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John Silver
Yoooo Adam Cole should totally be the new leader of the Dark Order!
02 Aug, 04:03 PM UTC
Garrett Kidney
AEW should have have CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Bray Wyatt and Adam Cole all debut at the same time as a stable called The Undisputed Straight Edge New Nexus Family.
02 Aug, 02:34 PM UTC
Public Enemies Podcast
You gotta be smoking crack to say that Adam Cole was misused in NXT.
02 Aug, 01:23 PM UTC
👑Adam Goldberg👑
“The name on the contract did read kenny omega vs Adam for ALL OUT, however the contract reads Adam COLE” @adamgoldberg28's photo on Adam Cole
02 Aug, 01:18 PM UTC
Tempest The 3x QuizzleMania Champion
Tony Khan has accomplished a lot but if he is able to bring Adam Cole back from the dead he really can do anything.
02 Aug, 07:27 PM UTC
Fightful Wrestling
Britt Baker: If Adam Cole Were To Come To AEW, That'd Be Awesome; I Just Want Him To Be Happy
02 Aug, 07:47 PM UTC
02 Aug, 02:56 PM UTC
Jason Solomon
PWInsider confirming the @WrestlingInc report about Adam Cole's contract expiring this summer. Caught WWE executives by surprise. How does something like this happen? Embarrassing. He's done all he can do on NXT and has NO future on Raw or Smackdown. Time to start fresh!
02 Aug, 03:17 PM UTC
Wrestling Referees are Wizards
Disappointed to see so-called wrestling journalists speculating about Adam Cole signing with AEW and not even titling their articles and videos "ADAM COLE, MAY-BAY?"
02 Aug, 03:13 PM UTC
Samster203 サミー・カラフ
AEW has a phenomenal roster. The men’s side is super stacked. With Punk, Bryan, and possibly Adam Cole, I think they’re set. It’s best for AEW to start focusing on the women’s division. Sign more and build more. It’s literally the only thing that AEW is missing
02 Aug, 07:11 PM UTC
Dan Barry
If Adam Cole leaves, is he allowed to keep Adam Cole, or does he go by his birthname, Horatio Ravioli?
02 Aug, 04:08 PM UTC
The Macho Beard
No. Tony Khan can not sign Adam Cole. Adam Cole can not come to AEW. Because Adam Cole is DEAD!! RIP Adam Cole.
02 Aug, 01:58 PM UTC
Just Talk Wrestling
Are people really trying to say Adam Cole was misused in NXT? Some people really will say any old trash for attention.
02 Aug, 02:52 PM UTC
AEW Botches
Flavor of the Day: Ric Flair & Adam Cole Flavor of the Month: Daniel Bryan & CM Punk Forgotten Flavors: Christian Cage & Andrade Rotten Flavors: Sting, Mark Henry & Paul Wight #AEWDynamite
02 Aug, 06:11 PM UTC
MIKEY STARKS FTW ♌️ #FP670(Golden Star)
“I DoNt SeE a SpOt FoR aDaM cOlE iN aEw “
02 Aug, 01:58 PM UTC
Nationally Published Troll
All in favor of AEW signing Adam Cole to do a power couple thing with Britt Baker. Partially because they'd be entertaining, partially because WWE just tried this with Seth and Becky and managed to make Seth an even bigger geek in the process. Adam and Britt will crush it.
02 Aug, 02:14 PM UTC
Where do you think Adam Cole will go when his contract is up?
03 Aug, 12:35 AM UTC
#Rumeur - Le contrat d'Adam Cole avec la #WWE se termine après #SummerSlam 2021. (WrestlingInc)
02 Aug, 02:56 PM UTC
War Torn Wrestling
@WrestlingCovers For those wondering what it means, it’s an Adam Cole tease. He is dead in BTE kayfabe
02 Aug, 06:02 PM UTC
Cultaholic Wrestling
WWE officials are frustrated that the contract status of Adam Cole has become public knowledge
03 Aug, 10:00 AM UTC
Bryan Alvarez
Adam Cole's contract, Ric Flair's WWE release, AEW sells out Chicago: Wrestling Observer Live ... via @YouTube Please click subscribe for more free daily videos!
03 Aug, 02:14 AM UTC
KaMickey Kross path to a Mickey Mouse NXT title 🤡 beat an injured Keith 🤦‍♂️ got flamed by indie midget Adam Cole 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 gets carried by Scarlett 😐 could barely beat Johnny Gargano 🤣💀😂😂 is nothing without cool lighting 🤔👎 lost his raw debut 🤡🤡🤡 fraud champion imo
03 Aug, 02:06 AM UTC
Wrestling Observer
WOR: Adam Cole and Ric Flair, ratings, RAW report, PWG return, more!
03 Aug, 09:27 AM UTC
It appears the contract issues with Adam Cole may have led to the recent release of a well-known #WWE employee:
03 Aug, 10:31 AM UTC
Bryan Alvarez
WOR: Adam Cole and Ric Flair, ratings, RAW report, PWG return, more!
03 Aug, 09:21 AM UTC
Wrestling Observer
VIDEO: @bryanalvarez and @davemeltzerWON discuss the recent reports of Adam Cole's contract coming up after SummerSlam weekend and whether or not he will stay with WWE or go elsewhere.
03 Aug, 10:51 AM UTC
Playboy RP
After her last outing with Adam Cole, @TaliaMarRP_ has turned into a total slut for taking a cock in her mouth, and after meeting with rookie @ProudStarNB, There was only one thing she wanted.
03 Aug, 04:30 AM UTC
Cultaholic Wrestling
Adam Cole has turned down numerous contract offers from WWE in the last week
03 Aug, 11:00 AM UTC
Inside The Ropes
Britt Baker commented on the recent speculation which has suggested that her partner and current #WWENXT Superstar Adam Cole may join her in #AEW.
03 Aug, 10:00 AM UTC