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Third baseman Alex Bregman has agreed to a six-year, $100 million contract extension with the Houston Astros, as first reported by Fox 26 Houston and confirmed by @JeffPassan. SportsCenter's photo on Alex Bregman
20 Mar, 02:08 AM UTC
Ken Rosenthal
Source confirms: #Astros in agreement with 3B Alex Bregman on a six-year, $100M contract. First reported: @MarkBermanFox26.
20 Mar, 01:56 AM UTC
.@ABREG_1 and the @astros agree to 5-year, $100 million extension, reports @brianmctaggart. MLB's photo on Alex Bregman
20 Mar, 02:12 AM UTC
Mark Berman
MLB sources: The #Astros have reached an agreement on a six-year/$100 million contract with All-Star third baseman Alex Bregman that includes this season. Deal covers this year & the 3 years he'd be eligible for arbitration plus the first two years Alex can become a free agent.
20 Mar, 01:43 AM UTC
Brian McTaggart
Confirming the report the Astros have reached a six-year, $100-million deal to lock up star 3B Alex Bregman.
20 Mar, 01:53 AM UTC
Brian McTaggart
CORRECTION: Alex Bregman contract is for 5 years, $100 million. So it buys out his three arb years ('20-'21-'22) and first two years of free agency ('23-'24)
20 Mar, 02:09 AM UTC
Ken Rosenthal
In addition to locking up Pressly, the #Astros have been in talks on an extension for 3B Alex Bregman, sources tell The Athletic. Bregman has two-plus years of service - the same level Mike Trout was at when he agreed to a six-year, $144.5M deal with the #Angels in 2014.
20 Mar, 01:11 AM UTC
Bleacher Report MLB
Alex Bregman and Astros agree to 6-year, $100M extension, per @Ken_Rosenthal Bleacher Report MLB's photo on Alex Bregman
20 Mar, 02:06 AM UTC
FOX Sports: MLB
The Astros and 3B Alex Bregman have agreed on a six-year, $100M contract. (via @MarkBermanFox26) FOX Sports: MLB's photo on Alex Bregman
20 Mar, 02:00 AM UTC
Jeff Passan
Third baseman Alex Bregman is in agreement with the Houston Astros on a six-year, $100 million contract extension, a source confirms to ESPN. The deal will buy out two free agent years. First was @MarkBermanFox26.
20 Mar, 01:59 AM UTC
Sarah Langs
Very important Alex Bregman reminder: Here are the pitchers Bregman has homered off in the postseason. Each has been an All-Star in his career: Chris Sale (2) Clayton Kershaw Kenley Jansen Corey Kluber Trevor Bauer
20 Mar, 02:03 AM UTC
Bob Nightengale
Alex Bregman,, who was upset the #Astros renewed his contract for $640,500 two weeks ago, now has $100 million guaranteed in six year contract that buys out two free agent years
20 Mar, 02:21 AM UTC
MLB Network
Alex Bregman has reportedly agreed to a 6-year, $100M extension with the #Astros. MLB Network's photo on Alex Bregman
20 Mar, 02:59 AM UTC
SportsTalk 790
Not going anywhere! @astros and @ABREG_1 agree to 6 year, 100 million dollar extension.
20 Mar, 02:00 AM UTC
NBC Sports
The Astros and Alex Bregman reportedly agree to a five-year, $100 million extension 💰 NBC Sports's photo on Alex Bregman
20 Mar, 02:18 AM UTC
ESPN Stats & Info
Alex Bregman and the Astros have agreed to a 6-year, $100M extension. Bregman is one of just four players in MLB history to hit each of their first 6 Postseason home runs off former All-Stars, along with Roger Maris, Duke Snider and Tino Martinez. h/t @EliasSports ESPN Stats & Info's photo on Alex Bregman
20 Mar, 06:00 AM UTC
MLB Trade Rumors
Astros, Alex Bregman Agree To Extension MLB Trade Rumors's photo on Alex Bregman
20 Mar, 01:57 AM UTC
Brian McTaggart
Astros sign Bregman to a $100-million contract extension
20 Mar, 03:54 AM UTC
Lance Savage
Are you guys thinking about the day this kid is having? Alex Bregman signs a $100m contract and signs a contract with Adidas (which I'm going to forgive him for) in the same day. He is well on his way to being the face of baseball because of how hard he works the content angle.
