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왜 찍었는지 모르겠는 영상.. #RM 방탄소년단's photo on Barbieri
20 Jan, 02:17 PM UTC

Stage 5

2018 #BTS 4TH MUSTER <HAPPY EVER AFTER> Stage sketch More photos @ (https://t.co/F8kuLxFhpC) https://t.co/Kzsyjnc4uh
20 Jan, 06:02 AM UTC


Jason Kander
The President said he was going to run America like his businesses. Apparently we have reached the part where he would usually just declare bankruptcy and run away. #TrumpShutdown
19 Jan, 06:26 PM UTC

Kim and Kanye

you think an offspring of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is filling out applications? https://t.co/UT1umFkDI3
19 Jan, 08:11 PM UTC


y’all be like i’m gonna drop out of school and be a stripper, but my sis said i’m gonna do both WOW I stan 🌟 https://t.co/z83ZrfzGmH
20 Jan, 02:56 AM UTC


When ur in college but also a stripper lmfao cat's photo on Walker
19 Jan, 10:14 PM UTC


Cashier: Sorry for your wait! We are short on staff at the moment Millennial: Don’t worry! It’s fine! Middle Aged Woman: zander's photo on Rhodes
19 Jan, 10:13 PM UTC


종현 앨범 발매 공지사항 입니다. 'Poet | Artist' 음원/MV: 2018.01.23 12PM KST 음반: 2018.01.24 SHINee's photo on Tobio
19 Jan, 01:06 PM UTC


Stephen Colbert
Let he who is without a fetish for being spanked by a porn star with a magazine featuring you on the cover & then ask a lawyer set up a shell corp in Delaware to secretly pay hush money to hide your infidelity & the news leaks as you speak at a Pro-Life march cast the first stone
20 Jan, 05:58 AM UTC


근데 저 아직 노말도 잘 못 하는듯..
20 Jan, 02:58 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
Democrats are holding our Military hostage over their desire to have unchecked illegal immigration. Can’t let that happen!
20 Jan, 02:27 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
For those asking, the Republicans only have 51 votes in the Senate, and they need 60. That is why we need to win more Republicans in 2018 Election! We can then be even tougher on Crime (and Border), and even better to our Military & Veterans!
20 Jan, 11:44 AM UTC


Natural selection is working soon there will be no traffic in California https://t.co/LACQmWkAxE
19 Jan, 08:01 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
Beautiful weather all over our great country, a perfect day for all Women to March. Get out there now to celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the last 12 months. Lowest female unemployment in 18 years!
20 Jan, 06:51 PM UTC


Hillary Clinton
I’m so heartened by all of you. Onward! https://t.co/vkRj7M3kBS
19 Jan, 07:08 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
Government Funding Bill past last night in the House of Representatives. Now Democrats are needed if it is to pass in the Senate - but they want illegal immigration and weak borders. Shutdown coming? We need more Republican victories in 2018!
19 Jan, 12:04 PM UTC


Nancy Pelosi
Before he took office, @realDonaldTrump was happy to say the president owns the blame for a government shutdown. As President, he blames Democrats. That tells you all you need to know. #TrumpShutdown
19 Jan, 06:07 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
Not looking good for our great Military or Safety & Security on the very dangerous Southern Border. Dems want a Shutdown in order to help diminish the great success of the Tax Cuts, and what they are doing for our booming economy.
20 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC


Amar é entrar no tempo do outro. padrefabiodemelo's photo on Vinicius
19 Jan, 01:51 AM UTC


無事でいてくれ しんくん's photo on Prototype
20 Jan, 08:18 AM UTC


じわじわくる いち☠₣ƦEEÐØM's photo on Racing
20 Jan, 08:32 AM UTC


Steve King
I have read the memo. The sickening reality has set in. I no longer hold out hope there is an innocent explanation for the information the public has seen. I have long said it is worse than Watergate. It was #neverTrump & #alwaysHillary. #releasethememo
19 Jan, 03:32 AM UTC


Mark Meadows
I viewed the classified report from House Intel relating to the FBI, FISA abuses, the infamous Russian dossier, and so-called "Russian collusion." What I saw is absolutely shocking. This report needs to be released--now. Americans deserve the truth. #ReleaseTheMemo Mark Meadows's photo on #ReleaseTheMemo
19 Jan, 03:52 AM UTC

