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James Woods
The bullshit #BackPedal of the year...
11 Feb, 08:38 PM UTC
Brigitte Gabriel
If AIPAC pays politicians to be Pro-Israel... Who pays @IlhanMN to be pro-terrorist? 🤔
11 Feb, 03:52 PM UTC
Dave Zirin
As a Jew, I want to welcome anyone who wants to criticize a lobbying coalition funded by arms manufacturers, evangelical Christians, and allies of the right wing edge of Israeli politics. Criticizing AIPAC is not anti-Semitic and it’s absurd that this even needs to be said.
11 Feb, 05:05 PM UTC
The Onion
Ilhan Omar Thankful For Colleagues Educating Her On Painful History AIPAC Lobbyists Have Had To Endure The Onion's photo on aipac
11 Feb, 10:01 PM UTC
Alex Kotch 🔥🚲
I'm Jewish & a full-time money-in-politics reporter. Everyone knows AIPAC is a very influential pro-Israel lobby that spends money to influence members of Congress. Not every sentence involving Jewish people & money is anti-Semitic.
11 Feb, 03:34 PM UTC
Bess Kalb
It's not anti-Semitic to criticize AIPAC. It's anti-Semitic for AIPAC-owned evangelical politicians to support Israel because they want the hell-bound Jews to reclaim the holy land so Jesus can return and rapture true believers to heaven while everyone else incinerates xo.
11 Feb, 05:26 PM UTC
Ady Barkan🔥🌹
A thread on @IlhanMN, anti-semitism, and my personal experience with @AIPAC’s money. In 2006, I was the first real staffer on a long-shot Democratic Congressional race in deep red Ohio. My boss was a hippie doctor with a lefty perspective on international affairs... (Continued)
11 Feb, 08:12 PM UTC
Anti-semitism is REAL But do not conflate and misuse that label. Calling out the government of Israel for it's crimes against humanity and AIPAC, a Pro- Israel lobby group that is effective in influencing Congress Members IS NOT ANTI SEMITIC! I stand with Ilhan Omar.
11 Feb, 08:20 PM UTC
Rania Khalek
Here is Chelsea Clinton accusing Ilhan Omar of anti-semitism for critiquing AIPAC. You hear that? Being anti-AIPAC is now anti-semitism.
11 Feb, 07:44 AM UTC
Abby Martin
Remember, it's perfectly fine to talk about NRA bribery or Saudi's huge financial impact in DC, but alleging AIPAC also influences Congress is "anti-semitic." Disgusting character assassination against @IlhanMN for being brave enough to discuss the reality others are terrified to
11 Feb, 07:19 PM UTC
Brandon Horan
@IlhanMN Criticizing Israeli policies 👏 Or AIPAC lobbying 👏👏 Is not 👏👏 Anti-Semitism. 👏👏
11 Feb, 07:50 PM UTC
jeremy scahill
Pelosi and Schumer know damn well that @IlhanMN was not engaged in anti-semitism and they intentionally conflate criticizing AIPAC with attacking Judaism and Jewish people. Omar hit a tripwire and the full force of the party was brought down on her.
11 Feb, 08:40 PM UTC
Dr. Jill Stein🌻
Criticizing AIPAC is not anti-Semitic. Criticizing the Israeli government is not anti-Semitic. American Jews know as well as anyone else that this is a disingenuous smear tactic to silence anyone who supports peace with justice in Israel and Palestine.
11 Feb, 06:00 PM UTC
Imani Gandy
I was off twitter for most of the weekend and I guess I missed the conflagration over Rep. Omar. It seems like if you criticize aipac or Israel you’re automatically anti-Semitic—especially if you wear a hijab? Is that the gist? Yikes.
11 Feb, 06:41 PM UTC
Ady Barkan🔥🌹
AIPAC is a central pillar of the occupation. Without Congressional support, the Likud/anti-Palestine/pro-occupation project would be radically undermined. AIPAC is the anchor of that support, and its money and Sheldon Adelson’s money are indispensable to the work.
11 Feb, 08:12 PM UTC
Marco Rubio
BIPARTISAN support for #Israel is because: - it is the only pro-U.S. free enterprise democracy in the Middle East - it is a Jewish homeland created in the aftermath of the Holocaust The growing anti-Semitism from the radical left is alarming.
11 Feb, 01:06 PM UTC
Ady Barkan🔥🌹
but we were desperate for cash and so we put online a statement about how Vic supported a two-state peace agreement and AIPAC’s two pet issues of the cycle. It was definitely about the Benjamins. Never would have done it otherwise. AIPAC’s power is also about great organizing..
11 Feb, 08:12 PM UTC
Eugene Gu, MD
Ilhan Omar is an amazing woman but many of us are legitimately scared to defend her. That’s how political speech gets silenced in America. None of us support anti-Semitism but this has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the fear of criticizing the powerful AIPAC lobby.
