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Diego Muñoz
Carrasco le piso la pelota a un jugador contrario, un jugador suyo metió una plancha en el pecho y no lo expulsaron, a Nacional le anularon un gol por off side inexistente y no le cobraron un gol cuando la pelota entró medio metro. Supongo que JR no se va a quejar hoy.
20 Apr, 08:57 PM UTC
I don’t care if Almiron never scores a goal for us, he’s a proper player, and has transformed our team. #NUFC
20 Apr, 05:21 PM UTC
Dorados 🐠
A Almirón lo terminó salvando uno de los colombianos random esos que llevó. Lo felicito.
20 Apr, 01:10 AM UTC
Tras un buen PT, sale lesionado 🤕 y soltando algunas lágrimas Miguel almiron. Esperemos que no sea nada grave por el bien de la selección 🇵🇾🥺 ALEX PAREDES's photo on Almiron
20 Apr, 06:00 PM UTC
#NUFC Portal
That tears of Almiron shows just how much he wants to play and do well for NUFC. Hes been a revolution for our club, and Im looking forward to watch him in black & white again. #NUFC
20 Apr, 06:49 PM UTC
Perez before and after Almiron signing Before: 25 GWs 3 goals After: 10 GWs 7 goals AlMiRoN DoEs NoThInG AnD HaS NoT ScOrEd a GoAl YeT ShIt SiGnInG #Nufc .'s photo on Almiron
20 Apr, 07:36 PM UTC
Leo Alvarez
Cuando bajemos la alegria no nos olvidemos que Almiron se tiene que ir a la mierda. Hizo lo imposible para perder y no se dió solo xq son los CROTOS. Solo x ellos.
20 Apr, 01:18 AM UTC
Keith Downie
Hamstring injury for Miggy Almiron says Rafa Benitez, which means his season could be over #NUFC
20 Apr, 06:47 PM UTC
Lee Ryder
Rafa on Almiron: "It's a hamstring injury so we will see how he reacts." #nufc
20 Apr, 06:45 PM UTC
A replay of Ward-Prowse’s ‘tackle’ on Almiron ODDSbible's photo on Almiron
20 Apr, 04:57 PM UTC
Premier League PY🇵🇾
ULTIMO MOMENTO: Miguel Almiron se retiro lesionado y llorando, y de momento no hay ningun reporte oficial, Rafa Benitez lo dijo en conferencia, lo mas probable que se pierde lo que resta de Premier y apeligra la Copa America!. 😢💔💔💔
20 Apr, 08:00 PM UTC
Roberto Rojas
Assuming the injury is as serious, Miguel Almiron is expected to miss the rest of the season with that hamstring injury but will hope to stay fresh in time for the Copa America in 10 weeks time. #NUFC
20 Apr, 06:01 PM UTC
Mark Douglas
Awful, awful decision here. Ward-Prowse took out Almiron - no intent to play the ball - and only a yellow card. Mikel Antia sent to the stands!
20 Apr, 04:54 PM UTC
Ricky A
Cuando le patean a Miguel Almirón. Ricky A's photo on Almiron
20 Apr, 06:31 PM UTC
Camilo Fernández
Tengo a todas las mosquitas de la fruta pasando Turismo en mi casa.
20 Apr, 07:51 PM UTC
👉The Chronicle👈
Miguel Almiron departs the field in tears amid fears his season could be over. Will be assessed tonight:
20 Apr, 06:09 PM UTC
#AlmironWatch 62 minutes in & it’s good news for Newcastle, Almiron tweaks an eyebrow and limps off the pitch in a flood of tears. That’s his season over and official stats are as follows (taken from Opta index) Goals 0 Assists 0 Eyebrows 3
20 Apr, 05:54 PM UTC
La lluvia viene acompañada del bajon
20 Apr, 05:57 PM UTC
TNT Sports LA
#CopaSuperliga | Jorge Almirón y su análisis de la serie: “No nos generaron muchas situaciones de gol en los dos partidos.” #Huracán 🆚 #SanLorenzo TNT Sports LA's photo on Almiron
20 Apr, 02:39 AM UTC
¡ALARMA ENCENDIDA! 🚨 Miguel Almiron fue protagonista de la victoria del Newcastle, pero salió lesionado y según algunos medios ingleses, podría ser de gravedad y perderse la temporada.
