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nick wright
Danny Ainge has signed 2 big time FAs in his entire tenure with the Celtics: Al Horford & Gordon Hayward. He lost them both for nothing, with no obvious way to replace either, without either ever playing in a Finals game.
21 Nov, 06:36 PM UTC
Ahmed🇸🇴/SAINt JHN the best out
Danny Ainge thought he had leverage for the pacers only for MJ to wake up from a gambling binge and give Gordon Hayward $120 million
21 Nov, 06:36 PM UTC
Marc Bertrand
Ainge blew it. Celtics left empty-handed. Terrible management.
21 Nov, 06:55 PM UTC
Things Ainge can be blamed for: - not adding bench depth - not consolidating picks better - misses in mid to late picks Something I can’t blame Ainge for: - not giving Hayward $120M
21 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC
Boston Diehards
Danny Ainge deserves a massive amount of criticism for screwing up how Hayward left, we just let our biggest trade asset walk out for nothing. Massive L.
21 Nov, 06:39 PM UTC
The Gordon Hayward deal is officially not a sign and trade. The Boston Celtics let a max player walk away for free. Embarrassing day to be a Celtics fan. Danny Ainge is on the hot seat.
21 Nov, 07:30 PM UTC
ainge is trying to pull off a heist on a sign-and-trade!
21 Nov, 02:04 AM UTC
myles brown
Danny Ainge’s garage sales are just pictures of things he almost bought.
21 Nov, 08:38 PM UTC
Jim Murray
I figured it’d be a day before the “alleged deal with the Pacers” narrative got thrown around, but it’s been what, an hour? Shameless. 😆🙄 Ainge lost. He screwed it up & got nothing. This isn’t debatable.
21 Nov, 07:51 PM UTC
Stop covering for Danny Ainge! Three max players have walked out of Boston for NOTHING. Kyrie Irving Al Horford Gordon Hayward Bad day to be a Celtics fan.
21 Nov, 07:33 PM UTC
𝙍𝙞𝙡𝙚𝙮 ☘️
Robert “TIMELORD” Williams will be a star big man for the Celtics soon. I truly believe that’s why Danny Ainge isn’t going after any big men.
21 Nov, 09:15 PM UTC
Jason Maples
Danny "Almost" Ainge strikes again
21 Nov, 09:50 PM UTC
Ainge got you Tatum, a legit superstar, instead of drafting the consensus #1 guy who ended up getting bullied out of Philly with a historical case of the yips But I guess he sucks because he didn't want to pay Horford or Gordon 30M a year
21 Nov, 11:32 PM UTC
Turkey Vulture 🍗🍗🍗
Just catching up on all the excuses on behalf of Ainge. 1. 🤣🤣🤣 2. If Danny traded him at last year's deadline, he never would've put himself in this position (and may have had a big to deal with Bam)
21 Nov, 10:25 PM UTC
Josh Eberley🇨🇦
This is honestly art, Adam might as well be Ainge’s Twitter account.
21 Nov, 09:49 PM UTC
Big Kings
Danny Ainge is white supremacy
21 Nov, 07:05 PM UTC
Scott Agness
@HolderStephen From what I’ve gathered, it never got anywhere. Ainge wanted far too much considering G could leave on his own. And did.
21 Nov, 06:55 PM UTC
John Karalis 🇬🇷
What does Danny Ainge do after Celtics worst-case scenario?
21 Nov, 10:30 PM UTC
Dan Lifshatz
What’s coming from the Indiana side of things is that Hayward was willing to take a discount to go there. Ainge was not willing to get close to the Pacers ask and therefore he went to Charlotte Again that’s the Indiana reporting especially from @ScottAgness
21 Nov, 11:57 PM UTC
@BrianTRobb Worst part is Ainge hoarded all of those draft picks and lets see how that is working....worst bench in the league last year...Langford is never healthy, its just pathetic by Ainge.
22 Nov, 12:14 AM UTC
They killing ainge on nba satellite radio 😂😂😂
22 Nov, 12:12 AM UTC
Louis Tonelli
Damn Celtics fans gettin all fired up at Danny Ainge because other teams GM’s are literally incompetent will always be hilarious to me
22 Nov, 12:08 AM UTC
@SavageBoston Love Belichick gets criticized more then Ainge when One GM brought us 6 chips been to 9. Ainge? 1 in 12 years and made ECF 2 out of last 3 years. Again. Ainge will have on his tomb stone “ Always close, but no cigar” right after we traded for Cryrie bad karma started to happen
22 Nov, 12:19 AM UTC
John Karalis 🇬🇷
@realfakemc You can't operate your team out of fear that another team is going to do something dumb. Essentially committing $39 mil a year for 3 years of Hayward is asinine. That's almost Harden money. There is no way outside of trolling that you can say Ainge should have anticipated that
22 Nov, 12:15 AM UTC
@glamfun @RedsArmy_John @ThatVladGuy That's not how any of this works. It was Gordon's decision. He has to sign the contract before a deal can happen, and he hadn't done that. He made sure all offers were out there first. It's dumb to think Ainge could have speed traded Hayward against his will.
22 Nov, 12:19 AM UTC
@glamfun @RedsArmy_John @ThatVladGuy If Gordon wanted to be in Indiana he'd be there. Ainge is supposed to get the best deal for the team. He should be negotiating.
22 Nov, 12:16 AM UTC
@capricornlee Ibaka is free from my understanding, that’s what we need, some fucking size (pause). I was hoping ainge would’ve finessed something with Indiana & got oladipo here. That, paired with a big man would’ve been it
22 Nov, 12:15 AM UTC
BitcoinAndSomuchHealth (BASH)
@BoldStatePod @gordonhayward @celtics How was Ainge supposed to get something for him when Charlotte offered way more money than Indy???
22 Nov, 12:10 AM UTC
Matt in Grafton
@adamjones985 Just saw this tweet and it's an hour old. How are there not "Ainge-Hole Army" t-shirts in the 98.5 store yet? 🤔
21 Nov, 11:53 PM UTC

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