The $1

Donald J. Trump
Today, I was honored and proud to address the 45th Annual @March_for_Life! You are living witnesses of this year’s March for Life theme: #LoveSavesLives. Donald J. Trump's photo on The $1
19 Jan, 06:39 PM UTC


Stephen King
Coming in May. Stephen King's photo on Moose
19 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC


Demi Lovato
Feeling gross today at a photo shoot but I’m choosing to accept what I see because I love myself for who I am and your love and support gets me through moments like this. 🙏🏼 if you’re struggling as well, don’t forget.. if I can do it, you can too!
19 Jan, 08:18 PM UTC


callie 🦑
guys!!! if i get 500k retweets this can happen for me!! please help out 💙💙 thank you all!!! #CalliesMetsProm callie 🦑's photo on Silva
19 Jan, 10:18 PM UTC

Bill Manning

Ezra Klein
I've never seen anything as cynical in politics as Republicans spending 4 months refusing to reauthorize the Children's Health Insurance Program, then attaching reauthorization to another controversial bill, then blaming Democrats for not supporting CHIP. It's breathtaking. https://t.co/NeoE2Fiu0h
19 Jan, 12:48 PM UTC


進撃の巨人舞台挨拶順調に進んでいます! 先週、幼馴染3人でブルゾンちえみさんの35億ポーズで写真を撮っていたのですが、まさかまさか、諫山創先生がキャラ絵にして送って下さいました〜〜〜!!! 滅茶滅茶貴重! 先生…お忙しい中有難うございます! https://t.co/cIRyKUa8bB
20 Jan, 06:18 AM UTC


No has puesto una lavadora en tu vida hulio😂 https://t.co/uFHnrd8tPW
19 Jan, 06:50 PM UTC


“filha não vai perder a chave tá?” Ta https://t.co/OjM5ICP1Bu
19 Jan, 10:30 PM UTC


This one fucked my head up i can’t even lie 😢 rest up young king @FREDOSANTANA300
20 Jan, 09:00 AM UTC


Pattie Mallette
Happy #BeliebersDay 😘 Thanks for loving my baby. We love you back.
19 Jan, 07:31 PM UTC


here is my entire “A Story Like Mine” poem from today’s #WomensMarch2018 in NYC tw: rape / assault. Thank you. h's photo on #WomensMarch2018
20 Jan, 08:08 PM UTC


Wanna One
[#워너원데이] 쿠알라룸푸르에서 만난 우리 워너블❤️ 함께해서 너무 행복했습니다! 다음에 또 만나요!🌟 https://t.co/OtWh2gUHi3
19 Jan, 04:26 PM UTC


❄ Thi ❄
Enstars x heels ① ❄ Thi ❄'s photo on Heels
19 Jan, 10:01 PM UTC


Aaron Paul
10 years ago today Mr. White and Jesse Pinkman decided to start cooking crystal meth. Thank you Vince for coming up with this crazy concept. Here's a quick video of our journeys. Happy 10th anniversary #BreakingBad. https://t.co/2NN4XIKeLV
20 Jan, 04:09 PM UTC


몬스타엑스_MONSTA X
[#주헌] 우리 몬베베 잘있죠? 난 잘있는뎅 ㅠㅠ 보고싶어용 팬콘도 이제 곧이네용 얼른 보자 우리! https://t.co/yiSCB5wDfe
19 Jan, 11:15 AM UTC


私、市川美織はこの春をもってNMB48を卒業します‼︎ 紆余曲折な人生な私ですが、この決断をするまでに成長させてくれたAKB NMBに本当に感謝です😌 私を応援して下さるファン皆さんありがとうございます✨ 皆さんとはこれからも色んな事に挑戦し困難を乗り越え頑張っていきたいです💗応援宜しくです🍋 市川美織's photo on 私と私
19 Jan, 12:38 PM UTC


I’m bout to wax my vagina and I’m soo fuckin scared 😰
20 Jan, 01:25 AM UTC

Fredo Santana

Jacksonville 45-42
2018 recap: Kodak black facing 20 years. Fredo Santana passed. People are eating tide pods and dying. Ja rule and 50 are beefing again. The govt shut down.People still don’t have their refund checks or w2’s. We just in mid-January.
20 Jan, 09:17 AM UTC

