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Leeds United
👏 | Clarke’s cross heads towards goal, Carson can only tip it down into the path of Alioski, he passes it to Harrison, who taps it in! 2-0 Leeds United's photo on alioski
11 Jan, 08:56 PM UTC
The Scratching Shed
We can all agree now that Alioski is a better full back than a winger, yeah? Cool. #lufc
11 Jan, 10:09 PM UTC
Rich Williams
Tell ya what; nobody embodies ‘Side Before Self’ more than Alioski at the moment for Leeds. He’s running through brick walls for this team. Deserves the recognition. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #MOT #lufc
11 Jan, 09:12 PM UTC
Nothing But Leeds
Alioski has played unreal at LB
11 Jan, 09:16 PM UTC
Freddie Smith
Alioski has played 90 matches for club and country since joining Leeds in July 2017. What an athlete 🙌🔥 @LUFCDATA @lufcstats
11 Jan, 11:31 PM UTC
Leeds United
📸 | Alioski with another cross, as #LUFC keep up the momentum and continue to push forward. 2-0 Leeds United's photo on alioski
11 Jan, 09:28 PM UTC
The Square Ball
All the pearl-clutching aside, what a great team performance tonight. Credit to the likes of Alioski and Forshaw who’ve had their moments recently. #LUFC
11 Jan, 11:41 PM UTC
Joe Urquhart
Eventful day would be an understatement... brilliant performance here tonight though. Forshaw/Alioski as good as they’ve played in a Leeds shirt. #lufc
11 Jan, 11:38 PM UTC
El Loco’s Elland Road Asylum
Haven’t seen a performance like that at ER in a long time. Alioski at left back was a different player, Clarke is an absolute gem of a player... Forshaw though? That was some performance by him after all the shit he’s had. We don’t need signings. We need the injured back. #LUFC
11 Jan, 09:46 PM UTC
Tanya Sullivan
Forshaw was outstanding tonight and Alioski as well, never ever stopped working. What a night of thoroughly enjoyable football that was
11 Jan, 09:38 PM UTC
Leeds United
1' A minute into the game and Gjanni Alioski is brought down in the Derby area. The referee gives it, but the linesman rules offside. 0-0
11 Jan, 07:51 PM UTC
jason spence
We absolutely murdered Derby tonight what a performance I honestly haven’t seen us play better for ages! Couldn’t have happened to nicer bloke than Frank Lampard the beefing bastard!! Alioski Forshaw & Clarke were outstanding 👏👏👏
11 Jan, 10:05 PM UTC
Gary Devonport
I’m buzzing with that. What a performance. Forshaw, alioski, Clarke, Pontus, Cooper, Infact all of them TOP TOP Class #lufc
11 Jan, 09:52 PM UTC
Complete performance that. Good intensity throughout. Fair play to Forshaw, gave him some stick but he was immense today. Cooper steadied the defence, him & Pontus are a class partnership. Clarke is just something else, & Douglas has a job on his hand displacing Alioski. #lufc
11 Jan, 09:44 PM UTC
El Loco’s Elland Road Asylum
“What’s that mate?” “We’re not supposed to give Leeds penalties boss” “Oh yeah.. offside?” “Yeah definitely offside that one, it’s Alioski” #LUFC El Loco’s Elland Road Asylum's photo on alioski
11 Jan, 11:38 PM UTC
Alioski offside and no penalty for Leeds 😠 John's photo on alioski
11 Jan, 07:52 PM UTC
Sky Sports Football
#LUFC XI v #DCFC: Peacock-Farrell, Ayling, Alioski, Cooper, Jansson, Forshaw, Klich, Clarke, Harrison, Hernandez, Roofe 📺 Watch live on Sky Sports Football or follow here: Sky Sports Football's photo on alioski
11 Jan, 06:47 PM UTC
Best performance of the season. Clarke unplayable at times. Alioski a revelation. Pontus immense. The best atmosphere in English football. Going up.
12 Jan, 12:53 AM UTC
marcelo bielsa’s bucket
With alioski playing well and BPF keeping a clean sheet I wonder who the fans will slag off on Facebook tonight
11 Jan, 09:30 PM UTC
Dazza71 (Vital Leeds)
Why a lot of us say back every player in the team even when they are below par Cooper and Phillips: Phenominal this season after being vilified last season. Alioski: Unbelievable in the past month. Forshaw: Lots of fans wanting him dropped. He was superb last night. #MOT
12 Jan, 06:43 AM UTC
Don't ever slag alioski off on here again dickheads, you know who you are 👉
11 Jan, 09:22 PM UTC
Jay Prior
@AdamPaulBarlow @LUFC Alioski was perfect last night! His best performance yet!
