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Kody with a K
@MrBeastYT They literally do have those.... their called amazon go. You’re describing amazon go.
02 Dec, 04:35 AM UTC
David Tabachnikov
@JasonLPineda @KlutchKody @MrBeastYT Actually, you don't even need to scan in Amazon Go, you just go in, take whatever you want, and leave. No queue, no cashier. Get your receipt to the app a few minutes after you leave. See it in action here:
02 Dec, 04:51 AM UTC
Kevin Ryder
If you're shopping on Amazon, go to You can select any charity to benefit. Amazon donates .5% of your purchase to your charity. Ours is @Friends_Helpers, but if you're already helping other charities, keep doing that :) #JustHelp @kevinandbean @thekevinryder's photo on Amazon Go
02 Dec, 07:09 AM UTC
About 5 years ago I was asked to imagine the future of #Retail for 2020 (on behalf of Sears). While it *did* involve limited #VR use cases, I focused heavily on #XR and Experiential shopping, with a smart store. Zero Barrier Retail (before @amazon Go).
01 Dec, 11:50 PM UTC
Amazon pulls 'disturbing' Christmas ornaments bearing images of Auschwitz - how low can Amazon go??? @uaf @antiRacismDay @uaf on Amazon Go">
02 Dec, 09:44 AM UTC
Austin Schweikert
@KlutchKody @JasonLPineda @MrBeastYT You do realize Amazon Go is a failure and it's shutting down?
02 Dec, 08:25 AM UTC
@MrBeastYT Have you heard of Amazon Go? You scan your phone before walking in, and the cameras and shelf sensors watch you to see what you pick up, and it applies it to your account, and then you just walking out of the store and it charges you.
02 Dec, 05:24 AM UTC
Elías Pérez
@MrBeastYT Amazon Go stores dude
02 Dec, 10:56 AM UTC
@MrBeastYT Amazon Go is a thing
02 Dec, 12:11 PM UTC
Li Jiang
Airports / airlines should get that sweet tracking & facial rec tech from Amazon go stores. They can know exactly where passengers are and if to hold the planes to wait or not. #WhenAmazonAirlines?
02 Dec, 12:10 PM UTC
@nirubili Amazon Goはすごすぎますが、商品ひとつひとつにバーコード付けて、それを読み込んだら支払い完了でレジスルーでもかなり便利になる気がします。
02 Dec, 11:09 AM UTC
Pieter Korevaar
@nickforallnl @albertheijn Agree. I visited an Amazon Go store once and it’s a pretty cool experience. I believe Albert Heijn is currently experimenting with a concept like it at Schiphol. :)
02 Dec, 10:40 AM UTC
@Ernst_Blofield No clue if they're still open but Amazon took thier sort in the beginning of last year. Walk in. Pick up what you want. Walk out. You get automatically charged for the stuff you left with.
02 Dec, 10:02 AM UTC
@MarkRuffalo You don’t know what’s going on In Amazon! Go check the truth about fire statistics In Amazon!
02 Dec, 09:05 AM UTC
@MrBeastYT Amazon Go is this exactly
02 Dec, 07:16 AM UTC
@MrBeastYT Amazon go is honestly so great you just grab your groceries and leave no scanning or anything.
02 Dec, 06:50 AM UTC
Beau Chevassus 💙🎥
@MrBeastYT 😂 Try to beat: My shopping trip at my Dad’s Amazon Go store took literally 4 seconds. (Screenshot to prove it😂) That includes scanning in using the app, choosing my snack, and checking out. #4secondShopping #noLines #nocashiers #seattle #amazongo
02 Dec, 06:46 AM UTC
@KlutchKody @MrBeastYT It's not Amazon go though, there are so few of those around, it's irrelevant atm, and on top of that, you don't scan anything with your phone. You walk out, and other sensors identify your purchases in store then send you that.
02 Dec, 06:31 AM UTC
Woodland Action
Cyber Monday shopping on Amazon? Go to and Amazon donates to the Woodland Action Center. #CyberMonday #donate #woodlandaction
02 Dec, 06:27 AM UTC
@TimeworksYT @MrBeastYT He hasn't heard of Amazon go
02 Dec, 05:31 AM UTC
Austin TV
@MrBeastYT Amazon has Amazon Go which is modern and you don't have to wait in line for stuff. Or are you thinking of something else?
02 Dec, 05:20 AM UTC

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