20 Mar, 02:00 AM UTC
SportsRadio 610
The @astros give Alex Bregman a $100 million extension through 2024. @ABREG_1 is just living his best life. #TakeItBack
20 Mar, 02:29 AM UTC
SportsTalk 790
BREAKING NEWS: Astros Sign Alex Bregman to 6 Year, 100 Million Dollar Deal
20 Mar, 02:03 AM UTC
Alex Bregman is staying in Houston. 💰💰💰 theScore's photo on Alex Bregman
20 Mar, 02:13 AM UTC
Climbing Tal's Hill
#Astros extending both Alex Bregman and Ryan Pressly on the same night. I like it.
20 Mar, 02:33 AM UTC
Randy McIlvoy
the #Astros mean business locking up 24 yr old star 3B Alex Bregman (@ABREG_1 ) 2018 was his breakout season and now he is being rewarded . A reported 6 yr 100 million deal (includes this season) through 2024. statement delivered by Jim Crane 9 days before 2019 opener.
20 Mar, 02:24 AM UTC
Matt Moscona
Alex Bregman, Astros agree to $100 million extension - Houston Chronicle
20 Mar, 04:03 AM UTC
Alex Bregman and the Houston Astros have agreed on a $100 million, six-year deal that keeps the All-Star third baseman under contract with the team through 2024.
20 Mar, 08:04 AM UTC
続き AL西地区 HOU : Alex Bregman 6年$100M HOU : Ryan Pressly 2年$17.5M ※2020-2021 LAA : Mike Trout 12年$430M TEX : Jose Leclerc 4年$14.75M + OP2年 NL東地区 PHI : Aaron Nola 4年$45M + OP1年 続く
20 Mar, 07:35 AM UTC
Bleacher Nation
BN: Another Superstar Extension: Alex Bregman Sticking with Astros for Six Years and $100 Million
20 Mar, 06:19 AM UTC
Lia 🧡💙
my love for alex bregman is so wholesome, he just deserves the world
20 Mar, 07:21 AM UTC
Lia 🧡💙
alex bregman as an astro till 2024 :,,))) y’all i’m really not okay, that made my day. i’m still so happy about this. y’all know how much i love him
20 Mar, 07:18 AM UTC
Underdog Sports
The Houston Astros have reached agreement on a five-year, $100 million contract extension with young star Alex Bregman. Underdog Sports's photo on Alex Bregman
20 Mar, 07:11 AM UTC
☣️Tuve’s Tongue
Alex Bregman secures $100 million extension with Astros
20 Mar, 05:28 AM UTC
Jasper Roos
Het stof van de Trout-deal is amper gaan liggen, of Alex Bregman verlengt voor 6 jaar en $100 miljoen. Dit is blijkbaar het jaar dat alle sterren betaald krijgen. #SportAm #MLB
20 Mar, 08:07 AM UTC
American Sports News
Astros, third baseman Alex Bregman have reportedly agreed on a six-year, $100 million contract
20 Mar, 07:59 AM UTC
⚾Maine Bat Co.⚾
AP source: Alex Bregman, Astros agree to $100M, 6-year deal ⚾Maine Bat Co.⚾'s photo on Alex Bregman
20 Mar, 07:55 AM UTC
Gaceta Deportes
#Béisbol #MLB Alex Bregman acordó extensión de seis años con los Astros...
20 Mar, 07:49 AM UTC
Pop Fly
6 year contract worth 100 million dollar with @astros and a big Adidas endorsement all signed in the space of a week. Alex Bregman and his agent are having a great week. #Astros
20 Mar, 07:34 AM UTC
MLB Czech
Alex Bregman se domluvil na dlouhodobém kontraktu s Astros! Velká paráda!
20 Mar, 07:33 AM UTC
Alex Bregman a baseball player throws to first and gets an out at Minutemaid Park in Houston,TX
20 Mar, 07:30 AM UTC
Lia 🧡💙
i’ve come to realize i’m actually just an alex bregman fan account
20 Mar, 07:24 AM UTC
KFH Radio
AP source: Alex Bregman, Astros agree to $100M, 6-year deal
20 Mar, 07:10 AM UTC
Saveurs méd
Astros, third baseman Alex Bregman have reportedly agreed on a six-year, $100 million contract Saveurs méd's photo on Alex Bregman
20 Mar, 07:09 AM UTC

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