11 Feb, 11:27 PM UTC
Ashley Feinberg
good thread on how AIPAC actually works
11 Feb, 08:21 PM UTC
If you think saying AIPAC spending money to influence the US Govt, something that is undeniably true, is the same thing like saying rich Jews like George Soros are part of a global conspiracy to control and destroy national culture then your perspective is warped beyond reason.
11 Feb, 12:53 PM UTC
Ishaan Tharoor
It is genuinely remarkable that we've spent a whole news cycle on Ilhan Omar's two very short tweets about AIPAC influence and completely disregarded POTUS's grotesque apparent joke about the genocide of indigenous peoples or his casual bigotry re disastrous "Latin Americans."
12 Feb, 12:16 AM UTC
Noura Erakat
I am so confused. At NO point did @IlhanMN say a damn word about "Jewish money" - she explicitly referred to AIPAC,a self-identified lobby group w tremendous influence that reflects a broken system - one that all junior & seasoned lawmakers alike are aware of and vulnerable to.
11 Feb, 09:17 PM UTC
"I shouldn't have implied that AIPAC money is behind America's support for Israel, but no, really, keep your eye on AIPAC."
11 Feb, 08:01 PM UTC
Haymarket Books
AIPAC is a right-wing lobbying group devoted to promoting the anti-Semitic idea that the interests of Jews are represented by the Apartheid State of Israel.
11 Feb, 07:06 PM UTC
Tim Black ™
The way Ilhan Omar was smeared as anti-Semitic for daring to criticize AIPAC reeks of a typical bullying tactic deployed by the establishment to shutdown discussion. It reminds me of being labeled misogynistic for criticizing Hillary or Kamala’s records only 100 times worse.
12 Feb, 12:23 AM UTC
ՏᗩᑎᗪᖇᗩنBabies Are People Too
Ilhan Omar only apologized for her comments about AIPAC because Nancy Pelosi made her apologize. We saw what is in llhan heart....and it is hatred against Jews and Israel
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
Matt Bors
AIPAC needs to apologize for smearing itself
12 Feb, 12:04 AM UTC
Lilibell WANTS A WALL ⭐️⭐️⭐️
This Anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar has no business being in any committee specially in House Foreign Relations! #RemoveIlhamOmarNow!
11 Feb, 10:28 PM UTC
Jodi Jacobson
Anti-semitic: Jewish people, because they are Jewish, control ... well everything... NOT anti-semitic: @AIPAC supports politicians who support the policies of the Israeli govt no matter how bad those policies. This is just true. That is *why* they exist.
11 Feb, 04:07 AM UTC
Caitlin Johnstone ⏳
Well, now we all know what happens to a public official who dares to criticize AIPAC. Which was of course the entire point of the whole shit we just witnessed. Omar is now a head on a spike serving as a deterrent to any other would-be critics.
12 Feb, 12:32 AM UTC
I'll accept her apology only IF she resigns and moves out of the #USA entirely. That sounds fair. 😉👍🇺🇸
11 Feb, 10:04 PM UTC
Ilhan Omar squabble with AIPAC is equivalent to two bank robbers arguing about how to divide the loot.
11 Feb, 05:40 PM UTC
🆘🚨🚨IlhanOmar better not implicate American legislators who supports Israel as corrupt & funded by Aipac,a group whose mission is to improve US-Israeli relations!Don't throw stones in your glass house,Omar,when you have ties to MBrotherhood,J*h*dists,& people within H*m*s!🚨
11 Feb, 07:14 PM UTC
Mike Wonder
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on Monday apologized for antisemitic remarks in which she implied Republicans are being bribed into supporting Israel — but ended her statement by taking a shot at AIPAC, referring to its role in U.S. politics as “problematic.” How did she get elected?
12 Feb, 01:43 AM UTC
David Bernstein
BS detector: AIPAC doesn't donate money to candidates,
11 Feb, 10:32 PM UTC
Trump ~ We must halt travel from countries that breed terrorism DemocRats ~ That’s Islamophobia!!! But Ilman Omar ~ AIPAC is problematic DemocRats ~ That’s ok...You can criticize Israel and not be anti-Semitic They sure can shovel the shit!!
11 Feb, 11:26 PM UTC
Pat the Berner🌹
Foreign countries shouldn't be meddling in our elections. Great, we all agree. Now let's do something about AIPAC.
12 Feb, 02:27 AM UTC
Tina Ngo
Fuck anti-semitism, fuck AIPAC, and fuck Israel.
12 Feb, 01:15 AM UTC
the real ian scott
@RepSwalwell Scrutinizing and criticizing Israeli policies and the aipac isn’t anti-Semitic. They deserve scrutiny like any other institution. This is ridiculous.
