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Andrea Radrizzani
All our focus is on tonight’s game. We need you all behind the team. #ALAW 💛💙
11 Jan, 05:07 PM UTC
Leeds United
👏 | Thank you to the 34,668 who have joined us at Elland Road tonight, and all those following from home! Your support is unbeatable! #ALAW Leeds United's photo on #ALAW
11 Jan, 09:20 PM UTC
Jim Clark
I haven’t been this happy since that Roofe handball #ALAW #MOT #dirtyleeds @TheSquareBall
11 Jan, 11:38 PM UTC
One Good Leg
Brilliant team performance tonight vs Derby & Jack Clarke @JackClarke09 is the fully deserved Man of the Match who is fearless when flying past defenders but not so when given the adulation he has earned👍 #LUFC #Leeds #United #LeedsUnited #mot #alaw #waccoe #clarke #jackclarke One Good Leg's photo on #ALAW
11 Jan, 11:40 PM UTC
shaun treanor
Mourinho hiding in wash baskets, making changes when he was meant to be suspended, did Frank Lampard forget about that, his beloved father figure. #SpygateLeeds #LUFC #MOT #ALAW shaun treanor's photo on #ALAW
11 Jan, 07:25 PM UTC
Friday 11th January 2019 Leeds 2-0 Derby 5pts Clear of 2nd place 7pts Clear of 3rd place Several key players out and a bench full of kids Genius of a manager Fat Frank and his team well and truly hammered and rattled I love my club #LUFC #MOT #ALAW #WACCOE 💛💙💛💙
11 Jan, 10:37 PM UTC
Ollie Whitfield
💙💛⚽️ #mot #LUFC #ALAW Ollie Whitfield's photo on #ALAW
11 Jan, 10:19 PM UTC
All Leeds TV
post match thoughts from @WainmanJoe 💛 Clarke 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🔥 ⚪️ Allioski & Forshaw 👏🏻🤪 💙 Keith Andrews! AGAIN! 😡🤬 ⚪️ Spy Gate & Marcelo 🕵️‍♂️ Leeds 2-0 Derby | THANK YOU MARCELO 🕵️‍♂️ https://t.co/fVX3etKH6f via @YouTube #lufc #altv #alaw #mot #SpyGate #dcfc
12 Jan, 08:33 AM UTC
mick howard
Oh what a night!! #bielsaball #mot #lufc #alaw mick howard's photo on #ALAW
11 Jan, 11:25 PM UTC
I spy with my little eye... #subbuteo #Bielsa and 3pts! Cheers Frank! Complete performance from the Mighty Leeds. #lufc #ALAW @subbuteolegends #LUFCvDCFC #SpygateLeeds GuitarZone's photo on #ALAW
11 Jan, 10:00 PM UTC
The Cill Dara Times
Leeds goals sound better with Bond music #LUFC #LeedsUtd #Alaw #MOT #SpyGate #SpyGateLeeds #BielsaJamesBielsa The Cill Dara Times's photo on #ALAW
12 Jan, 05:46 AM UTC
Terry O' Brien
@StanCollymore Didn't take long for you to hitch your wagon to a media hating Leeds.....the club and its supporters have dealt with this venom since the late 60s. Play to the masses Stan, your jaded opinion is a matter of complete indifference to us. #lufc #mot #alaw
12 Jan, 08:09 AM UTC
White Shirt
@StanCollymore Replay that fixture 100 times @StanCollymore and the outcome would be the same...listen to Charlie Nicholas and stop having a shit fit. #LUFC #MOT #ALAW
12 Jan, 07:21 AM UTC
LUFC Lewis
Matchday Vlog #75 Leeds United 2-0 Derby County https://t.co/RxUjr3G7tg Including both goals & some really impressive scenes, it's a good way to start your day😉 Like & share the video if you enjoy, subscribe to the channel for more! Cheers! #LUFC #MOT #ALAW LUFC Lewis's photo on #ALAW
12 Jan, 08:42 AM UTC
Yvette Kemp (kempy) ▪️British Army ▪️PTI ▪️Baller
Just received a LUFC shirt in theatre💪🏼 looking froward to attending the LUFC V SWANSEA match on leave in a few weeks #ALAW #Afghanistan #MOT #LEEDS @PhilHayYEP @ArmyFA_VChair @NoelDavidWhelan @LUFC @LiamCooper__ @Armyfa1888 @ArmyFA_Chairman 🇬🇧 🇦🇫💛💙 Yvette Kemp (kempy) ▪️British Army ▪️PTI ▪️Baller's photo on #ALAW
