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Bishop Talbert Swan
Dear @foxnews 46-1 being an illiterate, incompetent, idiotic, simpleton who can’t answer basic questions doesn’t make it an ambush. It was a town hall with a diverse group of citizens, not an episode of @foxandfriends or a trump rally filled with adoring maga morons. #Ambush
16 Sep, 12:10 PM UTC
Bishop Talbert Swan
The unfair and unbalanced @FoxNews is calling the @ABC Town Hall an ‘Ambush’ because people called 46-1 out on his incompetent handling of the pandemic, position on healthcare and more. It was much different from his rallies filled with applauding, mindless sycophants. #Ambush @TalbertSwan's photo on #AMBUSH
16 Sep, 12:04 PM UTC
Sassy ass Cindy
Good morning ABC totally ambushed Trump last night! I'm so sick of the fake news I could vomit. Trump still handled them like a BOSS. November 3rd can't get here soon enough! #AMBUSH
16 Sep, 12:14 PM UTC
Bishop Talbert Swan
Dear @foxnews 46-1 being an illiterate, incompetent, idiotic, simpleton who can’t answer basic questions doesn’t make it an ambush. It was a town hall with a diverse group of citizens, not an episode of @foxandfriends or a trump rally filled with adoring maga dimwits. #Ambush @TalbertSwan's photo on #AMBUSH
16 Sep, 01:57 PM UTC
Dan Pereira
Trump & Fox have AMBUSHED our great country with Criminality & Lies these past 5 tragic years!! I am sorry @IngrahamAngle that your guy is a complete failure and like @MichelleObama said Trump is just not up to the job as President!! #ItIsWhatItIs #AMBUSH https://t.co/TsMYvhaHTb
16 Sep, 12:14 PM UTC
Tomi T Ahonen
Trump hates ambush because he thinks M Bush is W Bush's and Jeb Bush's youngest brother. #Ambush
16 Sep, 12:45 PM UTC
Dan Pereira
Trump is so desperate that he wanted to have a "Town Hall with the People" (aka non MAGA). Horrible idea by Trump & his people! He looked so out of place & disconnected from America!! This was so rushed, I didnt even know it was going to be on last night!! #TrumpTownHall #Ambush https://t.co/l4CpvFTV9w https://t.co/di3coKf48N
16 Sep, 05:51 PM UTC
Kevin James Bennett
.@FOXNews - there's no #ambush when Trump's team has spent WEEKS preparing for the ABC News #TrumpTownHall with #Stephanopoulos. You're shocked people demanded to know why @RealDonaldTrump has botched managing a pandemic and exacerbated civil unrest? #youcantfixstupid
16 Sep, 02:03 PM UTC
Rev. Sheri Pallas PhD
The Right is nuts They love Trump bc he's a "tough guy!" Then cry #Ambush when he's challenged Is Trump a "poor baby" or a "tough guy?" If he's so tough, why does he need protection from the people? He's afraid of the press, women, & POC -- that's a snowflake, not a tough guy
16 Sep, 04:14 PM UTC
Shelby Kent-Stewart ™
#Ambush 196,000 reported deaths in U.S. #TrumpLiedPeopleDied https://t.co/PzfEWONqpV
16 Sep, 04:14 PM UTC
Irving Tiger Football
Tiger Nation! WE NEED YOU. Please visit our fundraising page. We appreciate any amount you can give! Thanks in advance and we appreciate your support! Go Tigers! #EAT #AMBUSH #ALLIN https://t.co/sxsk7JGpmS
16 Sep, 02:44 AM UTC
@Acyn If @realDonaldTrump FINALLY hearing someone OTHER than his "yes man" #Cult45 and #CorruptGOP enablers qualifies as an AMBUSH, then yeah, wait until the #AMBUSH on #November3rd! We have a LOT more to say to the sociopathic #CommanderInThief. #TrumpLiedAmericansDied #TrumpKnew! https://t.co/u7qLMY2lP6
