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Os cuento como navegar en Meristation sin ver publicidad de manera legal. Adblock. @G4G_Revenant's photo on adblock
15 Sep, 10:16 AM UTC
Your partnered streamers are literally telling their chats to use adblock when viewing their streams, as they would rather give up their ad revenue to encourage a great viewing experience. There's your feedback. Do better.
15 Sep, 01:04 AM UTC
All you adblock users are taking money away from Twitch. Twitch is a small independent company that needs all the money it can get in order to fund Jeff Bezos's trip to Venus.
15 Sep, 10:21 AM UTC
tilted #LightsOut
happy to announce my partnership with adblock 👍
15 Sep, 12:26 AM UTC
DAT | Ambler
Nice. Though friendly reminder that if you're going to use adblock at all, ublock origin is the actually good one compared to other options :~)
15 Sep, 10:21 AM UTC
@_Cafar @MeriStation Y BehindTheOverlay para evitar el mensaje de que estás usando adblock 👌
15 Sep, 10:38 AM UTC
Stefan S.
@SirScoots "Boss, people are using adblock and arent watching our ads, revenue is going down" Boss: "Lets run even more ads, surely the people who watch ads now wont be annoyed and wont start using adblock"
15 Sep, 12:56 AM UTC
Sam 北
This is gross. I've always stood against money hungry predatory practices (often to my own detriment) and I'll do the same here. This is your obligatory reminder that adblock is not only legal but also free :) Donate directly to streamers you support until this flaw is fixed.
15 Sep, 10:06 AM UTC
The Conceptionist
tfw twitch fucked up so hard that it got "adblock" trending
15 Sep, 11:35 AM UTC
use an adblock or ublock if u have to. wouldn't even be mad about it. you can still support your favorite streamers by donating or subscribing anyway.
15 Sep, 01:05 PM UTC
Belannaer / Riku-Ville Vaske
If ads bother you on my channel use adblock. If you feel bad about it sub for month or throw a dollar or two in tip/bits and you've paid way more than your lifetime of ad watching will ever benefit me or Twitch. Take control of your viewing experience.
15 Sep, 11:27 AM UTC
Adblock is useful, and I don't even use Twitch.
15 Sep, 01:01 PM UTC
In before Twitch collects a list of partnered streamers saying "use adblock", not too big and not too small, just a nice sized community, and then marches them all out into the town square and bans them to send a message to the rest. Also, use adblock when watching @twitch
15 Sep, 01:01 PM UTC
@MetalVela Si queremos canales totalmente libres de anuncios tenemos que recomendar adblock a nuestros seguidores, por desgracia.
15 Sep, 01:12 PM UTC
@MetalVela Bueno, yo llevo sin ver un anuncio teniendo Adblock y streamers grandes recomiendan lo mismo. xD Igualmente, si hay varias opciones, a gusto del consumidor elegir.
15 Sep, 01:14 PM UTC
@dellor u also can on twitch iots called adblock
15 Sep, 01:13 PM UTC
yung spooks
Also don’t use Adblock, they suck major dick. Use uBlock Orgin.
15 Sep, 01:08 PM UTC
Tequito is a skulldog for now
So Twitch done fucked up now we've all got adblock uBlock Origin + Blokada on mobile work wonders
15 Sep, 01:05 PM UTC
@VioTCZ honestly i have been using adblock for many years. it does not block the pre-rolls anymore so i doubt it will block the mid-rolls.
15 Sep, 01:03 PM UTC
@TwitchSupport Feedback: I turned my Adblock off to help creators on Twitch. After seeing how this penalizes viewers like me who cannot afford to subscribe to every channel and the streamers who lose viewers, I will be re-enabling my Adblock software. Smaller creators aren’t helped by ads. 👎
15 Sep, 01:03 PM UTC
Jeven W. 👑 | #BlackLivesMatter
and 2) I find this new Twitch Ad stuff perplexing cause it's as if folks have never heard of AdBlock before. uBlock Origin's pretty solid and that Alternate Player add-on seems legit. You can still support your favorite streamer of any size while squelching ads.
15 Sep, 01:02 PM UTC
Keaton Long
Just run an adblock. Most streamers don't make any meaningful money off these and those that can, don't need it.
15 Sep, 01:15 PM UTC
Metal Vela
@Kvan0tak Hostia, po a mi si me saltaban, tío. Con el adblock, digo
15 Sep, 01:15 PM UTC
@thomaswill1yt AdBlock doesn't fix it, twitch already thought of that
15 Sep, 01:15 PM UTC
Arthur Tully
apparently 15 second ads every 30 minutes incoming? no wonder adblock is trending, ridiculous instead of finding a way to show ads try and find a better solution for donations. you now, not going with 3rd party options @TwitchSupport
15 Sep, 01:15 PM UTC
Lena 🎮 Yakuza 0
@engineeermusic I use ublock origin for everything unless I decide to watch a small twitch streamer or YouTuber usually. But it usually was just that beginning ad. This continuous annoyance thanks to midroll ads will jsut scare away viewers. So better adblock everything but enjoy the content
15 Sep, 01:14 PM UTC
I see adblock is trending thanks to Twitch's new ad policies lol
15 Sep, 01:14 PM UTC
kyle | #BLM
i personally recommend using adblock or ublock origin when looking at my streams :)
15 Sep, 01:14 PM UTC
Alejo Pereyra
@VioTCZ I actually don't think it is lol In fact, I don't even think using AdBlock is against ToS
15 Sep, 01:14 PM UTC

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