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Will Brinson
If the Bills win out and the Chiefs beat the Patriots next week, the Bills would win the AFC East and get the No. 1 seed in the AFC.
02 Dec, 04:27 AM UTC
Bills stomp Cowboys at home on Thanksgiving. Dolphins up nine at home w/three min left vs Eagles. But that weak AFC East...
01 Dec, 09:11 PM UTC
Matt Parrino
Patriots getting exposed on National TV three days after #Bills deliver road statement is setting the stage to fascinating (all of a sudden) AFC East battle with 4 games left! Just imagine where things would stand right now had Josh Allen not been knocked out of game in Week 4 🤔
02 Dec, 03:31 AM UTC
Josh Allen Can Have My Children
Ladies and Gentleman... The best QB In the AFC East😤
01 Dec, 09:07 PM UTC
Jay Skurski
For #Bills fans dreaming of an AFC East title, here’s what has to happen (Assuming a Buffalo win over NE in Week 16): - If BUF wins out, Pats need to lose once (NE plays KC next week). - If BUF loses once, Pats need to lose twice (a tough ask, since they also play CIN & MIA).
02 Dec, 04:20 AM UTC
Michael Hurley
The NFC East is 3-12 against the AFC East. @michaelFhurley's photo on afc east
01 Dec, 10:42 PM UTC
Christian D'Andrea
we're approaching a world where a Bills win in Gillette Stadium come Week 16 could make Buffalo AFC East champs
02 Dec, 04:30 AM UTC
Brian Koziol
Anybody watching the Patriots struggle on offense again and think the AFC East is still in play for the #Bills? I know the head-to-head matchup is still 3 weeks away but I’m thinking about it
02 Dec, 03:06 AM UTC
🇮🇪Buffal O'Bills🇮🇪
AFC East QB rankings: 1. Josh Allen 2. Tom Brady 3. John Brown 4. Ryan Fitzpatrick 5. Matt Barkley 6. Josh Rosen 7. Sam Darnold
01 Dec, 09:02 PM UTC
Those “scrubs” didnt allow the “best QB in the AFC East” into the Red Zone or the End Zone for the entire game #Jets #Bengals #NYJvsCIN
01 Dec, 09:23 PM UTC
As of rn josh Allen is the best QB in the AFC east
02 Dec, 03:58 AM UTC
Patrick Moran
Just imagine if the Bills beat Baltimore at home and Pittsburgh on the road while New England loses to KC at home next Sunday. While not all likely it's certainly possible. That Bills/NE Week 16 game would essentially be for AFC East title, a home playoff game AND a bye
02 Dec, 04:31 AM UTC
Judging this season only, who’s honestly the best QB in the AFC East?
02 Dec, 04:12 AM UTC
Buffalo Trump
Bold prediction, Buffalo is winning the AFC East.
02 Dec, 01:54 AM UTC
Madmen Sports
It's December 1st and the Buffalo Bills are 1 game back from the AFC East lead.
02 Dec, 04:30 AM UTC
BRoto Fantasy Football
It just occurred to me that DAVANTE PARKER might be the best WR in the AFC East #Miami #Dolphins
02 Dec, 04:16 AM UTC
Buffalo Sports Chatter
If the Bills win out and the Chiefs beat the Patriots next week, the Bills would win the AFC East and get the No. 1 seed in the AFC
02 Dec, 05:07 AM UTC
New York Post
Patriots' loss to Texans puts AFC East title hopes in jeopardy @nypost's photo on afc east
02 Dec, 05:44 AM UTC
@MMehtaNYDN : “Sorry Bills Mafia... Sam Darnold is the best quarterback in the AFC East right now.” Week 14: Darnold v. Bengals. 0 TDs and a Loss. Billsmafia:
01 Dec, 10:27 PM UTC
bill just another fkn bill
@Star_HD Before TB and BB this team was brutal, every game was a must win, I used to be happy to be able to wear a afc east champs hat once every ten years. You have no idea how good we've had it as Pat's fans the last time twenty years
02 Dec, 05:44 AM UTC
Headed in to week 14 and there are tweets about how the Bills could win the AFC East. Just like we all predicted.
02 Dec, 06:19 AM UTC
@Patriots ....that you’ll lose the AFC East to the Bills? I do!!
02 Dec, 06:16 AM UTC
Vikings 13-3
It’s crazy to see the end of an era is near. The Bills are the most quiet 9-3 team one game out of first behind the Patriots. This could very well be the patriots last season on top of the AFC East. I’ll be interested to see how long it takes pats “fans” to hop off the bandwagon.
02 Dec, 06:09 AM UTC
Il Blog dello Sport di Andy
#NFL100 AFC East #Patriots 10-2 #Bills 9-3 North #Ravens 10-2 #Steelers 7-5 South #Texans 8-4 #Titans 7-5 West #Chiefs 8-4 #Raiders 6-6
02 Dec, 06:04 AM UTC
Will Rutledge Jr
Everyone shhh @BuffaloBills are in running for afc top seed AND the RARE unheard of AFC EAST title. Wow
02 Dec, 05:47 AM UTC
@Quantrellmartin we have a serious shot at winning the AFC east title now that the patriots are facing real teams beastle #BillsMafia
02 Dec, 05:46 AM UTC
Neil Hess
@MMehtaNYDN So we shouldnt expect the "Darnold is the best qb in the AFC East" tweet this week?
02 Dec, 05:41 AM UTC
Jason Dunn
@SportsSturm I guess it’s a good thing NE has to play the AFC East trash division and not the tough NFC EAST. Pretty lopsided head to head record of those two divisions. Lol. Miami bailed Dallas out today. #BILLSMAFIA
01 Dec, 10:39 PM UTC
NFL SportMag
NFL Week 13 overreactions: Has Tom Brady lost his grip on the AFC?> S- #nfl
02 Dec, 07:29 AM UTC
AFC EAST STANDINGS: (After 12 Games) Patriots (10-2) Bills (9-3) Jets (4-8) Fins (3-9)
02 Dec, 07:26 AM UTC

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