James Wilson

Ron Wyden
CHIP expired 111 days ago – you didn’t seem to mind until these kids became a useful political hostage. https://t.co/BO27VeVXCl
19 Jan, 06:29 PM UTC


I'm not gon lie I thought u was a Sex Doll https://t.co/ohKVANWic0
19 Jan, 01:28 PM UTC


米津玄師 ハチ
20 Jan, 10:58 AM UTC


Glory Boy
Stop saying Fredo was my friend, That’s my cousin, Big difference
20 Jan, 08:20 PM UTC


love you, can’t keep my eyes open going to sleep #AskCamila 💓💓💓💓💓
20 Jan, 06:31 AM UTC


Women's March
On the eve of the one-year anniversary of @realDonaldTrump's inauguration, the U.S. government will be shut down. Make no mistake: this shutdown is a #TrumpShutdown.
20 Jan, 04:06 AM UTC


몇십년이 지난 후 아들한테 이 말을 해줄거에요 아들아 나 유명했다 #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY @BTS_twt 진저's photo on #BestFanArmy
19 Jan, 05:11 AM UTC


Kamala Harris
The facts: →The GOP has control of the House, Senate & White House. →Trump was the one who ended DACA & opposed the bipartisan compromise brought before him. →The vast majority of Americans favor protecting Dreamers, funding CHIP & the government. Let’s do those things.
19 Jan, 11:06 PM UTC

Premier League

Niall Horan
my highlight was @dcfcofficial ‘s Gary rowett . Top man, great manager and I really hope that his style can get us to the premier league along with Mel Morris
19 Jan, 07:32 PM UTC

Ice Maiden

Full Frontal
Nice to see Mitch McConnell literally using the same strategy as the Joker at the end of “The Dark Knight.” https://t.co/Y4ysOQIEKP
19 Jan, 07:16 PM UTC


박보영 브이앱 보는데 존나 광대 터진다 ㅠㅠㅠ 앓음다움's photo on 박보영
19 Jan, 12:32 PM UTC


BBC Radio 1
✨ IT'S FINALLY TIME! ✨ #BTSARMY, we are SO excited to show you what @AdeleRoberts has been up to! ❤️ Watch Adele meet the amazing @BTS_twt here 👉 https://t.co/jWIOrVesSq See Adele explore the K-Pop phenomenon on @BBCiPlayer here 👉 https://t.co/HULijvhk0f #BTSonBBCR1 BBC Radio 1's photo on #BTSARMY
19 Jan, 05:01 AM UTC

Champions Cup

Narendra Modi
Congratulations to our cricket team for winning the 2018 Blind Cricket World Cup! They make the nation proud and inspire every Indian with their game as well as phenomenal attitude. True champions!
20 Jan, 01:37 PM UTC


jomny sun
high difficulty level escape room concept: u are laying in bed and u have one hour to get out of bed
19 Jan, 07:33 PM UTC

Ja Rule

Me listening to Ja Rule & 50 Cent diss tracks in 2018 Matt's photo on Ja Rule
19 Jan, 02:34 PM UTC

US Government

Ted Lieu
Dear @realDonaldTrump: You are the President, the most powerful government official on earth. You told the American people how great you are at making deals. You told us you alone can fix it. If there is a #govshutdown, you failed. Full stop. https://t.co/iU0BV3iB5x
19 Jan, 03:29 PM UTC


Fortnite Funny
Fortnite games really be this intense. I swear I feel like I’m really in the game sometimes 😂😂 Fortnite Funny's photo on Robinson
19 Jan, 07:43 PM UTC


ポケモンのサトシより、ゲゲゲの鬼太郎の「猫娘」のが顔変わり過ぎ事件。 餓鬼Иちょ's photo on 鬼太郎
19 Jan, 01:37 AM UTC


b.b 🎅🏻
This dog is happy to walk as slow as his owner needs ❤️b.b 🎅🏻's photo on Oviedo
19 Jan, 07:00 PM UTC


Christine Sydelko
can we bring back mancala please? I’m gonna start throwing mancala parties
19 Jan, 09:47 PM UTC

Dustin Brown

John Legend
The reason the government shutdown is that Trump and his team have an ideological commitment to allowing fewer black and brown people into the country. #TrumpShutdown #TrumpIsARacist
20 Jan, 05:48 AM UTC