11 Feb, 06:01 PM UTC
David for Progress 🌹
The fact that we are having an argument about a foreign government openly lobbying our government, without asking why a foreign government is allowed to lobby our government, is troubling. Isn't this exactly what #Russiagate is about? #IstandWithIlhan #AIPAC #Israel #Palestine
11 Feb, 07:45 PM UTC
International Mookie
@desiderioDC @MZanona @AIPAC's website says, ""Commit to giving political contributions in a clearly pro-Israel context to candidates running for the United States House of Representatives and/or United States Senate". Are AIPAC themselves anti-semites or is it only wrong when Ilhan repeats it?
11 Feb, 05:02 PM UTC
Jerry Dunleavy
It took me 30 seconds to determine that in @AdyBarkan’s story in defense of @IlhanMN — about the 2006 campaign he was working on which he claims supposedly sold out to AIPAC for $5000 — his candidate raised $1,029,796.74 in contributions that cycle. FEC:
12 Feb, 12:22 AM UTC
Caitlin Johnstone ⏳
Why The Entire Political-Media Class Just Tried To End Ilhan Omar’s Career "Well, now we all know what happens when a public official criticizes AIPAC. And of course, that was the whole idea." #AIPAC @IlhanMN
12 Feb, 02:46 AM UTC
MintPress News
What unites Republicans and Democrats, a former Jewish terrorist, the Republican leader in the House of Representatives, Nikki Haley, Chelsea Clinton and Liz Cheney? A Muslim lady with a mouth and some opinions, apparently.
12 Feb, 12:40 AM UTC
Jesus Christ
Just a reminder that for all their "pro-Israel" outcries, Evangelicals by and large do not give a shit about Jewish people or the citizens of Israel. They just want to trigger the end times prophesied in the Bible and the second coming of yours truly 🤗
12 Feb, 12:34 AM UTC
Jerry Dunleavy
I literally just went to FEC(dot)gov, typed in his candidates name, clicked on 2006 (she has run multiple times), and it showed that she had over $1 million in contributions that 2006 congressional cycle... of which $5000 was supposedly from AIPAC. This took me mere seconds.
12 Feb, 12:24 AM UTC
Deplorable 🇺🇲🇺🇸
She states that support for Israel is driven by money. Says the woman who wants to live under Sharia law. 👍🇺🇲👍🇺🇲👍🇺🇲👍🇺🇲👍🇺🇲👍🇺🇲👍 Good job putting her in office @IlhanMN Ilhan Omar's AIPAC tweet sparks condemnation, including from Chelsea Clinton
11 Feb, 03:04 PM UTC
True Torah Jews
The #AIPAC controversy should not have been viewed as a 'Jewish issue' at all. Those that ride on the false notion that #Israel is connected to Jews around the world should apologize. It causes an increase in Antisemitism and makes Jews uncomfortable in their own countries. True Torah Jews's photo on aipac
12 Feb, 02:06 AM UTC
.@IlhanMN says @AIPAC influences Congress using money and Israel supporters erupt in fury
11 Feb, 03:30 PM UTC
The Daily Caller
Omar Praises Activist Who Labeled AIPAC The ‘Central Pillar Of The Occupation’ The Daily Caller's photo on aipac
12 Feb, 02:09 AM UTC
Stephen Miles
Also, take a minute and read this important piece by @ryangrim at @theintercept lying out what AIPAC and others have to say about money and politics when they’re behind closed doors and think no one is watching.
12 Feb, 12:45 AM UTC
asad abukhalil أسعد أبو خليل
This day in DC started with AIPAC wanting to prove to all it is not as powerful as Ilhan Omar said it was, but the day ended with AIPAC unwittingly proving how powerful it is.
12 Feb, 02:29 AM UTC
Ron Coleman
@davereaboi Juxtapose "the pernicious influence of AIPAC" with "the Iran Deal." AIPAC had *one job* when Obama had Congress bless the Iran Deal. If it couldn't stop that, it is useless.
11 Feb, 02:52 PM UTC
willyhump 🐪🐫وليهمب
@AbbyMartin @IlhanMN Lobbyists such as AIPAC fund and donate millions to politicians , there must be laws in place to stop this because those that accept this money will be corrupted. They will even disregard the constitution as they’ve done recently to pass that Anti #bds bill
11 Feb, 08:05 PM UTC
Paul Gazelka
Statement from Congressional Democratic Leadership calling on @IlhanMN to apologize for her hurtful and insensitive anti-semitic comments. Enough is enough #mnleg #AIPAC Paul Gazelka's photo on aipac
11 Feb, 07:22 PM UTC
Dr. Omekongo Dibinga
@GovHowardDean A conversation about harmful language is always important, but I find it hypocritical that those expressing frustration w/the AIPAC comments of @IlhanMN have not said a word about @realDonaldTrump mocking the Trail of Tears and Native American genocide by the U.S. government.