20 Apr, 07:13 PM UTC
Ayoze Perez is better than Mo Salah — And Almiron is better than Messi
20 Apr, 09:15 PM UTC
Miguel Almiron crying after getting injured against Southampton! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭#NEWSOU #NewcastleUnited Watch it here ---->
20 Apr, 09:11 PM UTC
Ayoze has been outstanding since the arrival of Almiron, he’s been given much more freedom and seems to have more fight in him to keep his place. What a player he’s been #nufc
20 Apr, 05:23 PM UTC
Puro Fútbol
Miguel Mastrosimone, secretario general de #SanLorenzo, en @purofutbolfm: "La mayoría de los socios querían que Almirón fuera el nuevo DT, hay que darle tiempo para que trabaje".
20 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
Marlene Torres
😢 ¡Ojalá no sea grave lo de Almirón! 🙏
20 Apr, 09:20 PM UTC
Puro Fútbol
[AUDIO] Miguel Mastrosimone en @purofutbolfm: "Almirón nunca renunció y nosotros nunca le pedimos la renuncia" #SanLorenzo Puro Fútbol's photo on Almiron
20 Apr, 06:03 PM UTC
First half today Amilron was fantastic. Love the kid me. Works his balls off. Has added so much and has reinvented Perez and our attack in general. Pre Almiron we were toothless for the most part but his pace genuinely frightens teams and has helped us massively
20 Apr, 09:41 PM UTC
David Foster
Gutted for Almiron, but we are safe now so let’s just enjoy the rest of the season #NUFC
20 Apr, 09:11 PM UTC
Sunderland fans taking the piss out of Almiron getting injured? Wouldn't expect anything less from the League 1 inbreds #NUFC
20 Apr, 09:35 PM UTC
Está siesta sin dudas me sirvió para reponer energias
20 Apr, 09:09 PM UTC
Lord Lawrence of Chiswick
@Patrici41233130 @BrooklynArse Ward Prowse should have gone when he flattened Almiron
20 Apr, 09:32 PM UTC
Newcastle United
Almiron set to miss rest of season
20 Apr, 09:27 PM UTC
@Percycola Was really sad to see #Almiron crying when he got injured against #Southampton (watch here 😢😢😢 WittyFutty⚽️'s photo on Almiron
20 Apr, 09:20 PM UTC
Mossy #24
@DiscoStewL He’s still shit 🤣🤣🤣 joking apart since Almiron been on the scene he’s finally picked up his shit and started to man up and standing stronger
20 Apr, 09:17 PM UTC
Kyle Povey
The toon could play the reserves for the rest of the season I’m not arsed. We’re safe. All that matters. Huge relief and nice to do it with a few to go. Great performance from the lads, Almiron class again and Perez on 🔥 #NUFC #stayingup
20 Apr, 09:45 PM UTC
Live Soccer Stream
Almiron set to miss rest of season
20 Apr, 09:43 PM UTC
@AyozePG form shows it's clear when you invest how it releases other players; Almiron and Rondon coming in has allowed Perez to shine. Last player folks would want to leave now. Great to see perseverance rewarded.. @NUFC sign Solomon now @Ameet_Bains 👉🏼😊👈🏼 #NUFC Gavro44's photo on Almiron
20 Apr, 09:43 PM UTC
The loss of both Tata as HC and the ability to dictate the pace with Almiron really fundamentally changed the style of play and it doesn’t seem to be for the better.
20 Apr, 09:43 PM UTC
@Aparicio1Martin Ajajajjaja un duketo cualquieraaa
20 Apr, 09:42 PM UTC
@ashsales22 @HarryWilding_ tbf I think Muto was more meant for Perez. He did well when Perez was dropped, but got injured. After the Asian cup, Almiron and Perez have been good. I think it's fair to say so far Muto was a mistake. They'll happen.
20 Apr, 09:41 PM UTC
matias zema
@ActitudCai Anda a pedir que vuelva chiche sosa o ramon Diaz o Almiron.... Vos si sabes de futbol jaja matias zema's photo on Almiron
20 Apr, 09:39 PM UTC
suli siddiq
@AnIcecoldBrew Tats makes a huge difference! Almiron we can do without it’s just the coach and new style of play smh
20 Apr, 09:38 PM UTC
Bangladesh News 24
@bdnews24 Almiron set to miss rest of season: Newcastle United midfielder Miguel Almiron may have played his last game of the campaign after picking up an injury against Southampton on Saturday. #NewsStory
20 Apr, 09:36 PM UTC
Daract Ezequiel
@LucasIbarra23 Estás errado, San Lorenzo ganó un clásico a pesar de Almirón.