12 Jan, 08:30 AM UTC
White Shirt
@ramswriter He only sent spies to see how shit Derby are...all was confirmed 24 hours later on the Elland Road pitch #LUFC #MOT #ALAW #SpygateLeeds
12 Jan, 07:32 AM UTC
Michael Allen
If Leeds carry on like this then the season review dvd is gonna be an epic box set! #ALAW #lufc
12 Jan, 07:19 AM UTC
Pete Lupton
@5liveSport The FA's Golden boy Frank Lampards Derby should be charged with retaliation, He sent a whole squad of guys to watch us train last night. #fcukoffyounumptysnothingtoseehere #mot #lufc #ALAW 💙🧡🇦🇺
12 Jan, 07:15 AM UTC
White Shirt
@PJansson5 @LUFC_HQ1 Your life is probably better for not knowing who he is @PJansson5 #LUFC #MOT #ALAW
12 Jan, 08:40 AM UTC
I prefer a flan
For Adam forshaw to give a performance like after his recent form says everything you need to know about him, top pro. @LUFC #MOT #lufc #LeedsUnited #ALAW
12 Jan, 08:40 AM UTC
Steve Morphet
On reflection of last night #LEEDER #Bielsa is a legend #lufc we’re awesome #KeithAndrews is a knob jockey the officials were woeful #Leeds should have had 2 penalties #WeAReTopOfTheLeague #ALAW
12 Jan, 08:32 AM UTC
@ezgjanalioski you are absolute class! Never seen a player stood at wingback attack so much in my life! Absolutely worked your arse off and do so week in and week out! Also to show how much pride and passion you have for your club, you’re a credit to us! Keep it up! #ALAW #MOT HullWhites's photo on #ALAW
12 Jan, 08:14 AM UTC
Nick Weston
Last night was alright ya know 💙💛 #ALAW #WeSpyWhenWeWant Nick Weston's photo on #ALAW
12 Jan, 08:02 AM UTC
😂😂😂 #SpyGate #Leeds #LUFC #MOT #ALAW https://t.co/uOmm2eeDCE
11 Jan, 10:51 PM UTC
Amazing to think how big a deal this has become, FL dealt with it well? Dealt with what? They lost to the better team get over it, on point about @LUFC Fans though 😂😂 #MOT ##ALAW #SpygateLeeds https://t.co/AG72TI94D8
12 Jan, 07:01 AM UTC
Paul Atherton
People calling for deduction of points from Leeds are crazy! Legally watching a training session is a non story. Try scoring more goals than the other team to win the points #Leeds #spygate #ALAW #mot
12 Jan, 06:27 AM UTC
Urinal Dockkrat
Jenus is possibly a bigger bellend than Lineker and that takes some doing. Wind your neck in little man. #mot #alaw #lufc #jermainjenushasatinypenis i'm childish, i know
12 Jan, 06:09 AM UTC
john stubbins
Happy Saturday folks, off to work with a smile #mot #alaw @LUFC john stubbins's photo on #ALAW
12 Jan, 06:07 AM UTC
Lewis Jackson
This is brilliant 🤣🤣 #MOT #LUFC #ALAW Lewis Jackson's photo on #ALAW
12 Jan, 08:45 AM UTC
Eddie Spence
@PJansson5 @LUFC_HQ1 A lion doesn’t need to worry himself with the thoughts and opinions of a sheep. You’re a fantastic player, Pontus. Please don’t take tips from salty Keith Andrews - he has been praying for us to fail all year! #LUFC #ALAW
12 Jan, 08:45 AM UTC
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Karl 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
#SpygateLeeds #LUFC #ALAW 👏👏👏 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Karl 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿's photo on #ALAW
12 Jan, 08:43 AM UTC
Daniel Pilmoor
@jjenas8 now you’re asking for points deducted. Omg give it a rest. It happens all over the land. Pipe down you idiot. Just wanting to get in on the medio hype. Pathetic. Lazy puditry. #alaw #lufc @Lufc
12 Jan, 08:41 AM UTC
@BeardedGenius Brilliant..the absolute Manc Bearded genius jumping on the #lufc love in. #ALAW say it you know you want to.
