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Aaron Nagler
Al Michaels is so good at his job. He's just in another stratosphere compared to everyone else.
02 Dec, 02:46 AM UTC
Peyton Manning and Al Michaels live from the broadcast booth 🎤(Yes, that is Peyton Manning) Watch the full episode on ESPN+: @ESPNNFL's photo on Al Michaels
01 Dec, 05:30 PM UTC
Bruce Beck
Where is Al Michaels - “do you believe in miracles - Yes!” Exactly 19 years after he was hired as Head Coach of @RFootball - Greg Schiano is back! Right man for the right job! Only man! Let the massive rebuilding task begin!
01 Dec, 02:00 PM UTC
Chase Snyder
Al Michaels stopping his own yawn on national television. A pro’s pro.
02 Dec, 04:51 AM UTC
Lance Zierlein
Al Michaels working in a reference to throwing dice as it pertains to an on sidekick is just one reason why he’s a first ballot Hall of Famer
02 Dec, 04:24 AM UTC
506 Sports
Just announced by Al Michaels: Bills-Steelers has been flexed to SNF in week 15.
02 Dec, 02:17 AM UTC
Joe Fortenbaugh
“So why does this require the entire crew getting together?” Al Michaels, the GOAT
02 Dec, 04:35 AM UTC
Manny Navarro
Al Michaels just said something about agate type and I’m sure nobody younger than 40 knows what the hell he is talking about
02 Dec, 04:07 AM UTC
Jordan Bishop
Al Michaels “Sometimes the guys in agate type make the biggest headlines.” Newspaper page designers:
02 Dec, 04:07 AM UTC
Field Gulls
“I don’t think anything in the world is clear and obvious” - al michaels, a smart man
02 Dec, 04:18 AM UTC
Madmen Sports
Thank you Al Michaels for mentioning that Josh Allen is up and coming in the league. Especially during a Patriots game.
02 Dec, 01:59 AM UTC
Al Michaels just said that Hopkins blind mother is looking at her son 🥶
02 Dec, 03:54 AM UTC
Brice Cherry
Al Michaels: "Sometimes it's the guys in agate type who end up getting the headlines." Love it. #newspaperspeak
02 Dec, 04:06 AM UTC
Michael Hurley
Look at Al Michaels nonchalantly dropping "alacrity" late at night. This is how the 🐐 stays the 🐐.
02 Dec, 04:28 AM UTC
Tyler Waldman
Al Michaels just said DeAndre Hopkins’ mother was watching him from the sidelines. His mother is blind. #texans #SNFonNBC
02 Dec, 03:56 AM UTC
Dave Cullinane
Been an Al Michaels guy since Lake Placid. For him to send that message of support before my sports broadcasting debut Thursday... No words.
02 Dec, 03:03 AM UTC
Al Michaels just said that DeAndre Hopkins blind mom is “watching him play tonight” on live TV
02 Dec, 03:55 AM UTC
Rob Tornoe
Al Michaels just announced that Bills-Steelers has been flexed to "Sunday Night Football" in Week 15. Replaces Vikings-Chargers. It's the #Bills first "Sunday Night Football" game since 2007.
02 Dec, 02:19 AM UTC
I’m going to tell my kids that this was Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels @PFTCommenter @BarstoolBigCat
02 Dec, 01:53 AM UTC
WaZe One
"Trickery and deceit will get you anywhere" -Al Michaels You heard it people. (Instead of recognize the clearly well designed and executed play, he instead chose to make a snide, belittling comment just before a commercial break.) These two are awful. Open your 👀 @SNFonNBC
02 Dec, 05:22 AM UTC
@BriereBear @Manny_Navarro Thanks. So when Al Michaels was referring to #Texans’ #jakemartin saying “Sometimes the guys in agate type that wind up getting some headlines”, he was referring to those who very little is spoken of? Maybe? 🤷🏽‍♀️ #NEvsHOU #ContextClues
02 Dec, 05:21 AM UTC
Rob R 🌴☀️
Do you ever think Al Michaels or Joe Buck read on Twitter what people say about them?
02 Dec, 05:21 AM UTC
John Sam
@AdamSchefter Did Al Michaels say on National TV that Hopkins mother is looking at him ? She’s blind dude.
02 Dec, 05:03 AM UTC
@TopperNationTV The same people who haven't had a chance to win are a big name. Al Michaels and Tom McGadzahn are the best.
02 Dec, 05:01 AM UTC
JJ aka FuriousBloom
@AaronNagler I was making my nine year old triplets watch the goat al Michaels do his thing... they didn't get it .🤣🤣
02 Dec, 04:56 AM UTC

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