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Fightful Wrestling
Adam Pearce says Jey Uso and Kevin Owens have already qualified to be in the Elimination Chamber. The winner of that match will face Reigns later that night. #SmackDown
13 Feb, 01:15 AM UTC
Sean Ross Sapp of
I prefer qualifiers, but I'm glad Adam Pearce is explaining why people do and don't have to qualify
13 Feb, 01:16 AM UTC
Royal Wrestling
13 Feb, 01:21 AM UTC
Jessi Davin
Adam Pearce with the oopsiedoodles mic drop lmao #SmackDown
13 Feb, 01:13 AM UTC
Jessi Davin
Adam Pearce went full McInfart with the microphone #SmackDown
13 Feb, 01:19 AM UTC
El calvo de la WWE ツ
La Elimination Chamber de #SmackDown podría haber sido brutal con Roman dentro, pero ganará Kevin Owens y perderá minutos después. Muy fan del criterio de Adam Pearce, le cambia la planificación cualquier persona.
13 Feb, 01:22 AM UTC
Lucha Libre Online
Adam Pearce le dice a Roman Reigns que tendrá que defender el Campeonato Universal de la WWE en el Elimination Chamber Match. Paul Heyman le dice que la lucha debería ser para determinar el primer contendiente al Campeonato Universal. Adam Pearce procede a anunciar la primera
13 Feb, 01:18 AM UTC
Sonya Deville slowly taking over #SmackDown for Adam Pearce whether he knows it or not. 😂
13 Feb, 01:19 AM UTC
Will Mahoney
Still really need the Scrappy Iron Adam Pearce Vs Roman Reigns match to happen one of these weeks on #SmackDown.
13 Feb, 01:04 AM UTC
Meelz 💪🏾
Roman Reigns to Adam Pearce just on Smackdown.
13 Feb, 01:15 AM UTC
Public Enemies Podcast
Adam Pearce doesn’t see that Sonya Deville is trying to steal his job #SmackDown
13 Feb, 01:23 AM UTC
KEWL Wrestleposting
Accidental mic drop moment from Adam Pearce #Smackdown
13 Feb, 01:14 AM UTC
Andrijana - 💙 Team Roman Reigns 💙
Roman will defend the #UniversalTitle against whoever wins the #SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match on the very same night at #WWEChamber @WWERomanReigns ! Roman not happy. Adam Pearce 😠🤡
13 Feb, 01:40 AM UTC
I was so scared for Adam Pearce lol 😂😂 #SmackDown
13 Feb, 01:14 AM UTC
#SmackDown Adam Pearce annonce que Roman Reigns © défendra son titre à #WWEChamber contre le vainqueur du second Elimination Chamber Match. Les deux premiers participants sont Jey Uso & Kevin Owens.
13 Feb, 01:19 AM UTC
FOX Sports MX
¡CONTRA JEY USO O KEVIN OWENS! 😱 #WWExFOX El ganador del Elimination Chamber Match enfrentará a Roman Reigns por el Campeonato Universal en #WWEChamber ¡Qué jugarreta de Adam Pearce en Friday Night #SmackDown! @FOXSportsMX's photo on Adam Pearce
13 Feb, 01:19 AM UTC
🇲🇽 Hyde Wrestling Podcast
Arrancamos la noche con Roman Reigns y su anuncio importante. Adam Pearce está en el ring y con un contrato #WWE #SmackDown
13 Feb, 01:04 AM UTC
Adam Pearce falou com a assistente Sonya Deville e dois falaram que já já teremos: Rey Mysterio & Dominik Vs. King Corbin & Sami Zayn A dupla que vencer esse combate, ESTARÁ NA ELIMINATION CHAMBER MATCH. #SmackDown
13 Feb, 01:25 AM UTC
Planeta Wrestling
🚨ELIMINATION CHAMBER DE SMACKDOWN🚨 ⏩Adam Pearce confirma la Chamber de #SmackDown donde el ganador tendrá una oportunidad titular la misma noche contra Roman Reigns. 🔵Luchadores confirmados: - Jey Uso - Kevin Owens
13 Feb, 01:20 AM UTC
Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman when Adam Pearce said Reigns would defend the Universal Title at the Elimination Chamber. #Smackdown
13 Feb, 01:14 AM UTC
auntie kami 🌸
Adam Pearce is fine af
13 Feb, 01:07 AM UTC
Teddi Turnbuckle
Adam Pearce is in BIG BIG trouble. Elimination Chamber Main Event Announced!!! #RomanReigns #WWE #SMACKDOWN REACTION VIDEO!!! #WWEChamber
13 Feb, 01:20 AM UTC
Wrestling Observer
#WWESmackdown live results: Roman Reigns confronts Adam Pearce
13 Feb, 01:24 AM UTC
Yell In A Cell: A Pro Wrestling Podcast
Sonya Deville tells Adam Pearce that she’s one step ahead of him when it comes to the qualifying matches. It’ll be the Mysterios vs. Sami Zayn and King Corbin. The winner of the tag match has both men being in the #WWEChamber match. #Smackdown
13 Feb, 01:20 AM UTC
All Elite Bros
Sonya Deville le dice a Adam Pearce que no se preocupe por hacer las luchas clasificatorias. Que ella acaba de sancionar la lucha entre Rey y Dominik Mysterio vs Sami Zayn & Baron Corbin, y los dos ganadores se clasificaran a la Cámara de la Eliminación. #WWE #SmackDown
13 Feb, 01:21 AM UTC
Cageside Seats
Roman Reigns’ BLOCKBUSTER ANNOUNCEMENT part of his ongoing chess match with Adam Pearce #SmackDown @cagesideseats's photo on Adam Pearce
13 Feb, 01:33 AM UTC
Backstage, Adam Pearce is met by Sonya Deville, who is impressed with Pearce's refusal to back down to Roman Reigns before announcing a tag team qualifying match where the winning team qualifies for the Elimination Chamber match. #SmackDown
13 Feb, 01:19 AM UTC
Future Dave Meltzer
If Adam Pearce had known for a week there was going to be an Elimination Chamber, why would he wait until now to make qualifying matches? Wouldn't he already have a plan? And they would only have 1 open spot with Roman pulling out.
13 Feb, 01:24 AM UTC
Bl🩸🩸D Girl Raven
Sonya Deville about to take Adam Pearce's job. I wouldn't mind seeing that happen. Let her run the show until she wants to get back in the ring. #SmackDown
13 Feb, 01:21 AM UTC

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