12 Jan, 08:38 AM UTC
Jason Carter
@JackClarke09 is something else. This is our season. #MOT #lufc #alaw https://t.co/flEkHZiGY0
12 Jan, 08:36 AM UTC
@henrywinter If you don’t want someone to see you training build a private training ground simple really. #ALAW
12 Jan, 08:36 AM UTC
Lindsey Paton
@PJansson5 @LUFC_HQ1 Pontus don't even listen to that prick! He's clueless!!! We are stronger with you always 💙💛 #ALAW
12 Jan, 08:36 AM UTC
Martyn Neal
@Almightyram @simon_orourke Could fat frank not pick a team either game to BEAT us .... even though Bielsa told you lot what his starting line up was 2 days before each game 😂 #lufc #alaw
12 Jan, 08:34 AM UTC
Wholesaler Agent Direct
New Official Leeds United Football Club 2018/19 Yellow Third Shirt - LUFC [UK] https://t.co/PDSm04VwUl #LUFC #MOT #ALAW
12 Jan, 08:33 AM UTC
Daniel Tait
Sorry Bee! Only a couple more games left... promise ;) #lufc what are you gonna do if we get promoted and you don't see me for a week!!! #LUFC #mot #alaw #bielsa #LeedsUnited https://t.co/cVfanqAwao
12 Jan, 08:30 AM UTC
Tom Jackson
@TheSquareBall Couldn’t sleep in cos of excitement at the result, so have been catching up on the last 12h of twitter. Loving le Carré’s latest departure. Thank you for everything #alaw #spygate 🕵️‍♂️
12 Jan, 08:26 AM UTC
James Cockerham
First thing I thought this morning, 'how bloody good was it having Coops back?'. The partnership him & Pontus have built is top class. There was a point in the game where they butted heads in celebration, I thought I was going to just burst out crying!!! #lufc #ALAW #mot
12 Jan, 08:22 AM UTC
@PJansson5 🎵He plays where he wants, he plays where he waaaaaaants, he’s Pontus Jansson and he plays where he wants!🎵 You were brilliant last night mate! Legend! #ALAW #MOT
12 Jan, 08:21 AM UTC
Lee Cox
Well aint some people really going over the top on this “Spy” thing. Need to get over it. Its basically all the Leeds haters saying stupid shit. Get over the fact we are winning & top of the championship #MOT #LUFC #ALAW
12 Jan, 08:18 AM UTC
@JackClarke09 take a fucking bow son! #fearless #ALAW #MOT @lufc @ianharte23
12 Jan, 08:17 AM UTC
@rioferdy5 @themichaelowen @JamesMilner Morning fellas how do you see Leeds Uniteds chances going up and staying up with what they've got? #mot #alaw
12 Jan, 08:15 AM UTC
Mark Carrier 👅💪🏼👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🍺
@PJansson5 @PhilHayYEP @LUFC_HQ1 Exceptional tonight pal . #mot #alaw
12 Jan, 08:14 AM UTC
Tony Clapham
This! When Gary Neville defends Leeds United you know there is nothing wrong. Move along, nothing to see here. #LUFC #MOT #ALAW https://t.co/kqeL9MZXnc
12 Jan, 08:11 AM UTC
John Thornton
@PJansson5 @LUFC_HQ1 Keith Andrews is a 🔔 end of the highest order. #ALAW
12 Jan, 08:07 AM UTC
@NoelDavidWhelan mate... how good is it to be Leeds!? #ALAW #MOT
12 Jan, 08:06 AM UTC
Another excuse for the footballing world to turn against Leeds United @LUFC as if nobody eles has ever done this before in England or got inside information from someone eles at another club it’s just that bielsa has been caught you anti Leeds bastards #MOT #alaw #spygate 🕵️‍♂️🖕🏻
12 Jan, 07:58 AM UTC
The Beard
Coming into last nights game off the back of three losses, the whole rhetorical about injuries & transfers, Leeds & Bielsa put out an absolute statement to the chasing pack and I fucking love it. This is our year. #mot #lufc #alaw
12 Jan, 07:48 AM UTC
The Beard
Thinking back to August and how we dismantled Frank Lampard’s Derby County, I think we all didn’t know if we should fully believe that this was our year, despite how good we looked. Last night was better than the August win. #lufc #mot #alaw
