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#AmberAlert — Jaden Jose, 18 months old, was taken by his suicidal father, John Jose, at 3:30pm from Arleta, CA. John Jose is described as a 30 year old Filipino 5’5”, 130 pounds, last seen in a 2004 dark blue 4 door Audi, License plate number 7ZVX343. If seen please call 911 LAPD HQ's photo on #AmberAlert
10 Aug, 06:41 AM UTC
god is a woman
I’m not even mad that amber alerts become a hashtag every time they happen. I’m just mad that there are more people complaining about the alert than having any form of sympathy whatsoever #AmberAlert
10 Aug, 06:49 AM UTC
Augusta Wind ©
So dismayed by all the SoCal tweets complaining about 1130pm amber alert. That you're freaked out or it woke you or you're not freaked out this time because your phone is on vibrate. If you or your child was kidnapped, you'd want everyone to be on the look out ASAP. #AmberAlert
10 Aug, 06:36 AM UTC
People are complaining on Twitter about being woken up by the #AmberAlert tonight...have some sympathy. Someone’s child is missing and it is any parent’s worst nightmare. I hope the little boy or girl is found soon.
10 Aug, 06:34 AM UTC
#LosAngeles #California #AMBERAlert. For most current information, go to https://t.co/1EEPDGrjtW
10 Aug, 07:02 AM UTC
PD Notify
#BREAKING: #LAPD needs help finding Jaden who has brown hair and brown eyes. He is about 2 feet tall and weighs approximately 27 pounds. #AmberAlert: Last seen with biological father inside a dark blue 4-door Audi with a license plate # 7ZVX343. PD Notify's photo on #AmberAlert
10 Aug, 06:35 AM UTC
#AMBERALERT: California Highway Patrol is looking for a 2004 Blue Audi A4 with California license plate 7ZVX343. If seen, call 911. https://t.co/ChXMEOBCsZ 10News's photo on #AmberAlert
10 Aug, 06:44 AM UTC
#AmberAlert keep an eye out guys!! Jade's photo on #AmberAlert
10 Aug, 06:27 AM UTC
The #LosAngeles #California #AMBERAlert has been cancelled. https://t.co/UcaI3GrmEa
10 Aug, 09:04 AM UTC
Chrissy Williams
This goddamn ambler alert just scared the sheeiittttt outta me! I thought someone was coming for me #AmberAlert 😰 Chrissy Williams's photo on #AmberAlert
10 Aug, 06:27 AM UTC
Boy and father that were subject of #AMBERAlert out of Los Angeles area last night were located in Chula Vista early this morning https://t.co/P4YzWTeWmp
10 Aug, 11:35 AM UTC
CBS Los Angeles
#BREAKING 18-month-old boy surrendered to DCFS officials in Chula Vista. #AmberAlert canceled. https://t.co/NaE8TOgX7f CBS Los Angeles's photo on #AmberAlert
10 Aug, 12:12 PM UTC
ABC7 Eyewitness News
#BREAKING #AmberAlert canceled after non-custodial father takes infant son from Arleta home, police say https://t.co/uKx6MEZwVB ABC7 Eyewitness News's photo on #AmberAlert
10 Aug, 12:05 PM UTC
🚨👉🏻#Q has your number, #Killary. #TickTock goes the clock!👈🏻🚨 #FridayFeeling #HappyFriday #AmberAlert Gobo's photo on #AmberAlert
10 Aug, 08:04 AM UTC
Where are the children?!? #NationalSmoresDay #SaveTheCrew #Madden19 #FridayFeeIing #WorldLionDay #SpaceFarce #Haiti #ClintonFoundation #HumanRights #HumanTrafficking #ChildTraffiking #ChildAbduction #ChildAbuse #AmberAlert and all the “relief” 💰?!? Discernment's photo on #AmberAlert
10 Aug, 12:13 PM UTC
🚨🏀Center w/ a pg mentality🧠🚨
#ca #California #AmberAlert 🚨🏀Center w/ a pg mentality🧠🚨's photo on #AmberAlert
10 Aug, 06:27 AM UTC
There should be some other name for the alert issued when a child is taken by a biological parent. Every time I see #AmberAlert trending I imagine a cannibal pedophile abducting a random child, while in most cases it's a parent.
10 Aug, 09:50 AM UTC
Ailsa Forshaw
Oh, no - please, oh, please - if you see them, call for help, immediately - I know what that feels like, is beyond devastating for the Mom and Baby #AmberAlert🙏🧡 #Arleta John Jose 30 year old Filipino 5’5”, 130 lbs 2004 dark blue 4 door Audi, 7ZVX343 https://t.co/rE8s0te3WSAilsa Forshaw's photo on #AmberAlert
10 Aug, 06:48 AM UTC
Aric Richards
#AmberAlert: suicidal father & his 18-month-old son found in Chula Vista around 1AM. Suspect took boy from LA neighborhood yesterday afternoon. @fox5sandiego Aric Richards's photo on #AmberAlert
10 Aug, 11:32 AM UTC
Danner Evans
Search continues for missing 12-year-old, grandmother #AmberAlert https://t.co/jB4b8WWqbZ
10 Aug, 01:03 PM UTC
⚖Krystal Bradsher⚖️
#MISSING #Urgent #AmberAlert https://t.co/yv2FSQrvdV
10 Aug, 12:16 PM UTC

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