11 Feb, 06:19 PM UTC
Michael Salamone
Yet another reason why my Senator's approval ratings are at an all-time low. He's on the take. AIPAC gave him near $1.2M. He would gladly twist the words of an actual Progressive leader and slander her to earn that paycheck.
12 Feb, 03:10 AM UTC
Jander Katze
@PizzaGamer531 @Muskogee_life @jvplive @AIPAC @IlhanMN @Ilhan @jvpliveNY @JVP_LA @ChicagoJVP @JVPDCMetro @JVPBayArea @jvp_pdx @JVPBoston @watanpalestine What's next? Criticizing a corporation is racist too? Oh wait, "corporations are people too".
12 Feb, 02:10 AM UTC
@emzanotti @Rainbojangles It's another freaking country. Are you defending the double agents among the lobbyists and politicians? Maybe the AIPAC community should be watched.
12 Feb, 02:45 AM UTC
Jeremy McLellan
Even when talking about AIPAC, I guarantee you their direct lobbying of politicians has a much smaller impact than their (and Netanyahu’s) courtship of Christian leaders who have long supported Israel for theological reasons.
12 Feb, 03:15 AM UTC
Jay Thompson
Ilhan Omar's Criticism of Israeli Lobby and AIPAC Is Not Anti-Semitic
12 Feb, 02:42 AM UTC
Joe Bloggs
@Jerusalem_Post AIPAC is poisoning American politics
12 Feb, 03:15 AM UTC
Tony Karon
The Onion beats the New York Times every time! / Ilhan Omar Thankful For Colleagues Educating Her On Painful History AIPAC Lobbyists Have Had To Endure
12 Feb, 03:15 AM UTC
William McQuaid
@jeremyscahill @IlhanMN Former AIPAC members admit the howls of antisemitism by AIPAC are a ploy. I can't find the article again, but who needs it? Go to the UK for accurate reporting on Israeli apartheid.
12 Feb, 03:15 AM UTC
Gabriel Steel
@bryanbehar Bryan, very thoughtful and I admit to ignoring feelings in my posts today. I don't know Omar, she was responding to a greenwald tweet and said it was about money. her next was "AIPAC". Clearly on it's own it was very least tone deaf.
12 Feb, 03:15 AM UTC
@IlhanMN @AdyBarkan cCarthy himself received $33,000 from AIPAC in the last election cycle. Meanwhile, McCarthy himself has been accused of spreading anti-Semitic tropes, warning that three Jewish, liberal mega-donors, including George Soros, were trying to “buy” the midterm elections.
12 Feb, 03:15 AM UTC
Manifest Entropy
Now that the @DemocraticParty leadership jumped on the @AIPAC bandwagon to smear and cannibalize @IlhanMN, I am reminded of this little story from 2016 in which @DNC officials discuss using @SenSanders' Jewish faith against him.
12 Feb, 03:15 AM UTC
@AdyBarkan @IlhanMN @AIPAC 🙏🏿for this! There r pple who love Israel & those who pretend to love Israel! some pple r setting up Israel for a VERY bad near future! You can’t pretend to be democratic & not criticize Israel when they stray! 4 heaven’s sake even the Bible shows us Israel can stray very badly!
12 Feb, 03:15 AM UTC
🌟Suzanne: Families Belong Together 🇺🇸
@BelievnTheDream @MargaretHardwi5 @LouiseMensch @SpeakerPelosi @RepAdamSchiff @TheDemocrats @IlhanMN @ADL @StandWithUs @AIPAC mob. Mob. MOB. MOB! 😡🤬mob. Mob. MOB. MOB! 😡🤬mob. Mob. MOB. MOB! 😡🤬mob. Mob. MOB. MOB! 😡🤬mob. Mob. MOB. MOB! 😡🤬mob. Mob. MOB. MOB! 😡🤬mob. Mob. MOB. MOB! 😡🤬mob. Mob. MOB. MOB! 😡🤬mob. Mob. MOB. MOB! 😡🤬mob. Mob. MOB. MOB! 😡🤬mob. Mob. MOB. MOB! 😡🤬mob. MOB! 😡🤬
12 Feb, 03:15 AM UTC
David Moore
Alex reports out how lobbying and influence works, in Congress’ intentionally-compromised system:
12 Feb, 03:15 AM UTC
@IlhanMN Proud American. Jewish. Fierce systemic racism disruptor- and I stand with Ilhan! Criticizing AIPAC is not antisemitic- but shutting down criticism of a lobby group’s strong-arm tactics is unAmerican! @SpeakerPelosi , are you listening?
12 Feb, 03:15 AM UTC

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