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Erik Brans
If Amazon wants to help the less fortunate, instead of "Amazon Smile", how about "Amazon Pay Your Taxes"?
02 Dec, 03:53 PM UTC
SA "Wack'd" H
Instead of purchasing from Amazon or using Amazon Smile why not just...actually donate to a nonprofit Especially because, by donating a minuscule amount of your money for you, Amazon gets to claim more tax relief while sacrificing literally nothing
02 Dec, 04:13 PM UTC
Yes it makes a huge difference in Amazon's tax write offs. Amazon Smile is PR spun corporate greed. Want to make a difference? Find a local family in need and donate items or money to them directly.
02 Dec, 04:36 PM UTC
Cyber Monday is full of deals that come around once a year. But did you know that you can support the 2A while shopping, at no extra cost to you? This year, your dollars can help Gun Owners Foundation fight gun control in the courts. Simply select GOF on Amazon Smile!
02 Dec, 02:00 PM UTC
Make sure you are signed up for Amazon Smile before you do your Cyber Monday shopping. Amazon donates 0.5% of what you spend to the nonprofit of your choice. This makes a huge difference for smaller organizations and doesn’t cost you anything!
02 Dec, 03:44 PM UTC
Random Acts
It's #CyberMonday!! As you shop all those online deal, you can give simultaneously. Shopping on Amazon? Use Amazon Smile: Bopping around different shops? Install the iGive button: Happy shopping! @RandomActsOrg's photo on Amazon Smile
02 Dec, 04:41 PM UTC
K9s of Valor
Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday and your opportunity to impact the K9 teams that protect all of our communities. We hope you will consider K9s of Valor and further our mission to protect those who selflessly protect us. Amazon Smile:
02 Dec, 05:59 PM UTC
Happy #CyberMonday! Shopping on @Amazon? Support the Refuge by using Amazon Smile! Just click and pick us. It’s the same great #CyberMondayDeals, but they’ll donate a portion of your purchase to help our homeless pets! Please RT to spread the love. 😺🐶🎁
02 Dec, 03:25 PM UTC
Arts in the Armed Forces
Want a simple way to support AITAF while enjoying #CyberMonday deals? Use Amazon Smile! As you shop, Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase to us - with no added cost for you! We’re grateful for your generosity, and we hope you've all had a very safe holiday weekend. @AITAF's photo on Amazon Smile
02 Dec, 12:54 PM UTC
Defenders of Wildlife
While you're shopping for the best deals this #CyberMonday, switch your browser over to Amazon Smile so that a portion of your purchases goes toward our mission to protect & restore #wildlife! Use this link to shop to defend! ➡️ @Defenders's photo on Amazon Smile
02 Dec, 07:00 PM UTC
Sigma Kappa Sorority
Happy Cyber Monday! If you are shopping on Amazon, be sure to shop using Amazon Smile and select the Sigma Kappa Foundation for a portion of your purchase to be donated. Click the link to learn more!
02 Dec, 02:30 PM UTC
Riverside Sheriffs' Association
Amazon Smile is a simple way for you to support The Riverside County Deputy Sheriff Relief Foundation when purchasing holiday gifts. Just use the URL and be sure to select our foundation as your charity of choice. #CyberMondayDeals
02 Dec, 04:45 PM UTC
If you're Christmas shopping on Amazon, remember you can use Amazon Smile to nominate SANE and they'll donate 0.5% of the price of your items to us! @CharitySANE's photo on Amazon Smile
02 Dec, 04:10 PM UTC
Misericordia Home
Friendly reminder for Cyber Monday! Don’t forgot to use Amazon Smile and choose #Misericordia as your charity. Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to the Misericordia when you shop at #MisericordiaCommunity
02 Dec, 02:18 PM UTC
Habitat NYC
This #CyberMonday, let your dollars do the talking. When you use Amazon Smile or iGive, designate Habitat for Humanity New York City as your charity of choice. Want to give directly? Thank you.