16 Sep, 01:25 PM UTC
Gibby Resists🍑
An ambush? Wait until November 3. #TrumpTownHall #AMBUSH #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica
16 Sep, 02:10 PM UTC
🎥🎞️Dennis Farkas🌊🌊
Faux news claimed trump was ambushed at his town hall..😂😂😂 I went swimming last week, it was total bs...I was ambushed by water.😁 Let's hear your ambush stories😁 Pass it on! #TrumpTownHall #ambush #TrumpLied200KDied #HerdMentality #TownHall #FoxNews #TrumpIsNotWell
16 Sep, 12:36 PM UTC
@brycetache Amazing isn’t it. That Trump lies are so epic, Trump ignorance so stunning, Trump delusion so palpable, because it seems impossible anyone could say these things, we incredulously repeat what Trump says to verify that this horror and lunacy is VERY VERY REAL. #MorningJoe #Ambush
16 Sep, 02:23 PM UTC
Shhh...hiding... #mabel #CatsOfTwitter #ambush https://t.co/vrReTOKPH9
16 Sep, 06:20 PM UTC
#Ambush Congratulation @realDonaldTrump you have hit another milestone. According to https://t.co/HF1FIef8Yz you have passed the 200,000 deaths barrier. What's next for the #KillerInChief? a quarter million deaths by election day? 300,000 deaths by inauguration day? @JoeBiden RT
16 Sep, 12:48 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump @ABC Spanky, Here’s a review of your pathetic performance. #Ambush https://t.co/scwXT1sk3p
16 Sep, 05:23 PM UTC
@RawStory The use of the word #Ambush as it relates to a #TownHall which is for the voice of the people is somewhat of an oxymoron. #TrumpTownHall
16 Sep, 03:54 PM UTC
#ambush N95 Masks are acceptable not home made or 30 dollar purchased masks, and these should be prohibited from sale! https://t.co/onXtT8V7fz
16 Sep, 06:13 PM UTC
Only 3.8M viewers watched the Impeached Racist Corrupt Traitor Military Hating Coronavirus Hiding President’s ABC town hall last night. America is tired of the daily lies. He is a ratings loser. #AMBUSH
16 Sep, 05:47 PM UTC
Hey #FoxNews, you state @realDonaldTrump received an #ambush from #TrueAmericans during @GStephanopoulos #TownHall last night? NO! THIS video (#Graphic) is our #military in an ambush posted by you. You & #WannaBeCommanderInChief need to stop being #pussies https://t.co/cLLnQTQVfg
16 Sep, 01:49 PM UTC
Donald Jenius Trump
#Ambush #TrumpTownHall #HerdMentality Dems are always ambushing me. So unfair. https://t.co/A7UFLsMPX3
16 Sep, 03:16 PM UTC
Obnoxious and Anonymous
A real president would be able to walk into any town hall and use decency / empathy to change hearts and minds. #DonaldTrump #TownHallDisaster #Ambush #LauraIngraham
16 Sep, 03:36 PM UTC
Trevor Frampton
#FuckingWaiters #HerdMentality #Ambush #TRE45ON
16 Sep, 06:05 PM UTC
Anthony Torino
When you ask an idiot a simple question regarding their failures.... they view it as an attack... an #Ambush
16 Sep, 05:12 PM UTC
Crysten Novak
An ambush?! Are you fkn kidding me? Those people(most of them) at Fox are enablers and highly delusional(just like the rest of his "people").Not like we didn't know that already though. He's not a kid that you have to protect...and you look ridiculous when you do. #Ambush
16 Sep, 04:45 PM UTC
@ProjectLincoln Asking questions about your policies is NOT an #Ambush, .@realDonaldTrump. #FactChecking you is #NotAnAmbush. Not being one of your sycophants is #NotAnAmbush. #BidenHarris2020 #TrumpLiedPeopleDied #TrumpLiesEverytimeHeSpeaks
16 Sep, 06:49 PM UTC

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