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Tottenham Hotspur
Simply, incredible. ⏱️ 04 🔵 1-0 Sterling (1-1) ⏱️ 07 ⚪️ 1-1 Son (1-2) ⏱️ 10 ⚪️ 1-2 Son (1-3) ⏱️ 11 🔵 2-2 B.Silva (2-3) ⏱️ 21 🔵 3-2 Sterling (3-3) ⏱️ 59 🔵 4-2 Aguero (4-3) ⏱️ 73 ⚪️ 4-3 Llorente (4-4) #UCL ⚪️ #COYS
17 Apr, 09:44 PM UTC
Manchester City
Here’s your City line-up for tonight! 🙌 XI | Ederson, Walker, Kompany (C), Laporte, Mendy, Gundogan, Silva, De Bruyne, Bernardo, Sterling, Aguero Subs | Muric, Stones, Sane, Fernandinho, Mahrez, Otamendi, Jesus 🔵 #cityvthfc #mancity Manchester City's photo on Aguero
17 Apr, 05:45 PM UTC
Inherit KDB, Aguero, Fernandinho, Kompany, Otamendi, Sterling, David Silva, spend another £600m on the team & yet, you cannot even match ordinary Manuel Pellegrini's UCL record at Manchester City after 3 seasons. Ladies & gentlemen, the inventor of football, Pep Fraudiola.
17 Apr, 09:00 PM UTC
BREAKING: Sergio Aguero signs 50 year contract extension at Man City! 😂😂😂 #MCITOT BenchWarmers's photo on Aguero
17 Apr, 09:24 PM UTC
B/R Football
That’s what Aguero does 💥 B/R Football's photo on Aguero
17 Apr, 08:18 PM UTC
BREAKING: Sergio Aguero signs 50 year contract extension at Man City! 😂😂😂 FootballFunnys's photo on Aguero
17 Apr, 09:07 PM UTC
Football Stuff
BREAKING: Sergio Aguero signs 50 year contract extension at Man City! 😂😂😂 Football Stuff's photo on Aguero
17 Apr, 10:12 PM UTC
Raheem Sterling goal disallowed (Aguero Offside) #ManCity #ManCityTottenham #mcitot Tom's photo on Aguero
17 Apr, 10:14 PM UTC
Jonathan Northcroft
City were brilliant last night: Sterling, KDB, VK, Bernardo, Aguero...they were beaten by the finest margin in the craziest game by the best Spurs side in years. If they lose the PL it'll be to one of England's best sides in years. Pep's no failure. It doesn't have to be binary.
18 Apr, 09:47 AM UTC
Joe Crann
But Aguero was offside though… It may be dramatic, it may be unlucky, it may be devastating for City, but most importantly - it was right.
17 Apr, 09:04 PM UTC
Guillem Balague
Aguero doesn't miss a penalty and we would have seen a different story? Crucial situation in a cup game. What does that have to do with his coaching? But for him it is a day to take it on the chin and keep working
18 Apr, 08:43 AM UTC
[#LDC🏆] MAN. CITY🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 4-3 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿TOTTENHAM (Cumulé: 4-4) ⏱ FIN DU MATCH ! ⚽️ Sterling ⚽️ Son ⚽️ Son ⚽️ B.Silva ⚽️ Sterling ⚽️ Aguero ⚽️ Llorente Tottenham se qualifie en demi-finale !!! #MCITOT Footballogue⭐️⭐️'s photo on Aguero
17 Apr, 08:56 PM UTC
Pep fan boys so salty this morning. He couldn't defend a 3-1 lead vs Monaco, couldn't win just one leg vs Liverpool last season or beat the "Harry Kane team" without Harry Kane. After inheriting KDB, Aguero,Sterling,Silva,Kompany et al + £800m & 3 years. We are not the problem.
18 Apr, 10:25 AM UTC
Manchester City
NONNNNNN..... HORS-JEU DE AGUERO SUR L'ACTION... C'est refusé par le VAR.... 🔵 4-3 (4-4) ⚪️ #MCITOT #mancity
17 Apr, 08:53 PM UTC
Ricky Sacks 🎙
Mark Clattenburg: “VAR got both big calls spot on in Tottenham’s victory over Man City. Aguero was offside and Llorente did not handball it”. #THFC #COYS
18 Apr, 10:15 AM UTC
Oloye Akin Alabi
The game is now too fast paced at the highest level for the referee to keep up. How would we have know that Aguero was offside if not for VAR?
17 Apr, 10:35 PM UTC
Henry Jackson
If Pogba or Hazard get a PFA Player of the Year award nomination the world's gone mad, good as they've been at times. Both far too hit and miss. Should be Van Dijk, Sterling, Bernardo, Mane, Salah and Son for me. Possibly Aguero in there somewhere.