20 Apr, 09:35 PM UTC
Vybz Pedrotel
@Nigerianscamsss Post Miguel Almirón effect
20 Apr, 09:34 PM UTC
Bangladesh News 24
Almiron set to miss rest of season: Newcastle United midfielder Miguel Almiron may have played his last game of the campaign after picking up an injury against Southampton on Saturday. #NewsStory
20 Apr, 09:34 PM UTC
Lo que se habló en amistad no se divulga en enemistad aprende a ser legal
20 Apr, 09:34 PM UTC
Cuervos de Alma
LOS CLÁSICOS SE GANAN Ya habrá tiempo para análisis y mejorar el juego. 🗣 Rueda de prensa de #Almirón después del triunfo ante #Huracán #SanLorenzo #VamosCiclón 💙❤💙🏆 Cuervos de Alma's photo on Almiron
20 Apr, 09:34 PM UTC
Almiron fora do resto da temporada. Ainda bem que deu tempo pra salvar do rebaixamento
20 Apr, 09:34 PM UTC
@michaeljf87 He knocked the ball around the defender?! The ball was in front of Almiron, he’s running onto it and the goalkeeper wasn’t even on his 6 yard line. Maybe I’m misunderstanding this but if he’s 10 yards further forward that’s a red card.
20 Apr, 09:33 PM UTC
Lucas 👀
@EzeDaract Hablo del incompetente de Spalletti jajajajaja Almirón ganó un clásico con Rentería, es Dios.
20 Apr, 09:33 PM UTC
@Maatihuracan la verdad que jugó poco para juzgarlo. Entró poco y mal. El tema es que Almirón nos llenóm todo de colombianos flojones y ya medio que les tenemos bronca a todos...
20 Apr, 09:31 PM UTC
FWP Newcastle United
NEWS: Almiron set to miss rest of season (via Sky Sports)
20 Apr, 09:31 PM UTC
Oliver Schmoliver
@Devon4Real The admission of Almiron is only a tiny part of it. I was against criticising De Boer in the beginning but of the amount of games in a row but I think his negative are not a handbrake but more of a hard reverse!
20 Apr, 09:27 PM UTC
⚽️ Football News
Miguel #Almiron leaves pitch in tears as Newcastle United suffer double injury blow #NUFC 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #Premier_League
20 Apr, 09:26 PM UTC
New post: "Almiron set to miss rest of season"
20 Apr, 09:26 PM UTC
ǝsɔǝ ן ǝB
[20/4 15:54] Patoo: estás?? [20/4 15:55] ʙᴇʟʟ: esta el pre d almiron y el d lighuen [20/4 15:55] Patoo: cómo sabes q te hablo de gira [20/4 15:55] Patoo: te amo ajjaja
20 Apr, 09:26 PM UTC
Sky Sports: Almiron set to miss rest of season #nufc
20 Apr, 09:24 PM UTC
Mejor jugador de la historia: Lionel Andres Mejor DT de la historia: cruyff-guardiola(compartido) Mejor jugador que haya pasado por su club: miguelito almiron de lo mejor que vi yo. Máximo ídolo de su club: pepe sand- laucha acosta Mejor DT en la historia de su club: almiron
20 Apr, 09:24 PM UTC
noticias del mundo
Rafa Benítez espera que la temporada de Miguel Almiron termine, pero la lesión en el muslo no es un problema a largo plazo
20 Apr, 09:20 PM UTC
xavi catalan
@LaMediaInglesa Inyustisia...donde está Almirón..?
20 Apr, 09:18 PM UTC
Chris in Tacoma
@Percycola Almiron a really good player. My only concern was durability. The fact is he's a small guy and now he's playing in the Premier League where players are noticeably bigger and stronger and can be just as quick as he is.
20 Apr, 09:17 PM UTC
Kasper Amdal
Martino borte. Blir ikke 35 mål på Martinez da..🤷‍♂️ hjelper vel ikke at Almiron stakk heller. Kasper Amdal's photo on Almiron
20 Apr, 09:17 PM UTC
Graeme Hefner
Turns out Miguel Almiron was really good by the way.
20 Apr, 09:16 PM UTC
Lee Nixon
@Inkedwilson @CallumDenton8 @FootyAccums I don't think it's unreasonable to expect at least parity with the likes of Leicester and Bournemouth in terms of transfer outlay.Far too early to comment on Almiron but lads like Dubravka,Schar,Lejeune,Yedlin and Rondon been great acquisitions
20 Apr, 09:10 PM UTC

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