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Jarett Wieselman
Adam Rippon saying, "I can't explain witchcraft" in response to this question about how he's such a good skater has honestly and truly made me a sports fan. Jarett Wieselman's photo on Adam Rippon
16 Feb, 05:20 PM UTC
Sarah Paulson
Boy does watching Adam Rippon make me cry- authenticity meeting athleticism and artistry- SUBLIME
17 Feb, 04:08 AM UTC
Nick McCarvel
Pride flags - one held by @guskenworthy - were unfurled as an emotional Adam Rippon salutes the crowd. Beautiful skate #PyeongChang2018 @Adaripp Nick McCarvel's photo on Adam Rippon
17 Feb, 04:42 AM UTC
two chinese-american sons supporting their gay dad adam rippon jardin🍯's photo on Adam Rippon
17 Feb, 04:10 AM UTC
"He's the winner of the Olympics." Adam Rippon stole everyone's hearts during the Olympics
17 Feb, 05:08 AM UTC
Human Rights Campaign
Adam Rippon has made history at the #Olympics. From his incredible skating, @HRC is so proud to celebrate @Adaripp as part of our #LGBTQ family. #BestofUS 🏳️‍🌈⛸🇺🇸 Human Rights Campaign's photo on Adam Rippon
17 Feb, 04:16 AM UTC
Kim Chi
Loonatics!!! We must add Girl front over Adam Rippon’s dance routine!
17 Feb, 02:19 AM UTC
The Team Free Skating event at the Winter Olympics saw two gay athletes going head to head. Adam Rippon skated solo for the USA. what about that homophobes? Keep criticizing in front of TV and we'll keep following the rainbow of success and world recognition! ALEX 💌's photo on Adam Rippon
17 Feb, 01:38 AM UTC
David Feherty
Adam Rippon is my new Olympic hero. And Johnny and Terry and Tara too.
17 Feb, 05:36 AM UTC
Olympic hero, @Adaripp #Olympics #Betrue #LoveWins #youbeyou
17 Feb, 04:27 AM UTC
Adam Rippon went to his first olympics at the age of 28. He finished 10th without performing any quads. He is also the first openly gay Olympic athlete and is unapologetic about his personality and skating. We love you.
17 Feb, 06:06 AM UTC
17 Feb, 04:18 AM UTC
Gay Times
Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon share kiss in defiance of Mike Pence. Gay Times's photo on Adam Rippon
17 Feb, 09:30 AM UTC
⚠Kimmy, Not Your Therapist Or A Moron Whisperer
After looking at Trump supporters attack Adam Rippon and Lindsey Vonn, evidently #MAGA stands for "Morons Against Great Americans".
17 Feb, 03:33 AM UTC
𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐆𝐢𝐚𝐯𝐨𝐬
Adam Rippon just dabbed on em 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐆𝐢𝐚𝐯𝐨𝐬's photo on Adam Rippon
17 Feb, 04:12 AM UTC
NBC Olympics
.@guskenworthy says that having Adam Rippon and himself competing in the #WinterOlympics is a tremendous opportunity to change how some think about LGBTQ people. Subscribe to The Podium and listen to every episode: NBC Olympics's photo on Adam Rippon
17 Feb, 12:24 PM UTC
New York Post
Team USA's #Olympics star Adam Rippon tells his costume designer, "I want to be scandalous. I want to be slutty!"
17 Feb, 12:59 AM UTC
Brutus Maximus
@GayPatriot...I don’t understand. I thought the gays were supposed to be good at figure skating, but this Adam Rippon guy, can’t even beat the straights...yet he’s getting all this media attention like he’s won the gold. It’s almost as if his only “accomplishment” is being gay 🤔
17 Feb, 04:51 AM UTC
Simon Dunn
"Adam Rippon is my hero of the games—he’s completely unapologetic and I find that admirable," @Adaripp I chat with @NewNowNext about my own journey and that of other out athletes in winter sports!
