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you’re telling me not only jake paul but BANKS also cheated on alissa violet? below average looking men really throwing her away like that... y’all need therapy
02 Dec, 05:47 AM UTC
If Alissa Violet is getting cheated on then there's really no hope for the rest of us average girls @trinsteaparty's photo on Alissa Violet
02 Dec, 08:19 AM UTC
Gnome Army
Now she exposing him for being abusive and psychotic. She about to cancel faze banks at 3 in the morning Monday. Alissa violet don’t want to here about no love today! And dang bruh.. 8 iPhones.. not an iPhone 8... she said 8 iPhones @ryan_itsyaboi's photo on Alissa Violet
02 Dec, 08:35 AM UTC
02 Dec, 08:52 AM UTC
Jake paul after hearing Faze Banks cheated on alissa violet. @All_Star120's photo on Alissa Violet
02 Dec, 06:10 AM UTC
banks literally had the fucking nerve to say shit like this, and “support” Alissa after all the shit she went through, yet for months in their relationship he was a cheating whore. Alissa violet deserves far better @redskullbitch's photo on Alissa Violet
02 Dec, 09:12 AM UTC
alissa violet is single now. queen i would never hurt you, i hope you see this maam please can i hold your hand and treat you right.
02 Dec, 08:41 AM UTC
Imagine cheating on Alissa Violet in the first place but doing it while she’s asleep in the same house the disrespect, it’s always the ugly ones that are punching massively 🤡🤡
02 Dec, 07:49 AM UTC
If Alissa Violet can get cheated on by an ugly dude none of us are safe
02 Dec, 08:15 AM UTC
pov: ur a balding, ooga booga dumbass named faze banks and had the audacity to cheat on someone like Alissa violet while pretending to be a guy who stands up for women @redskullbitch's photo on Alissa Violet
02 Dec, 09:00 AM UTC
lucy 🌻
Faze Banks cheating on Alissa Violet despite knowing what Jake Paul did to her is literally disgusting. Why put a girl through the same damn thing knowing how much it breaks her? TRASH.
02 Dec, 02:32 PM UTC
No one : Alissa Violet typing her tweets about banks: @Proxiius's photo on Alissa Violet
02 Dec, 02:31 PM UTC
BIG DRAMA! Alissa Violet spilling the beans and accusing Faze Banks of cheating on her *tweet since deleted* (caught by @JoshPescatore) @KavosYT's photo on Alissa Violet
02 Dec, 05:33 AM UTC
elise 🧸
Alissa violet is the prime example of hot ass girls dating ugly dudes and then the ugly dudes end up treating the girl like they’re the ugly one
02 Dec, 01:47 PM UTC
so banks was cheating on Alissa violet at the guest house, their own bedroom/house, vacations, and group outings... people in clout gang had to have known and I want names
02 Dec, 09:30 AM UTC
if alissa violet is getting cheated on by people like jake paul and banks... what kind of fucking hope do the rest of us have
02 Dec, 02:14 PM UTC
faze banks had the audacity to cheat on alissa violet while looking like this
02 Dec, 09:24 AM UTC
Jordan Daley
I honestly don’t know how you can cheat on Alissa Violet.
02 Dec, 05:20 PM UTC
Outranked 🌎☄️💕®
Jake Paul And Banks taking to each other after they both cheated on Alissa Violet
02 Dec, 03:13 PM UTC
Reminder that Faze Banks pulled this shit in front of Alissa Violet’s face. TRASH.
02 Dec, 04:44 PM UTC
Reading this FaZe Banks/Alissa violet drama in the AM @Anti's photo on Alissa Violet
02 Dec, 06:57 PM UTC
Gloryhole Puncher
Alissa Violet is exposing Banks for cheating on her left and right at 2 am on a Monday... ya'll gonna wake up thirsty and have hella tea to sip I'll tell ya that much lmaooooo dear sweet baby rays.
02 Dec, 08:33 AM UTC
i don't care for faze banks or alissa violet but man do i gotta sit down for this one
02 Dec, 01:57 PM UTC
Josh 🌙
Here is the girl that Banks cheated on Alissa Violet with! 😱 (both trash)
02 Dec, 10:58 AM UTC
alissa violet really invaded @Banks privacy and violated on twitter over him cheating... women aint shit LMFAOOO
02 Dec, 04:17 PM UTC
Megu @ Home
Apparently the reason why Alissa Violet & Faze Banks broke up is because Banks cheated on Alissa! I feel so bad for her. 1st Jake Paul cheated on her & now it's Banks. What's up with these gremlin looking fools cheating on their gorgeous girlfriends?! Y'all are getting too bold!
02 Dec, 02:03 PM UTC
Bro Alissa Violet is so strong and beautiful. My little troll ass would be burning down mansions.
02 Dec, 01:01 PM UTC
YouTuber Alissa Violet exposes Faze Banks cheating scandal on social media
02 Dec, 02:55 PM UTC
who in their right minds would cheat on alissa violet omg men are completely worthless
02 Dec, 07:15 PM UTC
omfg the alissa violet drama
02 Dec, 07:20 PM UTC

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