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• Alexa Bliss🔥
10 May, 06:00 PM UTC
Strictly Hotties🔞😍💦
Retweet if you would Kiss Alexa Bliss like Lana did here 😍😈😘👀 Follow for More #BlissfulTweets #StrictlyHotties #WWE #HLA
10 May, 02:34 PM UTC
✨#PLAY😈PAIN ✨Alexa Bliss Fan Account
✨2021 #365DaysofBliss✨ Day 130 📅 Reply with a FAV Alexa Bliss Pic or Gif #AlexaBliss #LetHerIn 😈 @AlexaBliss_WWE
10 May, 12:16 PM UTC
women with the most tv main event matches in wwe: • charlotte flair with 15 matches • sasha banks with 14 matches • bayley with 14 matches • asuka with 12 matches • carmella with 9 matches • alexa bliss with 9 matches • natalya with 7 matches • becky lynch with 7 matches
10 May, 06:48 PM UTC
C Wrestling
Alexa Bliss & Lilly are keeping their eyes on someone 👀 OMG!!! #WWERaw
11 May, 12:10 AM UTC
🙃 #NEW @AlexaBliss_WWE "Lilly Doll" Authentic T-Shirt! Available now at #WWEShop! #PlayOrPain @WWEShop's photo on alexa bliss
11 May, 12:15 AM UTC
Royal Wrestling
SIEMPRE POSITIVOS MI GENTE GRACIAS DIOS ❗❗❗❗ Alexa Bliss aparece en plena lucha sobre un columpio y con Lily. ¿Qué estará buscando Alexa?
11 May, 12:13 AM UTC - WWE/AEW News
Alexa Bliss doing magic is cool and all but WWE thinks blood on AEW is setting the wrestling business back. #WWERaw
11 May, 12:18 AM UTC
Royal Wrestling
¿POR QUÉ LAS RISAS BLISS? 😱 Las faces se llevan la victoria aunque Charlotte Flair, "positivamente", atacó a Asuka para que sonara su música al final; no obstante, Alexa Bliss no dejaba de reír mientras se columpiaba adorablemente #WWERaw
11 May, 12:22 AM UTC
Alexa Bliss comes face to face with the Raw women’s division Who is Lilly’s target ⁉️ #WWERaw
11 May, 12:20 AM UTC
Les Gaulois du Catch
La liste des femmes qui ont le plus de fois participé à des main event de shows télévisés (matchs uniquement) : Charlotte Flair (15 main event) Bayley, Sasha Banks (14 main event) Asuka (12 main event) Alexa Bliss, Carmella (9 main event) Becky Lynch, Natalya (7 main event)
10 May, 10:46 PM UTC
FOX Sports MX
ALEXA BLISS Y LILLY OBSERVAN A DISTANCIA 😳 #WWExFOX Victoria para el equipo de la excampeona Asuka, pero... ¿Quién ríe al último en #WWERaw? @FOXSportsMX's photo on alexa bliss
11 May, 12:22 AM UTC
big moose cooch
Winter from TNA meeting Alexa Bliss
11 May, 12:28 AM UTC
Alexsha Are The G.O.A.T.
Alexa Bliss is the only good thing on #WWERaw
11 May, 12:39 AM UTC
Mr Wrestling • オマール
«Lilly y yo decidimos aparecer solo para mantener vigilada a alguien». Las palabras de Alexa Bliss previo al Asuka, Mandy & Dana vs. Charlotte, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler. #WWERAW
11 May, 12:27 AM UTC
Alexsha Are The G.O.A.T.
11 May, 01:10 AM UTC
Alexsha Are The G.O.A.T.
11 May, 01:14 AM UTC
Asuka, Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke derrotan a Charlotte Flair, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler en la primer lucha de la noche. Charlotte atacó inmediatamente a Asuka con una patada. Alexa Bliss solo reía mientras miraba hacia el ring. #WMBacklash #WWERaw #wwe #wrestling
11 May, 12:19 AM UTC
Traveler Toms
FAV Wrestler: Alexa Bliss/Seth Rollins/LA Knight. GOAT: Alexa/Seth/HBK. FAV ppv: RR/MITB. FAV Match: Idk a lot of great matches. Underrated: Cesaro. FAV promotion: WWE. Dream Match: Alexa vs Aj or Paige /Seth vs HBK. @Jenny_crumbles @TheWildCatWWE @Anti_Leader2001 @EvilMoxleyXXX
11 May, 12:50 AM UTC
Jeff Ferrara🎥📸
@WWE Charlotte & Sonya Deville vs Alexa Bliss & Lilly 👀 @MsCharlotteWWE @SonyaDevilleWWE @AlexaBliss_WWE #WWERaw
11 May, 12:46 AM UTC
Jeff Ferrara🎥📸
@WWE @SonyaDevilleWWE @RheaRipley_WWE @WWE_Asuka Alexa Bliss and Lilly gotta disrupt the match #WWERaw
11 May, 01:12 AM UTC
𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗔𝗹𝗲𝘅𝗮 𝗕𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘀 𝗘𝗻𝘁𝗵𝘂𝘀𝗶𝗮𝘀𝘁
Alexa Bliss that's the tweet.
11 May, 12:59 AM UTC
Lorenzo Dozier / Team Awesome
Asuka, Mandy Rose, & Dana Brooke defeated Charlotte Flair, Nia Jax, & Shayna Baszler Alexa Bliss & Lily watched and began laughing. #wweraw
11 May, 12:40 AM UTC
Bort Sampson
Unpopular opinion: I still enjoy Alexa Bliss in this role and I really hope it has some type of payoff #WWERaw
11 May, 12:43 AM UTC
Asuka Pins Shayna Baszler In Tag Match While Alexa Bliss Watches
11 May, 12:40 AM UTC
Ahmed Hamdy
As successful as they are in the squared circle, many current #WWE Superstars excelled in the classrooms too. #WWERaw Dana Jeff Hardy Alexa Bliss #WMBacklash Orton #SmackDown Mandy Walter #WWENXT
11 May, 01:06 AM UTC