks for the chance to win. #AcedIt
12 Sep, 11:06 PM UTC
Tracy Suzanne
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom Having a #Swift3 laptop would really change things for me because with Covid-13, I do most everything from home now. From paying bills to scheduling grocery deliverys. I be able to use the internet outside while getting fresh air would be a blessing. #AcedIt
12 Sep, 11:06 PM UTC
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom This would be nice for working from home! #Acedit
12 Sep, 11:05 PM UTC
Sue Barney
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom A new Swift 3 laptop would save me so much time in my day being reliable, and fast I could get mmy work done faster and with lots less stress! #AcedIt
12 Sep, 11:05 PM UTC
Erica Yingling
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom #AcedIt my daughter could do her remote learning easier
12 Sep, 11:05 PM UTC
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom #AcedIt A Swift 3 would enable me to stay connected from anywhere
12 Sep, 11:04 PM UTC
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom #AcedIt winning this would impact my life because I would donate it to a child that needed it for virtual school that otherwise couldn’t buy a laptop
12 Sep, 11:04 PM UTC
Michelle Fine
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom #AcedIt This Swift 3would allow me to work from the beach. It would definitely de stress me.
12 Sep, 11:04 PM UTC
@AcerAmerica @LPGA @linneaasstrom This would enable me to work on the go, and I’m always on the go! #AcedIt
12 Sep, 11:03 PM UTC

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