02 Dec, 03:02 PM UTC
On this #CyberMonday - if you do any shopping on Amazon - please designate WomenHeart as your charity of choice. Amazon will donate to #WomenHeart when you shop through the Amazon Smile link.
02 Dec, 07:25 PM UTC
Fort Bend Women's Center
Its #cybermonday. If you’re shopping with Amazon today, be sure to switch to Amazon Smile and select Fort Bend County Women's Center as your chosen charity. Every time you shop, we’ll get a donation – at no charge to you! Give back to survivors with every purchase!
02 Dec, 03:34 PM UTC
Happy #CyberMonday2019! @amazon makes it easy to support our programs while you shop. Login in to your account via Amazon Smile ( After you shop, choose Good Shepherd Services as your charity at checkout 0.5% of your purchase will be donated. Thank you!
02 Dec, 02:40 PM UTC
Live Like Bella® Childhood Cancer Foundation
Cyber Monday is here! Make sure to choose Live Like Bella when shopping through Amazon Smile. Amazon will donate a percent of your purchase back to the foundation. Help us support a child affected by cancer this holiday season🎗 Visit the link in our bio to start shopping today!
02 Dec, 05:23 PM UTC
Eagle Forum
Now you can SHOP and GIVE each time you do to Eagle Forum via Amazon Smile! Be sure to designate EAGLE FORUM FOUNDATION as your charity of choice - thank you!
02 Dec, 06:09 PM UTC
Transition Projects
It's Cyber Monday! Did you know if you select "Transition Projects" on @amazonsmile, @amazon will donate to Transition Projects every time you make a purchase? Get your holiday shopping done AND help a neighbor in need today! Shop Amazon Smile here >>
02 Dec, 06:56 PM UTC
Emily Kund
Don’t forget to select girls + data as your Amazon Smile charity this Cyber Monday. Deals+donations=Impact and smiling faces
02 Dec, 05:50 PM UTC
Mercy Health Clinic
It's #CyberMonday! If you're shopping for gifts, select Mercy Health Clinic as your charity when you log into your Amazon account via Amazon Smile and you also give the gift of health for our low-income neighbors! Thank you!
02 Dec, 07:15 PM UTC
Lupus Foundation of America
@DarcyElizabet12 @Ksrnv Actually, if you shop on amazon and have an account, use amazon smile ( and a percentage of your purchase proceeds will be donated to us💜
02 Dec, 08:00 PM UTC
Brighter Tomorrows
If you are indulging in the fun of Cyber Monday, please think of Brighter Tomorrows and the good you can do by shopping through our Amazon Smile account. Just click in and choose Brighter Tomorrows!
02 Dec, 07:40 PM UTC
Future Sacramento
If shopping today for Cyber Monday, support us through our Amazon Smile to link. AmazonSmile donates 0.5% of purchase price. Thank you! #CyberMonday2019
02 Dec, 07:35 PM UTC
Iditarod Historic Trail Alliance
Let your Cyber Monday purchases roll into Giving Tuesday when you shop with Amazon Smile! Search for "Iditarod National Historic Trail Inc" and AmazonSmile will donate to us each time you shop! #IditarodNHT #CyberMonday
02 Dec, 04:40 PM UTC
Maggie's Yorkshire
Are you doing any last minute shopping for #cybermonday deals today? Then choose Maggie's Centres on Amazon Smile & a percentage of the purchase price will be donated to us at no extra cost to you. To read more about how it works visit the link below.
02 Dec, 06:32 PM UTC
New Day Foundation
YOUR Amazon Smile purchases have raised more than $700 for New Day! Keep SMILING as you do that online holiday shopping at :-) #HopeShines #cancer #CyberMonday
02 Dec, 07:29 PM UTC
Who is SHOPPING today? Shop with a purpose through Amazon Smile to support RESOLVE. More shopping, less guilt. 🤷🏻‍♀️🛍
02 Dec, 07:21 PM UTC

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