12 Jan, 06:23 AM UTC
Adam Barlow
@LUFC They were incredible,from front to back.if any Leeds fan can pick fault with that performance they should really go and support the Harlem globetrotters because the entire team were outstanding...forshaw or alioski was my motm
12 Jan, 06:22 AM UTC
Watched it a few times but struggling to tell. Is it just me or for our 2nd did Alioski go to shoot, miss the ball and the ball hit his standing foot to then go to Harrison😂😂😂
12 Jan, 01:29 AM UTC
Dean Sowden
@MickyPKerr Some Leeds fans will never be happy. Drives me insane. Forshaw & Alioski immense tonight. BPF did alright too ! ALAW
12 Jan, 01:11 AM UTC
Jamie Nicholas
Alioski was fucking dynamite tonight. MOM for me. There I fucking said it 😬
12 Jan, 01:05 AM UTC
@Mayo_GodHelpUs @macca7292 Would have put good money on you saying he missed a sitter. Alioski is going to get battered by someone one day. Forshaw best performance in a Leeds shirt so far.
12 Jan, 12:49 AM UTC
Shaun Wilkinson
That bloke Alioski crap isn’t he? Forshaw? ...:Hopeless we need 12 signings in Jan or else we’re fucked... said every FIFA Leeds mgr 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Radrizani & Orta are clueless 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
12 Jan, 12:42 AM UTC
Dazza71 (Vital Leeds)
@KTMGav @ezgjanalioski Best part about Alioski last night was every Derby player tried to wind him up and he just let his football do the talking.
12 Jan, 06:44 AM UTC
white riot
@LUFC Everyone stood up! Clarke , Alioski, Forshaw Outstanding.
12 Jan, 06:40 AM UTC
Adam Barlow
@ephemeraljoy And mason mount get carried around in forshaws pocket all night,say what you like about forshaw but he had a job to do last night and he excelled,as did alioski who was sufuckingperb
12 Jan, 06:19 AM UTC
Danny Pigface
@m_toney29 Forshaw and Alioski were both brilliant. The whole team was excellent - great performance 👍🏻
12 Jan, 06:14 AM UTC
Paul Roney
@ramsfanuk79 Can we take a moment to appreciate Alioski at LWB, the lads made of granite and is an actual human Duracell battery!
12 Jan, 04:18 AM UTC
@PaulRoneylufc Alioski needs to stay lwb he looks a different player there
12 Jan, 04:18 AM UTC
Scott Eaglen
Bit late to the party, but #Lufc were excellent tonight. Cooper and Jansson solid at the back, Alioski the best I’ve seen him play, and even the likes of Forshaw and Harrison proving doubters wrong. To top it off, Roofe and Clarke will be PL players next season (with Leeds!).
12 Jan, 03:08 AM UTC
alan blight
@davidnpepper @LUFC I'd agree , also thought Alioski and Cooper were top class tonight
12 Jan, 01:58 AM UTC
Jason LUFC
How good was Alioski tonight. To be fair I'm his biggest critic but I think wev just found his proper position at left back. Well played Gianni😎 #WeAllLoveLeeds
12 Jan, 01:51 AM UTC
Stephen Clark
Have to be honest, I fully expected Lampard to come on to the pitch and point out the linesmans error in flagging Alioski offside in the opening minute allowing Leeds to have the penalty awarded to them. What has happened to his English sense of fair play.
12 Jan, 01:47 AM UTC
Callum Stewart
Loved the Leeds game tonight! Class atmosphere!! Forshaw, Clarke and alioski along with Cooper/jansson absolutely unreal !! #alaw #lufc
12 Jan, 01:39 AM UTC
@LUFC Alioski was a revelation in defence, worked tirelessly and had the in your face mentality we all love. Moment(s):the Waccoe/scarf twirling - looked and sounded amazing.
12 Jan, 01:29 AM UTC
Jack Richold
@MLawrenceJourno @Krish_720 @LUFC_Goals I don’t think so. You can see the ref look over after that and obviously the flag wasn’t up. It’s the Alioski one, which has to go down and one of the worst decisions ever.
12 Jan, 01:10 AM UTC
In no other Championship or any even any side will you see a left back running 50 yards chasing down a back pass like Alioski tonight and straight away Harrison slotted into the left back position as Derby came forward ... Genius Bielsa #lufc
12 Jan, 12:47 AM UTC
Craig Reeves
I've been a critic at times, but Gjanni Alioski was absolutely electric from left-back tonight. Might just be his position. Never been happier to be proved wrong. #lufc
12 Jan, 12:44 AM UTC
@gib1974 Least Alioski can’t get caught offside from left back! Clarke’s another level, if we don’t go up we’ll do well to keep hold of him
12 Jan, 12:36 AM UTC
Ian Boughton
@barrydouglas03 @JackClarke09 You're going to have your hands full keeping Alioski out of that LB position
12 Jan, 07:15 AM UTC
Dan Holdsworth
@craig_coulson @_swcoach Yea, fresh legs a big part of it I reckon. They were all sharp and won more of their individual battles than they lost. Got us on the front foot from the word go. Alioski a better left back than winger. Roofe worked their backline very very hard.