16 Feb, 09:56 PM UTC
Gay Times
Adam Rippon wins hearts as he loses out on second Winter Olympic medal. Gay Times's photo on Adam Rippon
17 Feb, 01:05 PM UTC
cathy miller
@NBCOlympics Adam Rippon did not earn his spot on the US Olympic team. He did not medal in the US National Championships. He was unfairly given the spot over Ross Miner who won the Silver in US Nationals. He has been all mouth with no results in the olympics-true embarrassment!
17 Feb, 05:10 AM UTC
Beth Boyle Machlan
I love that Johnny Weir makes Adam Rippon look like the Marlboro Man
17 Feb, 01:05 AM UTC
Brian Carey
Congratulations to Adam Rippon for his participation trophy! 👏👏👏 #Olympics
17 Feb, 12:43 PM UTC
JO 2018 : le patineur gay Adam Rippon en guerre ouverte avec la Maison Blanche #Trump L'important's photo on Adam Rippon
17 Feb, 01:05 PM UTC
Sally Field trying to matchmake Adam Rippon and her son on the internet. If this ain't my mom...
17 Feb, 01:13 PM UTC
The Morning News
One reason people love Adam Rippon: for the first time, a gay athlete isn’t moderating his sexuality for acceptance.
17 Feb, 01:18 PM UTC
Jon Kitchen
Adam Rippon wins hearts as he loses out on second Winter Olympic medal via @gaytimesmag -
17 Feb, 01:17 PM UTC
LIVING for Adam Rippon.
17 Feb, 01:13 PM UTC
Lindsey Vonn let politics affect her Sport by stating she was not going to any White House celebration. Karma, to her, and Adam Rippon. Why can't Olympic athletes let their sport be the focus of their representation of their country?
17 Feb, 01:11 PM UTC
Adam Rippon, Alexei Bychenko, Sergei Voronov 素敵なプログラムばかりで大好きな選手なのですが、特に 2017-2018 GP はとても輝いていました。
17 Feb, 01:10 PM UTC
でもね〜わたしのナンバーワンはやっぱりAdam Ripponだった♡国とか関係ないよ〜 あんなにキュートで、すごく楽しそうに優雅で美しいスケートをして、彼が持つとてもピュアなものが心から感じられて… He is one of a kind, so beautiful, thank you Adam I love you so much♡ our sweetheart♡♡♡
17 Feb, 01:20 PM UTC
Joyce Burl
Adam Rippon’s 2018 Winter Olympics — in 8 great quotes
17 Feb, 01:17 PM UTC
No Pants, Just Slippers
Is it wrong that lately my go-to is imagining Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy getting it on in the den of sin that is the Olympic village? Even if it's only a fantasy, boy, it gets the job done 😍🔥
17 Feb, 01:14 PM UTC
Tom OKeefe
@clivebushjd Adam Rippon & Lyndsey Vonn both lost bigtime!. Trump & America just keep on winning.
17 Feb, 01:14 PM UTC
I'm so annoyed at @BBCSportand @BBCiPlayer. There is no way for me to watch Adam Rippon's Short Program skate, because they didn't cover the whole SP live, and therefore do not have all the footage. So much for 'full coverage'... #WinterOlympics2018 #PyeongChang2018
17 Feb, 01:13 PM UTC
Maitri Iyer
The Unreal Pressure Male Olympic Figure Skaters Are Quietly Dealing With Maitri Iyer's photo on Adam Rippon
17 Feb, 01:12 PM UTC
Tyler Curtain 🏳️‍🌈
Adam Rippon is my patronus. @Adaripp
17 Feb, 01:12 PM UTC
Bhavna Kureshi
The Unreal Pressure Male Olympic Figure Skaters Are Quietly Dealing With Bhavna Kureshi's photo on Adam Rippon
17 Feb, 01:11 PM UTC
RT TruthFeedNews: ICYMI: Liberal Website Just Called Adam Rippon the “Biggest Star” in the Olympics #MAGA #TrumpTrain
17 Feb, 01:11 PM UTC
Serious Swill
This is why I support Adam Rippon...and not Tiny Hands and his sidekick, Half-Pence! Mike Pence's Beliefs Are Clear: Same-Sex Marriage Leads To 'Societal Collapse' via @YahooNews
17 Feb, 01:10 PM UTC

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