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Pop (SNL head writer)
Make the AL central winner go to the wildcard game next year
12 Oct, 10:28 PM UTC
Forrest Magee
Where AL Central dreams go to die #ForTheH #Postseason @astros
12 Oct, 10:40 PM UTC
Max Greenfield
The AL Central hasn't won a playoff series since 2016. White Sox are 2-5 Cleveland is 2-6 Minnesota is 0-6
12 Oct, 10:51 PM UTC
@whitesox @ModeloUSA AL CENTRAL FRAUDS 💀💀💀
12 Oct, 10:43 PM UTC
Tom Kosensky
I would agree instantly to any CBA that dissolves the AL Central. #MLB
12 Oct, 09:29 PM UTC
White Sox Brasil
É isso, Sox lose. Perdemos para o melhor time da AL nos últimos 5 anos, deu a lógica. Mas esse ano foi incrível, ganhamos a AL Central que não rolava desde 2008, uma vitória de cinema no Field of Dreams, um no hitter do Rodón. Nosso time tem muito futuro! #ChangeTheGame
12 Oct, 10:42 PM UTC
Sergeant Largen22 ✭
@whitesox @ModeloUSA Go ahead and deliver this message to Tepera for me But congrats on the AL Central title
12 Oct, 10:43 PM UTC
Yankees Analytics Nerds
Ladies and gentlemen…the AL Central!
12 Oct, 10:48 PM UTC
Nick Shepkowski
The last time an AL Central team won a playoff series was when that drone almost took off Trevor Bauer's pinky.
12 Oct, 10:42 PM UTC
@UrinatingTree White Sox fans: BuT wE wOn ThE aL cEnTrAl WhO cArEs Everyone else:
12 Oct, 10:42 PM UTC
Steve Mancuso
Tony LaRussa was given a team that had reached the postseason last year. His roster was *much* better than the previous year. The competition in the AL Central *much* weaker. Yet LaRussa had a worse regular and postseason winning % than the guy they fired to hire him.
12 Oct, 10:58 PM UTC
Once again the AL Central is done in the first round. #WhiteSox season over, #ForTheH to the ALCS
12 Oct, 10:43 PM UTC
Ethan Kassel
@CespedesBBQ It is interesting that no AL Central team has won a playoff series since 2016, though
12 Oct, 10:55 PM UTC
Goodbye fraudulent AL Central team
12 Oct, 10:45 PM UTC
Uncle Bryan
White Sox on the couch with the rest of the AL Central
12 Oct, 10:41 PM UTC
Realistic CLE Fan
I just realized how bad the AL Central has been in the postseason recently. Since Game 5 of the 2016 World Series… Indians: 2-11 White Sox: 2-5 Twins: 0-6 Tigers/Royals: Didn’t Qualify Total: 4-22 (.154)
12 Oct, 10:54 PM UTC
Max Greenfield
For the 5th year in a row, the Astros are going to the ALCS. This time, it's a rematch with the Red Sox. The Astros are 9-1 against the AL Central over that time period.
12 Oct, 10:42 PM UTC
Maybe the AL Central just sucks and has a looong way to go to catch up? It’s seeming more evident every year.
12 Oct, 10:57 PM UTC
🖖 james anderson 🖖
AL Central baseball is TRASH
12 Oct, 10:47 PM UTC
Werewolves and London
the AL Central is 3-22 in the playoffs since game 4 of the 2016 world series
12 Oct, 10:48 PM UTC
Twins can win the AL Central next season btw. Just gotta make some solid pitcher signings and keep getting development from the prospects who will carry this rotation for years
12 Oct, 10:53 PM UTC
Shouldve known the white sox were frauds from a mickey mouse al central division
12 Oct, 10:52 PM UTC
I still love this team. 2022 being fully healthy? We def gone own the AL central for AT LEAST 3 more years
12 Oct, 10:50 PM UTC
@STLBluesFan98 @itsSrious @UrinatingTree The White Sox are still going to win the AL Central next year. I expect the Tigers & Royals to improve next season, while the Twins & the (coughs) Guardians are complete unknowns.
12 Oct, 10:47 PM UTC
Sox Fans: we are going to win the WS - 😂 Sox Fans: we won the Tepera, Kimbrel, and Eloy trades -😂 Sox Fans: AL Central is competitive, we are the best team in baseball - 😂 Just a reminder that the Sox will always be little brother in the city that bleeds cubby blue. 😂😂😂
12 Oct, 10:46 PM UTC
Brent Meske
- Move on from TLR - Pursue Semien (need a true 2B) - Don’t pick up Hernandez or Kimbrel options (unless he wants & can handle the 8th) - Sign a starting pitcher - RF if the option/price is right Right now, Jerry is just content winning the AL Central and this series showed it.
12 Oct, 10:46 PM UTC
Brent Sever
@mkingsle I see you…looking forward to another White Sox AL Central Championship next year @mikestan76
12 Oct, 10:46 PM UTC
Super Caballo 🐎 🇵🇷
The AL Central ain't shit. Doesn't matter who wins that division, because the Champs haven't been past the 1st round since CLE won the pennant in 2016. #ALDS
12 Oct, 10:43 PM UTC
Since 2016, not a single AL Central team has even made the ALCS. Not one. if there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that the AL Central is the worst division in baseball, by far.
12 Oct, 10:44 PM UTC