12 Jan, 07:03 AM UTC
Jack Clarke Plays, Ezgjan Alioski At Left-Back – Leeds United Team vs Derby County Confirmed
12 Jan, 03:42 AM UTC
5pts clear think we have proved the doughters the wheels are still on the leeds bus we looked backed to business alioski you need to stay lwb top performance lads we're back alaw
12 Jan, 03:27 AM UTC
El Grimmo
@barrydouglas03 @JackClarke09 Fans been crying out for it ever since Brentford, but Alioski has finally found his most effective position. You're both top players, so you might find yourself on the bench a bit more, but competition's healthy. Less fatigue & you can play fixtures that suit your strengths👍mot!
12 Jan, 03:27 AM UTC
@19MOT19: Haven’t seen a performance like that at ER in a long time. Alioski at left back was a different player, Clarke is an absolute gem of a player... Forshaw though? That was some performance by him after...
12 Jan, 03:25 AM UTC
Ben Irwin
Alioski's best position is left back/wing back. He's not better than Douglas there and there's no shame in that as he's a super replacement, BUT... Replace him on the wing with a quality operator and the league's over. End off. #lufc
12 Jan, 02:45 AM UTC
Broadway Danny Rose
Who btw, has just lost to a team playing Alioski at LB.
12 Jan, 02:26 AM UTC
@LUFC Players Who Made It Happen Tonight: Forshaw, Clarke, Alioski And Can I Just Say Pontus With That Flick 😍 The Ref Was Useless And We Should Have Had That Penalty..!! How Did No One Get Sent Off..?! #SpyGate 😂 #LUFC #MOT #ALAW #WAFLL #SkyTVIsFuckingShit #FootballLeaguesCorrupt TR4FFMEISTER ⚡'s photo on alioski
12 Jan, 02:17 AM UTC
Task PS
Doesn’t matter what we saw at derby through our spies Alioski was onside and it should’ve been a penalty Keith Andrews Darren Bent and Lampard should worry about their own job and listen to Charlie Nicholas #AllSpiesArentWe #alaw Lampard never deceived?...
12 Jan, 02:12 AM UTC
There Or Thereabouts
@TomC_22 Austin Powers at left back? Not unlike Alioski in many ways.
12 Jan, 01:45 AM UTC
Will be getting some stick for this but I don’t think Douglas has put in a better performance then Alioski’s tonight at LB this season! Both shit hot but just telling the truth #lufc
12 Jan, 01:45 AM UTC
David Everall
@Ste_Robbo87 Alioski great left back
12 Jan, 01:36 AM UTC
marc brine
@WookieHoney I was thinking exactly this earlier! No mention of Jansson and Alioski being hacked down; let’s just bang on about dirty Leeds because... dirty Leeds.
12 Jan, 01:23 AM UTC
Joaco Roggiero
Hoy el Leeds gano un partido muy importante. No solo por el resultado sino tambien por lo demostrado. Siempre fue superior y nunca peligró el resultado. Con Forshaw, Clarke, Alioski y Jansson como figuras, vencieron 2-0 al Derby de Lampard con goles de Roofe y Harrison. Puntero
12 Jan, 01:22 AM UTC
Exclusive Trafigura refuses to hand over emails in Alioski bribery case
12 Jan, 01:13 AM UTC
lee gamble
@PJansson5 my nephew first game tonight!He had a sign asking for @ezgjanalioski shirt but he didn’t see it! He was crying with happiness when he saw you and alioski and crying when we scored and won! Try do you thing Pontus and if you can get my nephew something🙏🏼#LUFC
12 Jan, 01:07 AM UTC
Steve Humphrey
Very difficult to pick tonights MOM. For me #AdamForshaw edged it, with a close run in with #Alioski and #JackClarke. Pontus as solid as ever and it looked so much more comfortable at the back with him and #LiamCooper
12 Jan, 01:05 AM UTC
Rupi Matharu
quality game tonight. proud of the team leeds have turned into. jack clarke turning into quite the player, best game i’ve seen alioski play. pontus the best centre back in the league by miles. everyone played their part well. #MOT #LUFC
12 Jan, 01:03 AM UTC
Important win. Fantastic performance from everyone but particularly impressed with Clarke, Forshaw and Alioski. Great start to the weekend 😁😁😁😁😁🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺#lufc
12 Jan, 12:57 AM UTC
We were also outrun. Leeds were faster to everything. At times I thought Alioski was playing full back for them, such was his work rate and tracking back.
12 Jan, 12:54 AM UTC
Roger Dixon
Wonder how many called Alioski when he was given offside after ref had given pen then replays show he was onside #lufc give the lad the credit he deserves
12 Jan, 12:52 AM UTC
Lucas PEOPLE'S VOTE Monk 🇪🇺
We'll just let Wisdom's assault on Alioski and Evans's disgusting challenge on Jansson slide then, shall we? Bitter much? #lufc
12 Jan, 12:39 AM UTC
Elliot Powell
Hands up, Forshaw superb tonight and his best game in a Leeds shirt but Clarke and Alioski the pick of the bunch for me. Massive win and a massive statement just when we need something to pick us up ahead of this season defining run. You bloody whites #lufc 😍🤫👀
12 Jan, 12:32 AM UTC

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