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For you, with you. #ALWAYSFNATIC #FNCWIN #LEC https://t.co/5rJf2qej3Q https://t.co/D1GwYWvXfQ
15 Mar, 07:02 PM UTC
15 Mar, 12:29 PM UTC
Tanni Le
This is us. We are @FNATIC. Let's get it boys!! #AlwaysFnatic #FNCWIN Tanni Le's photo on #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 08:20 PM UTC
Cause we are Fnatic, baby!!!! #FNCWIN #ALWAYSFNATIC 54337🇪🇪's photo on #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 08:36 PM UTC
This ist the Day we clap @G2Caps #ALWAYSFNATIC #FNCWIN #LEC #LECGer SushiLoL's photo on #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 07:26 PM UTC
Simón | Gravityz
#FNCWin #LEC #Alwaysfnatic Estas son las partidas por las que vivo, vaya final, vaya teamfights y luego dicen que el lol no es emocionante. Siempre con Fnatic en las buenas y en las malas. Ahora a por los playoffs y a ganar todo!.
15 Mar, 08:25 PM UTC
Rina @TwitchCon
Ich habe dieses FNATIC Spiel gesehen und ich bin wirklich ausgeflippt. Ich habe geschrien, ich war verzweifelt, ich sah keine Chance mehr für mein Team. Am Ende sind sie volles Risiko eingegangen und es war einfach nur schön. #alwaysfnatic
15 Mar, 08:53 PM UTC
Rivalry Dota
Calculated from @DjardelJicko As @TrentPax points out at the end - he waited for a double soul ring to use refresh and control the PA in the second black hole #ALWAYSFNATIC #DreamLeagueMajor Rivalry Dota's photo on #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 09:44 PM UTC
@sammathews @CarlosR THIS is what i live for... #FnaticWin #AlwaysFnatic <3
15 Mar, 09:10 PM UTC
This is what I watch #LEC for! #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 08:19 PM UTC
@FNATIC @BroxahLoL @RekklesLoL @FNCHylissang @nemesis_lol @Bwipo DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!!!!! #heartattack #FNCWIN #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 08:33 PM UTC
Tristan - Ástr0 🇫🇷⭐️⭐️
ON. EST. LES. MEILLEURS PUTAIN !! On a int un peu mais c’était pour le spectacle du backdoor, ont aiment pas trop les games trop courte de 20 minutes nous 😌😏😂😂. #FNCWIN #AlwaysFnatic #LEC https://t.co/zo8BiZMKSX
15 Mar, 09:09 PM UTC
@Bwipo You did an amazing job avoiding ganks, don't be to hard on yourself. We can rely on you. #ALWAYSFNATIC #FNCWIN
15 Mar, 09:08 PM UTC
B ♡
15 Mar, 09:32 PM UTC
Eugenio Diodato
@G2Jankos There's in mine #AlwaysFnatic
15 Mar, 08:45 PM UTC
Ana :)
@xPekeLoL #alwaysfnatic It is a classic ;)
15 Mar, 08:44 PM UTC
@LaureBuliiV qui assure dans une situation de folie <3 #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 09:42 PM UTC
Jeff Johns
One thing I really like about this team is that they stay grounded. Every interview they find something they did wrong, improvements to be made, etc. @BroxahLoL will continue to motivate while the rest of the team look for criticism. Great balance. #LEC #ALWAYSFNATIC https://t.co/h4EU0veRgT
15 Mar, 09:32 PM UTC
@McMuffinx33 Legit me at home by myself 🤣😭 #AlwaysFnatic
15 Mar, 09:29 PM UTC
time2reflect ⏩ TwitchConEU
15 Mar, 09:16 PM UTC
Dean Masters
Love this place, love these guys #ALWAYSFNATIC https://t.co/2lqKUyJFqJ
15 Mar, 09:03 PM UTC
That was the most hearthbreaking game I have ever seen!! GG to @G2Wunder for keepig @G2esports alive, big GG to @FNATIC for the performance and GG to @MedicCasts for not being dead after the cast ! GG Boyz #LEC #FNCWIN #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 09:03 PM UTC
@JoeyYoungbuck And, due to it was not a clean one, you still have room for improvement. What a potential!!! 🖤🧡 #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 08:58 PM UTC
time2reflect ⏩ TwitchConEU