18 Apr, 10:52 AM UTC
Zoba Man Utd 👑
Today's Champions League Review Pep Guardiola turned Sterling into an adult and a serious footballer. Van Dijk is currently the best CB Aguero is a Goal Machine. Pochettino without Kane beat city with both arms behind. We all wish our teams would play such beauties! #MCITOT
17 Apr, 09:14 PM UTC
FFScout Joe
Fpl takeaways from #MCITOT Son misses CL first leg so less of a rotation risk Gwk 36/37 Eriksen likely rest either v BRI or Gwk 36/37 Llorente appeal grows as Deeney replacement City rotation subsides - Aguero, sterling and kdb all great options. #FPL
18 Apr, 06:38 AM UTC
here’s why aguero was offside..
18 Apr, 10:20 AM UTC
Segundo día del taller de elaboración de huevos de pascua 🐰. Gracias a todos por participar! @stmbb @Aguero_M_A @Juventud_stmbb
17 Apr, 10:53 PM UTC
LWOS Tottenham Hotspur
Words I will never forget!!!! And Sterling has done it... Tottenham are crestfallen ..... wait, it’s being reviewed..... was Aguero offside! It’s been disallowed......
18 Apr, 08:20 AM UTC
Aguero is genuinely one of the most clutch players he’s the definition of a big game striker
17 Apr, 08:25 PM UTC
Kevin De 🐐 Bruyne
Can’t understand this Pep slander. 1st leg Aguero pen would’ve given us an away goal and who knows what the score would’ve been after that and than Delph fucks up. 2nd leg Laporte, Silva and other guys just awful performance. Sometimes the players are at fault not the coach.
17 Apr, 09:51 PM UTC
He can't be blamed for Aguero missing a penalty , Laporte doing his best Mangala impression and Ederson turning into Bravo
18 Apr, 10:23 AM UTC
The Sportsman Bet
👊 TONIGHT'S FOOTBALL BET... We landed a cosy winner last night in Aguero and Salah both to score at 4/1 We've gone for a Match result & BTTS double for tonight's #EuropaLeague Get Involved 👇 Odds subject to change | BeGambleAware | 18+ The Sportsman Bet's photo on Aguero
18 Apr, 11:24 AM UTC
this is what happens when your club pays Romelu Lukaku the same weekly wage as Sergio Aguero
17 Apr, 10:11 PM UTC

He’s really making it out like that team was shit when it had prime Aguero, Silva, Kompany and Toure. Is that how low everyone’s getting to blaming Pep?
18 Apr, 11:27 AM UTC
⚜️Océane⚜️🔴Lilloise à vie⚪️
@dgaizii @LeRoiSan3 @mbappe_12 @BaduldIlDuce @ActuFoot_ Non il a pas fait perdre puisque c’était le seul à pouvoir prendre le ballon mais le fait que le joueur de City touche le ballon avant qu’Aguero le prenne fait « perdre » City
18 Apr, 11:27 AM UTC
@Elishaaa_O If Aguero scores, they pass. If Laporte doesn't fuck up twice, they pass. I know he fucked up, but hold players accountable too.
17 Apr, 10:15 PM UTC
@kaine_marsh You was this day though in the conny when Aguero scored and took it off you😂😂😂😂😂😂 Bex's photo on Aguero
18 Apr, 11:23 AM UTC
@georgiapearl21 Llorente > Aguero. Hate to be the one to break it to everybody
18 Apr, 11:23 AM UTC
@Theo_Adiveze Si passe non déviée = pas de hors jeu. Si passe déviée = hors-jeu dans le sens strict.Sauf que comme les mains involontaires il faut décider de leur incidence sur le jeu et pour la cas présent de l'intention sur la déviation.Coup de cul qu'elle retombe sur Aguero, il doit valider
18 Apr, 11:29 AM UTC
🅰️D🅰️Ⓜ️ CHℹvEr💤
@sterling7 @ManCity Raheem, last night you became my favourite football player. Ive always held you near to de bruyne, silva, aguero... but you went above them last night. WHAT a performance!
18 Apr, 11:29 AM UTC
Alphonse Arya Jon LittleFinger Melisandre N.K ⚖️
Hier c'était le meilleur match qu'on est fait en CL. Des joueurs ont enfin porté leurs couilles (sterling, aguero, de Bruyne, b silva, gundogan). Belle progression. Meilleur match de cette saison suivi de celui contre Liverpool.
18 Apr, 11:28 AM UTC
Aguero’s wait for that iconic CL moment goes on
18 Apr, 11:28 AM UTC
@richyvilly lt can't possibly be worse because this season was terrible. However you look at it Dybala played worse with Ronaldo. This is his worst season as a Juve player... Aguero plays well for Argetina. Higuain's inconsistency follows him everywhere. Icardi's issues are with his wife
18 Apr, 11:27 AM UTC
hamdin zarif
@akeyyyyyyy10 Kalu tok keno gak x sapa la bola ko aguero. Sapa ko defend dulu 😂
18 Apr, 11:27 AM UTC
Tirthraj Mahajan
@TKPlovesnature @ChampionsLeague @SpursOfficial @ManCity Plus if thats the case then who was aguero's goal against Arsenal even a goal. Not intentional aswell.. deluded plastics
18 Apr, 11:27 AM UTC
Smertop R10
@_SportsPlug @Maeliu_A ahahahah pour une fois qu'une célébration de City me comble de joie. Encore et toujours a cause de Aguero
18 Apr, 11:27 AM UTC
@_clemkl en esprit ça veut dire la lune ?