Joy Reid
Who's writing the Democrats' talking points? The problem isn't "kicking the can down the road." It's the fact that Republicans took two sets of hostages: DACA young people and CHIP kids and are telling Democrats "pick one to save" or we blow up the building.
19 Jan, 03:39 PM UTC


Connor Hannigan
y’all talking about what’s the move and it’s 30 degrees outside... homie the move is hibernation
19 Jan, 05:20 PM UTC


Beşiktaş JK
Kalbimiz ve dualarımız Mehmetçik'lerimizle #ZeytinDalıHarekatı #AfrinOperasyonu Beşiktaş JK's photo on #AfrinOperasyonu
20 Jan, 04:46 PM UTC


Child Support Enthusiast
If you needed a smile today. This honestly made me tear up. THIS is a village 😩😪😩💙💙 Child Support Enthusiast's photo on Drizzy
19 Jan, 03:29 PM UTC


eu amo tanto esse site voces nao tem noção https://t.co/4sLKwtrbM0
19 Jan, 01:54 PM UTC


[#김동한😬] 안뇽 우리 조이풀~ 잘 잤나용? 오늘 하루도 잘 보내구 좀이따 뮤직뱅크도 봐주세요!😘 https://t.co/LacWAG8N4p
19 Jan, 01:56 AM UTC


Joy Reid
Keep in mind, REPUBLICANS let CHIP expire last year. They could have reauthorized it at any time, and could reauthorize it today. They could vote right now. They're not, because they wanted to use those 9 million kids as hostages.
19 Jan, 04:22 PM UTC


If I ignore your call and then text you “hey did you call?” 7 hours later, then don’t be a shitty friend and try to call me again. That was my way of kindly letting you know that I’m only willing to communicate with you via text messages
19 Jan, 03:19 PM UTC


Au Jus
I’m sorry but this is a slap in the face. They paid Amy Schumer $13M to talk about her vaginal discharge for an hour. Nah. https://t.co/1R8ElFktyn
19 Jan, 04:50 PM UTC


スタッフ「それでは最後に写真を撮りまーす」 俺「はーい」 リスナー「みや!めっっちゃカッコつけて!!!!」 俺「え、こ…こんな感じ…??///」 リスナー「キモーー!!!!」 俺「」 みやかわくん's photo on Sané
20 Jan, 09:04 AM UTC


Brendon Urie
Dudes fuck yessss 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 #fobmania https://t.co/XRLbxo57U6
19 Jan, 11:16 PM UTC


Krystle Schoonveld
My 3rd daughter. The one whom I was told was "not compatible with life", due to several heart defects. The 1st pic was an hr after her heart surgery at 6 mos, 2nd pic was just 3 days later. The last pic--her now, 5YO at her last appt. She starts soccer next week #MarchForLife https://t.co/r7I86YRA89
19 Jan, 05:38 PM UTC


LeBron James
Just trying to be remembered and leave a mark on the game. Truly honored and blessed! 🙏🏾👑#StriveForGreatness🚀 https://t.co/I0ZULtrILJ
20 Jan, 04:30 AM UTC


おじさん@葵 日向(あふひ ひゅうが)
JKの隣に座ったら移動された話 https://t.co/bdN1jmFR7S
20 Jan, 08:55 AM UTC


The W
This gotta be the most scariest shit that can happen to you 😭🏃🏾‍♂️ https://t.co/QrT6zqIrk0
19 Jan, 05:50 AM UTC


Michy Batshuayi
Hazard & Chill 😂😂😂 Michy Batshuayi's photo on Joao
20 Jan, 03:23 PM UTC


boy hell nawl 2018 twitter could not handle the boondocks they’d be crying over everything riley said https://t.co/OzlTYgHgEE
19 Jan, 07:43 AM UTC


Chris Taylor 🌊
Trump Casinos- shutdown Trump Airlines- shutdown Trump University- shutdown Trump Steaks- shutdown Trump Vodka- shutdown Trump Mortgage- shutdown Trump Magazine- shutdown Trump 1st Marriage- shutdown Trump 2nd Marriage- shutdown Trump government- shutdown #TrumpShutDown
20 Jan, 06:55 AM UTC


Donald Trump Jr.
Democrats willingness to shut down the govt and cut off children’s insurance and US military salaries at home and abroad for illegal immigrants tells you all you need to know about Democrats.
19 Jan, 03:24 PM UTC
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