@AmyMaaays @JordanT0890 @RekklesLoL Just stay #ALWAYSFNATIC and we good. I’ll get you both a Fnatic jersey as a wedding gift ;) time2reflect ⏩ TwitchConEU's photo on #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 08:50 PM UTC
Evans Simon
@FNATIC Guess @G2Caps must be not feel so good rite now #AlwaysFnatic #FNCWIN #LEC
15 Mar, 08:45 PM UTC
@G2esports Damn u keep coming with that Rick & Morty memes You Start to get likeable. But still #FNCWIN #alwaysfnatic @FNATIC
15 Mar, 08:47 PM UTC
Ana :)
@lolesports @FNATIC #alwaysfnatic Amazing game and thank you @MedicCasts for casting it...See you in Rotterdam
15 Mar, 08:43 PM UTC
@FNATIC Wooohooo lets go! #FNCWIN #alwaysfnatic
15 Mar, 08:38 PM UTC
FNC Daniel 🦁
@FNCHylissang what a madman good fucking job destroying that inib + Nexus #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 08:38 PM UTC
Adrian Marghioala
@sjokz They tried so hard, and got so far, But in the end, @FNATIC wins! #LEC #AlwaysFnatic
15 Mar, 08:38 PM UTC
Miguel Moita
What a game! @G2esports vs @FNATIC was insane aaaaa!! Still shocked! #AlwaysFnatic
15 Mar, 08:35 PM UTC
Why #alwaysfnatic? #FNCWIN 🌀Ser-G🌀's photo on #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 08:34 PM UTC
Unius 水 1998 - 2018 ⭐⭐ 🇫🇷
@BroxahLoL Please, press R for win! #alwaysfnatic #FNCWIN
15 Mar, 09:40 PM UTC
Unius 水 1998 - 2018 ⭐⭐ 🇫🇷
@nemesis_lol GO Irelia! Go Fnatic! #FNCWIN #alwaysfnatic
15 Mar, 09:39 PM UTC
Ser de fnatic no me hace bien al corazon, minimo 3 infartos me dieron #alwaysfnatic Tute's photo on #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 09:31 PM UTC
FLA D. MPzin
15 Mar, 09:29 PM UTC
@nemesis_lol Congratz and GG #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 09:28 PM UTC
@FNATIC You know what they say everyone beats everyone and in the end @Fnatic always win ;) #FNCWIN #AlwaysFnatic
15 Mar, 09:26 PM UTC
Lunari Valkyrie
Thank you @RiotVedius <3 I agree! They're only human so of course there will be mistakes, but they definitely out shined @G2esports. I love you, @FNATIC GG to both teams! #FNCWIN #ALWAYSFNATIC https://t.co/8kreO4Scaa
15 Mar, 09:18 PM UTC
@BroxahLoL Damn, WHAT a game that was! 😃👏🏻 Thank you Mr Broxah! 😃 Great job to all of you! 🧡🖤 #FNCWIN #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 09:13 PM UTC
This week couldn't end better with this FNC win 😍 WP @FNATIC #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 09:10 PM UTC
@Bwipo #ALWAYSFNATIC Keep fighting and get stronger and keep calm
15 Mar, 09:05 PM UTC
15 Mar, 09:00 PM UTC
Josu Álvarez 水
@BroxahLoL #AlwaysFnatic
15 Mar, 08:54 PM UTC
@FNATIC @RekklesLoL Fnc proved once again that they are championship contender! #ALWAYSFNATIC #FNCWIN #LEC
15 Mar, 08:49 PM UTC
time2reflect ⏩ TwitchConEU
@AmyMaaays @JordanT0890 @RekklesLoL From that moment I was #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 08:47 PM UTC
VZML L'homme heureux
15 Mar, 08:46 PM UTC
15 Mar, 08:43 PM UTC
time2reflect ⏩ TwitchConEU
@AmyMaaays @RekklesLoL #AlwaysFnatic no matter what happens. Caps bottling it again 😂😂😂
15 Mar, 08:39 PM UTC
Ahmed Leghari
The boys are back #FNCWIN #ALWAYSFNATIC
15 Mar, 08:39 PM UTC
all i can say is 7 #FNCWIN Damn @FNATIC are back #FNCWIN #LEC #alwaysfnatic
15 Mar, 08:38 PM UTC
Alexander Dorner
@FNATIC @G2esports I'm so happy I got tickets for #Rotterdam right now. Just think about a BO5 of this 🖤🧡 #FNCWIN #ALWAYSFNATIC #LEC
15 Mar, 08:37 PM UTC
Ode to Sora @ KH HYPETRAIN
4 words to make me yours: @FNATIC TAKE DOWN @G2esports #FNCWIN #alwaysfnatic #LEC I am seriously so happy.
15 Mar, 08:33 PM UTC
[FNC] Hi Im (not) Xoxeh
@FNCHylissang can I suck your dick?? M V P #FNCWIN #AlwaysFNATIC @FNATIC
15 Mar, 08:33 PM UTC
este año ganamos el mundial #FNCWIN #ALWAYSFNATIC (?)
15 Mar, 08:33 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from France.

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