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Danielle Smith
“In one fell swoop, the Premier has managed to incite the ire of Canada's liberal elite… Trudeau does not like the Alberta Sovereignty Act. He does not like it at all.” - Rex Murphy | National Post https://t.co/HJbFmLAgPL #cdnpoli #abpoli #ableg
03 Dec, 04:53 PM UTC
Danielle Smith
You pay more. Quebec pays less. The Liberal-NDP coalition are cutting a “special deal” for Quebec to pay less carbon tax, while raising the price on other provinces, including our own. It’s time to stand up for Alberta! https://t.co/Nijo1VZ0FL #cdnpoli #abpoli
04 Dec, 12:25 AM UTC
Martyupnorth's fact-checking twin brother® 🚜
Alberta is being told by the rest of Canada that it should replace oil jobs with "green" jobs. We're told they are better paying, and better for the economy. If that's the case, why is the rest of Canada still an economic basket case compared to AB? Just go green, teach us how.
03 Dec, 02:59 PM UTC
Danielle Smith
Made in Alberta 👇 Looks fantastic! How many landmarks can you spot? #abfilm #yyc #yeg https://t.co/NXdRESm4sN
03 Dec, 10:08 PM UTC
Do you all get a sense that The WEF members are getting scared? They are hammering on @ABDanielleSmith because she is trying to protect Alberta,yet Quebec has a sovereignty act. Are they scared more provinces will do it. It makes sense each province taking away control from Trudy
03 Dec, 10:33 PM UTC
I’m having so much trouble understanding that it has come to this… closing children’s respite/hospice beds because widespread public health protections are not an option to be considered… https://t.co/kFCBNcrgJf
03 Dec, 12:08 PM UTC
Keith Moore
Day 3 - When you and a friend leave Edmonton at 10pm, get to Canmore around 2am, eat & get gear ready & start hiking at 2:30am to be at the top of Ha Ling Peak for sunrise!! #ArtAdventCalendar #photography #canmore #alberta #canada #explore https://t.co/3G51lNTD0B
03 Dec, 03:45 PM UTC
Rachel Notley
The job-killing Sovereignty Act must be stopped. Alberta's energy industry doesn't support it. #ableg #yyc @RachelNotley's photo on Alberta
03 Dec, 04:05 PM UTC
Just Ducky
Danielle Smith says,“We have a hostile federal government”? That’s her opinion, but under her ‘leadership’, it’s Alberta who now has the most hostile & dangerous government I’ve ever seen.
03 Dec, 07:26 PM UTC
Emily Anna
Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. #nature #NatureBeauty #NaturePhotography https://t.co/aVqPgFpxEG
04 Dec, 06:16 AM UTC
Sara L. Austin
If you’re waking up and hearing the horrifying news that Alberta Children’s Hospital is closing palliative and respite care due to the surge of sick kids, pick up the phone 📲 Call your MLA and MP and demand action 🚨 Links below 👇🏼 #thekidsarenotalright #childrenfirst https://t.co/ttFKGLCdVS
03 Dec, 02:51 PM UTC
Dusty Rose
Take notice that @CTVNews @CBCNews and @globalnews are all trying to interfere with the Alberta election on behalf of the Trudeau/Notley alliance. It's not a coincidence that they all mimic each other's stories and they all try to sway your vote. #abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli
03 Dec, 01:28 PM UTC
Haruun Ali
This is my province. I was born in Ontario and my family chose to invest in Alberta. This is just as much my province as it is yours. #abpoli https://t.co/YdEWWIXMyq
04 Dec, 04:59 AM UTC
The Sovereignty Act will stop Trudeau and yourself from controlling Alberta. That’s your biggest fear. How come Quebec can protect themselves but Alberta can’t? #CancelTheWEF #CancelNotley #CancelTrudeau https://t.co/tjzcm4gjgN
04 Dec, 04:37 AM UTC
Arthur Craig Green
@CoryBMorgan Both of these posters are circulating on social media today in Alberta. #ab #abpoli #ASA @WSOnlineNews https://t.co/k6N01njJF6
03 Dec, 10:44 PM UTC
Robert G. Macdonald
She then said yesterday she hoped Trudeau would cancel the Sovereignty Act( designed to protect Alberta ) effectively taking control of the Alberta Legislature. Her lack of respect for Alberta and it's citizens is unbelieveable. https://t.co/OvkXOxUBMa
04 Dec, 04:30 AM UTC
Radio-Canada Info
La crise dans les urgences pédiatriques du pays force les réseaux à faire des choix déchirants. Un exemple frappant en Alberta Le reportage d’Anne Levasseur https://t.co/JTMF2zArOY #TJ22H @RadioCanadaInfo's photo on Alberta
04 Dec, 02:38 AM UTC
René Champion
Cabin Mountain in the Snow, Alberta, Canada 📌 by Photographer @cri_kro https://t.co/EDfWNyiwrt
04 Dec, 09:47 AM UTC
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04 Dec, 09:54 AM UTC
Curling Stadium Alberta Curling Series/Draw5 Nicky Kaufman *1100 000x| 2 0021 102x| 6 Sae Yamamoto ※大学選抜女子、3連勝で予選突破! https://t.co/zJMQjCRLPs https://t.co/5pOYKzn8oY
04 Dec, 09:49 AM UTC
Curling Stadium Alberta Curling Series/Draw3 Sae Yamamoto 2031 002x| 8 0200 110x| 4 Trina Ball https://t.co/THh4pFxCaE https://t.co/gVn66EPqMp
04 Dec, 09:49 AM UTC
CTV Saskatoon
The Canadian Para Snow Sport Training Centre in Cochrane, Alberta is home to para-athletes across the globe. Timm Bruch reports. https://t.co/XPxDz0AzV3
04 Dec, 10:00 AM UTC
Estella Gillies
Angela Aly Victoria Marshall Alberta Eddie #武汉 #武汉线下 https://t.co/imOPMWRYi0
04 Dec, 10:00 AM UTC
CTV News Northern Ontario
A Calgary children’s hospice centre temporarily suspends staff for their relocation to Alberta Children’s Hospital. Melanie Nagy reports. https://t.co/ahfbsr6XYw
04 Dec, 10:00 AM UTC
Sean Kennedy
@rpgdust @CPC_HQ Alberta police will not enforce federal gun laws as reported. It’s going to be a free for all. The CCFR will continue to lobby. It’s the next #freedumb convoy Poilievre has also promised lax gun laws with his gatekeepers bs
04 Dec, 10:00 AM UTC
Gracie ☾ Greyy
@FishesRFriends He ends up moving out of the house up the driveway and moves to Alberta and now rents the house out to other people and didn’t tell me he was leaving the province so now we have no body here to deal with anything but still harps me on the 30th for rent every month like clock work
04 Dec, 09:59 AM UTC
Dennis Price Alberta Emily #天博体育 #BOB体育 #世界杯直播 https://t.co/aEXdyqKsoV
04 Dec, 09:59 AM UTC
Cynthia Wilson
Everley Darwin Merry Nixon Alberta Webb Ann Godwin Noel Katte #快钱 #兼职 https://t.co/7T7zKr9Hq9
04 Dec, 09:57 AM UTC
Michael Banner
@althiaraj @TorontoStar Because you're concerns are likely over exaggerated. Albertans NEED someone to protect them from a hostile federal government. Is it a great plan? Does it have flaws? Likely. But what else are we to do with the perverbial Liberal Boot on Alberta's neck?
04 Dec, 09:56 AM UTC