12 Jan, 07:48 AM UTC
The Beard
Waking with a banging hangover I feel like I could cry tears of absolute joy after last nights performance. #lufc #mot #alaw
12 Jan, 07:47 AM UTC
1 Leeds employee spyed on Derby's training but 11 Derby players spyed on Leeds' training last night. #alaw https://t.co/6Kx0uzH8sb
12 Jan, 07:45 AM UTC
Glenn Nixon
How good must we be! If we can watch 1 training session at the same time as we are training, get the message back to HQ, change what we needed to, more or less stop Derby have a decent shot on goal and win 2-0. #ALAW
12 Jan, 07:40 AM UTC
A sea of Scarves. Even the West Stand joined in. Tremendous #mot #lufc #alaw MaD's photo on #ALAW
12 Jan, 07:27 AM UTC
White Shirt
@DerbyRamble Did you really believe at any point, Derby could actually beat Leeds?? 😂😂😂 That's hilarious #LUFC #MOT #ALAW
12 Jan, 07:26 AM UTC
Aidan Marshall
@JackClarke09 some talent this kid! #motm #lufc #mot #alaw Aidan Marshall's photo on #ALAW
12 Jan, 07:15 AM UTC
Tim Canterbury
@5liveSport @jjenas8 When in doubt, punish Leeds...#15pointswhogivesafuck #alaw #mot
12 Jan, 07:08 AM UTC
Mike Wardley
One thing I was very disappointed in last night was BPF’s challenge. It was nasty and had it happened to one of our players we’d be kicking off. But it didn’t- so who gives a shit. #ALAW #MOT #lufc
12 Jan, 06:49 AM UTC
Jordan N
Its Funny really all these ‘pundits’ fans and sceptics talking about how to punish Leeds. This situation is only gonna aide Leeds galvanising everyone involved with the club. Well played Mr Bielsa #LUFC #SpyGate #ALAW
12 Jan, 06:48 AM UTC
Paul Atherton
@goal Best fans in the world, everybody hates us. #alaw #mot
12 Jan, 06:40 AM UTC
Paul Atherton
You kids want to see the level you have to get to succeed should all watch @JackClarke09 videos. Pace, power, skill and vision in abundance #alaw #mot @LUFC
12 Jan, 06:36 AM UTC
Alastair Pickering
To clear up the Bielsa / Lampard controversy.... Bielsa doesn’t have Lampard’s book in his front room #MOT #LUFC #ALAW #SpygateLeeds Alastair Pickering's photo on #ALAW
12 Jan, 06:18 AM UTC
@PJansson5 keep doing what you do best, oh and dont be like keith hes a fucking prick #mot #alaw oh pontus janssons magic he wears the magic hat
12 Jan, 06:14 AM UTC
@andrearadri bielsa has worked wonders, time to back him and get leeds back to the place they belong cheque book out, #alaw #mot
12 Jan, 06:08 AM UTC
Sweet Caroline
@TobyNye4 @SimonNye1986 @billymcgarrell Be brave beautiful boy, stay strong, you truly are a warrior.. sending love and light 💛💙💛💙 #MOT #ALAW
12 Jan, 06:06 AM UTC
Anthony Gosnay
@PJansson5 special mention in #SeoulWorldCupStadium 😜 #MOT #ALAW #Seoul Anthony Gosnay's photo on #ALAW
12 Jan, 05:57 AM UTC
Richard C-K
So we’re saying no one else in the history of football has sent a spy to watch the opposing team’s training session? It’s got to have happened before, but we’ve just been caught this time. 3 points though so who cares! #LUFC #mot #alaw
12 Jan, 05:56 AM UTC
No Nonsense Travis Blaze
#ALAW #MOT #WALL great win for @LUFC today. Keep it up and beat Stoke next week.
12 Jan, 05:43 AM UTC
David Michael Cox
@TobyNye4 @SimonNye1986 @billymcgarrell Hope last nights result & performance brought a smile to his face,keep strong little fellow #mot #alaw 👍👌👏⚽
12 Jan, 05:28 AM UTC
David Michael Cox
@haylss_x Couldn't have put it better young lady 👍👌👏✌😉😄😂😜 #mot #alaw
12 Jan, 05:20 AM UTC

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