18 Apr, 11:27 AM UTC
Young Laury
@jpehaiti Si Kün Aguero te jwe yn gro match menm jan ak kevin De Bruyne ak Raheem Sterling City tap kalifye Agüero pa jwe yon gro seri menm.
18 Apr, 11:27 AM UTC
Eric Thomas
@koojababy It bounces off a City player's thigh before running into the path of Aguero. Watch closely
18 Apr, 11:26 AM UTC
Half way through my shift having flashbacks to that stoppage time anti-Aguero moment last night Kyle's photo on Aguero
18 Apr, 11:26 AM UTC
#bbcfootball It is a cruel way to lose but VAR got it correct. Llorente's goal hit his thigh, it was legit. City's winner, Aguero was offside and it was legitimately ruled out. If VAR wasn't there and they missed those calls we'd still be moaning. Cannot have it both ways.
18 Apr, 11:26 AM UTC
@Crawtey @honigstein I also think aguero's Arse being offside by 10cm should not be called as offside as against spirit of original offside rule but that is probably a conversation for another day. VAR will make football slightly fairer, bug I don’t think that will mean it is better.
18 Apr, 11:26 AM UTC
@Maseff23 @LeRoiSan3 @mbappe_12 @BaduldIlDuce @ActuFoot_ Aguero a fait perdre City a la fin a cause de son hors jeu ( et du bon placement de la défense de Tottenham )
18 Apr, 11:26 AM UTC
VAR awarded City a nonsense penalty in the first leg but Aguero missed it, City would be in the semis if he scored it, that's tough
18 Apr, 11:25 AM UTC
Susy Karina Aguero
@CarmiMasi Digno??? Que significa para vos país digno?? Que tiene que ver con el aborto la ideología de género o la eutanasia? Conecta tu lengua con tu cerebro mami!
18 Apr, 11:25 AM UTC
Kaine Marsh !
@bexleescott 🤣🤣🤣 I don’t get upset like use Aguero took it of use lastnight too🤣🤣🤣
18 Apr, 11:25 AM UTC
@ImBroLyK @txhewolj23 @Maxim76Dieu @LeRoiSan3 @mbappe_12 @BaduldIlDuce @ActuFoot_ Maintenant ose me dire que ya main de Llorente la dessus, c cruel le hors jeu de Aguero mais mafois il y est qu’est-ce tu veux faire tes mieux que le VAR toi ?
18 Apr, 11:24 AM UTC
@Mechodu Man Bernado Silva had the last touch on the ball enroute to Aguero
18 Apr, 11:24 AM UTC
That Aguero missed penalty, no away goal is why city lost over the two legs.
18 Apr, 11:24 AM UTC
@latorre_tdg La pilota li arriba a Aguero per un company pero de rebot, per tant intencionalitat zero. Despres que Aguero en aquell moment ni tan sols esta anant cap a porteria. I finalment que si mires la foto, tampoc es taaaant clar. Un genoll en fora de joc potser? Tot plegat es massa.
18 Apr, 11:24 AM UTC
Arlo pear
@BBCMOTD Aguero winning the league in the last minute will never be beaten for me
18 Apr, 11:24 AM UTC
Keeper of the Heaven’s Gate
@Xtrasapien_MD @omoba_scholes From when the ball hit bernado’s legs Aguero was offside
18 Apr, 11:24 AM UTC
Carlos Espínola Basualdo
@alvaro_franco99 @e_aguero @LaBarra79Ofic Vos sos uno de los que se creen dueños del Club seguro.
18 Apr, 11:24 AM UTC
Sinbad ⚔
@asc_arnaud @pablo_last_king World class performance. Look at his assist in the Aguero goal.✌✌
18 Apr, 11:24 AM UTC
Mind I couldn't care less about #FootballIndex at the moment as it's all about Tottenham for me at the moment but Aguero better than Sterling last night according to FI........... was he shite, not even close, enough said on the matter.👍
18 Apr, 11:23 AM UTC
@Uchiwa7 @LeSageProdige @Videos2Riles Aguero a fait un bon match point final arrêtez avec vos aguero à été pas ouf ferme ta geule frr il a mis un but et à delivré 2 passes d en comptant le but refusé scandaleusement à la fin
18 Apr, 11:23 AM UTC
@edupanzi Bom dia No lance do City, me explica: "Nos acréscimos do segundo tempo,após erro de passe de Eriksen, a bola desviou em Bernardo Silva e sobrou nos pés de Agüero(tava impedido)". O desvio no Bernardo silva é considerado passe? Eriksen que errou e mandou a bola pro aguero não?
18 Apr, 11:23 AM UTC
@wnamirul_ @Shhharizal Aguero offside memang takde luck aku sumpah dah celebrate hahah
18 Apr, 11:22 AM UTC
Isinebuogidi 🖤
@Triggischillin Yeah..see Aguero before he got the ball
18 Apr, 11:22 AM UTC

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