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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
To quote Alan Moore: “None of you understand. I'm not locked up in here with YOU. You're locked up in here with ME.” 🤣
11 Jan, 04:17 PM UTC
Patton Oswalt
She just...quoted...Alan Moore. #ronchronchronch
11 Jan, 05:07 PM UTC
Brian Lynch
“Alexa, who is this...Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez?” - Alan Moore to his eight foot snake Alexa
11 Jan, 08:03 PM UTC
Yassir Lester
AOC just quoted Alan Moore she’s the best politician of all time why not just make her President I’m being dead serious
11 Jan, 04:31 PM UTC
Rob Sheridan
@AOC Old establishment Dems running around in circles, screaming at their aides "who is this 'Alan Moore'?? Get him on the phone! Someone translate this! Is she threatening us?? WHAT DOES IT MEAN??"
11 Jan, 06:02 PM UTC
Amanda Palmer
and 1,000 points to AOC for dropping an appropriate alan moore quote. cc @leahmoore, @neilhimself, @destructo9000, @JustineMarzack.
11 Jan, 05:49 PM UTC
Aaron E. Carroll
@AOC Did she just quote Alan Moore? Watchmen? I don't think people understand how many nerds' heads just exploded.
11 Jan, 05:09 PM UTC
"To quote Alan Moore"? Really? Wouldn't you say "to quote Rorschach" or "to quote Watchmen"?
11 Jan, 09:20 PM UTC
Ken Reid
@AOC Stop pulling out all the stops in winning me over MORE. Jeez lady, between Alan Moore references and the dancing, you're killing me here.
11 Jan, 04:25 PM UTC
J.B. Smith
@JebusROFL @AOC Before he was a character in a movie, Rorschach was a character in a book written by Alan Moore.
11 Jan, 05:21 PM UTC
@DLoesch To her credit, or rather, her team, they devised it very carefully as an Alan Moore quote, which it *really* isn't. Quite good in terms of propaganda; shitty when you know the book...
11 Jan, 09:34 PM UTC
Entertain The Elk
@AOC A politician quoting Alan Moore? Entertain The Elk's photo on Alan Moore
11 Jan, 07:13 PM UTC
Michael Derrick
In case you’re wondering why Alan Moore is currently trending Michael Derrick's photo on Alan Moore
11 Jan, 09:18 PM UTC
Jim McLauchlin
The last six people on Earth who have Alan Moore's phone number all calling him asking him what he thinks about AOC, and Alan just sighing heavily and reaching for the bong for a MASSIVE rip.
11 Jan, 06:31 PM UTC
Untag Me From Your Replies to Retweets
I saw Alan Moore trending and was afraid he died. But, no, it was just another #relatable AOC moment sponsored by twitter✨
11 Jan, 11:46 PM UTC
Jaymes Reed 💬
@jondelarroz @Moon_Girl_Comic There'll still be a few pages left to do after tonight, but it's almost done. Honestly, it's probably the greatest thing I've lettered in MAYBE my entire 15 years doing this (except for maybe the 2 Alan Moore gigs, lol).
11 Jan, 11:45 PM UTC
Wayne Smith
@AOC That you're quoting Alan Moore gives me life! #VForVendetta
11 Jan, 11:46 PM UTC
Buff Fisticuff
so far my criticism of aoc is quoting watchmen over my personal favorite alan moore book, uh........ top 10: the forty-niners?
11 Jan, 11:46 PM UTC
Jack Thomas
Also from Alan Moore: People should not be afraid of their government, government should be afraid of their people
11 Jan, 11:44 PM UTC
So I knew @AOC was awesome but wow.....she quoted Alan Moore too!?
11 Jan, 11:43 PM UTC
Pro Dover
“Alan Moore” Pro Dover's photo on Alan Moore
11 Jan, 11:43 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from United States.

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