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Twitter family! This is me. I’m wearing a grey jacket and pink pants and you can most often spot me by my giant curly hair. If you see me, please stop me and say hi!! Even if I look busy, frazzled or rushing from one place to another. #actfl19 https://t.co/KDCDwdKbx4
22 Nov, 04:26 PM UTC
Señora Schweitzer
“The art of daring... In order to dare one has to have not only the purpose but the courage to do it!” Dare to ask questions, push the envelope, think outside of the box. @raghidadergham #ACTFL19
22 Nov, 02:31 PM UTC
jim ventosa
Excited to be a last minute add-on for a cool session with @PRHSspanish @doriecp @voseando @miguelvossen @SenorG at #ACTFL19 https://t.co/5PKr8RgZb8
22 Nov, 06:10 AM UTC
Dr. Stacey M. Johnson
“We’ve kept a thriving language program by keeping it relevant. We focus on communicating and making meaning, not on explaining grammatical points. That’s what a proficiency-oriented approach is.” @ProfHojnacki #actfl19
22 Nov, 05:05 PM UTC
Hey #nysafamily! Who is in DC for #actfl19 ? Show us your selfies - tag us #nysaflt and if you see our exec team @MadameGreer @SallyPBarnes17 @SlocumBeth @srtacoulehan @JL_Delf or Leslie Kudlack make sure you take a selfie with them too! https://t.co/fv5LoUsO6F
22 Nov, 04:32 PM UTC
Heidi Trude
Looking for a 5:30pm session? I would love for you to attend my session on Virtual Reality in the WL Classroom today at 5:30pm in room 146A. I will have VR gear to giveaway!!! #ACTFL19 @actfl @_SCOLT_ @NECTFL1 @FLAVAWeb @AATFrench #langchat @SRoss_LVHS_Prin @Sfwyhs @angeeceegee https://t.co/Ew0zMyLSOk
22 Nov, 11:52 AM UTC
Adrienne Brandenburg
Instead of saying, "Which pronouns do you prefer?", try saying, "Which pronouns are you?" A switch that moves from just a preference to recognizing an identity. #ACTFL19
22 Nov, 07:43 PM UTC
Noah Geisel
With Standards-based Grading, if a student shows you they "can't" do the task, they just "can't do it yet" - @MaestraAubreyCT on the HUGE distinction between mindsets in our grading approaches #actfl19
22 Nov, 07:46 PM UTC
Kara Jacobs
This @AbelardoAlmazan @will_yepes @luisa_diste session is definitely addressing the @Tolerance_org Social Justice Standards. #actfl19 https://t.co/vbWzKua9Hp
22 Nov, 07:15 PM UTC
Laura Sexton
We don't HAVE to "correct" everything or even LOOK at everything students produce @profeashley #actfl19
22 Nov, 07:48 PM UTC
In groups of four, give students sentence starters. Then one student says a sentence. Everyone asks the question to the peers and then tally up the number of students who say yes... #ACTFL19
22 Nov, 07:41 PM UTC
Adrienne Brandenburg
Incorporating LGBTQ+ voices doesn't mean start over and rewrite your whole curriculum. Start with what you have, look for where you can add voice. Access pints...Hispanic heritage month, LGBT History Month (October), thematic units on identity, art, etc... #ACTFL19
22 Nov, 07:45 PM UTC
Kelly Ferguson, NBCT
Give more in-class feedback on their PROCESS than on their products. How are kids staying in the TL? What language acquisition/use skills are they showing? #actfl19
22 Nov, 07:57 PM UTC
Meredith White 💫
SO GRATEFUL to be part of this great group! #LILL #ACTFL19 https://t.co/lMxcKEO9fU
22 Nov, 07:55 PM UTC
Robin Purdy (Boling)
Use Instagram as a cultural picture dictionary! Search topic in L1 and TL and compare the visual results. @brennabyrd #ACTFL19
22 Nov, 07:49 PM UTC
Instead of voting- try consensus voting. Students get Chips worth a different amount of points (5, 3, 1) and they can vote so if they don’t get their top choice, they still might get their second choice #ACTFL19
22 Nov, 07:49 PM UTC
Srta. Rodriguez
Thanks to @SamaraSpielberg & @RutgersGSE alum @citurralde2 for an outstanding presentation! 👍🏼 hoping to bring you over to NJ! 🤞🏻@FLENJ full day future workshop? 😍#ACTFL19 #langchat #buildingempathy #teamgratitude https://t.co/O38bpMrOUX
22 Nov, 07:49 PM UTC
MInimalism - Assessments 1. Does it lead to proficiency growth? 2. Is it requred by my school (if 2 is true but not 1, advocate for change!) @profeashley #ACTFL19
22 Nov, 07:47 PM UTC
“Monolingualism is the illiteracy of the 21st century.” #ACTFL19 @QFIntl
22 Nov, 07:54 PM UTC
Women in German
First-time @AATGOnline attendee grantees Matthew Feminella @UofAlabama, @deutschegiraffe and Didem Uca @colgateuniv with Albrecht Classen @uagerman #WiGgiesInAction @actfl #ACTFL19 https://t.co/Ne72oREgOk
22 Nov, 05:14 PM UTC
Laura Sexton
Students get a sheet of paper prompts to work from and talk off of the top of their heads for video portfolio entries @profeashley #actfl19
22 Nov, 07:52 PM UTC
Lisa Shepard
@lterrillindy suggests we select a Text, create a meaningful Task and provide opportunities for Talk in order to create meaningful lessons. We don't need to find so many texts, just milk each one! #ACTFL19
22 Nov, 07:00 PM UTC
Wayside Publishing
Advocacy Pro-Tip: Have a prepared elevator speech to convey what you want to convey in concise bullet points #SpeakUpForLanguages #ProficiencyTalks #ACTFL19 @drjayketner
22 Nov, 07:48 PM UTC
Laura Sexton
Take notes on an interview in the moment, so no take-home later to grade @profeashley #actfl19
22 Nov, 07:56 PM UTC
Meredith White 💫
@ProfeAshley encourages us to assess: What's essential? Then, 1) does it move proficiency fwd? 2) Is it req'd by your district/school? If 2 applies and it doesn't serve 1, can you advocate to scrap it? #ACTFL19
22 Nov, 07:48 PM UTC
L. Roché Youngworth
@SrMcMaine @CurroGr Example of a novice level topic spiralled up Bloom’s taxonomy #actfl19 @bsmssip #FCPSWL https://t.co/LQukNr2WRg
22 Nov, 07:52 PM UTC
Marci Harris
Love the #LILL family #ACTFL19 https://t.co/fQloSgPcVV
22 Nov, 07:54 PM UTC
Diane Neubauer 杜雁子
#actfl19 How to get started? Google Cardboard or similar goggles are like $5 for 25 of them. Ok! Now I get it. 360 videos + students cell phones + apps coordinated with YouTube app + cardboard viewer & you're set. Or use Google Street View: photos, but YOU can move.
22 Nov, 07:53 PM UTC
Caleb Howard
So thankful for @nathanlutz and many others w/ @EarlyLang for their strategic work to strengthen #EarlyLang programs across the nation. #ACTFL19 https://t.co/yS9qV7gYtW
22 Nov, 07:53 PM UTC
Nicole Naditz
Same link to my #actfl19 notes folder. Now building: Meeting needs of all learners through backwards design with @MaestraAubreyCT, 2019 @actfl National Language Teacher of the Year https://t.co/jDuiWLu039
22 Nov, 07:35 PM UTC

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