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Glenn Greenwald
Astonishing: after spending five years pretending to be so deeply concerned about attack on press freedom -- by which they meant adolescent insults from Trump to Jim Acosta -- the WH is on day 5 of threatening social media companies and outlets and nobody, including @ACLU, cares.
20 Jul, 08:41 PM UTC
Glenn Greenwald
Good to see the @ACLU taking this stand against the Biden White House's attempt to define what is "true" and "false" to censor the internet. The thread reviews all the lies governments have told, under both parties, making it irrational to trust the government to do this:
21 Jul, 12:06 AM UTC
Oh hey, look, the ACLU was able to muster something of a response to the unconstitutional Biden censorship plan.
21 Jul, 01:40 AM UTC
Megyn Kelly
Oh hi ACLU - good to see you again.
21 Jul, 12:33 PM UTC
Phil Kerpen
Who woke these guys up?
21 Jul, 01:32 AM UTC
Matt Walsh
The American Civil Liberties Union stuns the world by actually defending civil liberties for a change
21 Jul, 12:50 PM UTC
Ted Lieu
Dear Democrats: Would you want a Republican Administration to tell you what you can or can’t post on the internet? Dear Republicans: Would you want a Democratic Administration to tell you what you can or can’t post on the internet? The ACLU is right.
21 Jul, 01:54 PM UTC
Dr. Joseph Mercola
Look who showed up for the party. Better late than never.
21 Jul, 12:15 PM UTC
Democracy Docket
⚖️: "Montana has had a long history of discriminating against Native Americans... In this legislative session alone, the legislature introduced several bills intended to restrict Native American voting rights."
21 Jul, 03:30 PM UTC
Chris Hampton says PROTECT TRANS YOUTH
Tomorrow these four families and their doctors, represented by a team of @ACLU and @ArkansasACLU lawyers and volunteer attorneys, will ask a court in Little Rock to strike down the Arkansas ban on gender-affirming healthcare for trans and non-binary children. 🧵
21 Jul, 03:27 AM UTC
ⓘ Dogs don't have thumbs
Remember when the ACLU told us that it wouldn't defend free speech that “impedes progress toward equality” or causes trouble for “allies and coalition partners” ?
21 Jul, 12:29 PM UTC
The Dank Knight 🦇
Someone must’ve hacked the ACLU account.
21 Jul, 03:10 PM UTC
Jo Yurcaba
A federal court will hear arguments this morning against an Arkansas law that will ban transgender minors from accessing gender-affirming health care. The law is set to take effect next week.
21 Jul, 02:05 PM UTC
Brendon Leslie
You guys drunk? What’s going on? Am I drunk? Did ACLU say something logical? Someone help.
21 Jul, 03:51 PM UTC
Women's Space Ireland
Billionaire TiM donates to ACLU while women donate what we can to crowdfunders to defend our rights against encroachment by men.
21 Jul, 01:00 PM UTC
Duchess Of Sassytown
@familyofficedr @ACLU There's no such thing as hate speech. FFS.
21 Jul, 12:17 PM UTC
La Unión del Pueblo Entero
LIVE: Border voters support the Texas House walkout to protect voting rights! We’re standing with ARISE Adelante and ACLU of Texas outside of Rep. Mando Martínez’ office to show our solidarity 🎥 #RGV
21 Jul, 03:09 PM UTC
CarolBouche 🇺🇸
@robdesign @ACLU Private companies can’t violate the law because they are private. Ok everyone today is Censor the gays day. It’s our platform so oh well. Tomorrow it’s No Black talk Tuesday where we will not allow any Blacks to post. Wed we will delete all Democrats. In August we ban all Drs
21 Jul, 04:31 AM UTC
ACLU Massachusetts
Jan. 2021, ACLUM, together w/ law firm Ropes & Gray LLP, filed a lawsuit challenging the federal government’s practice of denying access to records that may aid an immigrant’s defense in immigration cases. Hearing coming up Thursday revisits issue.
21 Jul, 02:58 PM UTC
Streetlamp Le Moose 🦌🇫🇮🇺🇸🍁
ACLU partially redeems themselves.
21 Jul, 03:58 PM UTC
ACLU states "Big win" Allowing abortions to continue while court hears case! I'd say HUGE LOSS of lives; innocent babies. 😥😢
21 Jul, 03:56 PM UTC
Remember when President Clinton said a blow job wasn't sex.
21 Jul, 03:56 PM UTC
Daniel M. Kowalski
@UUSC_Policy @POTUS @CDCgov Plus, it's illegal! @ACLU @leegelernt where are you on the P.J.E.S. and Huisha-Huisha litigation???
21 Jul, 03:56 PM UTC
@suneetmahandru @ACLU Did you know that doctors are paid big bonuses by big Pharma for meeting vaccine quotas? Look into who pays for many Med schools. Why are homeopathic ways to treat the body only taught 20% of the time for just a few hours a semester?
21 Jul, 04:00 PM UTC
Jill Brown
@ACLU A little late to the party guys.
21 Jul, 03:59 PM UTC